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TeckNet® In Car Universal FM Transmitter
TeckNet® In Car Universal FM Transmitter
Offered by BlueByte Ltd
Price: £10.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Works fine, very impressed, 25 Nov 2013
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I had an FM transmitter a few years ago, and whilst it worked the sound quality would always be a little bit fuzzy and static, so I was a bit apprehensive buying another one.

I needn't have been. The device works very well, and the only time I've ever had noticeable fuzz in the background has been when the frequency has been close to a local radio station as I was driving cross-country - moving the frequency completely sorted it.

Easy to use, works fine, great value.

Artis Handmade Bamboo Wooden PC Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Artis Handmade Bamboo Wooden PC Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Offered by Safield Dist. Ltd
Price: £79.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Product, 23 May 2013
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I bought this as a birthday present for my Dad. Despite some slightly dodgy spelling on the packaging, the product itself works and looks great, and he has been very happy with it and the attention it's got in his office.

Azumanga Daioh: Collected Edition
Azumanga Daioh: Collected Edition
by Kiyohiko Azuma
Edition: Paperback
Price: £16.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Superb Manga, 16 Dec 2009
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Having really enjoyed the anime series, I figured I should probably get the manga, and when I saw the omnibus edition being re-released, I didn't have any hesitations buying it.

Firstly, I'll say that the release date on this page is wrong. It was released December '09, not February '10. I was pleasantly surprised to have it delivered to me about two months earlier than I was expecting to have it.

Secondly, I'll say that there's a lot more book than I was expecting for the price. I know it's an omnibus and 600 pages, but I wasn't quite expecting it to be as chunky as it was. Given the standard price of manga volumes, this is very good value for money in terms of quantity.

It's also excellent value for money in terms of quality. It's just as funny, if not more so, than the TV series. The characters are portrayed really well, and Azuma does a great job of bringing the reader into the manga and connecting the reader emotionally with the characters. As with his Yotsuba&! series, it's extremely funny, and it's a really great book to have for a little bit of light-hearted humour every day. You can really just open it at a random page, read for a a few minutes, and find yourself laughing out loud and in a good mood for the next few hours.

Must-buy for anyone who enjoys the anime series and doesn't already own the manga, and I'd strongly recommend it to anyone who wants a bit of humour and isn't put off by the cutesy appearance, because this is definitely funny for adults and not aimed at children.

Western Digital Elements 1TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive - Black
Western Digital Elements 1TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive - Black

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5.0 out of 5 stars 11 Months And Counting..., 17 Nov 2009
I'm always extremely sceptical with reading reviews for things like external hard drives on Amazon, because I worry that a lot of the five-star reviews are people who have found it works out of the box and within maybe a week or two it hasn't died on them. Frankly, I don't class that as five-star quality, but more an expected basic standard when I'm paying upwards of £60 for something. If a review basically says little more than "it's not broken" then I at least want to know they've been using the product for a while, which usually isn't stated.

So this is a review of this product which I bought last Christmas (mine is actually a silver one, but I presume it's pretty much the same), and have therefore had for 11 months now. I've filled it with roughly 700GB of stuff, it's been plugged into my laptop a fair bit, especially during term time at University when it's on whenever my laptop is (so for a good 10 hours a day at least), and (fingers crossed I don't jinx this) it's yet to give me any bother.

I'd advise anyone looking to put HD movies on it (so most people, because it's the main reason for such a large drive really) should format it to NTFS straight out of the box, assuming they use Windows. If not, the convert.exe Windows utility (Google it) can switch it later on without needing to wipe the drive, but it's better to do it before you've filled it with 500GB of stuff as I had.

So yeah, it's been nearly a year since I got it, and it's been faithful so far and reliable at storing everything I've needed it to. It's pretty quiet (I can hear it less than my internal laptop drive), it has quite a discreet operating light, and it's survived the occasional accidental unplug without losing any data. Transferring large volumes of data does take time, but anyone expecting to transfer 50GB of data instantaneously is being a little bit over-optimistic, and I've never found the transfer times prohibitive.

Five star review for a product which has been thoroughly tested at the time of writing and will hopefully continue to be for years to come.

Mah jong set with Oriental characters-00690
Mah jong set with Oriental characters-00690
Offered by Witzigs Ltd.
Price: £26.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars For the price, a great Riichi Mahjong set, 2 Nov 2009
= Durability:4.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:2.0 out of 5 stars 
Very nice set for the price. Colours are vibrant, the tiles are made of quite durable plastic and it includes dice, dealer button and the scoring counters. The box is nice and it's very good value as mahjong sets go.

People should note that this set is designed for the Japanese/Riichi ruleset, not the Chinese or standard American one. I personally prefer the Japanese rules to the Chinese, and I think they contain far more strategy and tactical play, and are overall more exciting. It does mean however that there are no season tiles, as the other review states. Instead it includes a set of red fives to add to the Japanese ruleset.

The winds/man tiles aren't marked in English, so beginners who can't read the Chinese numerals would probably be best off writing the English translation down for reference while they take time to get used to them.

Great game, great set, five stars.

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