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World Peace Is None Of Your Business
World Peace Is None Of Your Business
Offered by Super CD seller
Price: £12.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars I do love the emotion Morrissey evokes, 14 July 2014
I do love the emotion Morrissey evokes.You may love it or hate it bit you cannot ignore it's in your face Moz.Its not an easy listen as it sonically challenges you on many levels. However lyrically its classic morrissey. I did notice a reviewer thinks his 9 year old child could do better. My advice is get him signed up now to a major label. Morrissey albums can never be fully judged of the day of release.His back catalogue is testament to this truism.He is like a good wine you have stored for a while when you open it,it can surprise delight,disappoint or even leave a bad taste,but every so often you taste something magical. Thats why I stay the course Steven. You're never dull and always leave me wanting more.

The Singularity is Near
The Singularity is Near
by Ray Kurzweil
Edition: Paperback

3.0 out of 5 stars Fascinating,perplexing but worth the effort., 26 Jun 2012
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Ray writes eloquently and passionately about his predictions for a Utopian future. I say passionately but I could easily say dogmatically but he has such force of conviction that would be a tad churlish.I believe books should challenge and provoke a reaction. This one certainly did.The internal monologues felt like they were for those people who were not clever enough to grasp the long hand explanation and became increasingly self defeating for me.

He has a brilliant grasp of his subject and i would imagine in person he is a tour de force as a speaker.For me however when he started to explain human 2.0 and 3.0 he lost some of his power. When the human organs have all been replaced bar the skin are we still human. The virtual reality sex model is hilarious and deeply troubling. If we can always have the object of our desires virtually,then Pandora'S box is well and truly open.How do real human relationships exist if both partners prefer a younger slimmer model in virtual reality.

I did enjoy the read but i am not a Luddite but very wary of technology which allows me to live to 200.

Lastly I wonder what will happen if when we start to get smarter and closer to the singularity if we will only find new and more troubling ways to hurt,cheat and murder one another?

Kill Alex Cross: (Alex Cross 18)
Kill Alex Cross: (Alex Cross 18)
by James Patterson
Edition: Paperback
Price: £3.86

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1.0 out of 5 stars For the love of God Mr Patterson please kill Alex Cross now, 25 May 2012
I say that title with a heavy heart. I have read the Alex Cross books from Along Came a Spider.They were genuinely unmissable books.Always had to be purchased in hardback on day of publication.They were 'events'.To be anticipated and savoured.

The books have gone downhill for a few years now but i always kept hoping the next book would be the one to restore the glory of earlier works.After Double Cross i said no more and stopped.So I didnt buy this in hardback and to be honest now i am so glad.

The plot is convoluted. It has two strands that have no connection and to be honest have been written better by others already.It was as if Patterson said throw the lot at them see what will stick.It doesnt MR P. It sucks and sucks badly.The truth is i didn't care about the protaganists and the plot was so full of holes you could strain pasta through it.

Sampson is relegated to a footnote as is Bree. Nana!i am sorry as much as it would devastate me,he hasn't got the foresight to think that she was 90 10 books ago but behaves like she is 30.The great character nothing more than a cliche and should have been killed off many books ago.

But then the whole set up is cliched now. Referencing Soneji and the kidnap of his own son by Mr Smith only serves to reinforce that they were fantastic thrillers.This is neither fantastic nor a thriller.Its tired, limp, sad and really heartbreaking to watch him destroy a legend in fiction.

So MR P stop phoning it in.Try writing a whole novel yourself again or please just end this before you utterly destroy the legacy you created.
The tag lines on the paperback reads: Could his most terrifying case be his last? Eh firstly it's so far from terrifying for him its unreal and if it was his last it would be a mercy killing.

on the back: 'one of the most chilling murder scenes i've read in a long time...High Octane stuff' Daily Express.

I suppose id you read the famous 5 books that might just be true but anyone who reads and breadth of adult fiction would find those words as laughable as I do.Oh and of course factually inaccurate.

'Absolutely incredible...The story is unrelentingly exciting' Well it is true it's incredible.Incredible that this got published. Unrelenting indedd it is but unrelentingly poor,sloppy and formulaic.

I wanted to love this as I love the Alex Cross of old.Lastly stop using a larger typeface to bulk up the book. 483 pages or 240 in normal type.That fact alone should alert readers.

Mid Air
Mid Air

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5.0 out of 5 stars From the Rooftops to Mid air my life in music, 21 May 2012
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This review is from: Mid Air (MP3 Download)
When i heard A walk across the Rooftops i was 18 and had fallen in love for the first time and worked nights making some money before Uni. Paul's voice was so full of yearning you could practically taste it.On my nights off,when i couldnt sleep i walked around my home town in the early hours lost in its sublime brilliance.

Fast forward to Hats,released during a rocky time in a new relationship "i know it's over now.But I cant let go" at that point i did wonder if Paul was stalking me and writing about me.But then that's the beauty of the Blue Nile,timeless,haunting in a "i've just read your diary sort of way."

That relationship floundered.The next major relationship came along just as 'Peace at Last was released." Now that i've found peace at last,tell me Jesus, will it last?"It was vital, it was hopeful and by this time i was wondering if i was actually a split personality and was Paul in an alter ego.

Then High came out at the start of a new relationship and blew me away." I would never turn my back on your love.Is there anybody there who knows me?" I disagree with other reviewers,i loved both Peace at Last and High,and my life has been so enriched by Tommorow Morning ,Family life,High,Because of Toledo and I would never.

Thankfully the Blue Nile released new albums very sparsely. Other wise id have broken up and found many more people than i have.To be fair introducing new loves to the Blue Nile was more stressful than meeting the parents.
Its like Opera. You can learn to love it but for those people it will never be part of their soul.

Mid Air is quite beautiful and if it was a painting it would be a Matisse or Van Gough, in the same way Lady Gaga would be a nursery school finger painting.

The elegance and fragility of the songs is quite breathtaking.Any songs from him are as precious as fragments of memories which we can't just quite let go even though they can cause us bitter sweet pain.

Buchanan sounds at times desolate,alone,broken,yet tinged with a vibrant hope and a sense that its the journey that's important,much more than the destination.

I have been moved to tears already by the majesty of Buchanan's voice on mid air and the Blue Nile have been the soundtrack to my Life,friend,companion,confidante,soul boy.

Paul one thing,,,,a new record sooner than 8 years i'm getting on a bit!
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The Submission
The Submission
by Amy Waldman
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £10.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, 15 April 2012
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This review is from: The Submission (Hardcover)
My washing is sitting unironed,I am in desperate need of some food and a shower but WOW was it worth it. This is well written even handed account of a fictitious event.One which however really forces the reader to examine their own beliefs/faith/prejudices.Many times in the last two days my feelings have swung between the two opposing camps. In the end the brilliance of the novel is that there is no right side. We all live our lives in shades of grey. We are all products of our life and automatic biology which can lead us down dark paths.

All i'd say is buy it now and book two days off work! you will not regret it.I'd lend you mine but showering and reading don't mix ¬!

The Unlikely Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry
The Unlikely Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry
by Rachel Joyce
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Harold and Maureen are now firm friends, 9 April 2012
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Sometimes books with fulsome praise on their dust jacket's are ultimately a let down. This is not one of them. It lives up to the hype. I read it over 2 wonderful days and like many reviewers really did not want it to end.It starts slowly so don't give up but spend some quality time with Harold.

The many wonderful characters that Harold meets easily morph into people you have known because in some ways,you will have.Its a life affirming read which makes you both laugh out loud and empathise with the pain that many of the characters live with.

Buy it now,download it now or buy the audio book narrated by Jim Broadbent. Best book of this year so far,by far.

personally I see Richard Wilson and Imelda Staunton as the main protagonists in any film.....

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