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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Day Zero Edition (PC)
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Day Zero Edition (PC)
Offered by RAREWAVES
Price: £42.19

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1.0 out of 5 stars oh dear...., 19 Dec. 2014
I avoided CoD Ghosts due to bad reviews, but thought I'd give this one a go seeing as it seemed to get more favorable reports from some of the more respected commenters, such as TB.

However, I must say that this is the worst purchase I have made this year, and am kicking myself for not trusting my gut. The single player is exactly the same thing as every other CoD, and has now become so boring to play. The hand-holding mechanics are now at an unprecedented level in my opinion, and seems even worse than previous incarnations. The only improvement to campaign this time around is Kevin Spacey, whose fantastic performance does lend some quality to the campaign. Unfortunately, the storyline fundamentally is not up-to-scratch, and it's all a bit too predictable. As far as single player goes, I will not buy another CoD game if there is even a hint of "follow me" mechanics in there, not when there are so many other great single player experiences on the market today.

The multiplayer has been universally praised as "fresh" and "exciting" by critics. I must be playing a different game. The "innovative" movement mechanics are basically just variations of "double jump" in different directions and apart from that it's exactly the same as previous games. These new mechanics have also clearly just been designed for console controller look/turn speed, and as such the gameplay on PC is just stupid, with every one jumping about and swiveling at breakneck speed, it's just a gigantic cluster f**k with no tactical elements whatsoever. It doesn't feel like a military shooter at all. They have abandoned the idea of dedicated servers, instead opting for the "one player is host system" which makes the lag the worst of any multi-player PC game I have ever played, not to mention the inclusion of the dreaded "host migrations"...

The audio is terrible, there are no sounds of your enemies moving to create immersion in the environment or any tactical audio elements and everything is really "soft" and "nice" sounding (not in a good way - it doesn't feel like a battle ground in the slightest). Explosions sound like fireworks.

The port is what I would call just about passable. There is strange mouse acceleration on certain configurations, and limited options (you can't even fine tune the sensitivity of the mouse, it's either too fast or too slow). There is no FOV slider for single player, which means I had to play it with a wireless controller and sit 6 feet from monitor to avoid headaches.

There are many other issues with the game, the menus lag (Yes, a AAA game in 2014 has laggy menus!!!) and the player count on PC is now getting ridiculously low already (you better want to play team Deathmatch, because all the other modes are empty and/or unplayably laggy as the game seemingly gives host to Pablo from Brazil playing on 128kbit dial-up)

Suffice to say, the game is uninstalled

Battlefield 4  [Online Game Code]
Battlefield 4 [Online Game Code]
Price: £14.99

2.0 out of 5 stars DICE just got their priorities wrong on this one...., 28 Nov. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Ok let's get the actual service from amazon out of the way. The code worked fine, and was emailed to me on time. There's not really anything more to say on that. In my experience, the download product system has worked perfectly.

Right, now onto the game. I played the predecessor, BF3, a lot. A heck of a lot. The reason why was that it was a masterpiece in immersive FPS gunplay. Now this is where DICE have made a huge error in approach for BF4 as far as I'm concerned. They have focussed on graphics and innovation (I prefer to say "gimmicks") and seem to have forgotton what makes a first person shooter gameplay on a PC intuitive and FUN at it's core. At the time of writing, BF4 is plagued by crashes and bugs and glitches not intended. I will not focus on those, as regardless of your opinion on games being released before they're ready these days. It's a fact of gaming life with games from EA, and the majority of those types of issues will probably be fixed over the coming months.

I couldn't play the single player, and here's why: I need to sit very close to my monitor where I currently have my PC setup (I use a 24", 16:9 monitor) and I suffer from motion sickness unless I can raise the field of view in first person perspective games to a reasonable degree. In BF4, the FOV in single player is locked to console style 60 degrees. I literally feel like my eyes are getting pulled out of my head when I try to play like this, and unless you can sit 4 feet or more away from your monitor, you will probably have a similar experience. I believe the reason is so the cinematic elements within this mode don't have any graphical glitches. But not a lot of point in a bombastic cinematic campaign if I can't physically play it. Screams "console port".

In the multiplayer, they do allow you to raise the Field of view, however it has an issue which affects the gunplay and experience significantly. On the 1x scopes in the game, the FOV is scaled with them, meaning that as you increase it, then it affects ADS zoom as well. Now this wouldn't be a problem if it affected all scopes. But it doesn't, it only affects the 1x scopes. As such, when you play on a 95 FOV like I do, there is literally no workable option for mid-range targets. (Which is vast majority of engagements in the game) You either have to be super zoomed out and shooting at tiny enemies that look like ants, or you have to be super zoomed in to where it's difficult to control the recoil, and the scopes have no peripheral view. As such, if you can play on a low FOV (let's say you sit 4-5 feet away from you monitor, or you just don't suffer from motion sickness) you have a huge advantage in a gunfight as you can use the 1x scopes and have large targets to aim at. DICE has clearly not thought this though at all. It's a huge balance issue, and shooting what look like tiny ants with orange triangles above their heads feels like an old point and click game from the days of my Atari ST. Not exactly immersive or fun. (I actually assumed this was a bug at first, but despite a lot of community feedback about how awful it is - DICE has confirmed it's intended!)

Another issue, is they have removed recoil "let off" from the gunplay, Instead of the gun "dropping" after you control recoil as you burst fire, it now just stays where it is aimed at (Call of Duty style) and means almost anyone with no skill whatsoever can just tap the mouse and stay on target. It's removed a core element of skill from the game, which was an interesting and unique element ot the battlefield gunplay, and I can only imagine it's to make it more "beginner friendly". This is a philosphy I don't agree with at all. It also removes the immersive feeling of weight to the gun, and the guns now feel like they're toys made of plastic. Again this is something very arcady and CoD style. Not what one wants in a battlefield game.

The audio is a huge disappointment. The team from BF3 has clearly not been hired again. Not only is the EQ shape completely wrong, meaning everything sounds dull and flat and you have to use a load of post-equalisation to get the game sounding lively. But the mix is awful. Some explosions sound like a whisper, sniper bullets past your head are WAY too loud, and the "war tapes" preset (which was so expertly executed in BF3) sounds completely squashed and flat, like a bunch of amateurs have got their hands on new compressor. I loved that in BF3, the sound of the guns felt like it was going to take your face off, in BF4 they sound like someone farting.

The mouse control system has a bit of problem too. Instead of feeling immediate and accurate, it feels sluggish and laggy. It's not an accelariton issue. It's almost like your mouse is set on a really low DPI, and I would have to say it's just something going on within the game engine. At first I thought I'd changed a mouse setting, but compared to say CS:GO or BF3 there's a noticable difference to an experienced gamer. Whilst not game-breaking. It's an annoying drop in quality which is indicative of the general lack of quality assurance within this games' development. The sensitivity has problems too. It no longer adjusts correctly to how much you are zoomed in with different scopes, probably because they changed how FOV works when aiming down sights. Some sights feel to fast, others feel too slow. Makes it impossible to set your sensitivity for 1x scopes, and then it feel just as intuitive on the 3.4x scope etc. which makes picking up other peoples kits in the game really frustrating. You now feel like you have to adjust it differently for each scope, and at all times messing with your hipfire sensitivity. Again, It just screams console port and like DICE has completely forgotton how to create a good PC control system in an FPS game.

They have changed the character movement in this game too, so your soldier gradually moves from a walk to a run over a couple of seconds. Whilst in theory, I can see why this was a nice idea. In practice it doesn't work. It means a skilled player no longer has the ability to use quick movement to evade being shot. It's all too sluggish and promotes camping gameplay. I think it would also work better if the controls were otherwise very snappy, but the aformentioned mouse lag on top, it's just another thing that's too sluggish.

The graphcal processes have been significantly ramped up for this game. As such it requires a beast of a computer to run it well, and is unfortunately currently not very optimised either and still suffers from CPU bottlenecking within the game engine (happens on even the fastest CPU's). The frustrating thing, is the game doesn't actually look any better than it's predecessor. Whilst they may have added a lot more processes and got rid of the ill-advised blue tint, the art has took a distinct move backwards to a more "cartoony" look. The only time things look as good is when they've actually re-used to same assets from BF3 (things like terrain textures and shipping crates) the new elements, like the statues on the Seige of Shanghi map, look bloody awful. Badly textured and cartoon like. The graphics and general feel seem to share a lot with the failed MOHW game. I would have thought DICE would have wanted to avoid any comparison with that title like the plague, given that it was considered the fail of the year as far as a AAA title goes. There's also a new killcam, where the guy who killed you is highlighted bright cartoon orange. I mean, really??? I actually lol'd when I first saw it, I thought it was that bad. and don't get me started on the new grenade indicator graphic!

There's a bit more destruction in the game than in BF3, which is good, but the much hyped "levelution" is nothing more than a gimmick for the first few times you play it. Obviously, the same scripted scene evey time you play a map was always going to get old FAST and boy does it ever. The worst one in fact being the sky scraper falling in Seige of Shanghi as it makes the map playout terribly afterwards on Conquest game mode. You now see people in chat begging other players not to bring the tower down as it ruins the map.

Something that has been improved is the customisation. You now have a lot of different weapons and camos to choose from and lots of different varieties of equipment to use. If you enoy messing about with all that stuff.

The new minimap is significantly improved. It was implented awfully in BF3.

The map design itself is pretty good, I would say that's also slightly improved. Operation locker is particularly good on Rush and Conquest.

But ALL these things are minor, compared to the core gunplay problems above.There is just no "feeling" in the game. There was always a great sense of "holding on" when firing an automatic weapon in BF3, with this terrific sound and a good sense of downing an enemy, with an intuitive control system that just felt right. I could really "get into" the game and be lost playing it for hours on end. In BF4, I feel like I'm just clicking black and orange pixels on the screen, it feels awkward trying to aim with the mouse problems and I ALWAYS feel detached. As such I play a couple of rounds, quickly get bored and do something else. This is what I meant by the title of the review. It's like DICE have changed everything that they should have left well alone, and the new albeit small improvments that would otherwise would be very welcome are sadly completely overshadowed by this.

As a fan of the franchise and lifelong PC gamer, this is a disapppointment.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter - Limited Edition (PC DVD)
Medal of Honor: Warfighter - Limited Edition (PC DVD)
Price: £8.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Not made for PC, not finished upon release, 30 Oct. 2012
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 

Pre-ordered the game for PC based on the sell that it was using the BF3 frostbite 2 engine. So here's me thinking the core elements of what makes BF3 great such as the gunplay and the way it handles would be produced in a similar level of quality.

My god how I was wrong.

Now here's the thing. THE GAME IS NOT FINISHED. The bugs and missing features list that are being pointed out on the battlelog forums is insane. The game plays like it's in alpha stage, not a releasable product.

The campaign is somewhat fun (only as a kind of interactive cinematic walkthough) but it's all been done before and brings nothing new or exciting to the table whatsoever. The characters are boring, plot is random and has gaping holes in it. It's like watching a pretty lame movie but with good action scenes. It sort of entertains you for a night, but you're not going to watch it again.

I did, however, buy this game for the multiplayer aspect and this is indeed where it fails. and FAILS HARD.

The first thing that greets you when you try to play this game is the absolutley dreadful user interface. It is completely counter intuitive, makes it incredibly hard to find simple functions such as "quit game" and makes the experience of trying to get in a game, partner up with your friends, edit your class etc extremely frustrating. I still haven't figured out how to mute people in the game, as the "mute VOIP" button seems to do nothing half the time. Not much fun when you get in a lobby with a guy who insists on listening to extremely loud death metal music and leaving his mic plugged in.

A big gripe with the gameplay is the fact that setting up your mouse sensitivity is impossible to get right. The reason for this is they have made it so when you aim down sight, the sensitivity is the same as when you are in free look. This means it is nigh on impossible to aim accurately in this game and makes the gunplay feel completely weird and counter intuitive. This is unlike any other first person shooter I've ever played, is very frustrating and not at all fun. I'm pretty sure this is a console port issue and shows the game hasn't been designed or tested on PC at all.

Then the audio - whilst the music is pretty good (although clearly ripped off from the Bourne movie series) The in game sounds are completely all over the place. I play on headphones and if I set the volume to a comfortable level so I can hear gunfire, then explosions and "thud" sounds when you are shot are DEAFENING. You turn it down for that, and you can't hear footsteps and your gun sounds like it's been fired 30 miles away. Not to mention the numerous bugs with audio cutting out and/or sounding muffled etc

Then there's the balance and game design issues. Although some of the gametypes are fun, and do bring slightly new ideas to the standard playlists, they are all blighted by gamebreaking balance issues. Grenades are ridiculously overpowered with too short a fuse, spawns are terrible (especially in Team Deathmatch ), the spec ops class has this ability to temporarily see everyone on the map through walls which completely out-does any of the other classes abilities (nor does it make any sense) Maps are designed badly with areas which no one ever ventures into and with ill thought-out choke points. The list goes on and on and on....

I don't personally have a problem with the graphics, yes they are a bit "cartoony" and not a patch on other games but they do the job ok. Although the maps do lack any sort of destructability which was hinted at in the marketing and even mentioned on the box packaging(naughty EA). Anyway, it's the gameplay, balance and polish issues that make it a complete fail. If I could get a refund for this game I would. Maybe some of the issues will be patched, but I don't agree with paying to be an alpha tester. The biggest issue is just the way the gunplay handles, with the previously mentioned sensitivity issues coupled with the fact that hit detection is all over the place makes it just a complete turn off from start to finish.

If you're a serious FPS fan. Avoid. If you don't mind throwing away 30 quid for one evenings light entertainment, then you might not be too disappointed.
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