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Alessi 4 Piece Table Cutlery Set Nuovo Milano Design Ettore Sottsass
Alessi 4 Piece Table Cutlery Set Nuovo Milano Design Ettore Sottsass
Offered by beckys-emporium
Price: 12.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful lines, lovely to use, but seriously unbalanced, 16 May 2014
I completely agree with the previous reviews here: this is a gorgeous design, and the cutlery is a delight to hold, beautifully shaped and nicely heavy. But, and it's a big but, all of the weight of every piece is in the handle.

It all sits nicely in the hand, and it makes the cutlery lovely to use as the weight makes it steady. However, I can only assume the designer never tried using the cutlery at home for a few days; the fault in the balance is immediately apparent when you go to pick up a plate with the cutlery left on it (as I expect most people do). If the handle of the knife or fork is more than a few centimetres over the edge, the handle weight will drag it straight off the plate. If there are glasses or delicate dishes below, then beware.

The Beat
The Beat

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3.0 out of 5 stars Great track, but let down by terrible sound quality, 30 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Beat (MP3 Download)
This is an absolutely classic track, but the sound quality on the download is terrible - quiet and muffled, as though it ha been recorded on a handheld tape recorder sat next to an old record player. Very poor quality which lets down a fantastic track.

Flos ARCO design by Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
Flos ARCO design by Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
Offered by Licht Design Skapetze
Price: 1,196.09

5.0 out of 5 stars Lighting perfection, 5 Dec 2012
Few expressions are as over-used as 'design classic', but if there is a single interior product that absolutely embodies that term, it is the Arco lamp. The design is just a perfect combination of mass (the marble base weighs 65kg, and is beautiful white marble - unless you found one of the special edition black versions) and delicacy: the polished lamp head is supported by a beautifully detailed adjustable arm of perfect proportions.

There is so little to the lamp: base, arm, head, that you will wonder exactly what your 1600 is buying. Until you turn it on, and it is suddenly clear just what a perfect piece of functional and beautiful design that the whole piece is.

Buy one. Put it in your living room or dining room. Just don't bugger it up by putting the wrong damn lamp (bulb, if you must) in it and spoiling the whole thing: it works with a crown-silvered lamp (glare free illumination and fantastic reflections on the ceiling) and nothing else. I have lost count of the number of interior design magazines that show it in use with a standard pearl or clear lamp, and it just turns a piece of lighting sculpture into a 'standard' lamp.

TP-Link TL-PA251 AV200+ Multi-Streaming Powerline Adapter with AC Pass Through
TP-Link TL-PA251 AV200+ Multi-Streaming Powerline Adapter with AC Pass Through
Offered by MyMemory
Price: 13.25

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent adaptor - reliable & easy to set up, 5 Dec 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this to replace another brand of Powerline adaptor that offered 200MBPS connection speeds, but turned out to be Homeplug 1.0 only. The TP-Link range are HomeplugAV (or Homeplug 2.0) and work faultlessly. I was adding this to an existing pair of adaptors that feed my internet connection from the router to a PC on the floor above that does not have a wireless connection. Adding the third adaptor was a breeze: press the 'pair' button on the new adaptor, whilst it is plugged in (you don't even need to have a computer or other ethernet device attached to it) to a socket nearby to one of the other adaptors, and count to three. When you release the button, the power light is blinking. Do the same on one of the other adaptors, and the trio will then 'pair' together (if that isn't a contradiction). Strictly, you don't even need to pair adaptors, but doing so just adds a layer of security to the system, and once paired adaptors can be moved around the house as they remember their pairing, even when unplugged (although how long for, I don't know).

The advice is to plug these adaptors directly into wall sockets - which is why I bought this unit, with the pass-through socket, to regain a power socket. However, I have found the standard TP-Link adaptors work quite successfully through a standard four-way block. It probably affects transmission speeds, but I have still managed to stream BBC iPlayer feeds in HD through an adaptor this way.

The TP-Link adaptors seem to be among the most reliable of their type.

Max Value 200 Mbps Home Plug with Pass-Thru, Single Unit Pack
Max Value 200 Mbps Home Plug with Pass-Thru, Single Unit Pack

3.0 out of 5 stars 200Mbps, but only Homeplug 1.0 compatible, 4 Dec 2012
Good value & solid, but I bought this to work with two TP Link 200Mbps units I already have in the house. When I received it, I realised that despite being 200Mbps, it was only compatible with Homeplug 1.0 devices, and the TP Link units are Homeplug 2.0. Most of the Homeplug units that can work at 200Mbps are type 2.0, so this was slightly confusing.

Be warned if you already have other 200Mbps devices and you are adding this to your network - it's highly possible they won't be compatible with this device, as type 1.0 plugs cannot talk to type 2.0. However, on our Homeplug 1.0 network we use at work, it was absolutely fine.

Happy Feet 2 Penguin Pets Musical Dance Playset
Happy Feet 2 Penguin Pets Musical Dance Playset
Offered by the-film-factory
Price: 3.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Product not as described; only ONE penguin is supplied, 28 Nov 2011
= Durability:3.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:1.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Although nicely presented and well made with good sound effects, Amazon's description of the toy is misleading. The box comes with only ONE penguin, as is clearly displayed on the box. Unless you are happy with your penguin dancing alone, you will need to buy further penguin sets. A great disappointment and definitely not as described (several times) by Amazon
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Bandai 30365 Harumika Runway Showstopper Fashion Set
Bandai 30365 Harumika Runway Showstopper Fashion Set
Offered by Niche Gift Shop
Price: 13.99

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars A great creative toy, but lack of camera software lets it down., 30 Dec 2010
= Durability:4.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:3.0 out of 5 stars 
My daughters love this toy, and it really brings out their creative side.

However, the camera in the package is supplied without any software, and the link in the instructions does not work - the button for downloading the software does not exist at the address given. Without this, I was unable to make the camera work on either a Mac or a PC, so this was a major frustration to my daughters who wanted to upload their creations to the website. Bandai customer service have not responded, either, so it was very disappointing to tell them that the camera did not work, and you can imagine their reaction.

Overall, they like making the outfits with the fabrics, but if the camera function is what is attracting you to buy this set, you might want to hold off purchasing it until Bandai makes the software available to make it work.

Apple TV (launched September 2010) (Old model)
Apple TV (launched September 2010) (Old model)

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1.0 out of 5 stars In the UK, just a trinket for now - even after update 4.4.4, 27 Dec 2010
This is a gorgeous looking device, absolutely tiny, and a joy to set up (plug in, connect to the TV, enter your network details & you are ready to go). But for a UK user for now, it is the content that is severely lacking, and since it is a device that lives or dies by what it can deliver, that is quite a problem.

The film download service seems reasonably priced, but compared to my Virgin Media VOD, it's a slow process. Browsing YouTube & Flickr are initially both fun, but neither has a great deal of long-term appeal to me.

The worst part is that if you have spent some time collecting all of your various iTunes libraries onto a single, central NAS that can then be shared by all of the Apple devices in our house (several laptops, a desktop & an iMac) using the iTunes sharing function on the LaCie NAS, this is simply not compatible with the Apple TV, that needs to connect to a computer running iTunes to share the media. It's a counter-intuitive step, really, requiring you to have an iTunes computer *and* the Apple TV to be running at the same time to stream - how is that good for economical power use?

To sum up, the pros are that it's tiny, looks lovely and produces good quality images and sound. However, for me the cons are pretty serious: no access to UK-based streaming media (iPlayer, 4OD etc.), no UK-equivalent to NetFlix, no NAS sharing of media, whether video, music or images. I have seen criticism that it's HD-output is only 720p, but on my television, it still looks very good, so that is not really a con for me

I said before: 'All of this, I am sure, could be, and may well be, fixed in a software update in the future. But for now, for a UK user, the Apple TV is a nice toy, but not really a useful media device'. UPDATE: I have downloaded the new OS (4.2 2060). It does nothing for UK content at all, and adds a new menu item - Major league baseball highlights! Still no UK film rentals, no BBC radio, nor any iPlayer, 4OD or similar content support. My comments still stand that this device could be more useful to UK audiences, but Apple seem unwilling to do anything about this, or acknowledge a non-US market.

UPDATE (2) - To be fair to Apple, I have now discovered BBC radio streams available - Radio 1 is under 'Top 40/Pop', Radio 2 under 'Adult Contemporary', Radio 3 under 'Classical' & Radios 4 & 5Live under 'News/Talk'. I discovered these by accident - no news (I could find) from Apple to announce this. Still no search function on the radio to look for other BBC channels...

UPDATE (3) - I have now found a 'favourites' function - hold down select on the chosen radio station, and it is added to a 'favourites' list at the top of the radio station genre list. I discovered this by accident.

UPDATE (4) - BBC content unavailable again. It seems the BBC don't like Apple, or vice-versa. All of the BBC channels available in the last update have now been removed in OS update 4.2.2. Any attempt to connect to a BBC channels results in an error, either 'An error occurred loading this content' or 'Cannot connect to Internet Radio Stations'. The commercial, US-bases stations seem unaffected. It would be nice if I can find a list anywhere to explain what content we can get, and why the BBC is unavailable again.

UPDATE (5) - Radio feeds are broken again. I managed to add the BBC channels after the last update, but tuning back into radio 4 again today, I was told 'channel unavailable'. I deleted the favourite, and tried to re-add it, only to find my 'Talk radio' channel page was completely blank - no radio stations appear at all, and there is no function (still) to search for a known radio station. Netflix has appeared in the list of menu items, but again the 'service is unavailable' - presumably there is no UK agreement yet. Why Apple sells this product in the UK is a mystery, as they don't appear to want to support it outside the US market. Still a device without a single compelling reason to purchase it.
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LaCie Network Space 2 1TB Hard Drive
LaCie Network Space 2 1TB Hard Drive

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1.0 out of 5 stars After 6 months, drive dies..., 1 Dec 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The drive looks good, and is surprisingly quiet. Using the web interface, it was quick to set up users, quotas, ftp details and so on.

What let the drive down was actually trying to use it. Connecting to it via the latest version of Network Assistant for mac fails to open the correct finder window, the drives always show a yellow warning triangle & Finder is unable to connect to the drive either. I ran the firmware upgrade to the drive, and re-installed the Network assistant a second time, but still no connectivity.

La Cie customer support is also pretty hopeless - I spent some time registering my device & my details, then when I went to confirm my account, it had lost all of my address and product registration details (which would be needed to be entered again manually), and kept only my email address and telephone number.

Update: after my initial problems, I managed to communicate with La Cie. They couldn't solve the connection problem using their own software, but I found a workaround which makes the drive useable. The Time Machine back up is slow, but it works. I also had some difficulties getting the NAS to be accessible from the internet 9a port forwarding problem), but a support ticket from La Cie sorted this out. It is annoying that there isn't more detail on the ports required in their support documentation.

Update: After 6 months of fairly mild use, the drive is now no longer allowing any of the users to connect. Although the admin user can 'see' the amount of data used, neither of the users can log in to access their files.
Luckily, I have only been using this drive for media files; I didn't trust it for my work and my cynicism has been been fully paid off. LaCie recommend a file recovery program that cannot be found on their site. I am now going to see if I can get my money back - a drive that fails aafter 7 months isn't fit for purpose.

UV Measuring Monkey Device
UV Measuring Monkey Device
Offered by Accessory-Shop
Price: 2.40

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1.0 out of 5 stars Totally useless device which fails after a short period, 3 Sep 2010
I bought this product to help me judge UV levels on a holiday on Crete: the island can have hazy days, and there is usually a breeze, which when coupled together can disguise how strong the sun can be, even late in the afternoon. And with two small children, I wanted to be sure that I wasn't being too careless with the sun protection.

However, the biggest drawback with the product is that it doesn't work. After a few hours of exposure to Cretan sun, it simply stopped changing colour altogether, and stayed white. I hadn't left it in the sun for hours or got it too hot, but it simply just stopped changing colour around 48 hours into the holiday. Which meant it became totally useless, and worse still, it stayed white, suggesting the sun was safer than it was.

I can't recommend this product at all. I am giving it one star as for one short period it did work.
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