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Angels' Blood: The Guild Hunter Series
Angels' Blood: The Guild Hunter Series
by Nalini Singh
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A very enjoyable read!, 17 Feb. 2014
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A fantastic new series for me to get sunk into - one that is a little bit different. I've never read anything of Nalini Singh's before, but I will certainly be checking out her other series once I'm through with this one.

Angel's Blood took me a day to tear through. I literally could not put it down and I quickly ordered the next two books. The female lead is spunky and strong and the male lead is well balanced. Raphael's character stays true all the way through to the end. He's certainly no cherub, but he does grow a slightly softer side without him doing a complete 360 and turning into some mushy lapdog. I don't know about anyone else, but it really irritates me in books when an author takes a very dominant male character and turns him into Fido all in the name of luuuurve. Ick! By the end of the book, you know Raphael's still a hard ass. He's still a very dominant, very dangerous being despite his growing feelings for Elena. Fab job, Nalini.

I'm not going to give away any of the plot, I'll just say that if you're looking for a new urban fantasy with some steamy times and a bit of gore, definitely give the Guild Hunter series a go. It lost a star simply because of the authors writing style. I found it a little difficult to read at times and would need to go back and reread several lines to make sure I was understanding what was written and whose POV it was coming from, etc. Where a lot of authors take the time to explain things, I found Singh just...stated them? It's hard to explain. For example, instead of her writing something like: 'Elena felt his hot breath of her neck', what would actually be written was: 'Hot breath on her neck.' I just found it a somewhat lazy way to write at times, I guess. It made me need to work too hard as a reader and it became frustrating. Having said that, I can imagine you getting used to it the more you read of the series.

All in all, I'd definitely recommend :)

Nintendo Wii Mini Red
Nintendo Wii Mini Red

28 of 39 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I'm happy to get back to basics! A worry free, family friendly console at long last!, 16 Dec. 2013
This review is from: Nintendo Wii Mini Red (Console)
I think a lot of people have completely missed the point of the Wii Mini.

I have a little girl who has been desperate for a Nintendo Wii but I have always said no. And I've said no because the original Wii was perhaps not as family friendly as I would have liked. One, I wasn't prepared to spend so much on a console when she is still little, because it will take a few knocks and I'm sorry, but I'm not forking out £££'s for another. Two, access to the internet is a HUGE negative for me. I don't want my daughter, who has a scary knack for getting past any and all parental controls known to man, being able to go online. The internet is not a safe place for any child to be, especially mine with her frickin' ninja password/controls busting skills. Three, I am not about to start encouraging her to be permanently attached to the TV playing games, wanting more and more fancy gadgets and gizmos that go with a Wii console. Nor am I about to spend a small fortune paying for them. The fact that the Wii Mini isn't compatible with so much other cr*p (Gamecube?) and only has one USB port was another big plus for me. And four, I'm anal enough to want a console that matches the colour of my TV/TV unit. Sad, I know!

Back to my point. The Wii Mini was hugely attractive to me as a parent because of how basic it is. It's a no frills version that I can happily leave her to play without worrying what trickery she'll get up to while I'm doing the dishes. The only thing she can do with it is play a game that I have personally deemed suitable and bought for her. The price was also amazing. I shopped around and managed to get one on a bundle deal - the console, a motion plus remote and nun-chuck, and three Mario games that would have set me back at least £20 each. The bundle only cost me £80 altogether. Because it was much cheaper than I had initially budgeted for, I was also able to buy her another couple of games that she asked for.

If you're a die hard gamer who wants internet and gadgets, then obviously you're not going to be impressed by the Wii Mini. Unfortunately, I think what many have failed to realise is that this console has been designed/marketed for a younger audience with cautious parents. The basic design and lack of fancy extras is what sold the Mini to me and gained Nintendo a new customer.
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No Title Available

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A lovely surprise., 30 Nov. 2012
All right, so I'll admit, I was quite worried about this set when I placed the order. Six room sets plus the four dolls for £36.95? It was going to be cheap rubbish that wouldn't last a minute, right?

Oh, SO wrong.

What a lovely dolls house set. The pictures do not do it any justice, not at all. The furniture is well made, finished to a high standard and very sturdy. Small accents such as the bedding, the lamps, the pot of flowers and the shower curtains, etc, make this set "old enough" and detailed enough for older children to appreciate while the durability makes it ideal for the smaller ones, also. You get everything you need to fully furnish a dolls house with this lot, including the family of four, which are really very sweet looking. And you get it all for under £37.00. That's pretty unheard of, so you are getting a lot for your money. I've been searching for dolls house furniture for months and I haven't ever been able to bring it under £90.00 - which I was most definitely not prepared to pay. My daughter's five and can still be quite heavy-handed with her things, so I can easily imagine my reaction if she was to come in having broken furniture I'd spent a lot of money on. I think that nervous tick in my left eye would soon be back ;)

Delivery was fast (and free, always a bonus!), and my only complaint is that the furniture was loose in the one box. I was kind of expecting it to all be separately packaged/boxed for each room, but instead I opened the box and it was all just there. To be fair though, it was packed well and with all the bubble wrap nothing was going to get damaged. It has also, I suppose, saved me the frustration of having to get it all out of the packaging come Christmas morning.

Definitely recommend - it's an absolute bargain.

Silver Snowflake Stocking Hanger (SH3)
Silver Snowflake Stocking Hanger (SH3)
Offered by Christmas Concepts Ltd
Price: £9.99

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Silver Snowflake Stocking Hanger., 12 Nov. 2012
I'm not sure I understand the other reviews. I think these are lovely little things.

Delivery was ridiculously fast, postage and packaging costs were accurate, and the items themselves are really lovely. I ordered two and they're weighty, well finished and will look fab on my Christmas mantle. I thought they were great value for money too, especially when you look at what you'd pay for some others. Very happy lady over here :)

Terrapin PU Leather Wallet Case/Cover/Pouch/Holster with Floral Interior for iPhone 5S - Purple
Terrapin PU Leather Wallet Case/Cover/Pouch/Holster with Floral Interior for iPhone 5S - Purple

5.0 out of 5 stars iPhone 5 case - purple., 7 Nov. 2012
I love it. Nothing more to really say. The fit is perfect, all the holes are where they need to be, the case is leather, and it's pretty on the inside with its floral print without being tacky. For the whole fiver it cost, I can't understand how anybody would debate buying one. I think they're fab :)

Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Shades of Grey

527 of 587 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Fifty shades of, 'Please stop reading me, I'm going to bleed. Love Brain x', 8 Mar. 2012
Short of going all 'Egyptian mummy' on my own backside by pulling my brain out through my nose using a hook, I'm sad to say that there is nothing I can do to erase this piece of 'literature' from my mind. My face is sad.

It's awful. I don't usually do bad reviews, I will always try and find something positive to say, but alas, I come to you empty handed.

Oh no, wait. There is one positive. A friend leant me her copies of these books, I didn't personally fork out for something I would later come to use for my cat's litter box. Thumbs up?

After listening to some the hype surrounding this trilogy, I started to do some digging. Oh, what finds were made!

1. This was originally posted up as Twilight 'fan fiction'? Firstly, is that even legal? And secondly, I'm in heaven having found this wonderful place called If, a little like me, you have an obsessive personality and difficulty letting go at the end of a book - go look up this place.

Huh. Guess we just found ourselves positive number 2!

2. It was incredibly easy to find copies of the original Twilight fan fiction, previously known as 'Master of the Universe' by Snowqueens Icedragon (E L James). Is the writer aware that people can actually go and get this for free, rather than paying a ridiculous amount for the change-of-names-only 'books'?

3. A little looking around will find you utterly bombarded with ridiculous 'fandom' rubbish/controversy, of which, the writer of FSoG is quite heavily sunk in. It doesn't paint a very pretty picture.

4. There is quite a scary following for this tripe. Honest to God, I've never seen anything like it.

5. There is quite a scary following hating this tripe. Honest to God, it's ever scarier.

Now for the book(s):

My initial reaction went something like this - 'THIS got PUBLISHED?!'

The writing is incredibly poor.

The use of italics and ellipses made me cringe.

The repetitive words and phrases used in every other sentence would have been cute, were I reading my Primary school pupils' homework.

The amount of spelling mistakes - did this not go through professional editing before being turned into published works?

The American to British to American to British to American to British and on and on and on with the phrasing and terminology. Ana's voice is supposed to be an American one, yet there are Briticisms everywhere. I don't understand why the (British) writer didn't change the location of the book to say, London. She'd surely have been more comfortable.

The female lead is schizophrenic.

The male lead needs to go to prison.

The BDSM is portrayed so badly that I feel genuinely sorry for the community. Did James do no research at all?

The sex scenes are so bland and juvenile, they're laughable. Ana needs a medal for being able to orgasm so easily. Honestly, for any younger audience reading this, James has ruined not only their sex lives for life, but any and all future partners. Heads up girls, orgasms can take a little time and effort to achieve and most human guys don't have the stamina of a Duracell bunny on constant charge. So when it comes to doing the nasty, don't be giving the Mr. a hard time because you haven't `fallen over the edge' twelve times. Oh, and your `belly' probably won't `tighten' because of his `smouldering eyes/looks'.


James would have fared better leaving out the emotionally damaged bull, because it ends up making the BDSM aspect sound like the bad guy. Well done E L, the books are centred around a BDSM relationship! BDSM is painted as the reason for Christian's effed up-ness, making it read like some really dirty, awful thing. Which it isn't, when practiced properly. Oh, but wait. Christian isn't a Dom, not really. He admits he's really a sadist instead. Anyone else confused? Yeah...

If I ever see the words, `gasp', `subconscious', `I fall', `smirk', `laters baby', `oh my', `inner goddess', `swoon', `I blush', `I flush', EVER again, I will tear my eyes from their sockets and stomp on them with heeled boots.

I daren't go on. I can feel my blood pressure beginning to rise again. I'm actually angry that this was published. There are so many incredible writer's out there not getting the recognition they deserve, and yet this, THIS is receiving a lot of attention. My faith in and respect for women is slowly diminishing after seeing just how many have praised this cack. A must read? For who, exactly? The female lead's a total friggin' doormat and the male lead's a manipulative sadist who likes to beat young women that look like his mommy. Excellent. What a plum of a read!

Apparently, I've got the wrong `wow' factor. I don't feel like, `wow, this is incredible', I feel like, `wow, this is disturbingly unhealthy'.

The only interesting thing about this entire trilogy will be the waiting around to see if S Meyer sues for copyright infringement. Don't buy.
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Hunter Unisex Original Gloss Wellies
Hunter Unisex Original Gloss Wellies

9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Unisex my A***!, 25 Dec. 2011
So, the first thing I noticed as I started unwrapping the big box this morning was, 'HUNTER'. Was tres excited. There is no way I could ever really justify splashing out so much money on wellies, but I've wanted a pair for a while now. The grin that came across my face when I saw the Hunter label earlier on was comical.

They don't fit. At all. In fact, it was downright painful trying to get them up and then off my legs. I had to enlist help to get the sodding things off me, actually. It really hurt.

Now, I am by no means a rake of a woman, I'll admit that. I'm a size 12, not a size 6, but my legs have always been fairly thin. I have never ever had chunky legs, nor have I ever had problems with any boots being too tight before. Until now. My super skinny size 8 sister even had problmes with these.

I'm gutted. Truly, I am. We all decided to cut back a little this year, so we did one big present each. My wellies were my big present. They have to go back.

Why anyone would design a pair of friggin' wellington boots that don't fit most people is beyond me. How the brand can justify selling 'welly socks' to go with these boots, is also beyond me. How the heck are you supposed to cram your legs into the boots WITH chunky socks on?!

My advice? Find a store that sells them and go try them on before you buy through an online store. Also, if you want to wear with wellie socks, buy a size up from normal. My boots fit my feet nicely, but would have been snug with socks.

All in all, hugely disappointed. Think I'll be sending Hunter a rather verbal email.
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No Title Available

3.0 out of 5 stars Hey, they're cheap shoes..., 30 Nov. 2011
For some reason, I thought I'd read that the sole was rubber, so I was disappointed when my beige boots came in today and I found that the sole was made of that cheap, foamy rubbish that wears down quickly. But that was my error. Perhaps I saw 'manmade' and stupidly assumed they'd be a 'manmade' rubber lol. A 'FOAM SOLE' warning may be an idea, Amazon.

The boots are quite snug, but very warm and very comfortable. You can't really complain for £15 - you get what you pay for. They look nice, I'm just thrashing myself for thinking I'd got a bargain when in fact, I could have picked these up locally in any shop selling shoes with cheap soles. I think I'll keep them for just in the house, I can tell straight away that they won't last 2 seconds out in the Scottish weather!

Roxy Junior Little Trish Classic Boot
Roxy Junior Little Trish Classic Boot

5.0 out of 5 stars A bargain at £25!, 30 Nov. 2011
I love the 'Ugg style', I won't lie. I just cannot afford the price tag that comes with them. So when I saw these for my 4yo daughter at £25 a pop, I had to grab them.

They arrived really quickly (thank you Amazon), they fit her feet beautifully and the lining is extremely soft and warm. She's walking great while wearing them, sometimes I find that this style causes the young 'uns to walk a little funny, but no such problem with these Roxy boots.

I'll get them laced with protective spray tonight and they'll be good to go.

I'd highly recommend for anyone who attempts trendy, but on a slightly more reasonable budget ;)

Rocket Dog Women's Honeypup Flats
Rocket Dog Women's Honeypup Flats

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Love my RD's!, 30 Nov. 2011
Ordered in the dark brown and they are just so, so comfortable.

I couldn't afford Ugg/Emu boots, but let me just say that these RD boots are seriously lovely and at the price Amazon's currently selling, I couldn't not take them. I've had these on with skirts, leggings and jeans. Because the toe part is slightly more sqaured than rounded like Uggs, I find my feet fit much better and my toes never pinch or feel forced into the very front part of the shoe.

If you're thinking about snapping a pair up, order in the next size up. I'm a 5, ordered the 6 - they're a perfect fit.

Great boots, great price. Think I might nab a pair of the black one's while they're still going cheap :)

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