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Lost Dogs
Lost Dogs
Price: £9.21

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3.0 out of 5 stars B sides love em or hate em you get loads on here!!, 3 Dec 2003
This review is from: Lost Dogs (Audio CD)
One thing,dont expect this to be as good as most of this bands other work because its not.However it is truley awsome in places "fatal" is just too dam good its dark acoustic guitar and moody lyrics are fantastic,"otherside" is a lovley melody driven song,"yellow ledbetter" has a great funky blues riff and guitar solos,"brother" is a guitar fest,"sad" has one of the most clever riffs you will hear all year.
Having said that it is,like most B-sides albums patchy but a worthy addition to the hardcore fan for new fans go listen to "vs" and be amazed!

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Price: £7.32

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4.0 out of 5 stars It may be old but it will still rock ya socks off!, 3 Dec 2003
This review is from: Vs. (Audio CD)
This is probably the hardest album this band has ever made(to rival nirvana),allthough this is no nevermind it is as good album in its own right.
Songs like "go",Animal" are some of the hardest grunge songs you will hear anywhere,"rear view mirror" is the best pearl jam song ever."daughter is an awsome ballad,and the rest of the album tracks are pretty good too!
The biggest shame is that pearl jam departed from this sound and went all mellow on us,people who say thats a good thing(plenty on this website) are just kidding themselves, this band is now fading, but what you get here is them in their rawest,hardest prime!

Riot Act
Riot Act

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4.0 out of 5 stars Pearl jams best for since vs!!, 29 Nov 2003
This review is from: Riot Act (Audio CD)
Most people know that Pearl jam are capable of creating good albums but have sadly lost the way a bit,"no code" was shambolic and "vitology" is hit and miss.
However on this the bands 7th studio album we find them on top form again.Songs like "save you","get it right" are fast upbeat rockers that would not be out of place on "vs",Also there is "i am mine","love boat captain" which are both amazingly catchy!
The only thing that really annoys me is the fact that (like most rock singers) he feels he has to slag G.Bush off all the time with a song "bushleauger" its dire get off his case,that guy is trying to save the world!!
All that said this is a good album with a good mix,some fast songs,some slow.If pearl jam can keep this form up people might just start taking them seriously instead of calling them a "por mans Nirvana" which although harsh is probaly true stil better with pearl jam than nothing,because lets face it in 10 years grunge (and probably Rock) will be dead in the uk.
I just hope these guys inspire to prevent that.

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Price: £6.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars All the best bits on one disk!!, 20 Nov 2003
This review is from: A-Sides (Audio CD)
Most people know that grunge in the uk is not the most popular type of rock music around,but if you are going to listen to anyone it should be Nirvana or Soundgarden.
On here you get the Best bits of a long career fronted by Chris Cornell (now of supergroup Audioslave.
All the tracks a apart from tracks 1-3 are of very high quality, From the hard Grumble of "jesus christ pose" to the deep and depressing "fell on black days" other highlights include "black hole sun","pretty noose","the day i tried to live" all anthems.
Soundgarden might not be for blink 182,linkin park lovers,but anyone who likes rock music with a hard and meaningful edge should check this out.

Pisces Iscariot [Australian Import]
Pisces Iscariot [Australian Import]

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5.0 out of 5 stars And these songs are B-sides!!!, 2 Nov 2003
The pumpkins have always turned out quality records,but i always think you can tell how good a band is by the B-sides.
"soothe" is a slow acoustic masterpice,"frail & bedazzled" is a punky rocker with and awsome swirly riff,"whir" is probably the best track on the album annoyingly catchy acoustic riff.
About 12 of the songs on here are up with anything of other pumpkins records(and would be some bands best hits.It amazes me how people talk about Nirvana(who i love to)being the best alt-rock band of the 90s,for me the pumpkins are up with them,and this is just another shinning example why.
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Where You Are
Where You Are
Price: £4.90

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4.0 out of 5 stars Another good grunge album from the usa!, 25 Oct 2003
This review is from: Where You Are (Audio CD)
Socialburn are nothing that has not being done before,but they are very good at what they do.From the hard and dark "utopia" to the awsome "u" this album rocks,also check out "down" the first single,its an excellent album,if you like the foos,nirvana,bush,puddle of mudd,check it out!

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