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Friday The 13th: Part 6 [DVD]
Friday The 13th: Part 6 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Thom Mathews

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4.0 out of 5 stars ''Does he think I'm some kind of fart head?'' ''YEEEEEEES!'', 14 April 2011
Not only my favourite Friday 13th, but one of my favourite horror films of all time! It's the humour that really makes the film: LOL moments a-plenty!

Sheriff Garris is a hilarious character with some top quality comic one-liners. He's right up there with Captain Rhodes from the original Day of the Dead.

The whole thing is so ridiculous it's great. Recommended!

Henry - Portrait Of A Serial Killer [Uncut] [DVD]
Henry - Portrait Of A Serial Killer [Uncut] [DVD]
Dvd ~ John McNaughton
Price: £7.74

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4.0 out of 5 stars How 'bout gettin' ya poor old brother a beer?, 14 April 2011
Warning, don't watch if you are easily shocked.

Loosely based on true events, this is a sinister film with a souless, cold title character.

Murder, incest,'s pretty stomach churning stuff.

For fans of horror, it's worth watching as it's so unique and well acted. The musical score is great too.

This is not a happy film (but it always makes me LOL when Henry throw's his perverted housemate Otis' video camera out of the car window). The infamous family scene is especially hard to watch. The ending leaves an impression.

So chilling as it's so realistic. A bargin for horror hounds!

by Bret Hart
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.19

5.0 out of 5 stars The best wrestleography ever!, 14 April 2011
This review is from: Hitman (Paperback)
Without a doubt, the finest wrestling autobiography ever written. I read it from cover to cover, a first for me with wrestling books. Really detailed and doesn't have a big fat WWE logo on the cover, meaning Bret could cut loose on all topics. Superbly structured and unlike many other wrestling life stories, actually has accurate facts of events and history. The powder keg Hart family relationships, working with the Dynamite Kid, the 1993 Hulk Hogan-WWF title situation, Owen Hart's tragic death, the Montreal screw job and the grim stint in WCW are all covered in detail. Bret's opinions are his own, but come on Hitman, 'great' matches with Papa Shango and Brian 'Crush' Adams? Pull the other one!

WWE All Stars - Million Dollar Pack (PS3)
WWE All Stars - Million Dollar Pack (PS3)

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not as bad as I expected..., 13 April 2011
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
I'll be honest, when I first saw the preview shots for this last year, I was suddenly reminded of the painful experiences of playing WWF WrestleMania and WWF In Your House. A time when WWF games were not wrestling games. But as a fan of old skool WW*F* (get the E' out!) I was bound to buy this.

First things first: This is not a wrestling simulation like the Smackdown vs Raw series: This is over the top, heavily over-muscled, Rock Bottoming your opponent 30 foot up in the air after doing a backflip ARCADE action...and I quite enjoy it.

It's basically the new generation taking on the old generation from the 80s and 90s. This is best put in to practice in Fantasy Warfare mode, which had ten or so pre-made matches between a present day WWE 'entertainer' (groan...) against a superstar from the past. Each match is introduced by a really authentic promo video which some cases blends the footage from the two time periods to look like the two wrestlers are actually engaging in a storyline war. A great little touch.

The roster is pretty impressive: old favourites like Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior and even Macho Man Randy Savage are in.

The Path of Champions modes are a bit weak: For the old generation you find yourself against a casket-making Undertaker (who has Paul Bearer as his mouthpiece), Randy Orton is the champion for the new guys and the irritatingly unfunny DX are your opponents for the tags titles. You then have to bash your way through ten matches on each path and beat the 'boss'. By doing this, you unlock an alternative attire for your selected wrestler. Doing this over and over again for each of the 30 characters can no doubt get a little tedious.

A real sore spot for me is the Create-a-wrestler: Caw mode is very simple and a right disapointment: 15 slots, no parts for 'real' wrestlers (except for a few facepaints eg Demolition, Papa Shango, Kamala etc), no custom soundtrack themes...when it comes to moves you have to pick an entire moveset from one of the present characters (but you can pick a seperate finisher) and the actual entrance animations (which only last a few seconds) are tied together with the titantron and theme from that particular wrestler, which is another eye-roller. So yeah, caw mode is pretty pants.

If you are a fan of WWE or old skool WWF and want to try something different, give it a look.


- Looks good
- Nice roster
- Original
- Easy controls
- Fantasy warfare mode


- Poor Create-a-wrestler mode
- Limited game modes
- Path of champions mode
- Lots of 'missing' names who should of been in
- Reversing can be unresponsive

Cross Rhodes: Goldust, Out of the Darkness (WWE)
Cross Rhodes: Goldust, Out of the Darkness (WWE)
by Mark Vancil
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.93

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1.0 out of 5 stars A real disappointment..., 13 April 2011
Goldust is one of my all-time favourite characters: His pre-debut vignettes were fantastic and he was one of the WWF's most original creations. It's such a shame this book doesn't live up to expectations. It has absolutely no depth and huge portions of Dustin Runnels' career are covered in a couple of sentences. Was Runnels really that much under the influence that he cannot remember the in-depth details of his gimmicks, matches and career in general? Throughout the book, we are reminded time and again that Runnels a) has had a hard relationship with his father and b) has had lengthy addictions to alcohol and drugs. Overall, it makes for depressing reading. Runnels also has the dates and details of certain events all mixed up. For example, he states that in 1997 (around about the time he and then wife and manager Terri Runnels were going to do a sit-down interview with Jim Ross) he burned the Goldust costume much to the dismay of Vince McMahon. This is incorrect: Runnel's burned his Goldust duds on Raw in mid-1998. The WWF product had dramatically changed during that period. How did he get that mixed up? Runnels also comes across as a typical 'born again' WWE-Yes Man: He compliments backstage general Triple H at every opportunity. Runnels recent 'tweets' about WWE not being wrestling anymore but 'pure entertainment' reinforce this: He's another guy happy to be in a job and happy to be in the WWE 'family'. Avoid this: If you're a fan of Dustin Rhodes/Runnels/Goldust, you will be picking holes in the regular factual mistakes. I would go as far as to say it's tainted my fond memories of the Goldust character. Sorry to be so harsh regarding a book about seemingly fragile person like Dustin, but this left me feeling nauseous. Don't bother with this pile of nonsence.

WWE The Music - A New Day, Volume 10 (Amazon MP3 Exclusive)
WWE The Music - A New Day, Volume 10 (Amazon MP3 Exclusive)

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2.0 out of 5 stars Shame you can't download individual tracks..., 5 Jun 2010
As I said in the title, in my opinion, it's a shame you can't download individual tracks, because this has some right crackers mixed in some proper duds. Saying that, if you're a hardcore WWE fan and MUST have EVERY theme song, you're in for a treat. It's also good if you want a new track in perfect quality to be uploaded on to your console to use in Smackdown vs Raw 2010 to update a superstar's entrance ie The Miz and Evan Bourne.

Hands down, the best track for me is 'I Came To Play' (The Miz). A brilliant track and up there with 'Voices' (Randy Orton) as one of the best modern WWE entrance themes. 'Domination' (Ezekiel Jackson) comes in second. The song has three stages, and is really a *ahem* 'thumping tune'. These two songs aside, most of the other tracks WWE volume 10 are a mixed bag of average, forgettable entrance themes.

Return Of The Hitman (Bret Hart) Radio (Zack Ryder) and Just Close Your Eyes (Christian) are also pretty good, but get stale after a few listens. For the record, I prefer the original versions of Christian's theme by Waterproof Blonde. Bret Hart's new update version is not as as good as the original Hart Foundation theme or the theme he started using in 1994.

Written In My Face (Sheamus) is alright, but it's far from excellent. 'Insatiable' (Tiffany) and 'You Can Look, But You Can't Touch' (The Bella Twins) are passable in their own right. More often than not on WWE CDs, Diva themes stand out like candy canes in a cactus patch.

'It's A New Day' (Legacy) and 'I Am Perfection' (Dolph Ziggler) sound like they've been knocked together on a rainy afternoon. Both bland with poor lyrics.

As for the pure rubbish? 'Pure Puerto Rico' (Primo) is highly irritating, the worst track on the album. 'New Foundation' (The Hart Dynasty) sounds like a drunken tramp falling in to a load of dustbins. 'Crank The Walls Down' (The Big Show and Chris Jericho) is so bad it's hilarious (On a side note, the prospect of a pairing of Show and Jericho is as stale as 200 year old bread).

Also, where is 'Broken Dreams' (Drew McIntyre)? That would of come in a straight third if it was included on the album.

So there's my review.

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