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Interview with the Daredevil (Mills & Boon Modern Heat) (Mills & Boon RIVA)
Interview with the Daredevil (Mills & Boon Modern Heat) (Mills & Boon RIVA)
Price: £2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars One Hot, Sizzling Romance!, 31 Mar. 2012
Nicola Marsh is a master story teller. Interview With the Daredevil from the very beginning stole my breath away. The chemistry between Ava Beckett, the Prime Minister's daughter and thrill seeker Roman Gianakis was so hot and amazing.

Ava had been the perfect political daughter and wife. However, not anymore because she walked away from her father and husband because she was tired of being politically correct. Now she was in Melbourne, staying at the elegant Crown Metropol with a fabulous pool to herself or so she thought until she collided with the handsome and sexy daredevil, Roman.

What can I say about Roman Gianakis? He was a magnificent sport legend, travelled the world. When he collided with Ava in the pool, both of their lives would change. With a bump on her head, a sexy kiss which was so out of character for Ava, the world as she knew it, would change. Roman had a scheduled meeting with a family friend, who happened to be a publisher. Ava had shared with him she wanted to be a writer. She was given that opportunity in the form of interviewing Roman and if things panned out, she would have a new career.

To say things were calm between them would be a lie. Their passion leaped off of the pages. This sensual couple both had their own secrets. Roman was concerned his mother and his upbringing might be published. Definitely things he definitely didn't want to share with anyone. Ava's secrets also concerned her past and her high profile as the Prime Minister's daughter and her failed marriage.

All I can say is this high profiled couple and their relationship was amazing to read and such an enjoyable romance, one I will long remember.

If you love chemistry, hot romance, then Interview With The Daredevil is one for you!

The Ex Who Hired Her (Mills & Boon Modern)
The Ex Who Hired Her (Mills & Boon Modern)
Price: £2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A Marvelous Reunion Romance, 31 Mar. 2012
They were in university when they fell in love. However, lack of communication, the loss of a baby, cost them both. Now years later Jordan Smith and Xandra Bennett with two failed marriages meet up again because Xandra is interviewing for marketing position at Jordan's department store.

Kate Hardy never disappoints and this particular reunion romance was spectacular. Jordan and Alexandra Porter as he once knew her were way too young when they fell in love, but yet they both loved each other. What Jordan never knew was that Alexandra had become pregnant with his baby and lost it. Jordan came from money and Alexandra never felt she would fit in. All she wanted in life was to be loved and in the end, she married for it, only to have a controlling husband. Jordan also married for all of the wrong reasons. He married a childhood friend and his marriage also ended because he was a workaholic. Now years later, they are both reunited because Alexandra is interviewing for a position at Field's Department store, Jordan's family owned business.

Reunion romances always make me think how I would react seeing an ex, especially one I had fallen in love with. It wouldn't be a pretty sight, that's for sure. However, Jordan and Alexandra were very professional, aloof, in fact. In the end, Jordan gave her the job. All of Alexandra's co-workers adored her. Like Jordan, she worked long hours and was a workaholic. Seeing each other on a daily basis drove them both crazy because the chemistry was still there for both of them. In the end, when avoidance didn't work, they ended up taking meals together, talking business and yes you guessed it, there was no denying the chemistry between them.

The Ex Who Hired her was a brilliant romance. Mixing the past with the present, learning about each other, reconciling their past mistakes, moving forward. It was simply plain wonderful. Plus who could resist a trip to Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world? Conflict, bitterness, miscommunication didn't hurt this love story; it only made it more spectacular, thanks to Kate Hardy. The Ex Who Hired Her is definitely a "keeper"!

Merry Christmas, Baby (Harlequin Blaze)
Merry Christmas, Baby (Harlequin Blaze)
by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Cowboy? Stockbroker? Military man?, 31 Mar. 2012
I purchased this book because I adored Vicki Lewis Thompson Sons of Chance series. However, what I didn't count on was also adoring the other two authors, Jennifer LaBrecque and Rhonda Nelson's books as well.

In each novella, all couples fell in love within a couple of days. Each author's contribution was incredible.

VLT's book was It's Christmas, Cowboy and features one of the handsome cowboys from the Last Chance Ranch, Tucker Ramsey. Tucker's chasing a runaway horse on Christmas Eve and whose cabin should he come upon but an old friend from high school, Lacey Evans who he hadn't seen in years. Tucker was considered a "bad boy" back then and stole a kiss one night at a dance. A kiss neither one of them had forgotten.

Lacey was nursing wounds from a broken up relationship. As for Tucker, he just wanted to prove himself to the Chance Brother's. Neither one of them were too keen on Christmas but what transpired over Christmas Eve, will steal your breath away thanks to the marvelous Vicki Lewis Thompson. The Last Chance series is one you won't want to miss, I promise
Jennifer LaBrecque was a new author for me to read and I loved her Northern Fantasy (Alaskan Heat Holiday Novella). Two buddies heading for Alaska as one will be the groom and the other in the wedding party. Jared Martin and Nick had been good friends forever. Nick was a stockbroker in New York and looking forward to seeing and spending time in the small town of Good Riddance, Alaska. What he also didn't expect was to meet was a lovely aspiring actress, who wanted a career in New York by the name of Teddy Monroe.

Teddy and Jared ended more than acquaintances; they ended up both being in the wedding party and "lusted" after each other. They more than lusted, they fell in love and things became complicated for them both.

It was such a fun book, with great secondary characters and an interesting town in Alaska celebrating the Christmas Holidays thanks to Jennifer LaBrecque. I'll continue to look for Jennifer's books and I certainly enjoyed this one.

Rhonda Nelson was also a new author for me and one from now on I'll continue to look for her books. Her contribution was He'll be Home for Christmas and about a military man coming home to Florida to surprise he parents. Of course they are on a cruise but there's one hot interior designer naked in his parent's hot tub.
Silas Davenport and Delphie Moreau's romance got off to an interesting start. From the beginning things sizzled between them from the red lacey underwear, to her lovely beauty, to prepared home cooked meals.

Silas was an honorable man and one hot soldier. As for Delphie she was feeling "blue" thanks to her sister's Christmas wedding with no date and relatives who would notice. Yes, you guessed correctly, she cooks him a home cooked meal and things heat up in her kitchen and home and of course, Silas becomes her date for the wedding.

Like the other author's holiday romances, Rhonda did an incredible job and she is also one I look forward to reading again.

A Forbidden Affair (Harlequin Desire)
A Forbidden Affair (Harlequin Desire)
by Yvonne Lindsay
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous book and series; "tangled lives, vines and secrets", 31 Mar. 2012
I have so enjoyed Yvonne Lindsay's The Master Vintner's series. It's not only about "tangled vines, it's also about tangled lives and a ton of secrets.

In the Wayward Son we learned that Charles Wilson and his wife split up in a "brutal" divorce with Charles keeping his daughter Nicole and his ex-wife took their son to New Zealand because he believed she had an affair with his business partner. He also sent his daughter's best friend to find his long lost son.

In a Forbidden Affair, this is Nichole Wilson's story and one I was so looking forward to because, Charles Wilson gave his business to his son hurting his daughter who had given her life to her company. We also learned in the Wayward Son that Charles Wilson's business partner died a broken man, accused falsely. Now the man and rival of Wilson Wines is a Nate Jackson and actually the son of Charles old business partner.

All I could think of was Nicole Wilson was so upset, would she end up Nate Jackson and working at Jackson Importers, working against her brother and father? Go got it! Right! Because Nicole Wilson decided to have a night out on the town, ended hooking up with Nate, not knowing who he was, ended up at his home and then shortly thereafter, accepting a position at Jackson Importers.

Let the games begin, let feathers fly, let the families try to extract revenge as only the talented Ms. Lindsay, pen. I loved all of the passion, the family drama and how Nicole and Nate got their HEA.

Forbidden to His Touch (Mills & Boon Modern)
Forbidden to His Touch (Mills & Boon Modern)
by Natasha Tate
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars The one woman he wanted but couldn't have?, 30 Mar. 2012
Rafael Chaves was a most unusual hero in Forbidden to His Touch. I had to hold my breath while reading the first chapters of this brilliant love story as is was so unique for this "tortured" man. He would do anything for Dante Turino, anything as there was an unspoken agreement between them because Dante had saved Rafael's life, had given him a home. However, poor Rafael was tortured by Sophia, Dante's daughter. Honestly, they were both tortured from the time they were teenagers, they both wanted each other but it was forbidden.

What can one say about Sophia Turino? She had been spoiled all of her life by a doting father. However, she loved Rafael with her entire being and he broke her heart, each time she tried to approach him and share her feelings. In the end, in a fit of rage, she left her father and home and moved to London. Each time she tried to approach her father; he disowned her so when he died she returned home to California and the family business, a successful winery.

Natasha Tate is an amazing author and she takes their journey to so many levels. For Sophia her painful journey of loving a man who refused to love her back. Her father, who she felt never, loved her. Especially during her adult years when she pushed herself so hard to make him proud of her, to notice her. Time and time again she felt the two men in her life, Rafael and her father, what would it take to get their attention? Leave?

What was hardest for me to read was Rafael's painful childhood and how much he loved Dante, the man who rescued him, gave him a new meaning for living. Raf was devoted to Dante and the winery and had helped to make it a success. Now that Dante was gone, he had to deal with Sophia's return and her desire to work side by side with him and it drove him crazy. This part of Forbidden to His Touch was painful to read because Raf didn't feel he deserved Sophia and Sophia, in the end, was determined to get the man she loved, the man who deserved to be loved.

So, with that all being said, prepare yourself for tears and a little heart ache while reading this extraordinary love story; especially when Rafael bears his soul to Sophia.

Behind Boardroom Doors: Behind Boardroom Doors/The Kincaids: Jack and Nikki, Part 3/The Royal Cousin's Revenge (Harlequin Desire)
Behind Boardroom Doors: Behind Boardroom Doors/The Kincaids: Jack and Nikki, Part 3/The Royal Cousin's Revenge (Harlequin Desire)
by Jennifer Lewis
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars A Great office romance (The Kincaids), 1 Mar. 2012
Jennifer Lewis was the perfect person to write RJ Kincaid's story, RJ the oldest son of the deceased Reginald Kincaid or so they thought until it was revealed their father had lived two lives with two women and children. I could not wait to read RJ's story because just a few weeks ago I read his Brother Matthew's story, loved it, and just knew I would need to read all of the Kincaid's.

The poor family was a mess. Their mother had been arrested for their father's murder and was in jail. Two of his sister's were getting married. The illegitimate son Jack Sinclair was left 45% of the Kincaid Group and was probably going to take the family down. A true scandal and all of Charleston knew about it!

RJ Kincaid headed up the Kincaid Group. However, he was so frustrated and worried about his mother and what would happen when Jack Sinclair finally took over. He counted on his PA, Brooke Nichols and as for Brooke; she had a crush on her boss. She did everything for RJ, so much so when he almost went ballistic in a board meeting she asked him to come with her and plied him with whiskey. Top that off with some hot kissing. What was wrong with him? Why hadn't he noticed how sexy and beautiful she was? He honestly felt he needed to get away and so he asked Brooke to join him at his hunting lodge for the weekend.

If you want hot, then that's what you're going to get in Behind Boardroom Doors. Not only their weekend at the lodge but their entire affair until everything explodes in their faces when RJ learns it was Brooke's statement that put his mother in jail.

Brooke knew what this meant, she was under no illusion that RJ finally noticed her, wanted her and she was willing and ready to be with RJ and hoped it would not end badly. She had worked hard at the Kincaid Group, like all of his family but really wanted to move up in the company. However, she held a secret, one she knew she should tell RJ but was reluctant. The night of his father's murder she had see his mother come to the office late at night. When she was questioned by the police, she felt she needed to tell the truth. The result, his mother was arrested.

What could possibly go wrong having an affair with your boss? Lots, how people would view her at the office, how his family would view her, would she get hurt? What would happen when her secret was revealed? Trust me, a lot happens, and through into their relationship some twists and turns as only Jennifer Lewis can write. I adored RJ, mainly because he took his responsibilities for his family and the Kincaid Group seriously. However, realizing what it was like without Brooke in his life after he exploded and how they got their happy ending, was amazing. I also loved how this author gave us a glimpse of the family and his father's other family. Makes me want to rush out tomorrow and purchase the rest of the series.

The Lone Wolfe (Harlequin Presents)
The Lone Wolfe (Harlequin Presents)
by Kate Hewitt
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Jacob the protector; Perfect ending to The Natorious Wolfes, 29 Feb. 2012
Who better to write the last book in the series than the magnificent Kate Hewitt. She didn't disappoint, she gave Jacob Wolfe and the gardener's daughter, Mollie Parker a magical happy ending.

In each book we've learned what a nightmare of a childhood each Wolfe child suffered at the hand of their drunk father. William Wolfe had been abusive both physically and verbally. So much so, he had beaten and left scars on their sister Annabelle. It was Jacob, the eldest on that fateful night who in the end, defended their sister, hit his father with the ending result, their father's death. His siblings understood why Jacob put a stop to the beating but they didn't understand why their brother left them. For over twenty years, he had no contact with them. It was only until he heard some of his brothers were getting married that he returned home. Jacob also moved back to Wolfe Manor with his goal to restore it.

Mollie Parker lived in a cottage on Wolfe Manor. Her father had been the gardener until he passed away. Annabelle Wolfe and Mollie had been friends and had been in communication and Annabelle told Molly she could live there. However, Jacob didn't know about the cottage nor about Mollie. At nights when he couldn't sleep from his bad dreams, he liked to clear his head and take a stroll in the gardens. Part of his project was to restore them. However on this particular evening he saw a light, followed it and in the end thought it to be a trespasser and kicked in the door. When Mollie told him who she was, Jacob remembered how she had followed his family and he also learned some things about her. Her father had worked at the manor for fifty years and she was a landscape designer. On the spot, he hired her to design Wolfe Manor grounds.

This was quite interesting Mollie's and Jacob's learning about each other. Mollie was curious, asked questions but Jacob guarded his answers. It began somewhat, as an odd friendship and in the end passion. However, not before he presented her with a rose he found in his father's office, a rose from her father's prized rose garden. It was a sweet gesture but then things turn on both of them, he touched her but she knew she couldn't get involved with this wounded man. At first she refused the job but in the end after he told her restoring the grounds would have pleased her father and his memory. He also told her he was an architect, quite a famous one and invited her to London to a design expo which would also feature landscapes.

Oh, oh......London, staying at a Wolfe property with a sexy, handsome man like Jacob and I wondered if this beginning could be the end for Mollie. Yes everything changed after a series of events beginning with Jacob's nightmares, how he resisted to share, an accident, a birthday and it became extremely complicated. However, one thing was for sure, Mollie loved him and showed it in so many ways. Still Jacob couldn't get past the fact that he'd let his brother's and sisters down, even though they had all made peace. He punished himself for everything that had happened in the past. How could this man who cared so much for his family, who as a young man had made birthday lists, the cake they wanted and their choice of presents not deserve happiness? And what about Mollie, the invisible young woman, the woman who had loved her parents and being a landscape designer. Would Jacob wake up and realize they had a chance at happiness?

First of all, if you haven't read the Mills and Boon Modern Bad Blood/Harlequin Presents The Natorious Wolfes, you need to, each and everyone has been incredible. Bravo to to Sarah Morgan, Caitlin Crews, Abby Green, Robyn Grady, Lynn Raye Harris, Janette Kenny, Jennie Lucas and especially Kate for tying everything together. This ending Kate Hewitt gave the series was incredible, it was coming home for both of them and healing the Wolfe family. Yes, his tortured side was shown but so was his tenderness. Oh to have that in ones life, the protection, the caring from a sibling. Jacob and Mollie's happiness came when he could realize they could have something better and he for the most part, could leave the past behind.

Kate Hewitt, this was a lovely story I will long remember! Thank you Mills and Boon and Harlequin for the series, even though at times it was hard to read the Wolfe siblings stories. To all of the authors who wrote these incredible books know I'm a fan and you touched my heart xxoo

Once a Ferrara Wife... (Mills & Boon Modern) (Ferrara Series)
Once a Ferrara Wife... (Mills & Boon Modern) (Ferrara Series)
Price: £2.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Should be a "relationship" manual. A most amazing love story!, 27 Feb. 2012
The wonderful, extraordinary author Sarah Morgan has written a most incredible romance. I just re-read it a second time that is how much I loved it. Actually, it should be a marriage or relationship every couple should read for several reasons. As the hero Cristiano states at the end of the book "life isn't smooth, but it's the bumps that help us find out who we are. And it's handling the bumps that give us courage."

Cristiano was literally the head of the Ferrara family. After his father died and after college, he took over the family business and he had the job of taking care of his family, He literally grew the family business and actually made all of his father's dreams come true and more so. However, that cost him his wife Laurel, caused her to run and it had been over 2 years since he had seen her. Now, Laurel was coming back to Sicily to be the maid of honor at his sister's Dani's wedding and to finalize their divorce.

Laurel Ferrara, the heroine was an extremely delicate woman due to her past. She had been left in a bag as an infant, gone through all sorts of disappointments, did not trust, did not share her thoughts with anyone. Not until she married Cristiano who demanded she open up to him and then when she need him the most, he let her down. She had been pregnant, knew something was wrong, had called him, and because a deal was too important to his corporation and family hadn't answered his cell. In the end, it cost them both; she lost her baby and more. The only way she could deal with it, all was to run. Now she was back for her best friend's wedding and had to face her husband and his family.

I am trying to be careful here because I don't want to ruin your experience but all I can say is you won't want to miss reading this most powerful story. It has so many lessons to learn because the way I see it in today's society people give up on each other. When the bad comes, it is easier for them to walk away. Actually, I cried and cried both times I read this incredible love story. It was all about the good and the bad, communication, forgiveness and the power of love to see Cristiano and Laurel through their mess of a marriage and in the end, coming out on top. Sarah Morgan this was such an amazing romance and how you gave Laurel her happy ending to her "fairy tale", how Cristiano and Laurel survived the "bumps" in their marriage had me in "happy" tears. Promise your readers you will write more "Ferrara" stories as only you can. On a scale of one to ten, Once a Ferrara Wife was definitely a ten!

The Argentine's Price (Mills & Boon Modern)
The Argentine's Price (Mills & Boon Modern)
by Maisey Yates
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Reunion or Revenge?, 12 Jan. 2012
The Argentine's Price was a reunion romance, full of tension throughout the entire story. From the very beginning, author Maisey Yates grabs your attention setting up events from the past and why sexy Lazaro Marino has a grudge. He wants to take over Pickett Industries from the family who threw out he and his mother twelve years earlier, causing them to live on the streets. Vanessa Pickett's father made sure no one would hire them. In the end, because they had no shelter, his mother died. She had been the housekeeper for the Pickett's and he did odd jobs. His relationship with Vanessa Pickett hadn't gone unnoticed by her father. Now Vanessa was at the helm of Pickett Industries and the business was unraveling. Lazaro's was buying up the majority of their stock and planning to take over the business.

All I can say is this book held my attention from the very beginning, thanks to the clever Maisey Yates. With his good looks and billions Lazaro could have any woman he wanted but he wanted Vanessa. She was burned into his brain and he couldn't forget their past. Even with all of his money he had earned, he could not buy his way into society and that irked him. Vanessa was the key. If she became his bride, along with his money it would gain him the entrance into high society. Holding my breath, I wondered if she agreed, what would be the cost to her heart?

Vanessa knew if she accepted his offer she would save her family business. However, she would loose so much more, her soul. Her father would be furious but what choice did she have? She'd always done her duty even though it cost her. She would save the family and honor the memory of her brother, Thomas who if he would have lived, would have run the company. It was his legacy. However, there was a problem, for Vanessa, Lazaro made her feel alive. For Lazaro, she was like the air he breathed, he desired her like no other woman. They were combustible together, in the somehow I knew somehow it could possibly end badly.

He took her to Argentina, passion flared between them and both knew if they didn't share that passion, they would die. It reminded them both of how they felt twelve years earlier.All of their hurts and smashed dreams. Andc then Vanessa learned about the part her father's played in his mother's death. Remembering their shared pastextremely hurtful for both of them, as their dreams had been shattered. All she'd ever done in her life was out of duty and now she was marrying a man to give him status. She realized she had always loved him, had been waiting for his return. I could only wonder, once he got his goal of getting in the social group he so wanted, would he seek revenge and hurt Vanessa?

The Argentine's Price was a spellbinding and fascinating love story thanks to Maisey Yates. From full blown passion, to hurt an anguish in the matter of a two week time period before their wedding. Holding my breath , I stayed up very late at night reading the final chapters. I wanted to see them both heal and get their happy ending. Actually, I read the last chapters sitting on pins and needles. At night they pleasured each other but by day, Vanessa seemed sad and misserable. He thought it was because he had trapped her in their marriage. He wanted to give her everything but didn't know what to do. Silly man, I thought! You "block head" she wanted your love because love has the power to heal and to make one feel whole. And true to form, Maisey Yates gave this couple a glorious ending, but not before each of them had to suffer a little. If you like reunion romances, you'll love this ones thanks to the twists and turns.

Behind the Scenes with Author Maisey Yates:

"The Argentine's Price came about during a coffee shop conversation with Lisa Hendrix. We were talking about the very upper upper crust of American society. And the way old money is revered while new money is often sneered at.

Songs for this book included Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis and Broken by Lifehouse.

The working title for this book was The Trophy Wife.

Anne Hathaway was the inspiration for Vanessa. Mark Conseulos was my inspiration for Lazaro.

Vanessa is a little bit clumsy (she drops her pen in her teacup in a scene). I like to include those moments of clumsiness because I'm an extremely clumsy person, and it's sad to read about graceful people.

There is a scene where Vanessa tells Lazaro he's in danger of getting TMJ from clenching his jaw too often. This came about because I eavesdropped on a twitter conversation between Sarah Wendell and Kira Soleore. They were saying that heroes in romance clenched their jaws so often they were in danger of getting TMJ. I thought it had to be in a book. So now, it is." M. Yates

Craving the Forbidden (Mills & Boon Modern)
Craving the Forbidden (Mills & Boon Modern)
by India Grey
Edition: Paperback

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The Fitzroy's.....shocking family secrets leading to seduction., 9 Jan. 2012
Craving the Forbidden was book one in the Fitzroy Legacy. As the book states on the back cover, the second part of the story will be revealed this month. Book one is Kit's and Sophie's story where shocking secrets were revealed. It was full of turmoil and passion and left me wanting more.

It begins with Sophie boarding the rail and headed to the Fitzroy Manor is her friend Jasper's date. Jasper as Sophie well knew was gay but he didn't want his family to find out so he asked Sophie to pose as his lover. What Sophie didn't know was that Jasper's brother Kit would be sitting next to her on that very same train. Their journey began to be an interesting one especially when they found out each other's identity. She was like no other woman he had ever met but because he believed her to be his brother's girlfriend, he fought his desire for Sophie. After being in the desert with his men for four months, her fiery hair, green eyes and outrageous brightened up his journey, until he found out she was Jasper's girlfriend and that was like dowsing ice water on his head.

Sophie had secrets as well from when she attended boarding school and know that she new Kit had been decorated with the Medal of honor which she and Jasper saw while shopping the the village for something for Sophie to wear to his father's birthday party, she felt he had also made false assumptions about her as he considered her a tart and a gold digger, after his brother's money. However, there was nothing to deny the attraction and sparks that arched between them and they both on a daily basis, fought it. Until the night in the wine cellar when he touched and kissed her.....everything changed.

From then on everything went down hill. Ralph Fitzroy had a heart attach, secrets were revealed, everything spun out of control. It was like a tornado, whirling out of control, from Ralph passing, Jasper loosing it and Kit, well let's just say it was all a huge mess. Add to the mix, some girls from the boarding school she attended told lies to the Fitzroy's about her past. It was so unfair as Sophie was a free, vibrant and had compassion. Any man would have been lucky to have her love.

It was over shortly after they began and it was a horrible day for the Fitzroy family. They were burying Ralph Fitzroy and he and Sophie had made love the night before. He felt he had betrayed his brother and she thought she had explained everything as best as she could. Still, there were more secrets that would come spilling out and could hurt this family, even Sophie.

Kit Fitzroy was quite the alpha hero and so was Sophie Greenham, she was so vibrant. She made the winter days at the manor, bright and sunny. Even though the girl with no past and a made up name felt she didn't belong, she did! I look forward to seeing what lies ahead for this couple in In Bed With a Stranger. Thank you to India Grey for this lovely two part epic romance!

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