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Kandle by Ozeri II in Graphite -- Designed for the Amazon Kindle (fits latest generation Kindle and all models), and other eBook readers
Kandle by Ozeri II in Graphite -- Designed for the Amazon Kindle (fits latest generation Kindle and all models), and other eBook readers
Offered by Ozeri UK
Price: £29.99

5.0 out of 5 stars 'It is better to light a Kandle than curse the darkness'., 25 Mar. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
For this little treasure I paid just under £13, although I am aware that others before me had paid more. Nevertheless, I will try to provide a balanced review based upon the price tag given, and after usage of one set of batteries.

First of all, the item arrives in good quality packaging, with two batteries already installed and a spare set. Also, the divice came with a nice little black pouch. The quality and feel of the devise and this pouch was well above the standard I expected. The delivery was also very quick--amazon standard.

The light itself is very bright, but not too bright. I usually put it on the first setting to save on battery, and because the second setting can hurt your eyes if you move a little and it shines in your eyes. Though the light can be shaped easily and stays in place well.

One reviewer has remarked that 'over time this light is not bright enough'. However, that person did not make it clear if this is due to their 'ageing eyes' or due to the devise becoming dimmer. I can confirm that yes, over time the light does become slightly dimmer, but only as a result of the batteries becoming drained. This only occurs near the end of a battery life, which for me was after a month, and after replacing them (fairly cheaply and easily) the light was again like brand new. So no problems there.

Lastly, the only significant negative I have of the devise is that it is not a perfect fit for my Kindle 4. However, even if I was to shake my devise hard the light stays firmly gripped in place. I see why the fit is not perfect, it is because it is designed not just for Kindle but other devises. This is no problem whatsoever and should not put you off getting it. It can be awkward getting it onto my Kindle when its Malware case is on, but I just take the case off for when I read in bed anyways.

The main reason I have given this 5 stars, except for the sheer high quality and standard of the devise, is because of how it has changed my reading habits. I used to hate reading in bed with the light on because I would have to get up to flick the switch, which is a hassle when you are trying to read to sleep. Is that not the whole point of the Kindle being able to remember your last page? I also cannot have a bedside lamp in my room because of the awkward layout in my room which is hard to describe but just trust me when I say that a lamp would not be suitable. Since getting this Kandle II then, I have read excessively night after night, reading more books this past few months than I had done ever. I am very grateful for this.

To conclude, if you are thinking of getting this devise, why not? The price is absolutely fantastic for the quality of the build. Plus, its much better than paying Amazon's extortionate prices for the Kindle case that has a light (which I hear is not that good anyways). Honestly, there is not one reason that I could think of as to why you should not get it. If a reading light is what you need, it is better to light a Kandle than curse the darkness.

The Hobbit
The Hobbit
Price: £3.66

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3.0 out of 5 stars Review of the actual story and kindle edition., 12 Jan. 2012
This review is from: The Hobbit (Kindle Edition)
Firstly I was not aware the book was meant for children when I bought it becuse I found it in the Fantasy section expecting to find adult books. However this was my mistake so I will bear in mind this is a childrens book for the review.

The book is easy to read, with a very linear and predictable story which makes it great for children I suppose. There are many parts though where it was very dull; it took chapters to leave Bilbo's home and it felt like a lifetime to leave the jungle where the lights keep turning off. Another major issue is the names of the 13 Dwarves; they were very similar and although a novelty at first it was difficult to distinguish between them except for Thorin the leader. In addition they never actually do anything for the story untilthe end... quite pointless really.

The Kindle edition was top quality. No mistakes, misprints or errors and the images were helpful and the links were in working order. There are no complaints with the Kindle edition or it's layout.

Overall for me I would give the actual book 2* for my personal opinion, 4* for children. For the many who have already enjoyed the book and disagree with my opinion, who wish to know if it is worth getting on Kindle I would definitely recommend the edition. Personally i cannot understand the hype around the Hobbit but I hope the film will be better suited for adults as there is apparently a large adult audience due to the great impact LOR had.
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The Old Man and the Wasteland
The Old Man and the Wasteland

4.0 out of 5 stars "They can beat you, but they cannot defeat you.", 12 Jan. 2012
This short post-apocalyptic novel was an absolute bargain. The story begins in 'the village' where the Old Man and his granddaughter call home. Though I have not read 'The Old Man and the Sea' it is clear where the author makes links to 'the book.' The links are cleverly made too; your image of being stuck in the wasteland is transformed into a struggle against the seas, and the 'big fish' that both men catch marks the closing of their journeys. The ending leaves questions which may not be satisfying for some, it was actually pleasing for me. The character development was good for being a short novel and made good links to the day of 'the war'.

On the other hand there were some parts where the imagery could be improved. "he emptied the gun..." could have become an exciting and tense scene but was summed up into one line. However, this did not dissapoint as such because I only paid 86p and it was only meant to be a short novel. For a rainy day in need of hope, this is well worth it but it could have made a fantastic novel. Although there are obvious influences from other post apocalyptic books/movies it creates an original story that will be thouroughly enjoyed by whoever reads it.

Overall the purchase was well worth it and probably worth even more, but I cannot give 5 stars as there were some points which were great but could have been much more exciting. However it is a 'button-clicker' or page-turner and very enjoyable. It sets a solid example for how short novels should be done, and I would like to read other future works from this author because of this.

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