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The Shelter (A Short Story)
The Shelter (A Short Story)
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3.0 out of 5 stars The shelter short story, 9 July 2014
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It's an interesting and kind of potentially dangerous story for the girl - it makes u wonder what kind of world which they've living in

Locked In: One Girl's EXPLOSIVE TRUE STORY of Child Abuse (Child Abuse True Stories)
Locked In: One Girl's EXPLOSIVE TRUE STORY of Child Abuse (Child Abuse True Stories)
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5.0 out of 5 stars A heart breaking story of a child's resilience in a world of pain - read to find out of how she breaks free!, 13 Jan 2014
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This was one of the most courageous books I've ever read! And believe me I've read a lot!
There's a lot I can't understand - like how no one knew of Emily's existence! Yes she being five was probably too young to go to school -when her mother was murdered by that monster - how she could be hidden away and treated worse than a battered dog and no one knew! How can that still happen in this day an age! And how a monster who wasn't even a relative could keep her hidden for so long! Like how come when he mother was murdered - well to the outside world presumed to probably died of an accident - that nobody went looking for her child - (because you're - yeah if you're reading this Emily- I hope you do read reviews even though they will remind you of a life of hell! I wish I could talk to you directly but there's no way - as I'm not crazy enough to leave my email address on a review - I have loads of questions - and I know it's a review of you're book and I should write about you in the third person - but after reading the story of I wanna say childhood - but that Emily was no childhood -that WAS HELL! - has left feeling I owe it to you to write my review to you -I hope that makes sense!
But Emily I just can't understand there must have been a record somewhere of your existence that you're mother had a child - but nobody had come looking for you! I was gonna say perhaps because you and you're mother may have moved in with that monster not long before you're mothers business trip perhaps they didn't know you was there - but that's crazy too coz coz you're mother was (not gonna say died) was murdered there - you would of thought that the athoritoities would have looked there for you!
When I got to the last page I couldn't believe that was it! That the book was over! I've a yearning to know - no a need to know what happened next! I've so many questions that I could write a book of them - there is one obvious one - which I won't ask the question - just make a statement I hope that you got that b.....d done! God bless you love and I hope that you're adulthood is rewarding and full of love that you should of had if you was privileged to have had a childhood past the age of five.
I come from a lost childhood past the age of 10 after my father died - in a completely different way to you - I can't disclose anything not on here - one day I'll share my story.
But I just want to say - well done Emily not only for surviving 11 years of hell - but you did it love you achieved you're goal - you shared to the world of how you're mother really died - you should be proud of you're self - one more thing I wish you was a person that I could be privileged to know.
Sorry one more thing - I hope the hurt of the past doesn't haunt you too much. - coz I know one thing too - no matter how old you are - you can never quite get rid of the pain of you' re childhood!

The Night the Angels Came
The Night the Angels Came
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Night The Angels Came, 29 Aug 2013
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I loved this book - the first time that I read it last year when I was ill in hospital, and I still do - the second time just as much - it means a lot to me - in two ways as it was the first book that I had been able to read in two years, after the tragic death of my niece three years before - before she died I was a well known book worm, perhaps it was the shock of her death that had caused me to loose my ability to read, its only these last few months almost a year after reading Michaels story- most of the books that I have read since have been Cathys. Michael,s story is the closest to my heart as my own Father whom had brought up my elder siblings and I -as our mother had severe mental health problems -my dad like Patrick - Michaels dad was a mother figure as well as a father - My father also died of Cancer - when I was 10 years old - my sibling's had all left home by time I was 10 and a half years old i was in my role as a child carer. I loved my mum. But that life as hard as a child. As I wasn't as fortunite as Michael. However his story will forever be a part of my heart - God bless you Cathy!

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