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WWF: Wrestlemania 5 [VHS] [1989]
WWF: Wrestlemania 5 [VHS] [1989]
Offered by qualityfilmsfromuk
Price: 24.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Classic WWF but not Great, 10 Nov 2003
If like me you have been a fan of the WWF for ever then WM5 is a must have. Although it is not the best Mania by far on the theory that all the matches are far too short it is definitely vintage wwf with all the big stars.
The main event where the Mega powers"Explode" is more of just a Fizzle. Randy Savage spends most of the match beating the hulkster only for Hogan to Kick out of the Flying elbow and then
Pin savage within 60 seconds even though he only uses 3 moves to beat the Macho Man! Very dissapointing Finish.
The rest of the card is ok quite a good match between The Warrior and Rick Rude for the IC title but could The Weasle really hold down the Warrior? The Tag title between Demolition and the Powers of Pain with Mr fuji is like the rest of the matches far too short.
The other highlights include the 1st Mania Appearances of Mr.Perfect and Owen Hart (the Blue Blazer) both who have sadly passed away. After the Match a great Interview with Perfect and Mean Gene which started the ball rolling towards the greatest match of all time at summerslam 91 between Perfect and Bret Hart.
WM5 is a video that is great to watch to remember great names and some great finishing manouvers but dont blink or you will miss 3 matches (or if your watching Bobby Heenan vs the Red Rooster then you might miss more than that). Definitely one for the collection but not one to watch over and over again.

WWF: Summerslam 1991 [VHS]
WWF: Summerslam 1991 [VHS]
Offered by shannon-raven
Price: 10.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Greatest PPV ever, 10 Nov 2003
What can i say Summerslam 91 has it all!
All the matches have stipulations or a title up for grabs! (except for Irs vs the Hammer which i still dont understand!)
A Massive main event starring the 2 biggest babyfaces in wrestling history with hogan and the warrior doing there bit for their country.
The tag team titles up for grabs as the LOD (RIP Hawk) take on the nasty boys in a no DQ match, you just know this one will get ugly.
For once ted dibiase puts the million dollar belt up so virgil can get his revenge.
The only loser goes to jail match i can remember between the mountie and the bossman.
I could go on about every match because they are all truly great!
But the highlight is the greatest match in WWF (yes it will always be the WWF to me) history.
Intercontinental title on the line as the late great Mr.Perfect defends against Bret Hart, A feud which was started way back in an interview at Wrestlemania 5. This match has it all! Did Bret kick out of the perfectplex, Buy it and find out!
This event was also one of the last times Andre the Giant appeared at a WWF show, even though he is on crutches his huge appearance is felt.
Summerslam 91 has all the big names, every style of match not forgetting a wedding!
Thinking about it so many of the stars are no longer with us, The british Bulldog, The Texas Tornado, Mr.Perfect, Andre the Giant, Hawk of LOD and Miss Elizabeth. This is a truly great way to remember them, it is the Greatest PPV in WWF History!

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