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Cheatwell Games Plop Trumps
Cheatwell Games Plop Trumps
Price: £5.17

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5.0 out of 5 stars Poop Poo Pee Doo Doo, 13 Dec 2012
= Durability:4.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:5.0 out of 5 stars 
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This review is from: Cheatwell Games Plop Trumps (Toy)
These cards are FAB... bought them with no little worry what my sister would say (They were for my nephew) but when they were opened and played with, we found them really interesting... and reader - don't go "ergh"! Each card has a non gratuitous picture of an animal's Poo, the pictures aren't nasty at all, except for perhaps one which was from a Bird of some kind, but my nephew and I giggle about that one!

Each card has a little list of "Worsts" and rated each with a number just like Top Trumps, on categories such as Smell - Length - Stickyness etc. And on the left there is a small description of how the animal lives, what it lives on and other little tit bits which we found very interesting.

I (and my nephew) thoroughly recommend this card set, we have had many happy games with it, and we both learnt some things about animals which perhaps the animals would rather have kept to themselves!!!

Buy for any little boy with a broad sense of humour - or any irresponsible adult with a broad sense of humour!!

Be Seeing You

Endeavour (The Origins of Inspector Morse) [DVD]
Endeavour (The Origins of Inspector Morse) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Shaun Evans
Offered by signalboyblue
Price: £19.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars A Promising Start, 2 Jan 2012
I have just finished watching this on ITV1, and was very impressed.

I am not what you would call a Huge fan of Morse, and prefer the books to the TV shows, although I have a great respect for John Thaw and Kevin Wheatley. But I am pleased that ITV have decided to trust this series to a new actor, Shaun Evans, an actor which I don't beleive we have seen the last of.

While the story started off to be quite a simple murder and possible suicide, it developed slowly into the more complex cases that so many people have enjoyed and come to expect from Morse.

It moved slowly, but not sluggishly and kept my attention for the two hour running time. It's understated historical aspect, the Tax disc in the police car showing DEC65, the newish Mary Quant style women's fashions and occaisional mentions of the second world war are enough to firmly set your mind into an older Oxford, much more subtly done than in Heartbeat or The Royal.

I found myself wondering how old Lewis was at the time of Morse's entry into the detective ranks. The missing presence of Kevin Wheatley is admirably filled by Roger Allam playing Detective Inspector Thursday, Roger is a favourite of mine, his character giving Morse a rather fartherly figure from which to learn. He is on the level, slightly army-ish and as straight as a die, his character fits in so well that I hope to see him in future episodes.

As yet Morse has not developed all of those famous character traits fans know so well, although I did spot a few, his quickness to anger, his rather snobbish views on the intelligentia, and his dislike of forensics. I do hope that Shaun Evans will be able to bring more of his own ideas and traits to the part, living under the shadow of John Thaw can't have been easy, and with the last scene in the Jaguar almost bringing me to tears, he has a tough act to follow.

If you are thinking of buying this, and I am certainly going to add it to my wish list, then please do treat yourselves. All Dexter fans won't be dissapointed.

Be Seeing You
Certainly Didn't Miss Colin Dexter's Cameo In The Pub!!

Petworth House: The Big Spring Clean
Petworth House: The Big Spring Clean
Dvd ~ Peter Sweasey

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5.0 out of 5 stars Enthusiastically Dusty, 24 Jun 2011
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I only caught this on BBC4 late one night, then went to the iPlayer to see the rest.

AGD is, at first, a reluctant inmate at Petworth, stating his aprehensive when the BBC asked him to take on this series.

But as time progresses, his interest in the House, it's contained treasures, and the people who work tirelessly to keep both in order, grows.

He exudes an enthusiasm for every task and treasure with such an affection, that it becomes a joy to watch. I have often thought his manner to the viewer to be one of drawing them gently in, and in this series it comes through again. He describes each task of restoration with great detail, but not too much, which isn't boring to the viewer, it increases your interest without bogging you down in history.

He soon becomes won over by the House and the people who work there.

Each episode shows you something new, whether it be the taking down of a Constable painting, or the cleaning and restoration of Brass kitchen equipment, the lady volunteers lending a helpful guiding, sometimes amused hand to his attempts.

He interviews each of the cleaners/restorationists kindly and excitedly, not prying into detail, but asking them if they like what they are doing, what their favouirite objects are, and if they like giving the House back to the public at the end of the Spring Clean.

The restoration of Petworth House is complicated and difficult, with experts called in to look at broken clocks and old books. A copy of The Canterbury Tales, catching AGD's particular attention.

On the day that the house is opened to the public, he is there to help, wandering around to listen to vistors experiences and opinions, especially amusing when approaching one woman, he points up gently to a Fire Surround and says "I cleaned that, I helped clean the Unicorn's Horn!"

At that point I knew he wasn't taking it too seriously, and this added to the general affability the series brings across.

The programme isnt too highbrow, its almost like an experts version of "Trade Secrets"

It mixes Art, conservation and history with an affectionate expert hand, and I would like to see more.

The Series Is Highly Recommended

Price: £6.55

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5.0 out of 5 stars Flamin Marvelous, 25 Jan 2011
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This review is from: Swim (Audio CD)
I cannot recommend this enough.

If you love Boards Of Canada - Depeche Mode - I Monster - Aphex Twin - Dubstep... its all of these rolled into one gorgeous album.

All the tracks are long enough to allow you to immerse yourself fully in the music. I first listened to this in my car [after steaming open the parcel] and you know - I never realised how loud my Car Stereo could get!

Best heard loud and in the dark!

Wonderful - buy now or pay later!

Tour Of The Universe : Barcelona 20/21.11.09 [2DVD+2CD] [2010] [NTSC]
Tour Of The Universe : Barcelona 20/21.11.09 [2DVD+2CD] [2010] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Depeche Mode
Offered by positivenoise
Price: £29.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Electro Bumps, 11 Nov 2010
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Hi peeps.

Last year myself and my sister went to Birmingham LG to watch my fave all time band perform songs from their new album. We enjoyed it so much that I spent silly money for us to go and see them at the O2, only to be annoyed when I found out that if I had spent REALLY silly money I could have watched Martin and Alan perform "Somebody" at the Royal Albert Hall!


Anyhoo - the new DVD is pretty good, trouble is I don't think it really conveys the bands talent. Poor visuals do let it down, "Playing The Angel" in Milan gave us a music video style to each song, using more unusual angles and stage mounted camera shots to make you feel like you were standing with the band. In TOTU you get long shots of the stage which conveys little atmosphere, making you feel like you are watching the gig from the gods! Before their tour DVDs have been joyous, colourful and visually stunning, while the visuals here are ok, there are too many white light "halo's" which make the band indistinguishable from the stage set.

There were so many songs from "Black Celebration" and "Violator" that I wondered if perhaps they were just trying to please the Audience instead of promoting the new album's songs.

Missing are songs like Fragile Tension and Miles Away[The Truth Is] although the latter does appear in the extras. I saw a wallpaper image once where the number of songs from each studio album performed on the tour was put on a graph. TOTU was not as prolific as it should have been.

Peter and Christian are amazing - those drums just pound through you and in the Documentary they both prove to be thoroughly ordinary chaps with a love of the music and immense talent. Much respect due, and Peter is my new Keyboard Hero, learning new songs in the Jet on the way to a gig then playing them acoustic, genius.

The TOTU DVD left me feeling a little depressed [and no its not because Martin's lyrics are dark] but the fact that the band went through so much before and during the tour, that it tends to leave a stain on the performance. Andy's dad died before they went on stage in Israel, and to credit Fletch he went out and performed, the guys do love their fans, lets face it we are a faithful bunch.

Poor David, I never realised, to my shame, how much he must have gone through just to push himself on stage every night. Naïve me thinks that he can go on forever, and wishes he could. His performance in Birmingham was AMAZING - but in Barcelona he struggles, the once strong voice squeaks and fades out quickly. He depends a great deal on the Audience to fill in the gaps [not that we mind] although in Birmingham his voice did take a while to warm up, and by the third song he was back to singing without that American Accent which proves to be a little annoying on the DVD.

Martin L Genius - has kicked the booze and it shows - sing more please. That voice raises above the others and is as sharp and melodious as in the bands youth. Perhaps David would ease up and feel more comfortable if the rest of the band took up more of the pressure of singing alone. And if you listen to the Demo's on the SOTU extra discs, you hear how Martin writes, he sings them with a passion that David had before the ravages of chemicals and cancer.

Martin is perfectly capable of fronting more songs!

All in all a rather disappointing DVD, I am sure that on repeated viewing it will grow on me, but I yearn for the Halcyon days of Songs Of Faith, or Playing The Angel.

Take time out guys to recover from the tour and life, get Alan back, pesuade him cajole him, sell him my soul... with Peter, Christian and Martin on the case [with a possibility of Vince too!!]- I can't wait for the future.

Be Seeing You

Dr M

It's No Good
It's No Good
Price: £15.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Completists Knightmare!!!, 13 April 2010
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This review is from: It's No Good (Audio CD)
Anyone want a Polo?

First two tracks are ace, although first track you may as well discount as it is on the album.

The Speedy J mix is dissapointing, I'm a Speedy J fan, on his report card I would write "Must Try Harder"

Slowblow is one of those DM tracks which is really hard to love. If this wasn't the pro Alan Wilder Era, then I would blame that genius. But since it was wrtitten since his departure (I cried) then I shall have to blame MLG!

Base Bounce Mix is ok, but I only listen to it odd times.

I liked this track on its release, and the video is so funny (considering it's one of Anton's)

Worth a couple of quid, don't pay over a fiver!

Be Seeing You


Videos 86>98+ [DVD] [2006]
Videos 86>98+ [DVD] [2006]
Dvd ~ Martin Gore
Offered by thebookcommunity
Price: £19.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Andy, Dave and Martin's Favorite Videos by DM, 23 Feb 2010
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This review is from: Videos 86>98+ [DVD] [2006] (DVD)
Better than "The Best Of" video collection, but only as I prefer their more recent work.

It has a more varied collection, although the quality is still as good as "Best Of"

Best videos (IMO) are "Strangelove" "It's No Good" "Useless" and "Home"

Lots of the older videos are missing, hence the title for my review. It has been quite obvious reading and listening to their interviews, that they were quite embarrassed, and sometimes ashamed of the earlier attempts to put pictures to their music. It wasn't until the talented and somewhat quirky Anton Corbjin came on the scene, that they started to enjoy the experience of video making.

The videos are unusual and sometimes difficult to fathom, but allowing for that, they are still entertaining. They certainly aren't MTV freindly videos, which is part of the appeal, its refreshing to have something quirky to watch, and as Anton comments on the documentary, he see's the music in his minds eye, and makes the video as he sees the song in his head.

The bands reaction to his idea of the King in the "Enjoy The Silence" video is quite amusing, Anton saying that he had to come back to the guys several times with the idea before they gave him the go ahead, mainly due to the fact that three of the band members, Martin, Andy and Alan, only had half a days work in order to complete the video.

Little tit bits of information (Which I haven't as yet found on the documentaries included on the albums) are given in a reasonably long documentary with all band members and production staff interviewed.

The second disc is a little more restrained, its a shame as loads of older videos could have been included on this, but here you are given a rather dark and haunting video for "One Caress" which is moody and rather obscure, but does justice to the interesting chemical reactions going on inside Martin Gore's head!

I think its about time that they released a new collection, let the fans decide which videos they think stink, and which they like the most. The more recent work by other directors has breathed new life into the band as a visual entity, I mention the video for "Wrong" and "Fragile Tension" as an example... please You Tube these...

If they can vary the style then the video collection may not resemble more of a "Best Of Anton Corbijn" Collection, and more of a "Best Of Mode"

Still a good buy though... I watch this more that "The Best Of"

Happy Viewing

Dr M

Offered by shakedownrecords
Price: £10.95

4.0 out of 5 stars No Silver Boots Or Black Nail Varnish Here, 23 Feb 2010
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This review is from: Stardust (Audio CD)
This will be similar to my review of "Counterfeit 2" really.

Stardust was a good song to start with, and Mr Gore has only added a more modern slant to the mix. It's multi layered and he sings it well, but I find myself wanting something more, as I did when I first heard "Ultra" and wished that Alan Wilder had never left.

I'm not saying that Mr Gore isn't talented, but sometimes he needs a push in the right direction, or perhaps a shake up with a heavy musicians hand. I wished on hearing this that he had stopped being so polite to the original songwriter and decided to take a chance and make the song more his own.

If you are a Gore fan and haven't got this already on the main album then please buy. The video is ok, not too long or as interesting as that on the "Loverman" EP. But well worth adding to your colection if you are a completist, like me!

Again I repeat... Mr Gore... stop being nice to the songwriters and belt out the song in your own style.

Dr M

Counterfeit 2
Counterfeit 2
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £13.91

5.0 out of 5 stars No Need To Be Polite ¡­ Just Sing Your Heart To Me, 29 Jan 2010
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This review is from: Counterfeit 2 (Audio CD)
This is an album of two halves, one light and fluffy as Angel Delight, a cloudlike collection of songs. The other darker, dancier and dirtier than our cul-de-sac after the recent snow fall. It¡¯s easy to distinguish the two, like a DM album there are ballads and pop, both about the same subject, Love and other calamities. Both sitting together politely on the same Basildon park bench, sharing a coffee (with plenty of whipped cream).

It¡¯s easy to see why Gore loves these songs, all infatuation and suppressed excitement meaning in the lyrics. Trouble is, he didn¡¯t write them, and his love for the originals with admiration for the songwriters has, I believe, prevented him from taking each song by the throat, caressing warmth into them, then cooling till they resemble something totally Gore.

Here Gore has taken other peoples words and tried, with mixed results.

Songs ¡°By This River¡± and ¡°Oh My Love¡± could fit snugly into any of the later DM albums, without you being able to see the join. Synth tinkle and bass rumble modernise and interest, adding new depth; they don¡¯t take on a depressive air thankfully. Although all Gore does is sing them and add a DM Mix.

¡°Das Lied Vom Einsamen M¨£dchen¡± is the standout track, sung entirely in German, hard to like if you don¡¯t understand the words (get Google to translate the lyrics) It¡¯s a beautiful song, Gore lush and clear, tune dark, broody and velvet smooth, layers as plentiful as those in an Icleandic glacier and just as frosty. He sounds detached, distant and bereft, and is quite superb. Industrial harmonies and harsh drums could have made the track depressing, but the contrast between vocal and music strikes in that ¡°Grimms Fairy Tale¡± area of the brain and sticks like glitter to your skin. I¡¯ve found myself singing portions of German in public much to my sisters amusement.

The best tracks and those which I have made my work colleagues listen to day after day, are ¡°Stardust¡± ¡°Loverman¡± and ¡°In My Time of Dying¡± definitely the best of the rest. Vocals are bright, tracks melt into the vocal and subject matter is more suited to his ¡°Shopping List¡±¡­ Love, Anger, Passion, Lust, Depression, Oppression et al.

¡°Loverman¡± has to be my favourite, it¡¯s a sexy, warm and forbidden lyric (Thanks Mr Cave¡±!) with Gore¡¯s silky vocal, makes my heart rush, but I wish (and this may be the Bjork fan in me) that he would push his vocal range till it cracks and let us see the anger, hear the fury and lust which we know he is capable of in his writing, as it stands its really good, but it could be so much better, and I think Gore knows it. He¡¯s being too polite.

He ought to stop being so polite to his heroes. Take that material and make it his own, take it and scream it into the microphone, make the Gretch and Stynoparker Synthocon convulse under his fingers, reverberate till new sounds are magnetised into being

In a nutshell ¨C it¡¯s a great album of covers but disappointing to those looking for something which stretches the talents of Martin L Gore. Not such a great sound quality from the CD though, copies badly onto MP3 (leaves it sounding quiet and flat) the reviewer who said that the CD player couldn¡¯t go high volume enough was quite right. I¡¯d like to hear a re-master, something I could take to work and hear over the sound of chatter and phones.

Martin¡­ Mr Gore¡­ Sir¡­ do me a big favour, write your own, sing your own, produce it on one album, remix it, call it what you like and publish it in a cool box set with hardback booklet, I really don¡¯t care. Just push that voice till you sound like the song wants to feel, and how you want it to feel, communicate as much depth as you do with your own lyrics, bring it up to the standard expected of an Ivor Novello winner.

I know you¡¯re capable of it you big tease!

Be Seeing You

Lets Groove Again
Lets Groove Again
Offered by CDandVinyl
Price: £4.25

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4.0 out of 5 stars Dare I Say.... Retro?, 9 Nov 2007
This review is from: Lets Groove Again (Audio CD)
Howdy Music Fans....

If... and its a big IF... you saw that advert for that dodgy chef program on BBC2 where those people were throwing food at each other and thought... "Hmm I like that" the tune I mean not the food fight, although those are pretty fun in my LIMITED experience... then this is as close as you are going to get to that particular song.

I have bought the album on which it is included, and its an eclectic mix to say the least. Buy if you like people like Tony Bennett or The Brat Pack, when they have popped a pill, fallen asleep (be quiet Robbie!!) and then woken up as a groovy dance troupe, from Europe, then this is right up your Gitty!

This is pretty neat stuff, smooth, slow and dancy, like the sort of stuff you would listen to when you are trying to come down off a Disco High...

I loved it and wanted to adopt it... you may too... give it a whirl!

Dr Morbius

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