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Art Womens 93 Boots 93 Black 6 UK, 39 EU
Art Womens 93 Boots 93 Black 6 UK, 39 EU
Price: £127.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Love them!, 25 Jan. 2015
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This review is from: Art Womens 93 Boots (Shoes)
Such comfortable boots and certainly grab peoples' attention. I'll be buying more Art boots again!

Dune Womens Darreline Tote 0002436715 Black
Dune Womens Darreline Tote 0002436715 Black

4.0 out of 5 stars Great but unreliable closer, 29 Aug. 2014
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This is a lovely sized bag with handles and a strap. Only issue is the closer which isn't too reliable.

Conversations with Spirits
Conversations with Spirits
Price: £4.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars I SO wanted to like this book., 2 Jun. 2014
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'm unsure whether I was reading the same book as other reviewers because I was severely disappointed by this debut novel from Goodreads author E.O. Higgins. As you can probably see from my book list I like books that follow the same themes. I also know Broadstairs quite well so was excited to read a book based predominantly there. Please believe me when I say I really wanted to like this book - I follow E.O. Higgins on Goodreads and he seems like a lovely chap.
Unfortunately Conversations With Spirits failed on so many levels for me. So little of any significance happened that half way through the book I would have given up if it wasn't against my own (stupid) rules of not giving up on a book if I've gotten half way through. There were long descriptive passages which lacked finesse or interest - they didn't add anything to the narrative. I didn't engage with most of the characters - they were two -dimensional and lacked depth. Finally the denouement was quite clunky and reminiscent of an Agatha Christie, but without enough twists and turns to be interesting.
I'm so sorry for disliking this book because I really, really wanted to.

The Ghost Hunters
The Ghost Hunters
Price: £4.18

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great spooky read, 21 Feb. 2014
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This review is from: The Ghost Hunters (Kindle Edition)
I grew up in Suffolk and as a teenager spent a night in the graveyard near Borley Rectory. Almost a rite of passage for young people growing up in the area.
So as you can imagine I jumped at the chance to read a fictionalised account of Harry Price's investigations of the most haunted house in England!
This book was a really good read - thoroughly researched and with ample footnotes to intrigue those who are inclined to read further.
Loved this book!

Surviving The Evacuation, Book 1: London
Surviving The Evacuation, Book 1: London
Price: £0.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing, 21 Feb. 2014
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I love a good zombie story - and one stuck in my neck of the woods I thought would be right up my alley. Unfortunately the narrator was entirely unsympathetic which would have worked if we had him interacting more with other characters. However I found myself caring less and less about him and ended up scan-reading a lot of the remainder of the book. There was nothing original here and although there was a potential great storyline regarding government corruption it was never explored deeply enough.
Maybe the sequels will examine this further but I can't be bothered to read them when there are much better writers in the genre out there.
Also the Kindle edition has a few spelling and punctuation errors which were a bit annoying.

The Ripper Code
The Ripper Code
Price: £2.48

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2.0 out of 5 stars Not a theory I'd subscribe to, 9 Mar. 2013
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This review is from: The Ripper Code (Kindle Edition)
I do love to read another theory on who Jack The Ripper was; as this theory involved Oscar Wilde I was doubly intrigued.
The book opens with the ubiquitous rehashing of the murders and their context. This is well written and although I've read this in numerous shapes and forms, it was quite readable.
Then the theory kicks in and this is where it all went wrong for me. It suddenly felt like I was reading an episode of Ancient Aliens - where the author KNEW that what he was writing was quite far-fetched and tenuous however he needed to assert the theory with `it is probable that' or `it could be suggested that' (or similar phrases - these aren't direct quotes from the book).
The well structured and well measured prose of the first section of the book gives way to almost inane ramblings, desperate to prove their hypothesis.
It's a real pity as it's an interesting idea but there seems to be little firm evidence to support it.
I'd recommend this to people who'd like to read another book about the murderer but don't expect to be adding Frank Miles to the list of suspects following this book.

The Key to Erebus (Les Corbeaux: The French Vampire Legend Book 1)
The Key to Erebus (Les Corbeaux: The French Vampire Legend Book 1)
Price: £0.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars vampire romance by numbers, 11 Feb. 2013
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A few years ago a girl came onto the scene called Buffy. Buffy killed vampires. She had a best friend who was a witch. Her friend who was a witch dated a werewolf. Buffy may have killed vampires but she also went out with two. She had a sister who was a 'key'. Her other friend, Xander, went out with a demon.

If you have read The Key To Erebus all of this will sound VERY familiar.

There is nothing new, ground-breaking or at all exciting about this novel. It is vampire romance schtick by numbers. The emasculation of male vampires in popular culture recently has gone from the unique (Angel and Spike) to the ridiculous (Edward Cullen and Corvus) and this novel suffers greatly for it.

Although it is not original, the storyline to this novel has some promise. A young woman returns to France and discovers the world isn't quite as she thought it was. So far so good. When she faces the 'supes' for the first time you really feel that there is some potential. But the love story that unfolds between Lehanne and her vampire lover is simply annoying. It's going well, it's going well ... ahhhh ... she throws a strop again. It's going well, it's going well ... ahhh ... strop time. Now, you'd expect the leader of a family, ancient vampire etc. etc. to just tell her to sod right off and find someone else to annoy but NO. When did male vampires become SO pathetic?

And don't even start me on the almost self-referential nod to Twilight. It was as if the authors decided that if they mentioned it no-one could accuse them of running behind on the coat-tails of this flawed but successful series of books.

Oh I know I'm sounding cruel and unkind, and to be fair I probably am. Afterall I didn't abandon the book, in fact I carried on reading right to the end (but couldn't bring myself to read the 'exclusive sneak preview of the second book') so I must have enjoyed something about it.

So what did I like? I thought Ines was an interesting character but it was too convenient that she kept 'popping off' and 'disappearing' when things were getting tough as it allowed the romance to blossom.
Rodney is adorable and I think I would only read the second book to find out more about him.
I loved the fact that the book was set in France also.

So there you go, that's it for me, no more vampire romances unless an author agrees to allow the male vampire to keep his balls in tact.

Witch Hunt
Witch Hunt
by Syd Moore
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.99

2.0 out of 5 stars Matthew Hopkins rears his ugly head, 24 Jan. 2013
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This review is from: Witch Hunt (Paperback)
This is a really hard book for me to review because I finished it. However I can't say much more than `it was ok'. Because it was, it was ok.

I originally downloaded it because it was about Matthew Hopkins and the witch hunts in my old neck of the woods, East Anglia, specifically Essex (I was raised in Suffolk). Also I like a good, creepy ghost story.

What I enjoyed about the book was the research about Matthew Hopkins and the unravelling of the mystery surrounding his life and death. In fact, I think I would have enjoyed the book a lot more if it was the book Sadie/ Mercedes was writing in the novel. The writing of these passages was more animated, intelligent and thoughtful.

Unfortunately I really didn't like the main character - she frustrated me with her lack of insight into certain aspects. She was painted as an investigative journalist yet she was extremely dense when it came to important aspects of her own life and those around her. Why didn't she just screen dump the messages on Facebook? GAH!

I also didn't like pointless passages about the meaningless things she did that were apart from her Hopkins quest. I know she wanted to fill us in on Sadie's life however I found some of the detail overly described.

Still - I kept turning to other books on my Kindle, finished them, then turned back to this so it maintained my attention and definitely picked up 3/4 of the way through. So much so that I was gripped in the last few chapters.

So yes, it's ok.
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Anno Dracula
Anno Dracula

5.0 out of 5 stars A romp through a mashed up Victorian London, 18 Jan. 2013
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This review is from: Anno Dracula (Kindle Edition)
I never see the point of retelling the story in a review so I'll just say what I think of it.

I'm sure you can guess as I gave it 5 stars! I've been wanting to read this for quite a while now but never got round to it - but while listening to a Wittertainment podcast (Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode) Mr K mentioned his friend Kim Newman and it reminded me to download this book and finally get round to reading it.

The joy in reading Anno Dracula is partly recognising the characters mentioned. Being a very novice ripperologist it was fun to read this familiar story being weaved amongst vampire mythology. Newman also drops in characters from other contemporary fiction such as Jekyll & Hyde and Dracula as well as a passing nod to other notables who stalked and sauntered through the streets of London during Queen Victoria's reign. I highly recommend reading the Annotations at the end of the book as it reveals many of the other characters who some of us may not have heard of (but promptly have looked up!).

Perhaps it's my fascination with all things associated with London, Jack the Ripper, Vampires, Sherlock Holmes and Victoriana that made me fall in love with this novel so much but I also was gripped but the storming narrative that drives the reader through this crazy, imagined, mashed-up world.

If you, like me, love these things and are willing to immerse yourself in the (almost) ridiculous I highly recommend you pick this book up straightaway.

City of Darkness (City of Mystery Book 1)
City of Darkness (City of Mystery Book 1)

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2.0 out of 5 stars I so wanted to love this book, 16 Jan. 2013
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When I saw this book being offered for free on Kindle Users Forum I was really excited. I SO wanted to love this book. I've lived in London over half of my life and am fascinated with this city - especially during the Victorian era. Like a lot of people, I am also slightly fascinated by the Ripper murders. So this book should have been perfect for me.

The good bit - I managed to finish it! So that's not a bad thing because I often stop reading a book as soon as it starts annoying me. However there were elements of this book that kept me reading. Most of the characters were engaging enough to make me want to find out more about them and I like to read books that explore that era and the murders.

Unfortunately I can't give this book more than 2 stars (`it was ok') because there were a couple of things that really irritated me about it.

Firstly the inconsistencies in the dialogue. Sometimes it felt as if the characters were in Victorian London and others they were sitting in Starbucks in 21st Century USA. A writer needs to give their characters a consistent voice and vernacular for you to believe them and engage with them, unfortunately I didn't feel as though this was true.

Secondly, and this may seem petty to some, the Americanisms of the language really got to me after a while. I know that this book must have been researched so why did the author use `sidewalk', `trash' and describe people as traveling `blocks'? If I was reading a book set in America then fine, but Victorian London?

This was an interesting premise and the `real' Ripper in the story surprised me (although we all know it's Tumblety right?). So it was ok. Just that. Ok.

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