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Four Fudge Books
Four Fudge Books
by Judy Blume
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars A laugh a minute, fantastic writing!!!, 30 April 2006
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This review is from: Four Fudge Books (Paperback)
I have been reading these books to my daughter who is nine years old, as our bedtime story. They are the stories of a boy called Peter Hatcher and the source of our laughs are his younger brother Fudge who causes mayhem and mischief everywhere he goes. This compliation of 4 books also includes one book from the point of view of Peter's neighbour Sheila Tubman. Judy Blume is a fantastic author who in these books addresses issues relevant to many children of the 8 - 12 year age group, in a lighthearted matter of fact way through the characters in these books. Never a night goes by where my daughter doesn't ask for yet another chapter to be read and as we draw near to the end of these books she is eager for more tales of Peter and his family and friends. By reading these books with your child many opportunties are created to discuss important issues that your child may have already faced or be about to face.

Excellent writing which will have you both howling out loud, so much so that sometimes its hard to keep reading. Would recommend for both boys and girls but especially those with a younger sibling as they will immediately identify with Peter and all he has to deal with a having a younger brother.

Warning: One chapter in Book 3 'Superfudge' addresses the issue of Santa and presents and could cause a problem depending on how your child views this!Check before reading this chapter.

Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince: Children's Edition (Harry Potter 6)
Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince: Children's Edition (Harry Potter 6)
by J. K. Rowling
Edition: Hardcover

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4.0 out of 5 stars Another exciting journey into a different world!!!, 14 Aug 2005
I've just finished the penultimate book in the Harry Potter series and found the read to be much easier than book 5, though this still didn't beat my favourite for excitement and suspense, which was 'The Goblet of Fire Book 4'. In many ways the first two thirds of this book seemed much more sedate and everyday compared to the previous books. Maybe we are just becoming used to the world of Harry Potter and little surprises anymore. However, unlike book 5 which seemed personally to be a bit of a hard slog, this book was easy and enjoyable to read.
BUT things do change in the last third of the book with suspense increasing at a pace, so much so that this third had to be read in one sitting. I would say that what Harry is experiencing seems to be getting darker and darker and because of that and the increased age and attitudes of the characters now (16years),I would say that the reader's age should increase. Though my daughter at 8 years has read books 1 and 2 I would not let her venture into book 6 until she was at least 12/13.
Once again it amazes me how JK Rowling's mind comes up with such interesting characters and experiences and so many twists and turns that you are continually left guessing. How too does she manage to keep a track of such complex plots, characters, actions and experiences from all the previous books so as to be able to tie things together so smoothly and seemingly logically? I don't know BUT I am busy coming up with possibilities for what may happen in the final book and am looking forward in eager anticipation for its release.

Duck's Key - Where Can It Be?: Flap Book
Duck's Key - Where Can It Be?: Flap Book
by Jez Alborough
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Cheeky and amusing 'Lift the Flap', 14 Aug 2005
Another favourite to follow on from 'Duck in a truck'. This book is great for 2-4year olds who enjoy rhyme and repetative text(though the text is slightly simpler than in the first Duck book). My son loves the characters of duck and frog and in this lift the flap tale of Duck trying to find the keys to his truck, Frog gets him back for the way he left him stuck in the muck in the 'Duck in a truck' tale. Once again the illustrations are bold,colourful and amusing and are a delight for children and adults alike. Another firm favourite with father and son.

A New Life in New Zealand
A New Life in New Zealand
by Paul Goddard
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars An easy but emotionally informative read, 9 April 2005
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I purchased this book because having just returned from a holiday in New Zealand we are keen to imigrate there - concidentally to the same area as the Goddards(being Tauranga/The Mount).
This book charts a year in the life of this family of 4, from deciding to imigrate, to the point at which they are relatively established in New Zealand - house bought, kids in school, business up and running.The book's narrative is given by Paul and is straight forward and to the point and though he did share honestly the emotional highs and lows, I feel something would have been added to it if we could of heard about the experience from his wife's point of view as well.I suspect we would of been given more details of the practical aspects and deeper details of the emotional rollercoaster they were on (us women like the nitty gritty and find the finer details helpful in making decisions).
I too would of liked to have more details of how things panned out in the home such as what to take and not take with regards the home , what was useful/comforting and what was not, what helped the children, what were their difficulties?
Paul focuses more on the business and work side of things and his feelings of how things are going as the male breadwinner. From this point of view I think that it is an excellent book for men to read - there are few books out there written by men that share their real life experiences including immigration.
I would recommend this book to anyone thinking of imigrating, especially families with young children and men. It was an easy but informative and honest read which left you wanting to know how things had gone for them since the year was up and its helped us see some of the realities of a move to another country which you don't experience on a holiday.

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