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Relic: Halls of Terra Board Game Expansion
Relic: Halls of Terra Board Game Expansion
Offered by CJ-MaX
Price: £26.10

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Finally an expansion like The Emperor comamands it, 18 Jun. 2015
After the mildly good expansion Nemesis (with its problems of compatibility with original Relic), finally the FFG has received an Emperor' s blessing (or perhaps some suggestion at melta gun' s point blank range from Ordo Malleus of Inquisition) and decided to improve greatly the gameplay.

In this (big as box like Nemesis) expansion we have finally a new map extension of Sol System (yes, it's Holy Terra, heart of Imperium), not L- shape like Talisman Dungeon or Hignlands, but more like a rectangle to 'attach' to Relic map.

To reach it you must pay 2 influences (to me are gold coins like Talisman but whatever) from Grey Knight outpost or the opposite corner of same side of original board.

There are arrows around the map to show you were you can pass as direction of movement, the number of orange seal/cards (the new mid-to high difficulty cards for this setting) and special affiliation tokens that you gain (not sure if immediately or if after engagement phase).

The special affiliations tokens can be used as influence/money (their value is 2) but you can have only 1 for type or giving you with some special achivements the Champion card of their faction.

Confused? In short every affiliation token indicates that you are in 'friendly' terms with 1 of the factions inside Sol System (like Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Guard, Astropathica, Sisters of Battle, Inquisition, Officio Assassinorum etc.) that can give you some bonuses within some spaces or let you win a champion card that is a powerful permanent asset (until you are killed or corrupted of course)

The nice touch that makes difference between this expansion from Talisman' s dungeon (the expansion more similar to this new one) is that you can choose between two paths to 'exit' the map: after you end your turn in a special location guarded by an Adeptus Custode (the equivalent of Red Imperial Guard in Star wars) and surpasses his test, the player can choose to try to reach the God-Emperor (right side or the High Lords of Terra (left side)

In the first case if you succeed to reach him, the Emperor of Mankind gives you one Champion Card of your choice and teleport you to external or middle tier space of your choice or if you have all 9 affiliation tokens, (being friendly with everyone) He will teleport you inside Inner Tier of basic map at around half road to Goal card.

In the second case you must roll dice and spend influences the High lords that can give you extra assets like a Relic and teleports you 'only' to external and middle tier.

The new playable characters are intriguing (the Astropath that gains corruption cards to use it as special attack is nice while the Terminator power armour is well adapted with its immune armor to explosive dice and slow movement with lowest result from two dice rolls) and the Nemesis too (with new deck too for Sol map)

The three new scenarios are well done because satisfy the classic game with a cooperative touch a la Pandemic (Black crusade) and the other two that follows Apostathe path and....whatever (Ok I find more interesting the first two)

There also (few) new blue/yellow/red threat cards, missions (with objectives for new setting) and useful relic cards.

In conclusion, this expansion satisfy both the classic Talisman 4.5th edition/Relic fan than the PVP players and the setting is scalable perfectly for every need, so I put my 'Seal of purity and excellent work FFG' on it.

Now if you excuse me I am going to wear my Terminator Power armour to 'clean' all those pesky corruptions left by Abaddon.....

Cool Mini or Not Inc "Season 3 Rue Morgue" Board Game
Cool Mini or Not Inc "Season 3 Rue Morgue" Board Game
Price: £69.21

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Welcome to these crazy zombie times, you are tough boys, tough boys (and girls)............, 12 April 2015
First of all the title is totally compatible with previous seasons and equipment (there are some items like nailbats that are suggested to remove from equipment deck but whatever)

The game offers 12 new survivors (plus their zombivore versions and compared to season 1 are much tougher) plus new zombies, the skinners (more than 48+ plus the Abomination A-bomb) new items for scenarios like tents, more adaptable for custom scenarios contrary than other expansions (I speak to you Piles of Rubble from Toxic City Mall)

The new equip card deck is much more useful as starting items ( especially the crossbow) plus many survivors have two skills at start of game, because they are required for piloting and fallling safely from the chopper big token (plus the pedestal to identify it as in flight status).

The chopper option offer intriguing elements of play in some scenarios because survivors must reach some locations only thanks to the helicopter and using ropes (one of those skills included with some survivors in their character 's sheet at experience 0).

The zombie skinners are another good idea because except the fatties when they die, if the player rolls also some 1s then the zombie killed doesn't (or more correctly refuse) to die and keep to crawl (with a new miniature that replace the 'killed' one) like the 'halved' terminator in the eponymous movie of 1984 and are more difficult to hit (even runners must be killed before of them).

My only concern is the Abomination A-bomb: the rules state that during their phase every Survivor within a tile from him is taken immediately to their location plus only area weapons (Molotovs, Rocket Launchers or Flame Throwers) can deal a fatal blow, so I wonder if he is a little overpowered (after all a tile of reach should mean tha survivors must stay away beyond even 3 spaces from him to be safe and perhaps is aa little too much, but I can be mistaken about interpretation of rules)

About the PvP elements I don't have a clear opinion because the bulletproff vests equipments aren't of my taste and the game is IMHO already tough enough without that some hot headed player begins to slay the players of the other teams (yes there is a scenario in the rules about it) while struggle already with zombies.

Otherwise this new season is excellent as stand alone, but obviously it gives the best when combinating with previous seasons and expansion plus the new entries from KS (kickstarter) funding are already on the way and in short time we shall have zombie crows, zombie seekers and other challenges plus other powerful characters and items and game mechanics to counter them.

If you have already loved the previous seasons of this cooperative game, or you want to give a gift for a friend that loves this game but don't need (or can't afford) to buy the previous seasons, go for it, it is worth the price.

Fortune and Glory: Treasure Hunters
Fortune and Glory: Treasure Hunters

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Time to explore new challenges and rewards in this expansion!!, 18 Dec. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The box is 1/3 roughly as size compared to original game.

IMHO this expansion is a little oversized for the components (same error done for example with the original box from King of Tokyo) and I have felt the paper package material less tough and more fragile compared to basic game.

Anyway there are 4 new heroes (all of them with a quick background described in the A4-size reference sheet) and 2 villains, all of them with good-looking miniatures (the bad guys are Mob ones, sorry no Nazi this time)

There are some new intriguing elements like visiting ports within sea cities present in original game.

After having resolved in the base game the city card deck 'event, players can explore harbors (1 token for city) represented as facedown printed tokens in the sea cities (like Shangai for example) and face when discovered some good ones (recovering free minitemple artifacts worth 3 Fortune tokens) or others less favourable (facing an enemy villain for 2 rounds)

Other good idea and option is the 'quest element': every player has a starting secret mission card that gives good rewards (bonus rolls and so on) after having completed it (beating animal enemies, surpassing a treasure trap with skull danger printed above card and so on).

All in all a good expansion, with some new gears, dangers and events that help a lot the players (like an outrageous 25 glory (money) cost location that gives 1 fortune (victory) token for turn.

For lovers of this game (like me) is a must (the other one, Crimson Hand, offers a new villain faction, but if you don't like cooperative game against evil organization, well is less useful as whole compared to Treasure Hunters)

Super Dungeon Explore: Von Drakk Manor
Super Dungeon Explore: Von Drakk Manor
Offered by Games Lore Ltd
Price: £54.29

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Enough for Gauntlet and Super Mario!! It's Castlevania time!!!, 30 Sept. 2013
This is the 2nd new big (ok big is a bold word, let's say that box measures like the LoTR 's trilogy book) expansion for this quick and funny japanese RPG style dungeon crawler.

After original game with its classic Dragon and Ogres and first expansion (Roxor) with turtles and rock elementals, this time we face one great classic: Vampire and undead

If you have played one of its many incarnations along decades, you shall see clearly that the inspiration for this box is the beloved Castlevania

Thankfully the miniatures come completely assembled (no more the annoying step to glue and cutter together tiny pieces) with IMHO a far superior visual quality.

Also quality of paper used in the cards for characters and treasures is finally improved

There are 3 new heroes: one with his whip (a clear hommage to family Belmont from Castlevania), but that can also change like druid in a uberpowerful melee form: a cool werewolf; we have the classic JRPG (Japanese roleplaying game) nun with golden cross above a white/blue robe, good as healer and tough gal against undead and a ranged winged angel (but from looks she resembles more one of the Gold Saints from Saint Seyia)with powerful area effects.

The Boss and Miniboss miniatures are pretty nice (Von drakk has 2 forms, the normal humanoid form and the deadly big vampire, all extremely cool), there are funny new minions and spawning pillars (the theme is classic horror/halloween)

As drawbacks, there are 2 less minion miniatures than declared from box(the producer has admitted this 'stamp' error), the lesser minions of Dark Consul (the player that commands the forces of evil against the others) are weak compared to the original game and a bigger explanation rule and variation sheet would have greatly helped the set up of game.

A very good expansion anyway

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent expansion, flawed by cheap materials, 8 Sept. 2013
To be clear, inside this box we have two mini expansions, undermountain and skullport. Both have plastified minimaps with new action locations where place your agents, new quest cards (with richer reward compared to base game), intrigue cards (more agents loot), new building (more diversified as cost to build but at same time more rich and intriguing as rewards), new lords and a new grey factions complete with agents and tokens.

The undermountain offer nice rewards as resources and intrigue cards, it is easier to play), and all cards and building are identified by a beholder (the ugly blue guy at the front cover box, only orange as color).

Skullport offers a new resource: corruption; There is an extra special plastified board with blue skull token inside 9 spaces (with number from -1 to -9). Blue skull tokens are placed at start of game in this place (1 for location -1 and 3 for the others 8) are gained or returned to corruption board (or even removed from game) by placing agents on new minimap, completing quests or using new intrigue cards.

If a player cannot gain one corruption or more tokens (due to one of previous actions) since the corruption track is depleted, he will suffer -10 victory points penalty for every corruption token lost.

At the end of game the players with corruption tokens inside their tavern (the location where place your resource cubes, I mean adventurers ' cubes to complete quests) receive a loss of victory points for each blue token according to farthest empty numbered location from number -1)

This miniexpansion has a flaming skull to identify its card when mixing with base game

There are also some 'special' plastified tokens' to counter the huge number of resources (i mean the cubes from original game) that can be obtained from agents with these new expansions that represents 5 cubes of same color to use when bank central loot of cubes is running dry of them

The new expansions can be played one for play (only mix them with original game ' pieces) or both (the rulebook present into this expansion suggest remove some cards and buildings from base game) plus offer a longer variant that adds an extra agent for every faction (they are present into this box)

AS expansion is an excellent add to base game, only (and annoying) flaw is the use of cheap materials (at least compared to base game), especially for building tokens and plastic boxes that is more fragile when placing after game the wooden and plastified tokens and I fear prone to break after some games.

Flying Frog  Fortune and Glory Board Game
Flying Frog Fortune and Glory Board Game
Offered by Games Lore Ltd
Price: £70.77

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Jumping the nuke with a fridge is too 'jumping the shark? Let FFP handle it with a pulp' s recipe, 23 July 2013
Ahem Flying Frog Production (FFP) is a tiny american board game' s manufacturer.

To emerge among this competititve market it has pushed on two things: outstanding material quality and suggestive settings

About this game ( bought here in Amazon at a very favorable prize below 50 £) I can say only one thing : Best Game ever produced from FFP!!!

The box is huge ( more than 1 meter long), heavy (more than 3,4 kilos) and gorgeous in every detail (both inside and outside box)
The game is scalable as players from 1 (solo) to 8

Anyway I am disgressing: Fortune and glory (a clear hommage to Indiana Jones and temple of doom) the cliffhanger game ( we shall discuss later about it) is a game of exploration and fight during the 1930s, with players that fights the Mob (Mafia) or Nazi agents from taking over misterious and powerful ancient artifacts (obviously like in the first three and really worthy Indiana jones ' movies)

In short players choose from 8 characters cards (everyone made with a sturdy a resilient paper plastified material and gorgeously illustrated with photoshopped actors dressed according to pulp ' s genre and background) their hero and starting from initial location (always described in the card) roll 1d6 dice to determine movement

Ach I forgot: Like an Indy movie (or those pulp ' s comics and movies of the 1930s) you have a world map ( a huge one like Risk o Axis & Allies), divided in earth and sea zones (usually moving from one zone to another or a city costs 1 movement), where there are 4 places to recover powerful artifacts

To create them the game use 3 cards decks from which draw these places: location (in which world region is located obvioisly), artifact (it could be sword, orb, etc and it is present in a corner its value in fortune) and adventure (it says ' of doom' of Zeus, and so on and show how many danger cards must be dealt before reaching artifact card)

To be clear: during setup of game I draw 1 card from location deck, then i place a skull marker on it (there are 8 of different color by pair); after that i draw 1 card from artifact and 1 card from adventure card and place near map border so that i create a ' sword ' (Artifact) 'of doom' (Adventure).

I repeat the same operations until 4 relics are present on the board map (if some players complete one, he must create a new one by using the method previously mentioned)

The objective in the basic game (competitive) is to reach these locations by rolling 1d6 dice, overcome the danger cards from adventure ' challenges and gain fortune (the gold plastic coin present within games) and collect 20 of them at the end of your turn while at the same time being into starting city

To add thrill and make games more spicy (or should i say 'indy') if a player rolls a 1 also draw a card from an event deck.

The event card could be a beneficial effect (like discarding it to obtain glory blue coin tokens or deal damage to other players or enemies in a specific geographical setting) or malefic (appearance of Mafia or Nazi henchmen that fights you)

Also if you don't draw a 1 but at the same time don't enter into a ruin, you must roll again the dice: on 1 an enemy attacks you (draw from enemy card) and on 4,5,6 must draw a danger card

Danger cards...perhaps the true core of game: whatever you are in a ruin or surprised during movement phase you must draw 1 of them from bottom of danger deck

They require to surpass some tests by rolling 5,6 on some stat (every character has 4 of them with a number printed into it like combat, lore, cunning and agility)

To beat difficulty player must roll dices according to that stat (if danger card require 2 success on agility and i have 3 on agiliy as stat then i roll 3 dices)

If surpassed usually the card gives glory drop (the blue token that is used in the cities to buy equipment, allies or gear) but if you don't, well...CLIFFHANGER SITUATION

If you have ever seen the old Campy Batman TV serial, you know that half of those episodes let the dinamic duo hanging near some catastrophic danger and the spectators didn't know their fate until next episode

It is called Cliffhanger and the game adds it with an intriguing idea

The player that failed danger card end his turn immediately and when he will have again his turn to play must turn the danger failed card into the other side and face the cliffhanger event (like for example dealing with reanimated statues into a temple).

The cliffhanger event is much more dangerous as difficulty but a player like a pulp hero can extert himself by accepting to receive 1 wound or more (usualy every player has 5-6 starting wounds) to obtain 1 or more extra dice to surpass the test

If even now player fails this one, the character is KO and must return to staring city, losing 1d6 at his choice between his fortune, glory, item, gear, allies that have conquered till that moment.

There are many advance rules (secret nazi bases, dangerous crumbling jungle temples, nazi and mob villains that compete for artifacts with similar stats like heroes, Nazi zeppelin that can drop pesky henchmen all along map ), but I suggest first to master with 1-2 games the basic setting

Like in another game (touch of evil) there is a soundtrack CD included with the game with some nice synthetic tracks to add pathos (IMHO a nice touch especially track number 2 and 6)

Negative elements: it is a big game as dimension, so you must require a large table, 8-10 minutes as setup and rules ' explanation plus the card decks should have protective plastic sheets (both to protect them from atttrition and separate them from its initial sticky borders)

All in all a great game if you have space to allocate it, love indiana jones (and want vengeance for the abysmal fourth episode) and have no fear to roll dices to conquer 'Fortune and Glory'
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Aug 5, 2013 8:28 PM BST

Dungeon Run
Dungeon Run

5.0 out of 5 stars Let's mix dungeonquest with chronic backstabbing disorder, 24 Dec. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Dungeon Run (Toy)
In this game players explore a dungeon in a method like classic Games workshop's Dungeon Quest (now reprinted by FFG): every turn a player draws from a pool of covered tiles one of them to place on game area, creating during the game a vast labyrinth of corridors and special chambers.

According to rules the pool of covered tiles must be 4 normal ones (corridors with 2 or more exits) plus 2 special green ones (they give malus or particular roll skills like bridge above bottomless pit) for every player.

Every turn a player, starting from entrance tile area (it is placed at beginning of game for free) can do TWO actions: move into new tile (drawing one from the covered pool), attack a monster in current tile or explore (recover dropped treasure) or equip treasure that has already recovered.

There are extra free actions like rally (only 1 time per turn) that let current player recover 1 wound after winning a monster or helping or sabotaging other players in their turns if they share same tile with the hero.

Now about tiles: at right corner there are 2 words with dice figures below: Encounter and treasure
When you enter a new tile you must roll a die: if the result roll is the same like the printed ones on encounter you draw an encounter card, otherwise you draw a treasure card; I forgot, sometimes you get both them as result of dice, in that case you must face enconter first (after all if the game was so easy it would be boring, isn't it?)

Encounter are usually monsters that must be challenged (consider it a free attack) by rolling dices according to strongest value statistic of player: if i have for example as strongest stat Brawn (Strength) 6 i roll 6 dices and then checking the monster card hit value to see if i hit him.

Likewise if i have a mage with magic 5 i roll 5 dices.

The monster has also a similar attack using their card stats plus printed value of which dice results hit: in fact player and monster attack at same time, but players can choose to sacrifice one or more hit on the enemy to parry (if they want) hits
and avoiding hits.

Encounters are also traps that require the use of last stat (skill): i consider it agility cause usually is to roll 4+ on 2 dices to avoid wounds from bouldering trap or poison arrows.

Every 2 encounters defeated (including traps) you can discard them to gain a +1 counter on a stat of your choice or draw 2 random special ability card for your character and choose one.

Oh yeah the ability cards: you have 1 of them at start of game and give useful bonus for particular events, but having more of them may do the difference (espcially some powerful ones)

When all tiles are placed in game is possible to place boss room in game, the farthest away from entrance. The first hero (or fool) that enters it must draw a random boss card.

The boss is obviously the toughest monster in game cause have more dices to roll, more wounds, nasty wounding ability and/or immune effects to brawn or magic (so it is necessary cooperate with other players with the previously mentioned assistance ability) have won boss and took the prize, the summoning stone and they will live ever happy....stop!!

We are in harsh and humorous reality not in some fable so it's time for backstabbing the winners and take the spoils of war!!.

That's it, even if heroes have managed to help each other against boss and monsters well the powerof summoner stone (differ for every character card) can be of only one so the wounded carrier became primary targets for other players with the plus that defending players cannot parry hit dices-

So let the backstab party begins until there will be only one or the carrier stone reaches entrance tile!!

The game is very funny, quick too, only drawback is that when a tile has been encountered by a player isn't possible to face new encounters or treasure, so in the best of cases you can advance as skill card and/or stats twice in the game (no power up game style, sorry)

Anyway a very funny game with very good materials especially characters ' miniatures.

Super Dungeon Explore Board Game
Super Dungeon Explore Board Game

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars an excellent game but quality materials must be improved, 20 Sept. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Super Dungeon Game (Toy)
To be clear: the rules are quite simple (probably you must do 2-3 games to learn it enough, cause rulebook mix many things in few pages), the difficulty level and fun level is great, the miniatures are impressive, especially Boss, Minibosses and Druid bear form.

The downside are quality materials:

The huge tiles of this dungeon crawler are ok, but cards are too thin and fragile and for first time in years I had to use card sleeves and use laces to keep packed to avoid ruining them.
The miniatures of both heroes and evil minions must be assembled with glue (and when you need to glue 6 different pieces to assemble a single 1 inch minion of more than 10 perhaps you will start to insult the game developers and pray for a Black Meteor to obliterate the geniuses ' houses), plus boss miniature require a lot of effort and foul language to assemble it due to its tricky scheme.
The rulebook itseld is made of low catalogue quality paper, inferior to, for example, Fantasy flight games ' rulebooks or Rio Grande Games.

In short: it is worth 4 stars this starter set due to this 'minor' quality materials. Otherwise is a 5 star worthy game.
Let'shope that they fix it in a third edition.
Anyway a good game to play, fun and scalable as difficulty and number of players

Swanson Bromelain (200mg, 100 Tablets)
Swanson Bromelain (200mg, 100 Tablets)
Offered by Kanetech Ltd
Price: £6.88

5.0 out of 5 stars It works!! At least with 3 tabs each day, 20 Sept. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have bought it for my mother for cystitis caused by cold in a mountain enviroment.
When the Bromelain arrived the problem was passed before to test its effectivenes.
But when we go to beach holiday during these days (September) my father suffered cystitis. Since first aid lab suggested use of heavy antiobitcs treatment, we decided to try this product as alternative before using them, Taking 3 of them in one day: It worked wonderfully, canceling pain and allowing a complete recover without use of other products or medicines within 2-3 days.
The price is also very good so I warmly reccomended it

Eagle Games Defenders of The Realm Board Game
Eagle Games Defenders of The Realm Board Game
Offered by UniquelyFrom
Price: £49.99

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Let's put some dice to Pandemic fans and let'splay Ameritrash style, 27 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Ahem for the normal people the title refers to Pandemic, a classic Eurogame (a kind of board game popular in Northern Europe) where players must cooperate by drawing random cards from game deck hoping to have 5 cards of same color to create vaccine for 4 different diseases that spreads all around world board map, trying to avoid at same time too many outbreaks (yes you are doctors)
Defenders of the Realm has decided to put this concept of cooperative game in a fantasy setting but on steroids: huge game map, terrific graphics for all player cards and enemies (Larry Elmore from Dragonlance and D&D 2nd edition covers) plus cool plastic miniatures (Dragon Sapphire figure is awesome).
This time players have 4 evil Generals that try from corners of map to reach Monarch city (starting location for heroes and at center of the board) and raze it.
The heroes must move by feet or discarding cards to fly or horse or teleport to battle these generals and at same time avoid that too many of their minions (for example Dragonkin minions are blue like their General Dragon Boss and so on) corrupt land with their number or take over monarch City with 5 of them inside city.
The intriguing thing is that every General and their minions must be eliminated by rolling D6 dices (one for minion present at location) and every colour require different roll for kills (3+ for green orcs to 5+ for Blue dragonkin) plus there are some special defence skills for Generals.
Cards are given randomly from deck after players' movements and the evil moves(Darkness spreads deck) that cause new evil minions to appear in map and sometimes let Generals move closer to Monarch City if the location is linked by line to actual General's position)
The rolling of dice is a classic of Ameritrash (games like Axis & Allies, Shogun , Risk where you roll many dices to determine results of win or loss) but for Generals you can win them only if 2 or more reach same location of boss and discard their cards with same color of boss to let attack roll (to be clear, one player in his turn clear the minions that protect for example Orc General, pass his turn and next player reach him and then they discard their cards with same boss colour to attack him) cause Generals have 4 or 6 life points, have some special skills that can reduce number of dice rolles against him (usually every 1 on roll cause an hit from another succesfull dice roll to be ignored) and if players don't kill him in the same round, lose all discarded cards plus suffer further life and card losses due being defeated, but if you win great rewards and bonus come for the slayer and his friends.
To add some help for players, there are: 1) some inns all around map where you can spend actions (2 cards for action) to declare a card colour and if you draw them of same colour you can keep them and 2) special quest card that can, if you manage to surpass their requirements, to obtain powerful artifacts that help you greatly against minions and Generals.
But......perhaps the most intriguing element that render this game extremely frantic and add a lot of spice is the phase war: at beginning you draw from Evil deck card (darkness spreads) 1 card. After players defeat 1 General you draw 2 cards (1 for minions and General movement plus 1 new card fo General only movement), after you defeat 3 Generals you draw 3 cards.
That's it, the more you defeat Generals, the more the other Generals push to reach monarch city and since every evil leader is only 4 locations away from Monarch City..well you could be defeated by Last general with some lucky card draw that reaches in 1 turn monarch city and raze it before everyone can do nothing.
The game is simple, gorgeous in all its details, able to give a lot of fun and quick (around 90 minutes in 3 players).
Only setback is perhaps its price: even american'used' games (used for Amazon usually means open the box and close it again leaving rest untouched) are more than 40 pounds, but IMHO this is one of the best board games for quality in all, easy for newbies and seasoned veteran geeks.
If you can afford it and like cooperative games with epic fantasy setting buy it at once, you will not regret it

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