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4.0 out of 5 stars Montage, 2 Aug. 2010
This review is from: Montage (Audio CD)
Very much in the same vein as The Left Banke but lacking the freshness and originality. Dont get me wrong, the same fabulous harmonies are there but most of the songs never really catch fire. That said "Grand Pianist" and "She's Alone" are both very good and on a par with some of the best tracks on Walk Away Renee but everything here has a strange disjointed feeling about it. It reminds me very much of The Strawberry Alarm Clock which made me feel exactly the same, a feeling that I should love this, but something doesn't quite click for me. Mention must be made however of "My Love" which I feel is the track that really shines and brings my score up from a strong three stars to a weak four.

Still a worthwhile purchase but Walk Away Renee (If you can get hold of a copy) and particularly Odessy & Oracle are much better examples of the genre. I can't help but feel that Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy has been influenced by this and every now and then you get the same fmix of eccentricity and beauty found on his very best Albums.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Truly Magic Time, 26 July 2010
This review is from: Begin (Audio CD)
Simply put, Begin by The Millennium is one of the most beautiful and well produced albums of the sixties. Some may find some of the tracks a bit twee and hippiesque but if you are a fan of Pet Sounds and the like, this would be utterly Indespenible.

In my quest to find "Lost Classics" from the sixties this, possibly more than any other is THEE great undiscovered gem. Sounding like a hybrid of Magical Mystery Tour and Pet Sounds, taking cues from both but keeping enough originality to stand apart from either.

The first two tracks, "Prelude" and "To Claudia On Thursday" seque into each other and sound like two parts of the same track. They are pretty base heavy and sound so chrystal clear. From this stellar begining you know you are in for something special and the quality never lets up.

Other highlights are "The Island, Some Sunny Day, It Wont Always Be The Same and The Know It All" are all truly a+ tracks. It is incredible to have so many stellar songs on just one album.

Leaving the best for last though "There Is Nothing More To Say" is a thing of enormous beauty, my only complaint is the brevity.

I have no idea how such masterpieces escape the mainstream success they deserve, however it is simply delighful for collectors and enthusiats to unearth down the line and pass on to like minded colleagues. 10/10

Faintly Blowing
Faintly Blowing

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5.0 out of 5 stars Blowing A Storm, 26 July 2010
This review is from: Faintly Blowing (Audio CD)
After hearing Tangerine Dream, which I enjoyed immensly, I was keen to investigate Kaleidoscope's only other original album (Other than Fairfield Parlour material.)and I was not dissapointed. I would, without hesitation rate Tangerine Dream as one of the very best British Psychedelic Albums of the 60's. As for Faintly Blowing, well I can truly say that this is better in almost every respect from its predecessor.

It is a little harder rocking than Tangerine Dream but the songwriting and lyrical content is every bit as strong. The opening title track starts things off on an incredibly high note, with the most fantastic descending baseline reminiscent of The Pretty Things circa S F Sorrow. "Poem" takes us back to a more TD sound, a beautiful melancoly track with wistful lyrics. "Snapdragon" returns to a more hard rocking sound and is incredible catchy and joyous. I could analise each track individually and write reams of script but instead I will sum up briefly. If You So Wish, for my money the best track on the album, has got to be one of the most beautiful songs ever, it transcends its time and genre and is utterly spellbinding. Black Fjord and Feathered Tiger are only a slight notch below, being absolutely awesome in their own right, the latter being compared (unfavourably to Sky Children) but in my opinion is the superior track in spite of SC being one of my most favourite tracks of the 60's. The Closer "Music" treads a experimental path but is so well executed that it steers clear of verging on incoherent and is one of the best of its kind. Only "Bless The Executioner" falls short of perfect and is still a strong track in it's own right.

To Summarise: This and its older brother, Tangerine Dream are far superior to the clutch of British Psychedelia albums such as July, Tomorrow and even the mighty Piper At The Gates of Dawn. Peter Daltry's voice is fabulous, his lyrics fanciful and of their time, but beautiful and dreamy. The production and musicianship is nothing short of top drawer.

I am a huge fan of 60s music and have heard most of the great albums and this is surely in my top ten along with Forever Changes, Odessy and Oracle and other great works

Black Monk Time (W/Book) (Dlx)
Black Monk Time (W/Book) (Dlx)
Price: £16.21

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5.0 out of 5 stars Right Time for Monk Time, 12 Jan. 2010
Got this album on the strength of the reviews on Amazon and its historic reputation and man this thing is fantastic! The production is crystal clear and the songs, my god, I cannot believe it is 1966! The rythem section is so ahead of the game its not funny and the hooks are incredible. It is impossible not to move when this is playing.

Standout tracks being, Monk Time, I Hate You and Drunken Maria although there is not one weak track in sight with the possible exception of Thats My Girl, but seeing that this is the last track, it is hardly a problem.

Fans of Early Stooges and garage in general will love this. Reminiscent of early Kinks and The Who, but in my opinion outstrips both and that is saying something. This is often compared with the Sonics debut and although this is simailar in style, it is no where near in terms of production or song quality.

In short, this is one those rare artifacts: a genuine lost classic from the sixties that lives up to the hype

Go buy!

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