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10 Minute Solution - Fat Blasting Dance Mix [DVD]
10 Minute Solution - Fat Blasting Dance Mix [DVD]
Dvd ~ 10 Minute Solution
Price: £9.31

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5.0 out of 5 stars 5 workouts and only 10 minutes each - no excuses!, 19 Jun 2011
5 workouts and only 10 minutes each - no excuses! Mix and match to suit your time constraints or just do your favourite ones or can mix and match with your other DVDs. Do all 5 and you have a great whole body workout. Each workout includes a quick warm up and cool down to suit the type of exercises in that section.

The workouts are low impact and suitable for nearly beginners however there is some tricky choreography in places. Keep at it though as you'll feel so good when you can get the hang of it. If you are not used to following fitness DVDs you may struggle with this to begin with.

Although low impact, the routines keep you moving and raise your heart rate to a comfortable level. The workouts have a `dancey' feel but only because the instructor is a dancer and it is all very smooth rather than it being dance moves made into a fitness routine.

The instructor, Jennifer Galardi, has such an engaging personality you can't help but like her as she encourages you through all the moves. The instructions are clear, left and rights match and she adds to the routine one move at a time. Each workout is so enjoyable that you barely notice that 10 minutes have gone by and you actually want to do another section........then another....and before you know it you've done the whole bunch.

It is pretty difficult to describe the routines as some of the moves I have not seen before or there are just too many words to describe what's going on. But it is fun.

I don't have anything negative to say about this one, although I would prefer it to be a bit harder: I use 2-3 workouts as a warm up to a long session. I love the ab section - all done standing up and really focuses on your core. I try to do this 4 times a week - come on, it's only 10 minutes to squeeze into your day. You can do it!

What you get:
Simple Slimmer
Narrow & wide marching, hip rotations, side steps, walks, hop & skip, grapevine, leg pumps
Calorie Meltdown
Side steps, knee lifts, digs, stomps, toe taps, wide marching, jump - and other moves I can't describe
Fat Burning Party
Side taps, boxing slides, kick backs, knee raises, triple steps, marching
Butt & Thigh Blaster
Plies, ham string curls, heel digs, short lunges, side squats, knee raises, leg lifts, wide side step
Ab Attack
Rib cage rolls & shifts, core squeeze, lower ab scoops, side stretches, trunk twists

MrsGoldsmith's Rating:
Fun: 7/10
Where do those 10 minutes go?
Fitness: 6/10
Low impact but raises heart rate
Value: 8/10
Mix and matching forever more

Ministry of Sound: Pump It Up 2010 [DVD]
Ministry of Sound: Pump It Up 2010 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Various Artist
Offered by FLASH
Price: £3.53

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Another great dance workout from MoS and it does not disappoint, 19 Jun 2011
Another great dance workout from MoS and it does not disappoint - especially when you are expecting high energy, bright colours and thumping tunes.

There are 5 dancers in the group and I like that they are not all skinny - they are not intimidating at all and you almost wish you were there in the studio with them so you can go and hang out with them afterwards.

The instructor, a dancer rather than a fitness professional, is excellent at providing us with what we need to know but be warned it is quick and so much is happening that she is talking practically all the way through - not easy and she does a great job.

The format for learning the moves is handled well: she shows you the move, you and the girls do it and then while you are still doing that move she shows you the next one and cues you and the girls to join in. Works okay when the two moves are not complicated but if they are it is easy to get muddled - but you can just keep following her.

The routines are broken into 3 sections which you learn one at a time and then you get to put them together. Surely a very good format to work with? Well, normally yes but when you learn the moves they are repeated several times in order to get used to them - good so far. However, when they start merging together into the actual dance routine you only get to do the move one or two times before you're onto the next one. My memory is not good enough to cope with that so I was quickly out of step for good chunk of time.

I've done PowerMix 1 five times now and I actually feel it is coming together, I must be about 80% there with my legs and body, nearly in the same direction but the arms are not keeping pace. When you do learn the moves it feels a great achievement and the workout becomes so much fun.

Don't have expectations that you'll get to grips with this one quickly and you won't be disheartened - keep at it and see it as a challenge. The 20 minutes of the Powermix sections whiz by as you are concentrating so much.

Everyone probably should walk through it for the first time at least just to get an idea what is going on. Beginners can get something out of this one as you can take out the arms and jumps and just walk through it until you build your fitness levels and also learn the moves.

It's fast-paced with loads of moves and high energy so you cardio bunnies will have a great workout and loads of fun.
What you get:

Warm Up - 10 min
A good section to get you warm but also get to grips with what is expected of you
Tone - 12 min
Lots of squats and lunges in the same dancey format
PowerMix 1 & PowerMix 2 - 20 min each
High energy to pumping tracks that will keep your heart rate up and your brain concentrating
Abs & Stretch - 19 min
Lots and lots and lots of sit-ups, 8 press ups and standard leg and back stretches

MrsGoldsmith's Rating:
Fitness: 7/10
Will get your heart rate right up there
Value: 7/10
Give yourself time to learn the routines

Hollyoaks: The Dance Workout [DVD] [2004]
Hollyoaks: The Dance Workout [DVD] [2004]
Dvd ~ Jodi Albert
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.73

3.0 out of 5 stars Not a lot of dancing going on here!, 19 Jun 2011
If you're into Hollyoaks when these 3 were in it (I don't watch it so have no idea if they are still in it!) then you'll enjoy the interviews and behind the scenes for a few minutes - but that part isn't going to get you on your way to getting fit.

The girls - Abi, Sarah and Jodi - enlist trainer Tristan Temple for some simple lifestyle tips and to design a dance workout. Tristan seems an amiable guy but he does take a back seat and gets cut out of a lot of shots. It's really all about the girls and although there is flesh on show, it's not too over the top (well, almost).

The girls do pretty well considering they look completely out of their comfort zone and only Jodi seems to half enjoy it. But to give them credit they do push through the pain and try not to show it.

I certainly can't call this a dance workout as there is really no dancing going on - unless you refer to the 5 minute pop video of the girls prancing about. It is an extremely simple routine with some floor work. No previous experience of anything is required - it's that simple - so excellent for beginners and those with not much co-ordination. Simple but could get tough for a beginner so take out the jumps and only do what you can.

If you are a regular exerciser you can add in more intensity by putting more effort into the jumps - it certainly works and you can build up a bit of a sweat. It's not a long workout (14 mins cardio & 9 mins floor work) therefore can suit a variety of people especially those with limited time but the warm up is a bit too long for my liking - it's not as if you're gonna be doing that much exercise. However you could use it as a relaxation session after a hard day - same with the too long Cool Down.

The main workout is in a nightclub setting and there isn't a lot of atmosphere to be honest, minimal instructions (although so simple it is not a problem), the girls don't really say anything and are not miked-up anyway but the music is good enough to get you through.

What you get:

Warm Up = 13 min 40
Breathing, gentle jogging, arm reach, body rolls, side stretch, shoulder roll, rib cage shift, hip rotation, leg stretch
Dance Workout= 23 min 10
Walking, marching, back & side lunge, punching, side steps, knee lifts, hamstring curl, jogging, high knees, pendulum leg swing, jumps, body twists, plie squats. On the floor: pelvic raises and sit ups
Cool Down = 13 min
Back stretch, cat stretch, thigh, calf, hamstring and shoulder stretches

MrsGoldsmith's Ratings
Fun: 5/10
Not that inspiring
Fitness: 5/10
Not bad for beginners but too short
Value: 5/10
Useful for some

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