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Eoghan CC "ECC" (Ireland)

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Price: £55.87

5.0 out of 5 stars Brace yourself., 6 Nov. 2014
This review is from: Buiikikaesu (Audio CD)
Whether or not you you speak Japanese, the language barrier won't detract from this almighty album.
This if the fourth album outing for the Rock/Alternative Metal band Maximum The Hormone and they show themselves to be as versatile and full of dangerous amounts of energy as ever. Indeed, to label them simply as Alternative Metal is somewhat of an understatement as we see them unafraid to tackle the pop market shamelessly, throw in some reggae stylizing and Flea style licks before mashing you senseless with heavy riffs. No two tracks are the same, and the the structures of the tracks vary a great deal throughout, jumping left and right constantly throwing you of guard to what to expect next.

The band consists brother and sister team Ryo (Guitar/Clean vocals) and Nao (Drums/Clean Vocals), younger member commonly nick-named Ue-Chan (Bass/Backing Vocals) and front-man Daisuki (Roars/Rapping).
As doubtless mentioned elsewhere, two of the lead tracks 'Zetsubou Billy' and 'What's Up People!?' were the ending and opening to the second season of the anime Death Note.

Whether or not this influences your buy I don't know, but doubtless while this album is unlikely to go down in the history of rock, it's now firmly cemented as one of my favourites.
The packaging is also quality and the includes a surprisingly thick and imaginative lyric book!

Through The Looking Glass
Through The Looking Glass

5.0 out of 5 stars Stepping Through The Looking Glass, 8 Dec. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
How can you not expect anything short of a masterpiece when it's coming from the Drum & Bass legend which is Dominic Angus and his Roland machines, literally making a half man/half machine combo, and Through The Looking Glass doesn't disappoint. The old ferocity of beats, deep dark basses and jaw-dropping levels of production are back with a vengeance as we are given a twenty four track two disc album split down the middle.
Through The Looking Glass is the fourth album to be released by Dom, and the first to be released via his own label. (The previous three; Industry, Back For The Future & Chronology were released by Moving Shadows)
If you already know Dom & Roland then you won't be disappointed by this, but for those who are new to him then I would recommend listening to each disc a few times before making up your mind, perhaps only moving onto the second once you're satisfied you've got your fill of the first as while it is more varied, it may pose a longer listen to those un-associated with the style. Lastly, while many of his other albums I would strongly recommend to friends who aren't even fans of Drum & bass as a genre, I don't think I would say the same for this one. DnB heads preferred please, and let that head wrecking techy funk overcome you!
HIGHLIGHTS: U Do Voodoo, Sparta, Get Up, Mr Tuttles Nightmare, Maximus.


5.0 out of 5 stars Dark, Heavy, Futuristic., 12 Mar. 2011
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This review is from: Industry (Audio CD)
It isn't often an album will really scare you, but this album can achieve it at times.
The sampling, rhythms and synths are of the finest quality, and tracks can cross from dancefloor killers to creepy growers and to pure hypnotic intelligence in a heartbeat.
From one of Drum & Bass's finest and most influential artists, this is the first of several albums designed to make your jaw drop!
Just sit back, and let the bass do the talking..

Paranoia Agent: Complete [DVD]
Paranoia Agent: Complete [DVD]
Dvd ~ Satoshi Kon
Offered by DaaVeeDee-uk
Price: £38.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Intelligent, Twisted & Refreshing, 12 Mar. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This series really left my jaw hanging; a disturbing insight into todays society and of the rules and systems we follow. Mixed with themes of psychological dramas and even light comedy; and finally all through the gauze of two detectives trying to catch a pre-teen serial killer... Who we don't even know exists or not.
The way the series crosses from dreams to reality is really quite amazing, and constantly demands your full attention.
I absolutely loved it, and don't feel ashamed in saying that once it was over, I genuinely decided to go right back to episode one and watch it again (although this time via a DVD player, rather than online stream).
Which brings me to the DVD itself.
The packaging on the boxset is fantastic, and my only quarrels would that it is using the term 'L'il Slugger' rather than (much preferred) 'Shounen Bat'.
Another quarrel would be the slight inconsistency with subtitles between various discs, but these are only minor errors, and nothing to really make a fuss about.
Ultimately I would recommend this a great deal, whether a fan or not, it's worth having in your anime collection.

Split the Atom
Split the Atom

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent stuff, 4 Dec. 2010
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This review is from: Split the Atom (Audio CD)
The only complaints I have with this album is that it does not feature enough of their earlier stuff in a neat little package, along with the fact that some tracks aren't quite long enough.
Other than that, WOW.
They really knew what they were doing with this album, from the experramental house pieces to glitchy fillers, dark dubstep and finally, thundering Drum & Bass.
These guys are able to do more than blow your ears (along with every other limb) on a dancefloor, but can take you to other world with their hypnotic, dark-edged bass.
Each track is fantastically well crafted, knowing just when to introduce a break or change of tone. I could happily listen to every track over and over.

These guys bring this kind of music to new levels, and don't get the amount of attention they deserve.
Don't hesitate on getting this album, you will most likely grow to love it!

Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £5.80

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3.0 out of 5 stars Three stars... For effort., 4 Dec. 2010
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This review is from: Immersion (Audio CD)
I don't feel this review is going to cover much different ground then many others, but this is my summary of the album all the same, I feel it earned at least that.

I don't think I need to tell you that HYC was a step forward in Drum & Bass, whether for better or worse is still debatible.
In Silico however did nothing more than produce a couple of rave tunes and recycle old material as filler. In short a massive disappointment, but that of course is from a Drum & Bass listeners perspective, as for pop fans; I find it is a good way for them to get to new ground and can work as a stepping stone. So I try not to talk too badly of it.

This album however... I haven't even been able to listen from start to finish yet. I know that is probably ebough for most to say "Don't review what you don't know about", but come on! I have flicked through the CD, and listened through those couple tracks which I hadn't heard before from much less respected artists.
In short I went straight to the best bits, why? It is a pop album and that is what you do with pop albums.

I gave this 3* because despite myself;
I am really enjoying both of The Island tracks along with Self vs Self.
The reason is I haven't heard them before, and it goes to show that when Pendulum actually introduce you to something new of their own creation it really does pay off.
Now i'm sure they ripped off several artists or some such blah de blah but I believe that is really just some dislike Pendulum and are trying to create a horrible image of them for everyone else too. Please don't, for their fans sake.
Three tracks aren't enough to justify a good album however, and at this point they are basically begging for money from less educated music fans in my opinion. The amount of 5* on this album baffles me, because if you are listening to their previous work as most will have, you can't deny that the back catalogue is far superior.

Track layout and album artwork save this from being a 2*, please make a bigger effort next time Pendulum, and that is from a fan.

by Michael Grant
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars The FAYZ *Spoilers*, 16 May 2009
This review is from: Gone (Hardcover)
Sam Temple is a boy who has strange powers.
He isn't sure how to control them yet, and he accidently burns his stepfathers hand off, causing him and his mother to move to a new house.
Sam lives in a small town which is underneath a power-plant that many years ago had a serious meltdown and giving the town a wide burth from the rest of the world.
Sam's power is to summon light which is weak at first, but soon has the power to blast apart buildings.
The power is a secret which Sam tells nobody, not even his mother, who works a night-time shift in a school in the hills for children with problems; along with rich parents.
Sam's problems are bad enough, when suddenly, without warning, all parents and children fifteen and over disappear.
This literarily leaves the town in a state of chaos, as the bullies take over, and there seeming no escape from this nightmare as their area has been cut from the rest of the world by a great, solid, tinted wall, which appears in fact to be a giant sphere, and is also indistructable.
The wall cuts straight through the the edge of the town, and also stretches one way into a landscape of mountain, ocean and desert.

When Sam enters a burning building to save a young; fire shooting, girl from the flames. He is instantly an authority figure, having once before also saved a group of children from a buscrash.
But when the children from the hillside school, Coates Academy, arrive to take charge, the bullies are put with the jobs of handing out punishment to those who don't follow the new rules, which as far as Sam's concerned, are decently fair, consisting of the simplicity of no stealing or vandalism of such.
But when a girl in his class is murdered 'accidently' for practicing macic tricks, Sam begins to worry for his own safety.
Sam and his friend Quinn, along with another boy Edilio and girl Astrid, along with her little brother Pete, who has something not quite right in his head, try to find out whats going on.

Meanwhile a girl named Lana has been stranded in the desert with her faithful dog.
After being in a near fateful car accident, in which her grandfather simply disappeared, Lana discovers that somehow she has the power of healing, which she applies to herself after an arm is snapped in half, among other injuries.
Locating a shack, she discovers that there is gold underneath the floor, and realises that she has located a miners house.
But after investigating a far off mining town, she finds herself face-to-face with giant, talking, mutated coyotes. Which capture her in a mine and only refrain from eating her by the darkness, some form of being deep below the ground.
She escapes from the wolves however, after being confronted by a group of children, namely: Sam,Quinn,Astrid,Elidio and Little Pete.
The group have nearly been killed by Caine; the leader of the Coates Academy, and are currently being hunted by a member of his team; the psychopathic maniac Drake, who doesn't have powers but certainly knows how to handle a gun.
Along with the Coates team, is Diana; a girl whos power is to read others strength of power and also has a very sharp mind, and Computer Jack, who is practically genius with electronics, and with all connections to the outside world gone, is making a new form of radio communication.
This team videos however; the actual disappearence of their fellow student when he comes to the age of fifteen and thus diccover that the last seconds of his life inside the FAYZ (meaning: Fallout Alley Youth Group) was dramatically slowed down so that he seems to move around within the bases of mere milliseconds, along with the filming of some form of green creature that he is reaching out to.

I shall not reveal the full end but this book is absolutely incredible, i don't think i've read a book this fast in months.
I cannot wait for the sequel and i fully reccommend buying this.
You're instantly relating to the characters, and despite the seriousness and brutality of this novel there are some very comedic parts and you might occasionly laugh at the humour of some comments.

The Mighty Boosh : Complete BBC Series 3 [2007] [DVD]
The Mighty Boosh : Complete BBC Series 3 [2007] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Noel Fielding
Price: £2.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good, But Slightly Hateful, 27 Mar. 2009
OK, lets start by saying that in the first series; Vince was a playful fool, and Howard was boastful baby.
When you get to the third series, you'll find; Vince is an arrogant idiot, and Howard is a stupid philosopher.
Although the characters are definitely the same, there personality has changed alot.
The Boosh used to be quite warm and cosy, and full of smiles.
This season however does the complete opposite, with a few characters that you wish would just leave and never come back (as you know they will).
One of the things i think i like best however is the return of 'The Hitcher', a completely hatefilled and yet loveable character.
After that however, it takes a turn for the worse as the episodes grow steadily duller and crueller.
The music also seems to have suffered, as the tunes they were making before were much funner and better then any chart music around! While now they are making an intire episode about 'Crimp', which has been with The Boosh for ages and did not need an episode to honour it.
The Boosh is still funny but not like they used to be.
I still, recommend to buy this DVD though, as there are quite a few good memories here.

Jak and Daxter Platinum (PS2)
Jak and Daxter Platinum (PS2)
Offered by marxwax
Price: £27.97

5.0 out of 5 stars Very Fun!!!!, 4 Feb. 2009
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
When i was younger and first got the PS2, this(and Star Wars: Starfighter)
where the first games i got.
As a inexperienced gamer i found this a very challenging game.
When i found it again recently i started playing it. And all thoughy overall alot easier then when i first got, it was still quite challenging in different aspects.
The gameplay is very good, the graphics are exceptional, and the story pleasant enough.
It is a very good game all-in-all, a nice break for experienced gamers, and a good starter for beginners.

The Power of Five: Necropolis
The Power of Five: Necropolis
by Anthony Horowitz
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Signal Ten (Spoiler Alert), 23 Jan. 2009
Anthony Horowitz has given us tons & tons of classics, and The Power Of Five show absolutely no signs of a weakest link.
'Ravens Gate' was a great starter for the series, introducing Matt Freeman as the lead character. he is an orphan who seems to have special powers, and is sent to a sinister village in England where he finds a plot that seems to involve him. He also finds the Nexus, which is an organisation paranoid with keeping him safe. Along with Richard, a journalist who helps him remain alive.
'Evil Star' still kept Matt as the main character but introduced Pedro, a street urchin with the power to heal things. This book was alot faster paced then Ravens Gate as Matt & Pedro escape around Peru from a man named Salamanda, and leads to a grand finale at the end.
'Nightrise' got off to a very fast paced beginning with twins Scott & Jamie Tyler, who have the power to read peoples mind.
They are almost immediately attacked and separated, and Scott is captured.
It took me longer to get into this book then with the others as it seemed to be constantly action, with no source of explanation.
All this changes almost completely from the moment Jamie gets into the Juvenile prison. And almost all is explained along with alot of things from the other two books. Jamie travels back in time and witnesses the strength of the Old Ones (which are creatures from since the dawn of time, and sole perpose is to bring misery to Humanity), and the end of the book finishes off perfectly.

Then you get to 'Necropolis', and almost immediately you are sucked in.
The story is about girl Scarlett Adams and her journey from England to Hong Kong, the soon to be Necropolis, and is in a trap set by the Old Ones.
The company Nightrise is working on the Old Ones side, and they have large influences all around the world.
The Nightrise companies base is inside Hong Kong, a city with it's intire populisation being mass killed and replaced by supernatural shapshifters which walk the streets along with other creatures.
There is only one mafia related group of people fighting against the evil doing and there mainly working in secrecy, but that changes when Scarlett arrives.
Meanwhile Matt, Pedro, Jamie, Scott & Richard must try to find Scarlett, with the Nexus' help, Matt, Jamie & Richard set out for Hong Kong
Once there they get the help of a gangster leader to infiltrate the almost dead city.
But a massive storm is heading straight for Hong Kong, thanks to Scarlett who has the power of wind on her side.

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