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1.0 out of 5 stars Seriously seriously bad, in fact it's worse than that., 8 Nov 2007
This review is from: Airwolf (Audio CD)
Remember the episodes of Friends where Ross was young and had that small electric organ and "worked on his music" but was really awful? He was far superior to the jackass that put this utter utter mince together. It is truly pop junk with no bearing on the original. I still watch the DVDs of Airwolf and still let the theme music run right through as it was fantastic. I assume anyone looking at this feels much the same. Do yourself a massive favour and avoid this like the plague. The people who put this onto CD really need a punch square in the face. I've never posted a negative review of anything as some folk tend to mark it as not helpful regardless but I felt compelled to, if only to try and save Amazon customers and Airwolf fans their money and the disappointment that will without doubt come on playing this. The "theme" track sounds like someone pushed random on a ten bob Casio, by sheer strength of will you may just make it out as ever so slightly like Airwolf. If you still can't however then try staring at the (very poor) cover with a fuzzy picture of the helicopter itself at the same time and, by association, the three notes that are actually from Airwolf might just be picked up. No promises though.
The "dance/disco version" (honestly, it's on there!) will have you ejecting the disc in a murdurous rage and if the disc won't eject stabbing your ear drums with a fork to try and lessen the torture . This version would have sounded dated and poorly put together in the 80's never mind now.
Looking back I should probably have stopped the CD from playing in the background whilst typing this as I seem to have ranted a little. Each new track inspiring me to more venomous words and suppressed feeling of violence. Oh jesus, the "Gladiator XLZ" track has just come on and it's another almost unrecognisable version of the main theme (as most of the others are) but with gunfire and missile sounds over it. The gunfire sounds like someone running their nail up a comb and the incoming missile noises like a penny whistle that doesn't even hold a constant descending tone! It's like the missile is falling and then going back up a bit again before falling some more.
Right, I'm definately stopping now, it's bin day tomorrow and I don't want to be stuck with this any longer than I have to. Someone might play it again by accident and then I'll hear it and hurt one of my nearest and dearest.
Sorry for review that was probably painful to read but trust me, myself and the other reviewers for this CD really took a bullet for you...


In fact I can't go just yet. In case there is any remaining doubt, Airwolf is quite possibly my favourite show of all time and certainly the best of the 80s bunch. In no way is this review to be taken as a slant on the original show, just this massacre of the classic soundtracks the programme contained.
I mean my cat is quite young, even in cat years he's not old enough to remember Airwolf. Therefore I think his review of track 10 "Airwolf War", which was to vomit his dinner on the kitchen floor, bolt up the stairs and not come down, was both unbiased and accurate.
I just damaged the F button on my laptop typing so hard now, only working intermittantly, pity. I was just about to tell you how ucking bad the the "bonus tracks" were. Giving a bonus on this pile of insulting dung is like the doctor adding bonus news to a terminal diagnosis.

To sum up, this CD should probably be a very considered purchase and made only after the price has fell to zero and someone is holding a gun to your head.

Rant over, thanks for listening...
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Sony PlayStation 2 Slimline Console (Black)
Sony PlayStation 2 Slimline Console (Black)

154 of 168 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Yeah it's older now but.........., 22 Feb 2005
Admittedly the PS2 is now getting on in years however this shouldn't put anyone looking for a console off. The PS3 is still part of the rumour factory with no one even knowing what it looks like never mind when it will be released. Sony do have a good record of making their new consoles backwards compatible (ie the PS2 played almost the entire catalogue of PS1 games meaning anyone who upgraded from 1 to 2 could still play their old games. In fact in many cases the PS2 improved the graphics and load speed of the old games) however there is no guarantee that this will happen with the PS3. The PS2 has by far the largest selection of great games available and many times the customer base of the other consoles meaning games manufacturers will continue to produce games for this unit for many years. The PS2 outsold the X Box on the X Box day of launch and has continued to out sell it day on day since. This alone should be a great indicator of the quality and breadth of games available. The old unit did have disc read problems, presumeably from dust on the inaccessible lens, (I myself went through 2 in 4 years) however the new slim line unit should cure that as the lens is is easily got to for cleaning if required.
A word of warning though, DVD region free DVDs will not work on this unit due to the electronically operated door being replaced by an old stlye CD flip door operated by pushing a release catch. This means the unit knows it's been opened when you try and put your region 1 DVD in and won't play along. There are, as always, ways around this however you should be aware further equipment purchases would be required. The cost of DVD players available make this a false economy (Check the Sony region free player available from amazon that I also reviewed.)just buy this for the games and think of DVD play back as a bonus.
In short (about time, I know) the sheer enjoyment obtained from this unit for so little outlay makes it an essential purchase. Even if you own other consoles, are waiting for the next generation of consoles to be released or your old unit has given up the ghost you will get many times your moneys worth in enjoyment from purchasing the slim line model. Some of the games alone are worth the purchase price. My own humble recomendations are GTA San Andreas and Call of Duty.
Despite its diminutive size the new model also has the ethernet connection built in. This is what is required to play the many on line compatible games actually on line. To purchase this for the old one is 40 making the slim line great value on many levels from casual gamers to those who want to take it on line. Be aware that a minimum of 512kps broadband is required for this though.
Sorry for the length of this review but I would hate folk to miss out on years of great gaming experience for the sake of a bit of doubt and less than 100.If your looking for a console make it this one.
Hope this helps. (No, I don't work for Sony, really just love the machine that much!)
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 27, 2014 11:57 PM GMT

Sony DVP-NS355 Multi-region DVD Player (discontinued by manufacturer)
Sony DVP-NS355 Multi-region DVD Player (discontinued by manufacturer)

20 of 21 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great unit at fantastic price, 19 Feb 2005
Having read the other reviews I can only assume that some folk have been unlucky in the units they received. I opened this up when it arrived (36 hours after ordering it!) and within 2 minutes I was watching all my region 1 DVDs. The quality was as good as any player I've seen and the sound was in full pro logic. Admittedly I was playing it on a good Sony TV that's NTSC and 60hz compatible which may help. I'm even using cheapo 2 scart leads from Asda and the quality is incredible.
I upgraded from my previous player as it wasn't region free. There are perfectly legal hacks available to by pass this ([...]) but it involves a Kameleon universal remote that retails for about 30, for an extra 20 you get this unit region free and hey presto, spare DVD player for the bedroom or Amazon marketplace! All that and Sony build quality and reliability thrown in.
If your looking at this review you're obviously considering buying a DVD player, you'd be mad to buy any one other than this one.

DVD Region Free
DVD Region Free

17 of 17 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great product but beware............, 19 Feb 2005
This review is from: DVD Region Free (Video Game)
I was given this product a year ago and found it worked a treat every time. The set up is easy and straight forward as the on screen instructions guide you through. Even the first time you use it you'll be watching region free within 2-3 minutes. HOWEVER..........
My old style PS2 finally gave up the ghost in January and I immediately replaced it with the new slim line model only to find that the region free disc doesn't work with it. I assume that it's something to do with the new model having a manual door release so the unit knows it's been opened and won't play the restricted DVD. The old model had an electrically opened door which the region free disc operated for you hence "fooling" the unit and allowing it to play.
I have tried this on someone elses slim line model with the same result.I also see that someone else had the same problem with the silver unit released last year. Overall, highly recommended if you own the old unit but not if you own the new. I gave this 4 stars as there is no warning of this on the product or their website.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Nov 23, 2011 3:54 PM GMT

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