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Dave Bishop "Dave Bishop" (Manchester, England)

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Bob's Red Mill, Potato Starch Unmodified, Gluten Free, 24 oz (1 lb 8 oz) 680 g
Bob's Red Mill, Potato Starch Unmodified, Gluten Free, 24 oz (1 lb 8 oz) 680 g
Offered by LuckyVitamin EU
Price: £5.81

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1.0 out of 5 stars Very expensive - alternatives are available, 17 Aug. 2014
The mark up being charged here is verging on extortion ! Suggest UK consumers looking for raw unmodified potato starch to use as a prebiotic have a look into Encona Farina instead. Far, far cheaper and does exactly the same thing.
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No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, 28 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I saw this glass about a year ago on the internet and spent some time wondering what it may be like. It is undoubtedly very cool to look at…. But I was highly sceptical if it would deliver in terms of improving my enjoyment of IPAs.
Once hearing it had been designed in conjunction with the Head Brewers from Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head I gave it another thought and decided to buy a pair.

First thoughts – the crystal these are made of is of the highest quality. I’ve got whisky glasses which are no where near as nice. Secondly the size of the glass is just about perfect for your standard American Pale Ale bottle such as Sierra Nevada. Finally, does this add anything to the enjoyment of a good pale ale? Yes I can say it does. The wide top of the glass really seems to bring the hops within the beer to life and I am becoming convinced the narrow bottom helps to smooth out any bitterness within the beer.

Since receiving these glasses – I’m yet to drink a pale ale out of anything else at home. I wish more bars would serve beer in these glasses.

KPI Checklists
KPI Checklists
by Bernie Smith
Edition: Paperback
Price: £14.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Really good guide !, 28 Feb. 2014
This review is from: KPI Checklists (Paperback)
I’ve been using this book to have a broader look at the scorecards I create. It’s a really useful guude that makes you really stop and think about what you’re doing. I’m sure we have all been there before with a new scorecard or KPI pack and as deadline looms you realise a lot of the metrics don’t exist (or at least not in the configuration you’d expect). This book helps avoid this and many other pitfalls.

It has been put together in a way that you can either use it step by step as you design and scope, or did in to as you need to (either to refine or repurpose). There are several “real life” examples contained within each chapter which should bring a smile to any KPI professionals face.

Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President
Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President
by James Hatfield
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars What Moore would love to have written, 8 Jun. 2003
A genuinley incenditary book. I first heard of a book thats entire first print had been burned to please the Bush family some time ago. The reason St Martins Press first gave was that it was because the author was a convicted felon (You'll find out after reading this so is the subject). The second edition was also withdrawn, but luckily Vision acquired the rights to the text. And here it is.
I really don't want to spoil the most exciting revalations made within this book, as I feel other readers will be as outraged at them as I was. Lets just say having daddy's name was a very convient way for George to avoid his insider trading being investigated, make millions, avoid Vietnam and also escape from the most damaging allegation ever made about a President.
Two of his contacts told James Hatfield to "look over his shoulder" as he was finishing this book. In July 2001 he was discovered dead in a hotel room - he had apparently committed suicide due to depression. This was after he told his family "If anything happenes to me, I'm not depressed". What price did James pay for telling the truth about the world's most fortunate son?
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Aug 7, 2008 1:24 PM BST

Vulnerable [CD + DVD]
Vulnerable [CD + DVD]
Price: £18.66

4.0 out of 5 stars Sublime, 23 May 2003
This review is from: Vulnerable [CD + DVD] (Audio CD)
I was not sure what to expect after Blowback, an album that any artist would have found difficult to follow. But with this being Tricky you can hear although the sound is still unmistakably his, it sounds like nothing else he has done so far.
Car Crash is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard and the sexy Italian singer Constanza really comes across so well on this track. The cover of XTC's Dear God is amazing, with Constanza playing guitar and Tricky playing drums! Where I'm From will be familiar to anyone who saw the Blowback tour as it has that riff half inched from Ace Of Spades in it. The Lovecats is my least favorite Cure song ever, but on this record its transformed into something more beauiful and fragile than Robert Smith could imagine.

City of Revolution: Restructuring Manchester
City of Revolution: Restructuring Manchester
by Jamie Peck
Edition: Paperback
Price: £14.99

5 of 9 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Interesting city, boring book, 7 Mar. 2003
I studied Kevin Ward's course at Manchester University all about the new urban geographies and got 72% in his exam so I feel as if I am able to comment on his work.
The fact is, as with his Phd thesis I read - this book concentrates too much on Manchester City Council and other politicians rather than what has actually set Manchester apart from its contemporaries over recent years. Its people. People like Ian Brown, Tony Wilson, Morrissey, Johnny Marr, John Squire, John Robb, Sean Rider, Martin Merchant and the guys behind
They ignore the hige buzz in Manchester at the moment, To quote Brian Redheads wonderful book "ask anyone in Manchester what the second city in England is and they will answer... its a straight choice between London and Birmingham. Implicit in the answer is that Manchester is the first city in the land".

200 Km/H in the Wrong Lane
200 Km/H in the Wrong Lane
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £3.24

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4.0 out of 5 stars Decent Pop, 28 Dec. 2002
Finally we have a band which looks set to take on the mantle Strawberry Switchblade left in the mid-1980s!
Two teenage Russian lesbians front the band and considering you would expect them to sound as contrived as Atomic Kitten they dont at all, swathes of distorted guitars, huges basslines and great drumming stand out on nearly every track.
Although most people will know the single All The Things She Said the best track on the album is the cover of the Smiths How Soon Is Now? which is superb and I think better than the original, the girls really spit out the lyrics and I can't say how much I love it.
The two Russian songs are the two singles that have been put out in the country so far but sang in Russian.
These and the Cheeky girls might spark an influx of pop from Eastern Europe. If Girls Aloud are anything to go by we might just thank the former Soviet Blok for that!

Rocky (GameCube)
Rocky (GameCube)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Rocky - what more does every teenage boy want?, 28 Dec. 2002
This review is from: Rocky (GameCube) (Video Game)
I loved the Rocky films, so the chance to play as Rocky through a game seemed like an opportunity not to be missed! Although people may complain its easy it is only easy if you want to play that way. Instead of random button bashing I found my knowledge of boxing meant I could subdue most opponents easily with a variety of combos and dodges. In the movie mode you start off as Rocky I then moe though each of the films until you fight Tommy Gunn outside Mighty Micks. This is really good as its authentic to the film.
After you unlock a boxer you can play as him in the exhibitions or tournaments. This is cool as I think most lads my age who remember the A-Team will have more than a little smile running around playing as Clubber Lang! The other boxers are great too all with different characteristics.
As far as I can see the only competition for this is the slighty rubbish Knockout Kings, and you dont get the Rocky characters in that. Its also one of the better conversions to Gamecube I've seen with great graphics and I'm sure the loading times have been improved over the PS2 version.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (GameCube)
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (GameCube)
Price: £80.02

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing, 28 Dec. 2002
This is probably in my top three games of all time, alongside Mario Sunshine and Goldeneye. Its amazing, it takes ideas that have been around in games for a while and combines them superbly to create an incredible gaming experience. At times reminsicent of the vintage Lucasarts adventures (Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle), even the classics 7th Guest and Resident Evil - although one with a far better control system! However some of these games especially the horror ones were only part of a good idea. Eternal Darkness takes the idea and transforms it into not only a stunning visual experience (download the movies and weep PS2 owners), but one of the most immersing games of all time.
The plot which I wont go into for fear of spoiling it is one which would put most Hollywood scriptwriters to shame. The languages spoken in the game all all authentic from Latin to medeval French! Some of the visual effects have never been seen beofre in a video game.
You control 12 characters during the game and to see the epilogue you must finish it three times using the three alignments. This is the game I bought my GC to play and I was so amazed by it I played nothing else for the first two weeks I had the console.

Free So Free
Free So Free

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars What a return to form!, 30 Oct. 2002
This review is from: Free So Free (Audio CD)
Wow, after being absolutley gutted at my other two favorite guitarists (John Squire and Bernard Butler) albums this year I was kinda dreading this one arriving, but I have to say I couldn't have been more surprised!
It is as good as my favorite Dino jr album (Where you been?) and that really is high praise indeed. I didn't like More Light - apart from maybe Ammaring, but this is so good it untrue!
Freedom is such a top opener for an album with Joseph Donald Mascis Jr going through all of his awesome guitar tones. It sets the tone of the record well as freedom seems to be the main theme in the songs. Bobbin is like J's take on T-Rexs Get It On. Free So Free is quite jazzy but with an incredible solo. The single Everybody lets me down is also a triumphant piece of rock veering out of control after the last solo!
Oh yeah, all fans of the idol are gonna want to know? Dave whats the best solo on the album? Easy - track 9 Say the Word, after one verse he launches into an orgasmic solo thats so long but so good its untrue, just when you think it can't get better he adds more and more sonic mayhem until you are reduced to a gibbering wreck - and then he drops back into the verse! what a genius!
This is the living proof J Mascis is God!

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