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Countdown To Extinction: Live
Countdown To Extinction: Live
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Price: 4.10

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3.0 out of 5 stars In parts great, other parts not so much., 29 Sep 2013
First of all I was proper excited to see that Megadeth were releasing a new live CD/DVD/Blu-ray, hoping it would make up for the fairly average Rust in Peace: live set.
The thing that struck me about this disc (I only have the CD, not the dvd etc) is that it truly sounds "live", most "live" discs these days sound a tad overly produced. Not this one.
Good things about this CD. Even though the sound isn't exactly perfect, it's remains a true representation of what happened at that show. I've seen numerous people post on youtube that say they were there at the show this recorded and confirm it sounds exactly like what they remember, so it's nice to think that what I'm listening to is a proper live album.
Hearing songs like "Captive Honor", "forclosure of a dream" and "psychotron" performed live was really cool. I do think it would've been awesome if they had included a second CD, just for a couple of extra classics like "In My Darkest Hour" and "Wake up Dead" and to space out the set a little.

Bad Things about this disc. The cover could've been at least a bit more imaginative, who designed this thing? It just doesn't grab the attention at all. The Bass levels may start to bug you after a bit, constantly going up and down and sometimes the guitar levels are just as bad. Some of the solos are slightly fluffed up, but then again least we know it's live.

In conclusion I probably wouldn't recommend this set to anyone other than die-hard Megadeth fans, like myself, but rather suggest "Rude Awakening" or the 20th Anniversary edition of "Countdown To Extinction" which features the original album remastered and the simply fantastic "live at the Cow palace" cd.

Live in Deutschland: +DVD
Live in Deutschland: +DVD
Price: 9.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Great value for money., 10 Sep 2013
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Having seen Kataklysm at Bloodstock this year and being blown away I had check out more of this band. Seeing this DVD/CD set for under a fiver I thought I'd give it a bash. Glad I did, This set is awesome. The concert is raw, heavy and intense. The sound on both DVD and CD does not sound polished thus capturing the rawness of the gig, that being said it doesn't sound messy as infact the band are a tight finely tuned unit. The Songs themselves are killer, "As I Slither" and "Crippled and Broken" really sound crushing.
Yes the DVD picture could be slightly fine tuned and the "documentary" is a bit half arsed, but all that aside this a great set.

Dying Alive (Bonus One DVD)
Dying Alive (Bonus One DVD)
Price: 21.69

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5.0 out of 5 stars WOW!!!, 10 Sep 2013
This review is from: Dying Alive (Bonus One DVD) (DVD)
WOW!!! This is Kreator's most recent live DVD/CD and I have to say it's easily the most impressive. First of all the presentation on this set is fantastic, from the artwork to the actual concert. The picture quality is fantastic, crystal clear yet remaining to keep a raw feel to the feature, even throwing in some unusual camera angles (like cameras on the guitar straps!!). The sound quality is also fantastic, some songs sounding sonically superior here than on their previous studio versions, whilst once again retaining that raw chaotic vibe for Kreator is known for. Setlist? The setlist is pretty damn good, yes they could've thrown "Terror zone" and "Riot of Violence" but the songs they have featured are so well executed you'll completely forget about them. Well maybe not.

The CD's also sound fantastic, even featuring 5 songs not on the DVD. Other extra features include music videos, behind the scenes footage of the "Phantom Antichrist" video and a tour documentary.

This is a fantastic DVD/CD set that for every Kreator fan is essential, and thrash fan needs in their collection.



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4.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant return to form., 30 Aug 2013
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This review is from: Feast (Audio CD)
I'm not gonna lie, when it was first announced Annihilator were releasing a new album I wasn't phased or interested at all. For me the last album was a massive disappointment, and although I enjoyed "Metal" it just isn't something I go and revisit. Infact I've never been a big fan of Dave Padden. Until "Feast".
The first track "Deadlock" really is a fantastic opener, jumping out for your throat with killer thrash riffs and real intensity. It's not all thrashing mayhem though, Danko Jones takes lead vocals on the punky rocker "wrapped", "No Surrender" throws in some bass funk, "Perfect Angel Eyes" is the ballad of the album and "One falls, Two rise" is a pretty epic album closer. Now I know some people may not enjoy these slight shifts in direction on the album, but I think it works. Annoyingly Jeff Waters can really write a "great" ballad.
The album itself sounds KILLER, everything sounds great. Dave Padden puts in his finest performance to date, Jeff Waters's riffs and solos are just insanely enjoyable and Mike Harshaw owns the drums. Stand out tracks?? "Deadlock", "No Way Out", "Wrapped" and "One Falls, Two Rise". All in all check this album out, it's probably my favourite Annihilator CD since "Carnival Diablos".

On a side note pick up the special edition with the bonus "re-kill" CD.
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The Distortion Field
The Distortion Field
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 12.37

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Return., 22 Aug 2013
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This review is from: The Distortion Field (Audio CD)
I have to say when I heard that Eric Wagner had quit Trouble, and that they were going to continue to make an album, that I was a bit shocked. Luckily they brought in Kyle Thomas as their lead singer, Smart move. Kyle Thomas has always been one of my favourite singers, his work in Exhorder, Floodgate and Alabama Thunderpussy is nothing short of fantastc. He Brings to the table a really gravelly southern tone, whilst still at times singing as smoothly as anyother.
The music on this album is no let down either, the riffs are killer and the songwriting stays consistant throughout the disc. Stand out tracks for me would be the opener "When the sky comes down", "The broken have spoken" and "Hunters of doom".

Give this album a shot if love Down, Floodgate, Pepper era COC, and Sabbathy styled metal.

Super Collider
Super Collider
Offered by RevisionNet
Price: 23.16

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nothing mind blowing, but a good listen anyway., 4 Jun 2013
This review is from: Super Collider (Audio CD)
Honestly didn't know what to expect from this album after hearing the title track a few weeks ago, luckily that track isn't a fair reflection of the album. Super Collider is a pretty damn good mix of everything a Megadeth fan could really want, there's straight up thrash, mid paced rocky stuff, some new different style riffs from Broderick and an awesome Thin Lizzy Cover.
Yes the cover art is not really that great and no it's not on the same level as Rust In Piece, but it's definetly worth checking out.
Plus the drum sounds on this album are freakin killer.

The Formation of Damnation
The Formation of Damnation
Price: 12.31

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3.0 out of 5 stars Trying to hard to b old school, 6 Feb 2010
Not a bad album by far, but one tht seems to lack th quality of 'The Gathering'. Alex Skolnick's guitar solos are awesome, chuck sounds amazin n the drums are killin. its just a shame songs like 'Henchmen ride', 'Dangers Of The Faithless' and 'Leave me forever' just dont stand up to the rest o the songs/or their back catalogue.

Think This
Think This

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5.0 out of 5 stars An undiscovered classic, 31 Jan 2010
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This review is from: Think This (Audio CD)
This album is the second album TOXIK released and is every bit as good, if not better than WORLD CIRCUS. The guitar work is amazing and the Vocals rival Joey Belladona (ANTHRAX) in terms of quality and range. If you dont pick this up then youve lost out BIG time.

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