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by Stephen King
Edition: Hardcover

5.0 out of 5 stars BRILLIANT, 25 Oct 2007
This review is from: Cell (Hardcover)
I have to say that i haven't really read much stephen king before, and that i didnt sit down and read this this book; but i did listen to the audiobook.

It was brilliant!

The book set off quickly after the first page and in my opinion gets better. Mobiles / Cell phones. Now i know why i dont like mine. certainly this is a new take on the zombie genre where just making or recieving a call from a mobile scrambles your brain and turns you into a thoughtless, brainless, maniac, but is this a wepon or just an accelerator to help the human race evolve? this option is explored and become apparent when the "phoners" - as they are refered to - begin exibiting strange abilities, which some belive that humans are capable of, but just havent unlocked.

Clay, the would be comic book artist, Tom the gay buisiness man and Alice, the fifteen year old schoolgirl, are among the survivors who attempt to survive the carnage of the pulse (as the event is known) and the phoners.
Clays driving force in this book is finding his son, "Jonny G" as he is refered to, while everyone else just wants to find safety - try to accomplish two tasks that do not seem to go together.
along the way they find "the heard," headmaster of a school and Jordan, a 12 year old computer whizz kid - who is my most favorite character of the book for his cheeck and his intelligence.

this is a very visually stimulating book and eventhough i was listening to the audio book, some of the imagery that came to mind seemed to paint itself infront of my eyes, some of the death scences and the mental imagery of "the raggerty man" especialy, was extremely vivid and they didnt fade after opening my eyes again so anyone who doesnt like that sort of thing should avoid this.

the one thing that i like about this book and one of its strongest points is that that you ride along with clay on his obssesion to find his son and the one thing that makes it so strong and so compelling is that you dont actually meet jonny until the end, although as you draw to the end, his essence is put out into the story in the form of two letters and if your after a bit of heartfelt emotion that makes you cry - cause it almost did make me cry - then this book has that too.

i have to say that the ending is great and will leave you on a cliff hanger wanting more, but a very satisfying read.

i challenge anyone not to look twice at their mobile / cell phone when it rings for the first time after you finish this!!!

The Highest Tide
The Highest Tide
by Jim Lynch
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars BRILLIANT, 9 Mar 2007
This review is from: The Highest Tide (Paperback)
This is a fantasic read and considering i saw the book on Richard and Judy's Book club (which i usually avaoid like the plague - now i'm glad i saw it.)

This book tells the story of Mile O'Malley who has a love of the sea and a deep understanding and respect for it.

As well as dealing with being in the lime-light when he discovers a squid, Miles also has to contend with his parents "rocky" relationship, and an elderly physic friend who is telling him that the highest tide for 50 years is about to come in.

but appart from that, the book also has the undertone and tells the story of how your perseption of the world changes as you grow up and how Miles tries to deal with that realisation.

This is an excellent book that flows along, and even though the ending isnt really sad, it made me want to cry.

A must for anyone who likes a well-written, touching story.

The Recruit (Cherub)
The Recruit (Cherub)
by Robert Muchamore
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.24

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5.0 out of 5 stars Cherub: Is a must, 9 Mar 2007
This review is from: The Recruit (Cherub) (Paperback)
Now before i start, i have to admit that i am 22 yers old, but i like kids fiction and half the time its far more intresting than adult fiction, i have to say that along with harry potter, the cherub series is my favorite series of books and has been since this "The Recruit" first came out.

The story starts with James (the main character) and his life. He is one of those bright kids who could do well, but doesnt want to and consequently begins to get into trouble with the police.

After his mum dies, James eneds up in a childrens home and from there is recruited into cherub where james has to conquer in greatest fear (swimming) and make his self ready for basic training. And that is where the fun starts.

I have to say that this series should be commended. It is streetwise for children of today and aswell as dealing with some - with what could be called - very contrevercial issues to be placed in childrens books: ie, this books explores the relms of bio-terrorism, and in the following books, class a drugs, the arizona penal system, murder, brain washing religious cults, animal rights, but to name some of it.

The books explores James as a person shows how he grows and develops and as the book says "These kids may be CHERUB's, but they're still kids" and is written and as well as being an undercover spy, james has to deal with school, girls and other issues that you face as you grow up.

THIS IS A MUST!!!!!!!!!!!

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