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Amazon Customer "palberto" (spain)

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CAE Gold Plus
CAE Gold Plus
by Nick Kenny
Edition: Paperback
Price: £31.50

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1.0 out of 5 stars No listenings in the cd, no answers in the page. Useless and expensive book., 5 Feb. 2012
This review is from: CAE Gold Plus (Paperback)
If this book comes without a listening cd that is otherwise continously referred to through is pages, as it actually comes without, and if this book comes whithout the keys to its exercises as it also happens, then... this books obviously is not a good book.

And it is not cheap, because I bought it in Spain for more than 40 euros. Of course I have given it back.

Don't buy it.

Romantic Revolutionary: Simon Bolivar and the Struggle for Independence in Latin America
Romantic Revolutionary: Simon Bolivar and the Struggle for Independence in Latin America
by Robert Harvey
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £20.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars One of the worse ones on the topic, and plenty of personal biasses, 17 May 2011
It is not possible not to feel empathy to Southamerican patriots fighting against the cruel Spanish rule. But wars in Spanish America, rather than the freedom cry of Americans against Europeans that only happened in earlier peasants uprisings in Mexico (Hidalgo), were the logical result of antagonism between peninsulares and criollos, not what a marxist would call a clash of classes, and more a domestic Spanish issue than an international war. The situation for indians, blacks or mestizos didn't improve under the new-born American republics, and in fact in countries like Argentina or Chile, the independence was the warning shot for the massacre and extermination of amerindians, in industrial numbers, that was to come in the XIX century.

But if you are interested in balanced History, giving to anyone what is his, don't buy this book.

Tha author takes side very fanatically against Spain, more as a football supporter than as a serious Historian.
Harvey fails to notice that american independence wars were civil wars, with Criollos (american-born Spaniards) enrolled in the Spanish army (the army of Venezuelan volunteers -pardos led by Boves- fighting against Bolívar, the colombian mestizo Aqualongo killed because of oaring loyalty to Spain, Páez (first president of Venezuela) changing from one side to the other), and pure european-blood Spaniards fighting under the insurgent flag (Mina and many others).

He is not able to see that those who fought against Spain, from Bolívar to San Martín, were Spanish themselves, Spanish-Americans. And so they felt, even after the war (Zea, Bolívar's foreign minister, for example, has a rough argument with the Libertador because the former wanted to preserve some kind of confederation link with Spain, which he called it "our fatherland" even after the wars had ended). There were not two separate worlds, because criollos and peninsulares shared a common cultural and historical link, Bolívar and Miranda travelled through Spain searching for the origin place of their ancestors, Bolívar even got married in Madrid with an Spanish woman, San Martín was an Spanish official in the battle of Bailén, the first defeat of Napoleon's army. And I could go on an on, the bottom line (which this books ignores or consciously hides) is that there was a cultural and historical unity of the Hispanic world, that even today, two hundred years later, still exists. The wars were civil wars, the two sides were not so clear for many of the participants, as many witnesses of the time let us see in their testimonies.

As a sample of how poor the line of this book is, we read the author saying non-senses such as "should the spanish have been more competent, they would have won this or that battle". Is that History? Bad book full of wrong missjudgements and prejudices.

American Peoples "brutalized" under the Spanish army? I depends on what we understand by "American Peoples". Certainly the Caracas' oligarchy ("los mantuanos", to which Bolívar belonged) were not brutalized, but quite other thing, they enjoyed privileges under the Spanish crown thanks to which they became the American Aristocracy. Did I say that Bolívar had slaves, and that during his many tenures in Government, in several places of America, he didn't abolished slavery? Well, the same Engels wrote a profile about Bolívar that chavists, I am affraid, will not like.

Indians, blacks, they were the real losers. Then as now. The brutality of the imperial enforcements is a powerous grip, and is structural as any marxist know. It is not a matter of Spaniards against Latinamericans, as this book wrongly asserts (even portraying Spaniards as bad and Stupid, and Latinamericans were good an clever :)) I doubt that French of English colonists have been more human, rather the opposite.

The Spaniards thought that America was theirs according to their understanding of public law, when they thought that their powered was challenged they responded brutally as all powers did in times of the ancient regime. But there was also an Spanish illustration that flowered in Spanish America, with scientists, writers, artists... they founded cities, universities, roads, civil and religious buildings... Humboldt was clever enough to see it personally and wrote about it.

The Spaniards intermarried indians, created a new race of free men where Dutch or English didn't go beyond slavery. What we call Hispanic is not an European issue, is a cultural shared heritage between two continents. It is true now, and it was already true during the independence wars. After the Ayacucho battle, the latin american officials proclaimed that the future relationship between the new republics and the former metropoly would be based on "la hidalguía española que llevamos en la sangre".

But Mr. Harvey converts all to a football match, in which he is a furious supporter of the local team. Poor book, bad author, worse Historian.

Thank you for your patience.

Cinematic Storytelling: The 100 Most Powerful Film Conventions Every Filmmaker Must Know
Cinematic Storytelling: The 100 Most Powerful Film Conventions Every Filmmaker Must Know
by Jennifer Van Sijll
Edition: Paperback
Price: £13.48

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2.0 out of 5 stars good idea but poorly executed, 9 Feb. 2011
The concept of this book is very promising: Look at these prebuilt sequences where storytelling grammar is applied for the most common cases you will need to express: emotional feelings, transitions between different times and/or spaces, etc.

But the book fails, in my opinion. The pictures provided are of sooooo poooor quality that it is hard to see the scene composition and even the elements of each frame, and very often the chosen frames fail to represent in the page the video sequence where they were extracted from.

So on the left page you read the texts that in theory are commenting how a given effect or idea was achieved through the presented sequence on the right page, but in many times you are not able to see any connection, nor understanding it.

I am sorry, that is my opinion. I think I have to buy a better book about the issue or learning by myself video storytelling, rather than expecting for a book like this to give me that knowledge already suppossedly done.

Thank you.

Cover-Up Amazon Kindle DX Cover Case (Book Style) (Fits 9.7" Display, Latest and 2nd Generation) - Black
Cover-Up Amazon Kindle DX Cover Case (Book Style) (Fits 9.7" Display, Latest and 2nd Generation) - Black

2 of 6 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Why do they make for lefty people?, 3 Sept. 2010
When you open it, the kindle lies on your right. If for example you want to use the case to put the kindle in one half and a paper in the other (to take handwritten notes), you find yourself crossing your hand with the pen over your other hand holding the case.

Please, make one where the kindle is placed in the left half, so that the paper can be placed in the right hand. It would be super for those who like me are not lefty.

thank you.

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