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Revo Pixis RS Colour Touchscreen Internet/DAB/DAB+/FM Radio with Alarm Clock and Wireless Network Audio Streaming - Black/Gunmetal
Revo Pixis RS Colour Touchscreen Internet/DAB/DAB+/FM Radio with Alarm Clock and Wireless Network Audio Streaming - Black/Gunmetal
Price: 129.95

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2.0 out of 5 stars OK in parts, 24 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This was bought as a bedside clock radio and replaces a Roberts Stream83i which has been promoted to the kitchen. The hope was that it would be more compact on a bedside table - and it is. It looks good and displays the time when not operating. As a glasses wearer I would have liked the time display to be a little larger, but it is adequate. I find that the sound quality is reasonably satisfactory though it lacks the depth of tone of the Roberts. I feel that it should be a bit better for a radio in this price range. The touch screen is clear but unresponsive at times - particularly when pressing near the left edge. There does not seem to be any way of calibrating the screen. I think that the screen is a bit of an unfortunate gimmick as it makes operation of the radio more cumbersome and less efficient than it needs to be.

DAB radio mode.
This works well and the reception is clear and without problems. The only frustration is the DAB slideshow. The manual states: "PIXIS RS provides support for DAB Slideshow, an innovative new feature that significantly enhances the digital radio experience". I beg to differ. It is a thundering nuisance that fills the entire screen with an image that blocks access to the touch screen buttons. It can easily be removed (until it reappears) by touching the screen but there should be the option of turning the thing off completely.

FM radio mode.
This is, literally, useless. It is possible to get the radio to scan for stations with a good reception. I did this and it found precisely none. Reception of FM on other radios is fine here but the Revo Pixis RS could not get a signal from even strong stations such as Radio 4 or Classic FM. It is so useless that I wonder whether my radio has a fault. If I had wanted to use it for listening to FM I would have sent it back immediately.

Internet Radio Mode.
This was easy to set up and all sorts of stations can be found if you have time to plough through the unintuitive touch screen menu system. Reception is good but there is one enormous frustration with it. When listening to BBC podcasts (programmes on over recent days) the signal will drop for no apparent reason. The radio will then reconnect but the programme will then start from the beginning again and there is no way of fast forwarding to the point where it all fell apart. I would put this down to a weak Wi-Fi signal if it were not for the fact that the Roberts Stream83i (located in exactly the same position) operated without any problem.

Network Audio.
It is possible to stream music from a PC/Mac but this is of no interest to me and I haven't tried it.

There are two alarms which can either trigger a radio station or set off a buzzer. There is also a sleep function which will turn the radio off after a certain amount of time (selected by the user).

Would I recommend it? I am afraid not. The touch screen operation is unintuitive and inefficient. And there are too many other problems with the operation of the radio.
Do I regret buying it? Yes - I should have paid just a little more and bought another Roberts Stream83i. It would have meant sacrificing a bit of space on the bedside table, but it is a vastly superior radio in just about every respect.

Euroshowers WHITE D SHAPE Soft Close Toilet Seat with PUSH BUTTON Quick Release Hinges
Euroshowers WHITE D SHAPE Soft Close Toilet Seat with PUSH BUTTON Quick Release Hinges
Offered by Trade In Post Limited
Price: 31.70

5.0 out of 5 stars Looks good and works, 18 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
There is not much that can be said about a loo seat. It looks very smart and appears to be well constructed.

It is fairly straightforward to install but common sense is far more useful than the enclosed 'picture' instructions. I wish manufacturers would realise that a few words accompanying the diagrams would make things clear. 'Pictures' are, of course, a universal language - but in this case the only thing they achieve is confusion in any language!

Rant over. The loo seat is fine.

Neato Robotics Neato XV Signature Pro Robot Vacuum, Black and Silver
Neato Robotics Neato XV Signature Pro Robot Vacuum, Black and Silver
Price: 359.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A difficult decision, 18 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My Roomba robot vacuum had developed too many ailments after four years of daily usage and needed to be replaced. Over that time it had required two new batteries, two new brush assemblies and had needed to be stripped down and cleaned/serviced on several occasions. It had, however, cleaned well (coping with the effects of two very hairy dogs) and my initial thought was to replace it with another Roomba.

I then saw that Neato also produced a robot vacuum which, it was claimed, would cope with pet hair as well as daily debris. After quite a bit of dithering I decided to take the gamble and opted for the make of which I had no experience. Was this the right decision?

Effective cleaning.
Both vacuums are efficient at what they do. A daily clean can be scheduled and a lot of debris is lifted from the hard floor and carpets. They leave their charge point at the desired time, clean up, and then return to recharge.

Siting the charge point.
Here the Roomba appears to be a little less fussy. I had it set up in an unobtrusive corner of the kitchen and it had no problems in returning to this spot. The Neato needed the charge point to be put in a more exposed position but, once correctly placed, it has never failed to return correctly.

The Roomba seems to be a little quieter, but the noise of the Neato is not really excessive, and certainly quieter than a standard vacuum cleaner. The Neato's noise seems to come from a powerful suction fan - so it is worth putting up with.

Although the Neato initially seems move slower, it is faster at cleaning the rooms as it does not randomly go over the same areas several times. The Neato's methodical approach gets the job done faster.

Kindness to furniture.
Here the Neato wins hands down. Whereas the Roomba will charge into all furniture (unless it is white) and 'bounce' off, the Neato is far more gentle and avoids collisions.

With my Roomba I had a remote control and it was useful, after daily maintenance, just to hit the 'return to base' button and it would wander off to its home. The Neato does not have this facility, but it does have a clear screen with a simple menu for selecting different functions.

Multi-room cleaning.
The Neato just gets on with this and covers the entire area that is available to it, going from room to room (If the area is too large for one battery charge it will nip off for a recharge when it needs it). The Roomba needs 'lighthouses' to be placed at door entrances and it will then fully clean one room before moving to the next. This is a clever idea, but they do need positioning before a clean and they cost extra (with some models) and take batteries.

Daily maintenance.
The Roomba needs fairly extensive daily maintenance. In addition to bin emptying the brushes need to be removed and cleaned (using the tool provided) to remove dog hair. Time required - about 6 to 8 minutes. The Neato again needs the bin emptying daily (it seems to get a bit more debris up) but the design of the brush is such that it does not retain anywhere near as much hair. Time required - 2 to 3 minutes.

External - They both look OK. Purely subjectively I think that the Neato looks a bit less like a toy.
Internal - An ongoing problem with the Roomba was dog hairs being drawn into the brush gear assembly. Neato have a belt drive on the brush which seems to avoid this problem.

It is useful to be able to restrict the robot cleaners access to certain areas (e.g. preventing the cleaners going under furniture where they would get stuck). To do this with the Roomba it is necessary to place a 'lighthouse' (see above). The Neato achieves the some thing by using a metallic/rubber strip which can be left down.

Price. There's no debate about this one. The Neato is cheaper, and just as effective (possibly more so).

So was it the right decision?
I think it was. The key point for me is the 'Kindness to furniture' where the Neato avoids the superficial damage which could be caused by the Roomba. So far I am delighted with it and if it can match the four year life span of its predecessor then it will have been a very good buy indeed.

Capella Real and Faux Leather Jupiter 2 Seat Sofa, Dark Brown
Capella Real and Faux Leather Jupiter 2 Seat Sofa, Dark Brown

2.0 out of 5 stars It looks good, but ..., 18 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is certainly a very smart sofa and I have no quibbles about its appearance. It is, however, certainly not a piece of furniture that you can sink into and relax. The seat is very firm and sitting on it gives the impression of being perched on top of something. It looks right in a lounge but feels as if it would be more at home in a doctor's waiting room or somewhere where a short wait is expected. I hope that it will improve with use, but I doubt it.

Would I have bought it if I had tried it out in a store first? Definitely not.

Will I be returning it to Amazon? It is not faulty - just not very comfortable. When it was delivered it came in a massive cardboard box which was pulled apart by the delivery men mid-doorway when they found that it would not fit through. So I have no packing and would have to meet the cost of the return myself. Unfortunately I think I will have to live with it - unless, of course, there are any doctors in my area who are looking to refurnish their waiting rooms who would like to buy it from me!

Kitchen Craft Master Class Stainless Steel Egg Topper
Kitchen Craft Master Class Stainless Steel Egg Topper
Price: 11.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars A waste of money, 26 Dec 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Encouraged by the number of positive reviews I went ahead and bought the masterclass egg topper which is made by Kitchen Craft. Some reviewers state that there is no technique required - but this is definitely not the case (even the instructions refer to the ball being lifted slightly). Other say that success comes with practice - but is it worth the time and effort (and eggs)?

My experience (following the instructions precisely):
Egg 1 - The entire shell cracked making it very difficult to salvage anything from the egg.
Egg 2 - On the first attempt there was no affect on the egg whatsoever. On the second attempt the top was removed but there were far more shell fragments than if I had done it the old way and sliced the top off with a knife.
Egg 3 - Forget the egg topper - Out with a knife (not perfect, but way better than the unpredictable Topper).

The instructions on the box state that I will get a "precision cut around the top of the egg leaving no shell residue". They also use the word "simply" when describing what to do. My response is "Unbelievable"!

JML Pedi Spin
JML Pedi Spin
Offered by JML Direct
Price: 14.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars They MUST withdraw it soon, 11 Nov 2013
This review is from: JML Pedi Spin (Personal Care)
I am amazed that this product was ever put on sale. It is so under-powered as to be totally useless. JML are doing themselves no favours by selling such a poor product.

Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Graphics Tablet
Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Graphics Tablet
Offered by C&C Consulting S.r.l.
Price: 50.00

0 of 3 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Very disappointing, 2 Aug 2013
I am amazed that there are so many glowing reviews for this product. From the start I had better say that I am not interested in games and gimmicks and that the sole reason for my purchase was to facilitate better photo editing (mainly in Lightroom).

I am using this tablet on a Windows 7 64-bit system and I find the slow response and hesitancy of the pen controlled cursor makes it virtually unusable.The pen buttons are in the wrong place (in my opinion) as they can be too easily triggered though, fortunately, they can be disabled. The cursor is supposed to move when the pen is "less than 3-5cm above the tablet". I find that it stops working when it is just over 1cm above the surface (so contact is frequently lost)! The instructions state that it should be possible to trigger a pop-up menu with one of the ExpressKeys (four of which are to one side of the tablet) but, as far as I can see, this is not an option. The pressure sensitivity might be useful occasionally but I find that for most operations it is just a nuisance (and cannot be turned off). I find that clicking with the pen on minimise, maximise and close buttons frequently does not work (although it makes the click sound) and I have to resort to my mouse to do things properly. This even applies to the Bamboo Dock! There are 'Bamboo apps' which can be added (like plug-ins) but there is no explanation that I can find of what they do or how to operate them. Some are self-explanatory but some are not. The tablet crashed this morning and would not turn on again for several minutes. I thought this must be battery related (I have the optional wireless accessory kit) but when it did eventually start again I saw the there was a 95% charge remaining. And yes - I have updated the driver to the latest available version.

There is a tutorial included, at the end of which we are informed that Wacom would 'really appreciate' feedback. However, clicking on the link on the regional map does NOT go to a feedback form but to a web page where we are encouraged to trade in our device for a more expensive one!

All in all, a very poor product with careless documentation. It has, however, made me realise
a) just how responsive my mouse really is, and
b) just how stupid I was not to buy it from Amazon so that I could return it without hassle.

Draper 75098 Wall Mounted Fan & Remote
Draper 75098 Wall Mounted Fan & Remote
Price: 43.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, 17 July 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Assembling the fan was straightforward and the instruction were clear - it took under 10 minutes. The mounting bracket is fixed to the wall by three screws and with the fan attached it feels very secure. At the times of the year when the fan is not needed it can be removed and the bracket is flush enough to the wall for it to be hidden by a picture/photograph. The fan has plenty of power and all the options you could want (power settings, an oscillating option, a timer, even a variable breeze settings for night time). A very good buy.

Nexus 822CON 13A 1-Gang to 2-Gang Moulded Converter Switched Socket
Nexus 822CON 13A 1-Gang to 2-Gang Moulded Converter Switched Socket
Price: 5.93

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5.0 out of 5 stars Ideal, 17 July 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It is simple to fit and looks really neat. So much better than using an adaptor. I will be getting more of these to replace other single sockets in due course.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 (Mac/PC)
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 (Mac/PC)
Price: 99.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Workflow wonder!, 16 July 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is the ultimate 'workflow' program. With pictures imported it is simple to catalogue them, improve/adjust them - and then send them on their way for pixel level editing in another program (PaintShop Pro in my case). Integration is straightforward and the results are stunning.

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