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Ortlieb OF6001 Waterproof Front-Roller City - QL1 25ltr Pair Cycle Panniers - Red / Black
Ortlieb OF6001 Waterproof Front-Roller City - QL1 25ltr Pair Cycle Panniers - Red / Black
Offered by SJS Cycles
Price: £69.99

4.0 out of 5 stars DONT BUY BLACK!!, 24 Aug 2014
I have just returned from my first bicycle tour . After the first week i had the misfortune to come off after hitting the curb entering a busy town outside a boulangerie, fortunately i didnt hurt myself and apart from a broken headlight no damage was done. However while gathering my bike together, a driver entered the lay by to use the shop and drove over my ortileb front pannier, it was wedged solidly underneath the engine and i really had to tug to free it, apart from a few scratches no damage was done. i think that this proves testament to the strength and durability of Ortileb. Maybe if they had been any other color than black the driver might have seen it better, so i recommend buying the brightest colour available.
After this incident I did not feel confident with front panniers anymore, and this is the only reason for giving them only 4 stars . But this should not in any way detract from Ortileb quality.

Panasonic DMC-FZ72EB-K Lumix Bridge Camera - Black (16.1MP, Super Telephoto 60x Optical Zoom, 20mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens)
Panasonic DMC-FZ72EB-K Lumix Bridge Camera - Black (16.1MP, Super Telephoto 60x Optical Zoom, 20mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens)
Offered by L&J Photo
Price: £260.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars A BIG IMPROVEMENT ON MY INSTAMATIC, 19 Aug 2014
I am not even going to mention this cameras down points, because they have already been mentioned. Let just say that i have been a keen photographer for over 40years in that time I have had quite a few SLR, won a few competitions, and used to spend quite a bit of time reading endless kit reviews in magazines convincing me that unless you spent a fair old bit of dosh on cameras and lenses then you would never take a decent photo. Lets put it like this in todays terms this camera cost about the same as my kodak instamatic did back in 1970. I am now free of the constains of a sack full of lenses and cameras, and can put my little Panasonic in my handle bar bag, and go on a 1200km bike ride and not miss a shot !!. Yea maybe the 2000grand plus Nikon super zoom might be a bit better optically, but by the time you stopped got that out of the pannier and stuck it on the camera , you would have missed the birdie,, not with this one!! Brill brill brill brill !!

Vango Pulsar 200 Tent - 2014
Vango Pulsar 200 Tent - 2014
Offered by PJ Camping
Price: £144.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Spacious!!, 26 May 2014
For quite a while i had been looking for a suitable tent for cycle touring; trying to make a comprimise between weight, comfort, and price caused some head scratching; It seems if you want a large enough tent that you can put your bike in and cook in comfort when pouring down outside, then you will have to pay a high premium in weight. I did find one it the market that seemed to tick all the boxes, but the nearly £400 asking price was way outside my budget; Just as i was about to give up the search a settle for something smaller i came across this tent from Vango;
Well maybe i was a bit hasty a couple of years ago on reviewing a tent here after only pitching it 3 times, because the fourth time one of the poles broke; So maybe I better be a little bit pore cautious as to what i write here!!.
To get familiar with the pitching i erected it in the garden, and was quite suprised how easy and straight forward this seemed to be, pitching the outer first; the whole tent seems to ooze quality after my other one, with guy lines that do stay tight, and fairly substantial alloy pegs, inside it felt light and airy, and yes the bike with the front wheel off did fit in the porch. While up i decided to try seeing what it was like for sleeping in, the first night quite a storm blew up, i had read that tunnel type tents can make quite a noise flaping about in the wind , but it felt quite cosy and secure inside, maybe this is helped by the innovative braces that form a sort of A frame from the poles.
The telling time with the sturdiness of this tent is after it has been put up and taken down a few times. but for first impressions i am very pleased with this tent, and i am sure you could pay a lot more for a lot more inferior tent. OK the 3.2 odd kilo is a little bit heavier than I wanted to lug around, but the money saved over a super lightweight tent can be spent on a lot more gram shaveing equipment .
This tent certainly deserves a five star rateing for value for money and quality, just one minus point is that the ground sheet is very thin, but there is a footprint available , just adds up to another 400 gram on the overall weight, In my experience always get a tent suitable for one more person than you really want, ie, 3 man tent for 2, but in my opinion there is ample room for 2 and all their kit with this tent. Maybe after a couple of months on the road this review will need editing, but for the moment defiantly the best tent i have owned .

EDIT August 2014; Having just returned from a month long cycle trip I am happy to say that this tent lived up to all my expectations. The tent was erected and taken down approx 24 times , and inspecting it on return I could only find one little bit of stitching becoming undone on on of the pegging tabs. For the most the weather was very favourable, but on a few occasions there were some pretty heavy thunderstorms overnight and the tent did not leak at all. Once familiar with the sequence of erecting it became quite quick to put up, and all though I pegged out all the guy lines, In calm weather I doubt if all of them would be necessary. If i could find one fault, if you can call it that, was that while camping with fellow cyclists I found my tent embarrassingly large compared with theirs,but that large front porch gave me the luxury of just throwing my panniers in at the end of every day. One important feature especialy for me is that I am not geting any younger and kneeling can become quite painful, because of the extra height of the doors I found I could just get in without haveing to. So all in all this tent definatly deserves a 5 star rating.

Yousave Accessories Nokia X Case PU Leather Wallet Cover
Yousave Accessories Nokia X Case PU Leather Wallet Cover
Offered by PJA Distribution Ltd
Price: £5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Give your phone some style, 23 May 2014
Having brought my smart phone I needed to give it some sort of protection, looking in the same shop as where purchased I was shocked to see how much a simple pouch would cost , so had a look on Amazon France and saw this product being offered for 4€38 including postage,. I was quite astounded at the sheer quality of the product when it arrived just 4 days later, quite simply as well as giving all round protection it looks a a bit flash as well . Only down side, it has to be taken of so that the phone can fit in the pouch on my bike, but i can live with that;

Nokia X DUAL SIM Black 4GB Unlocked Smart phone. 4 inch Touch screen
Nokia X DUAL SIM Black 4GB Unlocked Smart phone. 4 inch Touch screen
Offered by Wowcamera
Price: £80.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars I'm happy enough with it, 13 May 2014
I am writing this review on the basis that i am a first time smart phone user and not a tecno geek, so i will keep it simple and straight to the point. I am planning going away shortly on a cycle tour and wanted a mobile which would keep me in touch with the outside world, have GPS, and play a bit of music without paying a fortune for it. The NokiaX fits this bill and gives me more, one feature that i really like is the mix radio, choose 3 of your favorite artists or groups and the mix will give you an assortment of music based around that genre and it can be downloaded to listen off line for up to 30days, i do like listening to music when out on my bike and so this means i wont have to pay roaming charges something I dread when I leave my country (France). Also on this point the Nokia x has a dual sim which is advantageous for me because my contract with free only allows me to use it in France, so the other card will be used for pay as you go in what ever country i visit. i also have an Archos 4/3 tablet which i must say has a better sound quality.
I am one of the older users of a smart phone and i really think too much is expected of smart phones by a lot of the younger generation it is only 30 odd years ago since walkmens first came on the market and by today's prices you would have had to pay one hell of a lot more just to listen to a bit of music from a cassette let alone having a camera to go with it. i have taken a few pics with the camera and must say that being a keen amateur photographer I dont like it, because i prefer to use the real thing. i have just ordered one of these
which I hope will enable me to download photos from my camera to the Nokia. In short for the 100 I paid for it I am chuffed to bits

EuroVelo Map ECF / The european cycle route network / Das europäische Fahrradnetzwerk: 12 EuroVelo-Routen. 1:4000000
EuroVelo Map ECF / The european cycle route network / Das europäische Fahrradnetzwerk: 12 EuroVelo-Routen. 1:4000000
by Unknown.
Edition: Map
Price: £4.39

1.0 out of 5 stars Useless, 26 Mar 2014
This map is about as much use as a sat nav without batteries. save your money and ask at local tourist offices on route for any maps, far more detailed and free.

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars AT THIS PRICE DONT COMPLAIN !!, 29 Jan 2014
I tried ecigs for the first time in England at Christmas , returning back to France for the new year i went to the nearest bar tabac and paid 29€ for exactly the same product only because I could not wait to give one a go.
Well a month later I have got no complaints because i have not touched any tobacco since.. All these Sheesha pens are coming out of the same factory and its early days with the development of them so there is bound to be a few teething problems but i am sure they will only get better.
So if you are like i was,, a hopelessly addicted smoker for over 40years, just buy one and some nicotine juice to get you started, because in just the space of one month i have got absolutely no desire to return to tobacco, and have already reduced my nicotine intake with these

ARCHOS 43 16 GB Internet Tablet
ARCHOS 43 16 GB Internet Tablet

4.0 out of 5 stars GOOD KIT!!, 15 July 2013
I brought my Archos 43 exactly a year ago on a whim and without reading any reviews about it so after reading some of the negative ones here and how they had died on the purchaser I didn't hold out too much hope for mine, well im glad to say that after a lot of use its still going strong .

I no doubt are one of the older users of this product, and i dont have much use for mobile phones, and because of stories of massive unforeseen roaming charges, I prefer to use mine only for emergencies . So with the Archos I know exactly where I stand . I like to go away camping and so the device makes a handy lightweight companion to listen to music, watch downloaded vids, play chess, and read kindle books, and if needed send and receive emails if WI FI is available.

I have had my moments of madness with the thing, especially scrolling though all my music files , it can become quite frustrating and also trying to download certain apps, but I have learn't to accept these downfalls. The camera is a bit crap but i never really use it. However the resolution of down loaded pics and vids is excellent.

I am hoping to go away on a long cycle tour next year, and keeping the weight of what to take with me to an absolute minimum, I don't really want to take my laptop, but with the intention of doing a blog, I would be a bit hesitant to write too much on this touch pad, so it would be great if archos or some other third party could come up with a slightly larger stand alone touch pad to use with this device. If any of you tech geeks out there know of one already existing then I would love to know . because it would surly add another dimension to this already handy piece of kit.

Four stars only because the restrictive screen lets it down .

My Summer Sabbatical: Cycling Across Switzerland & France
My Summer Sabbatical: Cycling Across Switzerland & France
by Ms Andi Lonnen
Edition: Paperback
Price: £4.86

5.0 out of 5 stars I THINK I'LL JUST GO AND CLIMB A MOUNTAIN!!, 15 July 2013
I have just got back from my first weekend bike trip with all my camping kit, and although it was just a gentle 104k jaunt around the hills of central Brittany admittedly in plus 35 degree heat, I woke up this morning after a good nights sleep completely worn out. So I take my hat off to this author who battles with Asthma and neck arthritis for undertaking such a trip;

However being not the worlds best reader i was beginning to battle with this book halfway through because every day started sounding a bit the same, starting off with what was eaten for breakfast,her mid morning pain au chocolate,a mid day picnic, finding a campsite and making a veggie stir fry with a well deserved glass of white wine and going to bed . with in between all this riding to the top of a few mountains;Apart from a few mishaps nothing else much seemed to happen.

At the moment i am waiting for early retirement because of Arthritis in my knees and sciatica and so am in limbo and all i can do is a few evening bike trips building my strength up for next year when I hope to cycle from my home in Brittany down to Spain. So I am doing a lot of reading about cycle touring in search of inspiration; So because this book inspired me to go and try a bit harder around the hills in my neighborhood then it deserves a 5 star rateing; I have a feeling this is the first book Andi Lonnen has written, and I hope it isnt the last,because she sounds like a woman with a lot of balls (!?!) but please Andi, it would be nice in the future to see a few maps and maybe a few more thoughts when your ascending those peaks and what drives you on when nothing is left in your legs!!!;

Fairey Gannet Model Kit
Fairey Gannet Model Kit
Offered by LUDICA sarl
Price: £11.69

5.0 out of 5 stars Interesting!!, 8 Jun 2013
= Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Fairey Gannet Model Kit (Toy)
Cant really add to what has already been written, great fun to build, and excellent value; But be warned, you will have to add plenty of weight to the nose, or it will end up a tail sitter!!; Ive added 5 one centime pieces to mine plus numerous bits of deco lead and i fear that that is still not enough!!!;

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