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5.0 out of 5 stars Techno Classic, 18 May 2007
This review is from: Orbital (Audio CD)
I must admit the first song I heard from Orbital was Halcyon + On + On, which still remians my favourite Orbital song (despite this being the only Orbital CD I own - they are very hard to find in Australia).

The first truly great track is Planet Of The Shapes, which seems to be all about maths and physics, which is fine for me because I do have an advanced degree in science (soon). Lush 3-1 and Lush 3-2 retain the high quiality of the previous tracks, but as stated earlier Halcyon + On + On is the best track on offer. It begins very light and atmospheric, but it takes you to another dimention when the bass enters, and is simply the best techno song ever, not that it defines the gener by any means.

Highly recommended for anybody

9 / 10
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Silent Shout
Silent Shout
Price: £9.88

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best album of 2006, 18 May 2007
This review is from: Silent Shout (Audio CD)
One of my favourite tachno albums ever is the Knife's Silent Shout, is an album I accidently purchased but that is irrelevant, as this is a review.

The album opens with the melancholic Silent Shout which was my early favourite, however the album hits a peak with Neverland, which for me is the albums best song. It reminded me of a less harsh version of Bjork's Pluto, but had the same affect, and is a far better song, not that I don't like Pluto by Bjork. The lead single, We Share Our Mother's Health is probably the most commercial sounding song on the CD except for the follow-up Like A Pen, which happens to be one of my favourites. Track 9, From Off To On, is another of my favourites also.

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys good electronic music.

9 / 10

American Doll Posse [CD + DVD]
American Doll Posse [CD + DVD]
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £15.30

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4.0 out of 5 stars Tori Amos - American Doll Posse, 18 May 2007
Firstly, I wouldn't call this album a 'return to form' simply because her first five albums still remain to be her best 5, while 'Strange Little Girls', 'Scarlet's Walk', and 'The Beekeeper' have a couple of good tracks, but I really can't appreciate them as albums per se. This album, however, is better than her three last albums, and while it is consistant, has no classics like Precious Things, Winter, Little Earthquakes, Yes Anastasia, Horses and you know the rest.

Now, to stop comparing the album to her earlier work and write an actual review.

Big Wheel is one of the best songs from the CD, and is a song not to be taken too seriously, but it is Tori's funnest song. Period. Tracks 3-5 follow, but the album really hits a peak with the tongue-in-cheek You Can Bring Your Dog, which just oozes sex appeal. Track 8, Girl Disappearing, is another highlight, and I was glad to see a return to strings, as Yes, Anastasia is possibly her best song, compositionally at least. Soon after, there is Secret Spell, which should have been the lead single in my opinion, or at least should be the follow-up. Body And Soul follows and is the best song so-far, with a mixture of rock and electronic. The following songs follow with nothing too mentionable, but the albums best song for me is Dark Side Of The Sun which is such an epic anti-war track.

The last two songs, Smokey Joe and Dragon are further highlights.

Overall, this album lacks the emotion (which Tori does best) and passion that were so elaborate in her 1990's albums, but nevertheless, I would recommend it if you liked some of her previous album. If you haven't heard any Tori Amos yet, Little Earthquakes is by far the best place to start, and is very much her definitive album.

8 / 10

To Venus and Back
To Venus and Back
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Price: £12.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Tori Amos - To Venus And Back, 23 Dec. 2006
This review is from: To Venus and Back (Audio CD)
I've found out that most people love, or simply don't like this album compared to her others. 1998-99 showcased my favourite Tori Amos `era' - the electronica Tori.

This is a masterpiece - Tori's best album.

`To Venus and Back', begins with the lead single in the US, Bliss. This is Tori's most accessible lead single so-far, but this isn't a bad thing. The song only peaked at #91 in the US, and was not released in the UK. "Juarez" is one of my favourites. It is a very dark electronic Tori and is about the place where two girls were repeatedly raped, in New Mexico. It's quite a spooky song, actually. "Concertina" is the fan favourite, but to be honest, this is not one of my favourites, but it is defiantly single-worthy, and in my opinion should have been released as lead single in the UK, instead of "Glory of the 80's", which is a great song and I like it more than Concertina, but it is just not very accessible, and most of the time you can not understand what Tori is saying. The single peaked at #46 in the UK.

"Lust" is another of my favourites. This song is what makes this album better than Scarlet's Walk and Little Earthquakes, which are said to be among Tori's best works. It is such a beautiful ballad, and probably my favourite Tori ballad ever, and one of my favourite ballads ever. It is not electronica, but fits in perfectly nonetheless. "Suede" was one of my early favourites. It is a very dark song and very atmospheric and sooooo weird! "Josephine" is a great song and another of my favourites. It is not electronica, but like "Lust", is an excellent song. "Riot Poof" reminded me of Tori's previous album because it is just so out-of-control and very crazy. You cannot understand what she is saying most of the time, and even though the song is very inaccessible, it is still a fun song. The melodic `Blossom... riot poof' is sung great and this is my second favourite song from this album.

"Datura" is the longest, strangest, and best song from this masterpiece. I cannot even begin to explain this song, but I will try. It is named after a very strong hallucinogen, which Tori probably took during recording this album. A funny (okay, not funny, but quite strange) story: In 2003, a German student known just as "Andreas W", from Halle cut off his own penis and tongue with a pair of garden shears while under the influence of datura. Neither organ was re-attached successfully. Back to the review, towards the end Tori sings `Dividing Canaan..." so may times that you will feel really strange. "Spring Haze" is another standout and fan favourite. The chorus is just so uplifting and the verses are great also, and this song really brings back some good memories. "1000 Oceans" is a beautfil song and an excellent closer.

10 / 10

Music (Int'L)
Music (Int'L)
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Price: £2.60

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5.0 out of 5 stars Madonna - Music, 23 Dec. 2006
This review is from: Music (Int'L) (Audio CD)
It will be quite hard to beat the below reviews but I will try with this review....

As you know, this album was released in 2000, after her 4x Platinum (US), comeback album, Ray Of Light, which is the most common favourite Madonna album, although I disagree. Music is more distinctive and unique, although does also contain some very catchy popular dance songs, the first being "Music", which to be honest, is definitely not my favourite. It seems like a very simple song, but does have a very catchy and distinct chorus, which was the reason why it got to #1 all around the world. The next song is "Impressive Instant". It is a fun, catchy song, and follows the disco/dance theme of the previous track, and in my opinion, is a lot better. "Runaway Lover" is another cool dance song, but not one of my favourites - it doesn't really go anywhere, but is still a fun, catchy song to some extent - I like the lyrics though.

The last seven songs are the best seven songs on this CD, and some of them are Madonna's best. They are all personal and Madonna really shows her emotions, like she did on Ray Of Light. "I Deserve It" is about Madonna's current husband, and is about how they were meant for each other etc etc, and how Madonna has no regrets and deserves her fame. The subject matter may not be very original but the lyrics are great, as well as the beats and I love how this song builds up into a nearly masterpiece, and I love strange synthesizer solo. "It's Amazing" is another song that follows the "quiet first-verse-which-leads-in-to-a-loud-chorus" routine, like many of my favourite albums do. "It's Amazing" is a song that I didn't like very much at first, but I love it now. It follows the same 'routine' as the previous track, and works very well. It has a wide range of influence form country to dance to pop to trance to who knows where, which makes the song very unique and distinct. "Nobody's Perfect" is the first really strange songs on this CD, and this is why I like it so much, and unlike many, I love how it is so overproduced. Madonna sings about an event where she was not perfect, was dishonest etc and is another personal song.

"Don't Tell Me" at the time it was released, was one of the best Madonna singles ever (with Secret and Like a Prayer). This is another 'country' song, and has a great video. The strings are also great, and I especially like the laidback-ness of this song, and strange synths, and the extended outro. It was the follow up to the lead single "Music". "What It Feels Like For A Girl" may even be better than "Don't Tell Me". It is a very 'nice' song, and I guess it is about the man's point of view about what is feels like to be a girl. It is also about sexism to an extent, and is Madonna's daughter favourite song from Music. Other adjectives would be relaxed, sexy, relaxed, beautiful, catchy, and it was the third and last single from this album (excluding track 2, which was only released as a club single)

"Paraside (not for me)" completely blew me away. Madonna proves that she is more original, creative and unique than any other popstar (maybe except for one), and this song clearly supports that. It is such an inaccessible song about fame, basically and her childhood. The song starts out with only vocal and percussion, and some strange synths then come in, which really takes this song up to 'the next level' before Madonna starts to speak French (Madonna write this with a French guy, whose name I cannot remember), so to put it simply, this is one of Madonna's best songs, definitely. The closing track, "Gone" is one of Madonna's underrated where the acoustic guitars return. This has been interpreted very widely in different ways, but it basically is about all of the things the above nine tracks - it makes an excellent closer. This is one of Madonna's best songs lyrically, and the chorus is absolutely beautiful.

8 / 10

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bjork - Post, 23 Dec. 2006
This review is from: Post (Audio CD)
If you have never purchased a Bjork album, and are not too sure if you will like her or not, "Post" will be an excellent indication as if you do or not. The structure of the songs, are usually quite common, although the uniqueness and originality relies on the album's VERY strange and out-there lyrics (perhaps the craziest of Bjork's career), the way the electronic media is used, and of course Bjork's vocal.

"Army Of Me" opens the album very powerfully. It is one of the most accessible songs of Bjork's career, but this does not mean that it is one of the lesser tracks. It is very industrial and electronic. "Hyper-ballad" follows. I absolutely hated this song at first, but it is now in my top-5-favourite-Bjork-songs list (not that I have one), and continues to grow on me. The intro starts of with a bass synth sound, before acoustic drums are heard, and the wonderful lyric: "We live on a mountain, right at the top, there's a beautiful view" and so on. Classic. Bjork talks about throwing car parts and cutlery of a mountain, and imagining what the sound would be of her falling of a cliff. Genius. Her lyrically creative and best song, which became her second top 10 hit, and was the fourth single (after "It's Oh So Quiet") "The Modern Things" follows and it is another track that I adore. Bjork sings about how all the modern things such as cars and such have always have existed - they just have been hiding inside mountains (and this point you may be beginning to wonder what it is with her and mountains) amongst other bizarre lyrics, and she implies that mechanical things will soon take over the world, if you take the lyrics literally.

The 'classic' "It's Oh So Quiet" follows, and most fans see this song as one of the worst, if not the worst, song Bjork has ever created. It peaked at #4 in the UK, and sold nearly half a million copies there - the single. It was the last song where Bjork used jazz instruments such as saxophones. The song was so popular because it was VERY VERY different without being inaccessible or not radio friendly, the contrast between the verses and the chorus, the great video (her best until Alarm Call), and also the contrasting lyrics. "Enjoy" is another very loud and industrial song about sex to put it quite simply. It is strange and the best non-single. It is dark and reminds me of 'Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors', by Radiohead, although not as repetitive and distorted. "You've Been Flirting Again" is such a good song, and my second favourite non-single. It is absolutely beautiful and I love how Bjork performs it live at most of her concerts. I enjoy its simplicity and unique structure (one of the only songs with a not-so-normal structure.

"Isobel" follows, and was the second single from this album (the first was Army Of Me, which became her first UK top 10 hit. This song peaked at #23 in the UK. This song is definitely not radio-friendly enough to be a successful (i.e. top 10 or so) single. It is a fantastic song although I have to be in the right mood for it. "Possibly Maybe" is a dark, sexy, tranquil song, and probably the most sexy, and one of the most girly songs I have ever heard. It is gorgeous. It was the fifth single in the UK, reaching #13, which is very good for such a strange song. It is minimalistic, and is a cross between say Army Of Me and Hidden Place. "I Miss You" is one of the more accessible songs, and my least favourite from the album. It peaked at #36 in the UK. "Cover Me" it is a short, low-tempo song, not lasting more than a minute, which is followed by the amazing "Headphones", which return to the quality of the first six tracks. It is another song that is quite minimalstic, and it is one of the three longest Bjork songs. To enjoy (pun intended) this song you have to be PATIENT. Many reviews have stated that this song doesn't go anywhere until X etc etc. But it is a great song, and closes this masterpiece wonderfully. The second best Bjork album, afer Vespertine.

9 / 10
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Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bjork - Homogenic [Japan pressing], 23 Dec. 2006
This review is from: Homogenic (Audio CD)
Bjork for me is one of those artists, where I cannot chose just one favourite album of theirs. Every Bjork album is very very good, but there has always been at least one track that I simply did not like. 'Homogenic' is an alienic, electronic and very unusual album, which will leave you thinking something like wtf (if you are new to Bjork), I don't get this (if the album hasn't grew on you yet), or this is really creative and unique (if you like it immediately). Sometimes, I love this album, and sometimes I hate it, but that is why I find it so fascinating.

The album begins with the magnificent "Hunter", which you have to be in a certain mood to enjoy it at its peak. It seems at first like a very simple song, with just a snare drum, and vocal, but the lyrics are complex, and as you will find out, the lyrics are also. This was the second single in the UK, and Bjork's lowest charting song there, peaking at #44 and only staying in the charts for one week. "Joga" is another song I have to be in a mood for to listen to it at its peak. It is a strange ballad, which samples atmospheric Icelandic sounds such as volcanoes and earthquakes. The strings are fantastic and it has an awesome climax. "Unravel" is a fan favourite but is a song that I unfortunately can not really get into. I find it more than a little bland actually. It doesn't really go anywhere.

"Bachelorette" (#24 UK) is another alright song with gorgeous strings, and powerful vocals. The texture is thick, and the song itself is very very complex. The video, however, is one of my favourites (only behind Pagan Poetry and Cocoon). "All Neon Like" is quite a European song, and is the only song that comes close a bit to 'dance' music hence the wonderful bass synthesizer beat which comes in after a minute or so. This is one of the strangest songs I have ever heard, and one of Bjork's weirdest - ever. It almost has a hypnotizing effect on the listener as all the electronic layers gradually come in and works very well. "5 Years" is a nice song which again samples earthquakes and such. Like track 4, the strings are lovely, but are one of the more forgettable songs.

"Immature" is actually one of my favourites. It has a tracney kind of texture to it, and it is great how Bjork simply just repeats the same few lines throughout the song - it does not get boring though. The song begins very calm and relaxing before verse 1 where Bjork asks 'How could I be so immature?', and some techno-like beats come in. Bjork soon answers 'How extremely lazy of me' and then sings some of her famous gibberish. "Alarm Call" follows and is defiantly the most radio-friendly song from this album. It was the third single in the UK, and is a nice contrast to the other crazy, out-of control songs on this album, and speaking of this "Pluto" follows and has to be one of if not the most crazy, out of control, high energy songs I have ever heard - which makes it my favourite song on this album. The beat is very hard and loud, and the song (like most others on this album, but to a greater extent) sounds like it belongs on Mars, rather then Earth. he climax comes when Bjork starts screaming (which I couldn't stand at first as it was very loud and went on for 1 minute), and after this, the song ends, and the calmest song on the album (which is another great use of contrast) "All I Full Of Love" closes the album wonderfully, although I enjoy the single version a lot better.

Now, for the Japanese bonus tracks. "Joga (howie b main mix)" is not very good at all. It is simply just the original song with some extra beats, which actually make the song worse. It doesn't climax or have the contrast that the original has. "Sod Off" is my favourite Japanese track. It is a great song, but the only bad thing is that it is quite short, at only 2:54, so I am guessing that this is the reason it was left off. "Immature (Bjorks Version)" follows. The original, is one f my favourite 'Homogenic' tracks, so I was intrigued was the 'Bjork' version would be. It has no electronic sounds, and is just lead and backing vocal and piano. Very interesting and beautiful. "So Broken" is a good song, but I don't like the lyrics very musch, as they are quite corny, but this is probably because English is my first language, and was Bjork's second. Ir is a good song, as I said but doesn't climax or anything. "Nature Is Ancient" is a cool song, with an even coller video. The "Joga (alec empire mix)" is yet another horrible remix. It sounds like something I would have made (and that is not a good thing, as I have no experience and don't even know how to use this software properly). The first thing I noticed is that the VOCAL IS OUT OF TIME WITH THE MUSIC. Although this may be 'original', it sounds like something I would make (note: this is not a good thing, and the song goes for nearly ten minutes). The structure is something like the following (I don't listen to the song much so I would not know for sure)::

1. Bass synth with out-of-time vocal

2. 6 minutes or so of boring, repeatative, simple electronica

3. Same 'music' as the first verse, although second verse

4. The song (finally) finishes.

This is the second worse released remix I have ever heard, and I have no idea why Bjork (such a creative artist) would let this crap go on even the Japan edition. The song goes no-where and I think I will just leave my negativity at that.

I recommend the import of the tracks despite the Joga remixes. Immature (Bjork's version) is the best bonus track.

9 / 10

Impossible Princess With Bonus Disc
Impossible Princess With Bonus Disc
Price: £7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Kylie Minogue - Impossible Princess, 23 Dec. 2006
This was the first (and last, as of now) Kylie album, without any filler, where the best songs were NOT the singles, and where she actually experimented.

This is also one of the few Kylie albums where she didn't create an album for more commercial success ('Body Language', which was an obvious attempt to be successful in the US is a prime example), and thus took some time to experiment. She wrote all the songs, produced some, but every album after this, she only write a couple (i.e. 3-4) songs, and did not produces them, and did not have a lot of creative control at all. She should take some notes out of Dannii's book and at least write all of her music. After all, this is the 'fan-favourite' Kylie album, and, she obviously is a very good songwriter.

And now you have some background information, here is the review.

The album begins with the amazing "Too Far" it is a fantastic song that experiments with drum n bass and works fantastically. It combines so many types of genres, with themes such as sex and going 'too far' (if you know what I mean). The album goes down an accessible route with the next four songs, and "Cowboy Style" works well. As you may have guessed, the album feature some country influences and combines them with Kylie's famous dance/electronic pop. "Some Kind Of Bliss" is an experiment with indie and it works poorly. The song doesn't go anywhere, and it is too simple for its own good, and was the first Kylie single no to enter the UK top 20. "Did It Again" should have been the lead single instead of the last track. It peaked at #14 in the UK and despite being the most 'pop' sounding song on the album, I love it to bits and is just a great pop/dance song. "Breathe" follows and is an acceptable song, but is one the low points - it is kind of average (not that there is anything wrong with being average). It reminds me of a slower, less fun version of the previous track, and the reason I like the previous track so much is because of its energy, and fun-ness.

6 of the next 7 songs are the darkest songs Kylie has ever created (Confide In Me, Too Far and Loving Days can be in this list too), and are all fantastic.

"Say Hey" is an experiment with minimalism, and works excellently. It reminds me of a Bjork song - like a cross between something on her Vespertine album (the minimalism), Homogenic (hard beats and darkness) and Post (pop combined with alternate) - you will probably have to be familiar with Bjork to understand that, but I couldn't think of another way to describe the song. "Drunk" is another good song, that combines the energy of trance, the beats of techno, and some nice strings, and is another song that sounds Bjork influences. "I Don't Need Anyone" really affects the flow of this album. It is such a light, poppy and acoustic song, and tracks 6, 7, 9-12 area all quite the opposite. This is also my least favourite song from the album, and also one of my least favourite Kylie song.

Anyone that can appreciate something completely different and innovative should love "Jump" - one of my top-3 favourite Kylie songs ever, and THE BEST on this album. It is the darkest song Kylie has recorded, and I can just imagine Kylie performing this song with the Pagan Poetry dress (if you know what I mean, and sorry again for the Bjork comparisons - this album is obviously influences by her quite a bit). It is low tempo and very alternative and alienic. "Limbo" works well, and one of the few songs from this album that Kylie sometimes performed on her recent Showgirl tour. "Through The Years" is my equal-second-favourite song from this album, with tracks 1 and 12. Most Kylie fans don't seem to like this track at all, but I appreciate its darkness and originality. "Dreams" is the fan-favourite from this album, simply because there is something for everyone. It is catchy, as well as being dark, experimental and has some very distinctive Kylie lyrics.

(Like Kylie has implied in a way before, this is like a 'better' version of her previous self-titled album. If they were combined, the album would be just perfect, as there are so many great tracks on both, so I made my own tracklisting that flows very very well, combining them both: Too Far / Cowboy Style / Did It Again / Say Hey / Drunk / Jump / Falling / Limbo / Confide In Me / Through The Years / Dreams)

Therefore, an excellent experimental album with a great range of musical styles, just let down by a very small amount of below-par tracks. Her masterwork.

8 / 10

Kate Bush
Kate Bush
by Rob Jovanovic
Edition: Hardcover

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4.0 out of 5 stars Slightly biased and disjointed, but overall good, 23 Dec. 2006
This review is from: Kate Bush (Hardcover)
To begin, I am of the 'newer' generation of Kate Bush fans, and because she is probably my favourite musician, and I didn't know as much about Kate and her life as many more of my favourite artists, I decided to buy this biography.

In the pre-1978 chapters, the book is written well in the traditional sense, although I can't help thinking that the structure etc. many be too cliché for someone like Kate Bush - some parts just seem to be a lot about nothing, that will not help your knowledge of Kate Bush or anything to do with Kate Bush at all. I also would have liked to learn more about the KT bush band's MUSIC, not just their life and Kate's family, and the early Kate too, some of this information was very insightful to me, but I wanted more dammit!

The 1978-80 chapters was fine, although after this I was quite offended by all of the subjective language used. The author obviously thinks 'The Dreaming' is one of Kate's lesser albums, and this is fine, but some of his comments (for example how Leave It Open is just "not a good song" and how The Dreaming just does not work as a whole and tries to juggle too many styles, resulting in a mess of an album, and also stating that it is too novelty) just left me open-mouthed and offended and seemed parallel to some of the early reviews of this album (i.e. before the general consensus realized it is a masterpiece). The Dreaming is my favourite album of all-time, and of all of the chapters in this book, I was looking forward to chapter 9 (i.e. the Dreaming era) the most, and I was quite disappointed that the author clearly showed his dislike of it, send if left the reader with the mpression that a) this is Kate's worst album and b) seemed to imply that it was not one of Kate's favourites either. It obviously wouldn't bother me if the writer would have kept his opinions to himself, but keep in mind that this biography is (or should be) aimed at the fans of Kate Bush, who may get CENSORED off when the author criticizes her work, especially if her criticizes the thing that the reader thinks is her masterwork. Criticizing her (there were also negative comments about how her only tour didn't really work as a rock extravaganza, where it really didn't have to, as well as lack of information about her Sensual World and Red Shoes albums, and various other things) will only make me think twice about liking my favourite KB songs etc, and really defeats the purpose of being a biography, not a review. The information on how it was composed at times felt very broad, but I am happy that there was some information about the recording and influences of this album that I did not know before. I think the worst thing about this book for me is these unnecessary opinions and bias, despite there only being just a bit more than a few. (And by the way I can almost guarantee that his favourite album is Hounds Of Love). The author also exaggerated the fact that this album was a flop, using the positions of the singles (The Dreaming (single) charted at #48 and There Goes a Tenner didn't chart at all, Sat In Your Lap peaked at #11 but was released one year before the album was) as his sole backup, he didn't even mention that the bloody album peaked at NUMBER THREE in this chapter (equal to The Kick Inside and higher than Lionheart), which obviously showed her supportive fan base (he should have write something like that, or at least balanced his negative opinions with the positive ones with EACH album)

Many people have stated that this book has been poorly researched, although the author has stated he researched this book very well. While none of these arguments can be proved (and they are both insignificant), it does seem AT TIMES that this book was written by a non-fan to cash in on the release on Aerial. The author is a fan of Kate Bush, but at times it doesn't seem like it.

Before I read this book I knew a bit about her life, more than a bit about her music and the recording process and a lot about her chart information. At the end of the book, there are song wrong information about some chart positions (stating that the Sensual World single got to #6 in the US and Rocket Man got to #11 - both false) and Suspended in Gaffa got to #10 in Australia, and used this to state that this single was successful internationally in 'The Dreaming' section of this novel - so this author really should have done some more research in this respect. Let's just say you wouldn't be missing out on much if you just skipped the entirely of chapter 9 (years 1981-83) if you weren't completely obsessed with the Dreaming album, like I am. This section also implies that The Sensual World and The Whole Story were the only two albums to chart in Australia when they all did.

A lot of the 'information', however, seems too be filler. While this helped to keep the flow of the book, I still felt that there was too much, but this is only a minor complaint. Also it sometimes felt that the author had put every little piece of information he could find about Kate Bush and just included it. The book is around 220 pages, although I would have preferred if it was cut down to at most 180-190.

The book also failed the connection about what was happening in Kate's life and how this had affected her music. Although this was touched on, and there was information about what INSPIRED each song, I felt that this could have been included, although I must agree that it is difficult to write about music and the composer, when they are both so complex. I wouldn't have also liked to know more about Kate's 'relationship' life, and her various boyfriends etc. - which will just show how she relates to different people (and yes I did use the word relationship as a euphemism for sex)

This is not to say that I did not enjoy the book however. I loved how there were comments about each track, how they were recorded and what they were about (although just by reading this you could tell the author's (un)favourable tracks/albums), I liked reading how she composed each album and who played. I also enjoyed, especially about the conflict between her and EMI, and Kate's views of the music industry. I enjoyed the quotes about Kate from people involved in her life and how the author patched some wrong and stereotyped information about Kate Bush, which originated in the media, probably. It did give a fantastic insight into this performer though. The discography is a great help when looking for or researching her releases.

Being realistic, this album could have better, but it also could have been a LOT worse (see the Waiting for Kate Bush book), but overall I was not disappointed with this book, despite the fact that most of this review focuses on the negatives, but I did just finish reading the 'The Dreaming' section again (grrrrrrrr) which truly did disappoint me more than anything, as it is my favourite album ever. But overall, I believe that the book is well researched and fun to read and I would recommend it to any Kate Bush fan, or anyone for that matter.

I give the album 4 stars, mainly because it is about Kate Bush, one of my favourite people. But I do stress that this IS NOT a bad book, by any standards, and if you read all of this, I don't know how you did it.

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