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kid bloc "xan96" (bruton)

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Wonderful Rainbow
Wonderful Rainbow

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4.0 out of 5 stars the reason why i may be deaf in a while..., 9 Aug. 2006
This review is from: Wonderful Rainbow (Audio CD)
Lightning bolt's 'wonderful rainbow' is actually the first Lightning bolt album I have had the 'pleasure' of experiencing. it might be the last, then again it won't. you see, this is the "problem" with the music of lightning's so contradictory, its drum'n'bass that you can't dance to, its accessible and incomprehensible, destructive and creative, offensive yet intelligent yet stupid. This is actually the beauty of lightning bolt record, and therefore is not a problem in the first place! It hurts your brain even when you are not listening to the music.

I haven't actually got the grounding in 'noise-rock' that others might have, so to me this sounds like every death metal band ever has killed their lead singer and has disappeared off to watch 65 days of static and Mogwai taking on Montreal based experimental group Hangedup in a no holds barred ultimate wrestling tournament while Sunn 0))) provide a sludge ridden commentary. occasionally sonic youth will throw in a crowbar for one of the contestants to use. meanwhile a fight has broken out between Primal screams 'Acclrtr' and 'nursery Thyme' by UNKLE in the crowd sparking a riot. in other words everyone's in a lot of pain and having a wonderful time. oh...and its all on fast forward.

'Wonderful rainbow' drifts between headache-inducing thumps of bass ('assassins') to neck snapping riffs (Dracula mountain). Along the way there are elements of 'post- rock' (the first parts of Longstockings as well as the title track), drum n bass and punk (nearly every track), prog (don't cringe... it still sounds violent on 30000 monkeys) and a strain particularly essential to lightning bolt...absolute insanity. all this is pulled off with surprising technical capability, which may explain why lyrics are not so present. when they do turn up they don't appear to fit in with the rest of the album often appearing like very warped, but sing-songy sounds, with virtually no tune, and nursery rhyme-esque playground bully melodies where present. This is perfectly obvious- lightning bolt are mocking the need for tunes and melodies in other bands styles. Besides both the bass work and especially the drumming is amazingly good, and any muscicians in these two fields cannot afford to let this slip by.

This album is a little too painful to be given 5 stars, and could hve done with a few more riffs, but who needs them when you have sheer noise and skill on your side? besides i think my tinnitus is just going away enough for me to give it another listen....

Mr Beast
Mr Beast
Price: £8.69

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4.0 out of 5 stars Here come the mogwai hordes...., 9 April 2006
This review is from: Mr Beast (Audio CD)
Mr Beast is the first mogwai album to give me a sense of real deja vu, yet at the same time leaving me feeling fullfilled.
For those mogwai fans out there what the band have essentially done is repeat the styles of previous songs (with a few notable exceptions). The opener, Auto-Rock, is very much like I know you are but what am I? without the subtlety, and builds to an unsatisfactory climax, although at the same time sounds awesome with the volume at full pelt ( a rule which generally fits the whole album). This is quickly sated by the first of the non familiar tracks the ripping 'glasgow mega snake'( Suitably titled? answers on a postcard please...) which gives a tantalising glimpse of what mogwai could have sounded like if they had become an all out metal band, riffs solos and all(again full volume is required) and suddenly cuts to an abrupt end mid way through a sinister riff. From here things calm down and once again we are back in familiar territory, with the cody-esque acid food, a track which has all the beauty you would expect from a mogwai vocal song, followed by 'travel is dangerous' which is the closest mogwai track yet to being a standard verse/chorus construct. 'Team handed'is 'golden porsche' repackaged for mr beast...competent, but not endearing.
okay controversy time. Friend of the night is really good...despite single reviews on this album it sounds awsome. It probably appeals more to the sigur ros contigent of mogwai fans than the sonic youth/ My bloody valentine types, but it really is a beauty of a track, the piano works brilliantly and without cheese or sentimentality. it builds and loops and swirls around culminating in the defining moment of the album at 02:41 where the noise gives way to some simple piano.This is followed by MrBeasts xmas steps- 'Folk death 95' the building levels forming the quiet/loud contrast that built and defines mogwai. Emergency trap is much like 'team handed' really. The final track 'were no here' is like 'my father my king' cut down to five minuites and delivers the same amount of enjoyment per minuite as that track does only with more metal and bite.
There are only two complaints really;
1)'I chose horses' a beautiful instrumental but the japanese adds nothing. YES it is a beautiful language but does it have to be on there (especially when SPOKEN not SUNG)?its a unnnecessary burden and the instrumentation could have been used for an R U still in 2 it? type lyric.
2) its just too short...its as if the band has a brain timer that switches on and tells them its time to stop after 5 minuites. (viz: glasgow mega snake). This has a detriment on tracks such as team handed and emergency trap. On previous albums tracks of this type have made ambient interludes that offset some of the heavier or more rythmic tones to the album. Hre they seem like filler. However the shortness and varied styles makes this a perfect album for those new to mogwai..
in that sense it is an album showing what a band is capable of doing rather than showing the band doing it.
Nonetheless it is a solid musical work and deserves to be seen as another strong offering from one of britiains most consistent alternative(?) acts.

Dream Signals In Full Circles
Dream Signals In Full Circles
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £16.95

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Moments of brilliance over ambient backing, 6 Oct. 2005
Ok, the first thing you need to know about this album is that it is not in the directly magnificent leagues of say, Godspeed you black emperor! or Explosions in the sky. What Dream signals delivers is wholly different. By combining background ambience with the simple rythmic guitars so beloved of explosions, A song like building peaks for example uses a continual phrase on the guitar over an soft ambient glassy instrumentation with gentle percussive encouragement. In some places it becomes reminscent of Eno's Music for Airports, in others explosions in the skys The earth is not a cold dead place.
Here is its biggest downfall: being stuck between ambience and percussio the album tends to grate, seeming rather pointless, failing to reach any true conclusions, and changes to pace or rythm such as on a track like 'I am a cheetah' come as welcome but sometimes too little too late.
Overall a good album. My advice is to switch all your lights off and lie down on your bed with perhaps some incencese (cheesy!) and just soak up the ambience. Failing that just leave it on to do any work. Go for it if you want to hear something fresh but familiar.

Iriver 20GB MP3 Player With Tuner And Direct Recording
Iriver 20GB MP3 Player With Tuner And Direct Recording

23 of 25 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Care about music? buy this., 5 Oct. 2004 i finally got this one after months of looking for the ideal mp3 player. i took it to show my friends. one of them said "its not an ipod" to which i curtly replied "exactly".
You see, the simple thing abot the iriver ihp 120 is the fact that it can do so much more than other mp3 players, such as ipods. it stores non music files, plays radio, and has a wealth of options beyond an ipod. the beauty of it is that it clearly had people, and not money and advertising in mind when it was made. i can access all my 48 hours of music (still 16 GBs left) on the main console unit, simply, a task i have yet to acheive using any of my friends ipods. the leads it comes with are all supremeley practical, and its great fun to walk around wearing a 'wire' in the form of an iriver set on 'record'. but im begginning to sound geeky. If you just love music, and want to show your more individual streak, then an iriver is for you! of course, you could always be hypnotised by the ads and pick the smaller and lighter ipod, but remeber, little things please little minds!

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