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Beauty and the Beast (Timeless Fairy Tales Book 1)
Beauty and the Beast (Timeless Fairy Tales Book 1)
Price: 1.88

5.0 out of 5 stars hooked on fairy tales, 26 Jun 2014
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If you love the tales of beauty and the beast then you will love version. The characters were brilliant and it was very well written. Couldn't put it down.

Heart Of Fire
Heart Of Fire
Price: 2.49

5.0 out of 5 stars great fantasy story, 26 Jun 2014
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This review is from: Heart Of Fire (Kindle Edition)
Best book I have read in a while. The characters were enjoyable and a few laugh out load moments .

The Light of the World (Light series book 1) (The Light Series)
The Light of the World (Light series book 1) (The Light Series)
Price: 0.77

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1.0 out of 5 stars Don't waste your time or money., 6 Nov 2013
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To be honest, i don't know where to start with this one.

For me, it was bad. I only made it to chapter 6 and then gave up.

We are introduced to Rayne at the start of the book who is starting college against her hippie mothers wishes.

Due to her mothers beliefs Rayne doesn't smoke, drink and has been warned to stay away from boys.

When Rayne first arrives at college her mothers senses a bad aura so goes around cleansing the halls and gets other students to meditate, which i thought was quite entertaining. Rayne also meets her room-mate (who's name i can't remember) who the author repeatedly refers to being a body double of Blair from Gossip Girl. Which is why i most likely can't remember the characters real name. Fair enough mentioning the similarity the character has to an actress, but within 6 chapters this is mentioned at least once in every chapter. The room-mate often being referred to as 'Gossip Girl' or 'Blair Waldorf's stuntwomen' for me it was just a little OTT.

One of the characters that i loved was Michelle. Rayne knew Michelle from high school but back then she was known as Michael before her sex change. I have never come across this in a book before so really liked this idea in the book. However, Michelle's outrageous antics and hilarious behavior still wasn't enough for me to continue this story.

Some of the main points i have regarding the problems of this story are :

Rayne meets a boy (can't remember if his name had been mentioned by chapter 6, or if again i have just forgotten it) she falls in love at first sight but holds back because something tells her he's dangerous, and whenever he is around she gets pains in her stomach. I understand that this is something that was going to be developed more in the book, but seemed like a weak reason.
Chapter 5, Rayne is still a virgin, has no plans to lose her virginity, but because she keeps pushing the guy away and is quite mean to him when he is trying to help her - especially when she gets herself plastered in a club. She is feeling bad about herself because of a run in with said guy. Then Chapter 6 hits, Rayne is no longer a virgin and has not only slept with one guy but seems to be getting a few notches on her own bed post. (WTF! moment)
It is then stated that the guy she lost her virginity to - a character we haven't met previously - has been attacked. Her mother calls her as she can sense something has changed in Rayne, but without picking up on the sex thing she says she knows Rayne has eaten meat.

Overall, it felt like two different stories that had been plastered together. I actually though i had missed a chapter and back tracked, but i hadn't.

Rayne is very determined in what she wants at college as it is the first time she has been away from her over-protective mother, and without warning that all changes without any build up.

I get the feeling that this is something the author started writing, stopped for a while and then went back to it, but without re-reading what she had already written, as the characters personalities just seem to change like it's a different book being written.

If i could, i wouldn't even give this one star, but it won't let me post the review without at least one, but even that is more than this deserves.
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Loki's Daughters
Loki's Daughters
Price: 3.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars A beautifully written book, 6 Nov 2013
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This review is from: Loki's Daughters (Kindle Edition)
It was love, if ever she had seen it.

This was another one that had been sitting on my kindle for some time.

After finally deciding to read it, i am disappointed i didn't do so earlier.

At the beginning we meet the celtic woman Arienh. She has assumed the position a man would normally have in her small village after all the men have died. Most due to raids by the vikings, including her own brother, father, her sister was raped by a viking and her other brother was taken by the vikings as a slave.

Understandably, Arienh has a deep hatred for the vikings. Expect one who she couldn't forget. One that frightful night her brother was killed and her sister was taken against her will, a viking chased Arienh, and if it hadn't been for a young viking boy hiding her and leading the Norse man astray she would have most likely suffered the same fate as her sister.

Then one day Arienh is going to the stones she stumbles across a viking, in her panic she stabs him and runs away. After discussing it with the woman of the village they give Arienh the task of going back and making sure the viking is dead and if not, to kill him.

But Arienh isn't like the vikings and refuses to kill him. What she doesn't know is that the viking who she is sheltering in her cottage until he has healed is the viking that saved her all those years ago. Ronan has come back for Arienh, the celtic girl he could never forget. He wants to bring his family to these lands and make a home there. But even when the truth is found Arienh, can't trust the vikings for the memories that others have caused her. However, Ronan isn't going to give up to easily. He will prove to the women of the village and Arienh that his men can be trusted and he won't back down until Arienh is his wife.

This was a beautifully written story. The characters fitted each other well and the story continued at a good pace, never too slow or too rushed. The author didn't overload you with Norse history but gave you just enough information to understand the world they book was set in.

Hush, Hush
Hush, Hush
by Becca Fitzpatrick
Edition: Paperback
Price: 5.59

5.0 out of 5 stars WOW, 24 Aug 2013
This review is from: Hush, Hush (Paperback)
"Call me Patch. I mean it. Call me."

This was another book that i had sitting on my book shelf waiting to be read. Recently i have been in a time where no book can seem to catch my interest. Then Hush Hush came along.

The story open with a prologue set year before the actually story takes place. It gives you a little look at one of our main characters but at this point you are unaware of which one.

Then we meet Nora. She lost her dad the year before and just wants to focus on getting good enough grades to get into a good college. Then one fateful day - or rather an annoying biology teacher - brings her Patch. They don't hit it off, especially when he has no interest helping her complete the assignment they have been paired on together to work on. Nora was very likeable for me. She doesn't just let Patch walk over and just because he has a killer smile an gives her butterflies she would rather not have, doesn't mean she just drops to her knees and does anything for him.

"You're not impressing me."

"I haven't started trying yet."

Patch was hard to work out until almost a third through the book. Even then there were moments that gave you doubt about his character. At times you thought Patch was the romantic lead that was going to come in and save the day, but then other characters make you think that this might not be his role in the book at all. One of my favourite things about Patch was the comments he comes out with to annoy Nora or just to see her blush.

"-how do you know if she's game or if she wants you to move on?"

"I figure out what she's thinking and feeling. She's mot going to come right out and tell me, which is why i have to pay attention Does she turn her body toward mine? Does she hold my eyes, then look away? Does she bite her lip and play with her hair, the way Nora is doing now?"

For me one of the best things about this book was that it was more like three stories/plots in one. You are trying to work out who is trying to do harm to Nora, if Patch is really who you think him to be, and then new friends come into Nora's life who have secrets. I loved the thriller aspect to this story, and from the sneak peak to Crescendo at the end, this is defiantly a series i will be completing.

Lash (Broken Angel #1)
Lash (Broken Angel #1)
Price: 0.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not too bad, 2 July 2013
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This wasnt too bad, if i see the sequel i'll have a nosey and see if i want to continue reading it or not, but not something im holding my breath for.

Crow's Row
Crow's Row

5.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING!, 7 Jun 2013
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This review is from: Crow's Row (Kindle Edition)

I finished this last night and i STILL can't get over it. Praying i don't have to wait to long for the sequel.

Emmy comes from the rich life, a nice house nice car, over loving parents. But she walked away from it all. She moved the bad neighbor hood, enrolled at a mediocre college and just to make her life for her. Everything sh achieves in life she wants it to be because of her hard work and not because of her parents money.
Then she meets a strange boy (Cameron) one day out jogging, all because his big idiotic, slobbering dog trampled her.
He warns her to stay away from that part of town because it isn't safe. But Emmy runs through that part of town so she can see her brothers grave. Her brother Bill was the most important person in her life, and since he died a part of her has been missing. She knew Bill was into some bad things, but as she meets more of the strange boy she finds secrets about her brother. He was into really bad things and he the leader of a drug gang.
Emmy finds herself trusting and falling in love with Cameron, missing him when he is gone and wanting nothing more than to run into his arms when he's there. But Cameron knows that Bill would never want his sister brought into this kind of life, that's why he hid it from her for all those years.
But Cameron finds it hard to stay away from her, coming back early from business just to be near her. He knows their worlds can never be together and he must let her go. But when the head strong Emmy refuses to leave him, then there is only one thing he can do to ensure her safety.

This was amazingly written, couldn't put it down and full of surprises.
There is one thing i think is going to happen in the sequel and i REALLY hope it does. But for anyone who loves a great love story, a good guy dealing with bad decision and fiesty heroine who won't take no for an answer then this is for you!!

Phoenix's Heart
Phoenix's Heart
Price: 0.77

2.0 out of 5 stars Don't Waste your Time, 30 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Phoenix's Heart (Kindle Edition)
I am really sad to say this, but this book was a big disappointment. It had been on my 'to read list' for quite some time, so i decided to buy it. To be honest i wish i had read the reviews for it first, as many of them seem to have the same view as myself.

For me, the book seemed to take forever to get started and then everything seemed to happen at once.

Jennifer has already met Phoenix by page 2 and sleeps with him by 4 or something. Because the blurb explained that it was about a pregnancy from a one night stand, i did expect her to sleep with him very early on. But again it just all seemed to fast. We barely know anything about Jenny at this point.

The grammar in the book is atrocious. Seriously, it's almost like the author didn't even proof read it herself, and if this has been professionally edited, I would be asking for my money back.

Sometimes the author referred to a 'she' when it should have been a 'he', and some words were just spelt wrong altogether. In truth i can't remember one page that didn't have a grammar issue on it.

Parts of the story were really unbelievable. At times i was getting so annoyed at the cringe worthy romance. Phoenix calling her darling all the time and saying how much she means to him, but then saying he could never love her, then proposing multiple times because he thinks its the right thing to do, and saying he can't live without her.

Also it turns out Phoenix is an incubus (a demon who needs sex to survive, as he feeds off the person he is having sex with), therefore, the babies will grow faster than a normal human pregnancy, so she goes from being 10 weeks pregnant, but measuring at 17 weeks, to being told she will be having the babies in a matter of days. I would like to point out that it states she is still not showing at this time. Then she gets a small bump, then wakes up to having a huge bump, and she is getting ready to go to work like no one is going to notice!

Another thing that confused the hell out of me, is that it clearly states that he used protection but ten weeks later she is pregnant. I know things like that aren't a hundred percent, but i feel like something could have been added in here to make it more understandable. Oh, well also find out that Jennifer's dead mom was a fallen Angel, so Jennifer is half Angel, Phoenix's doctor friend picked up on that, but not Phoenix, which is not explained.

Another thing that just didn't make sense to me was at the beginning of the book Jennifer and Megan's apartment gets broken into and whoever did it also murdered their cat. This never gets mentioned again, then later when you find out about Jennifer's birth mom, it turns out she was murdered by someone but you don't find out anything else.

Jennifer tells her friend Megan what Phoenix is and she acts like it is nothing. But then Jennifer wakes up in the middle of the night to find Megan packing. Megan says she feels evil from Phoenix and can't stay, only to return a few days later and apologize for leaving! Again, confusing.

Then at the end, Jennifer goes to Phoenix's house, after a pregnancy scare, to find his kissing another woman. She says she will stay if he tells her he loves her, which he says he can't as he can't love anyone. Jenny leaves and goes into labor when she gets home, her friend/roommate, phones Phoenix and tells him. Phoenix then realizes he loves Jenny, but says later that he only realized this because her friend Megan shouted at him (what the hell!?) Anyway, Jenny has the babies and forgives him (even though her ex-boyfriend of four years cheated on her and she told Phoenix she couldn't do that again) and they live happily ever after

Overall, i think this book had the potential to be something great. But it just feels like something the author wrote in one night and published. I wouldn't recommend this book. Two stars at a push

Touching Smoke (Touch Saga Book 1)
Touching Smoke (Touch Saga Book 1)
Price: 0.77

5.0 out of 5 stars WOWZER!, 19 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After spending weeks reading books and giving up half way because they just weren't interesting enough i found this. And it was like the sun shining through a cloudy day.
Starting it , I expected it to be a light easy read, I was happily proved wrong. The story doesn't give anything away. Literally, it's like the last four chapters that you start finding things out, and everything you thought was going to happen doesn't. The book took the complete opposite direction from what I had presumed it would, and I must say it was a nice surprise.
It was also a nice change from the vampire/werewolf novels that I have been reading a lot lately.
I really liked the lead character Fallon. Her witty comebacks and some of the things she thinks had me laughing out loud.
Isaiah was a different hero type character, he was lost almost as much as Fallon was. He doesn't remember his past so when faced with the answers he is learning along with Fallon. The only real difference is that he is in control of his abilities whereas Fallon doesn't even know what abilities she has.
I very rarely highlight things when i am reading on my kindle, but i must have highlighted at least ten things whilst reading this.
Needless to say i am hooked on this series and moving swiftly onto the next installment.

Flight (The Crescent Chronicles Book 1)
Flight (The Crescent Chronicles Book 1)
Price: 0.77

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4.0 out of 5 stars WOW !! More than i had expected!, 11 Mar 2013
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This book starts off as what you would think is a normal YA romance.
Only half way through the book do you find out that Levi is more than what he appears to be.
Even once his true identity has been revealed that are more secrets that await.
Allie is going to be working at her dad's hotel with her friend Jess before college starts. She wanted to have a break before college and i had sworn off me (she attracted the wrong type) but after meeting Levi, no matter how much she wants to stick to her word, there is just something about him that means she can't.
Shen is attracted to him more than she has ever been with any other man, and something about the two of them just fills the room was desperate chemistry.
However, it wasn't always like that. the first time they met she was captured by his eyes, then he opened his mouth. Finding him arrogant and slightly cocky she decided to ignore him, which isn't the easiest thing to do since Jess can't seem to get her tongue out of his best friends mouth. After being convinced to go on a date with him she begins to see there is more behind the one liners he tries to use on her.
Eventually falling for him and beginning to trust him she finds out the truth. A truth she didn't want to know about.
Acting before thinking gets her into some serious trouble and the people she desperately wants to get away from are the only people who can now save her.

Can she learn to forgive Levi for what he did?
Can their love overcome what he has done to her life?

I really enjoyed this book, it was written at a perfect pace and there was never a moment where i felt like it was moving to fast or being dragged along.
The twists were revealed at the right time and there was nothing giving them away. And the ending had me left with my mouth hanging open.
After i finished it i bought the second one in the series straight away.

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