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Alone in the Dark (PS3)
Alone in the Dark (PS3)
Offered by FUN-N-MORE
Price: £39.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars A rollercoaster ride of cinematic awesome-ness, 18 April 2009
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
I bought this game a few days ago and have recently completed it. Im new to the alone in the dark franchise so i cant compare this game with other games in the series but what i can say is that this game is one hell of a ride from start to finish.
It all kicks off with you waking in the middle of a conversation between 3 individuals whilst laid on your back on some bed with your vision impaired probably assuming one of the men who are talking knocked you out. they speak of some "path of light". It is from here you are shown how to blink. Ive never ever come across a game that allows you to control blinking and shutting your eyes, i thought it was awesome as later in the game you need to close your eyes to solve a puzzle. you are then escorted to your doom with direction of one of the goons to the roof of the building your in. Half way up, something attacks the guy escorting you and your then introduced to the Fissure who is the enemy type of the game. At this point its just a crack in the walls which sucks people into it but later develops into humans that can only be eliminated by fire. Because this is the only way of execution, the game allows you to use your imagination when it comes to weaponry. For example you can use a lighter and a spray can to use as a little flamethrower, or you can douse your bullets in flameable liquid to get flaming bullets....awesome. The driving is another thing that makes this game cool. The driving is simple but unrealistic but that definately doesnt bother me when your racing through new york trying to reach central park whilst behind you the earth is crumbling away from this new enemy executing jumps that switch the game to a cinematic slow down view...a definite feel good factor. The game is not without is problems, theres a lot of glitches here sometimes rendering the game implayable although this is very rare, i must say these problems DO NOT make a game poor unless the very core of the gameplay is poor. Now onto the graphics. the graphics are top notch as far as im concerned, theres a lot of close ups in the cutscenes on the characters faces to notice how awesome the textures and detail is. Our main heros face has a very distinctive scar on the left side of his face (which is revealled why later in the game) that looks incredibly real. The detail on the cars and levels as well as the breathtaking view of central park when your hanging from the side of the building near the beginning is unbelievable! The gameplay is good mixing first person gameplay with third person and the cinematics, dialogue and story is unusually superb.

Overall i thought this game was superb, not without its problems although they do not impact on the game at all. definately a masterpiece worth buying

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Xbox 360)
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Xbox 360)
Offered by passionFlix UK
Price: £7.57

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Splinter Cell Ever!! In Fact The Ultimate Stealth Game!!, 23 Oct 2006
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
First of all i have to say im a big fan of the splinter cell series and none of them has looked so clean and sharp and incredibly detailed!! Sam Fisher has never looked better. Also The level design on this game is trumendous, even tho the game is very linear, it doesnt take away the hugeness of each level especially the congo mission! In my opinion I didnt like the timed missions in the JBA HQ levels where one of the main bad guys u end up working for makes you do a specific task eg. assemble mines or decrypt an email and u have a certain time to do it. However the catch is the NSA (the good guys) want you to break away from this task and go snooping around. While this is fun to do and really intense, the time really puts a clamp on the intensity. If you fail to do tasks on each mission for either faction, you lose trust in the form of trust meters, if either one reaches zero its game over, very cool! I wont spoil the game too much for you but i definately recommend this game to anyone. Another thing id like to add that i love about this game is Sams new skills, he has all of the moves from Chaos Theory except a few additions which include a move where you would be swimming underneath thin ice and if you swim underneath an enemy you can kill him by punching through the ice and dragging the enemy underwater and stabbing him in the heart! And yes sam now uses his knife to eliminate people! Another awesome addition is if sam has his back to a wall beside a corner or door and an enemy walks past, Sam can grap the enemy without coming off the wall which results him in doing either putting the enemy in a sleeper hold or bringing him to the ground in a sleeper hold. Everytime sam grabs an enemy you can choose whether to kill or KO your foe, if you bring a foe to the ground and you choose to kill him, sam snaps the guys neck!! Pretty kool huh?! Sam is relentless in this game and its a unreal quality and suits him to a tee!!

Definately get this game!! You owe it to yourself

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