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Origin of Symmetry
Origin of Symmetry
Price: 6.43

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Muse Album, 29 Dec 2003
This review is from: Origin of Symmetry (Audio CD)
I find the description of this by many people as being "heavier" than showbiz was surprising. The only track on Showbiz NOT to feature distortion was unintended (a great song, by the way), wheras there are songs which dont even feature a guitar on this, Space Dementia (if you ignore the tiny part in the outro) and megalomania.
For me this album showed what muse were really capable of doing, playing excellent riffs. Showbiz didn't feature ebough for my liking with none of the punchy low-end riffs of this (and various b-sides) like those found in Hyper Music and Newborn.
Track by track:
1. Newborn
A musical masterpeice, opening with a beautiful piano peice (originially written by Mozart, i think) which then becomes a huge crunchy riff and a fantastic chorus which blows you away
2. Bliss
Once again, a piano intro, this time a sweet sweeping one going all the way up and down the keyboard before the guitar comes in. This is possibly the weakest song on the album as it never really goes anywhere but it does its job nicely of leading the album up to the next track:
3. Space Dementia
Opening once again with piano, a slow sweet peice which rises into a huge, loud, fast pattern which is very impressive. After theses loud verses we get a fantastic slow chorus and the ending where it all collapses in on itself is brilliant.
4: Hyper Music
Aah, a non piano intro here. This is guitar all the way. The main riff is supurb (similar to Uno, on showbiz, but played much faster) and you dont feel as if you could ever get bored of it.
5: Plug in Baby
Perhaps the best known song on the album, this opens with a brilliant riff but thats more or less it. You get the feeling that if it were repeated just once or twice more in the song that it would be too many and you'd hate it.
6: Citizen Erased
An epic song which goes from the loud and heavy to the quiet and restrained all in the space of 7 minutes! A brilliant song with a great ending, if you can last until then...
7: Micro Cuts
This song opens promisingly for people who dislike the "heavy" muse music with a clean guitar line. However, this is a real love it or hate it song as matt bellamy whines at the top of his range like either an angel or a cat depending on your view. The chorus then comes in with its distortion and can put many people off. They'd be angry though, because the last minute of the song is genius.
8: Screenager
A beautiful slow song, played with a classical guitar, a great source of relief from the last 4 tracks.
9: Darkshines
Opens with a slow, sitar-like riff and a great restrained verse before bashing you into the chorus. Not the greatest track, and i often skip this track when it comes on on my PC
10: Feeling Good
Opens with a slow piano before blasting in the guitar (replacing the trumpets on the origianl version) and abrubtly pulling it out again. A bit stop-starty, but one of my favourites.
11: Megalomania
A slow peice with a chruch style organ, of all things, leading the way. Very similar to screenager so if you like one you will ceratinly like the other

Rugby 2004 (PC)
Rugby 2004 (PC)

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3.0 out of 5 stars A long way off..., 1 Nov 2003
This review is from: Rugby 2004 (PC) (Video Game)
I waited two hours to download the (200MB odd) demo of this game and was so dissapointed I didn't dare approach the full version. There was a graphical fault that meant that no textures were being used on the players (in other words thay just appeared as uniform white very-nearly-human-looking blobs). All I could do was well, not much. I wasn't told the controls or anything. But since then I have been lucky enough to have a go on someone elses copy, when my fears were realised. The graphics, in this day and age, are shocking. I just bought a game made in 2001 that has infinately better graphics on medium detail than this has on full. The animation is poor and the kicking is intensely frustrating. There are once again misinterpretations of the laws by the developers, but not quite to the extent of the last (and the first actually) incarnation of the series, Rugby 2001. This was definately a much better game, despite of this. Yes, the scrums and mauls were confusing and horribly unrealistic and there was only a smattering of (international only) teams, but it was still much better. You would've thought they would have come up with more innovations in a three year break.
It shows that this game was developed by people seperate to the FIFA series. This has been getting better each year, with each game being very different (unlike in the past) every year. I will buy these as I trust the football people, but the Rugby series has an incredibly long way to go before its as good a simulation of rugby as FIFA is of football.

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