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Bosch Quigo Self-Levelling Cross-Line Laser Level
Bosch Quigo Self-Levelling Cross-Line Laser Level
Offered by Electro World
Price: 49.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Decent laser with big limitations, 7 Dec 2011
This review is about the product and the product only, I did not purchase it from Amazon.

After you have torn away all the packaging and take it out of the box you will find a big tin can where your brand new self leveling laser will be, the tin can that it comes in is really poor and not so easy to open, with the plastic molds on the inside to stop the laser bouncing around the tin is big and bulky, you will never figure out the correct way to twist the mount back to make it all fit properly from the moment you take it out, so the tin is pretty useless.

Now lets talk about the laser it self, the box shape of the laser is good and well made, it has a very limited range of self leveling, the laser is used also as a red light at the top to show when it isn't leveled enough to "self level" and you cannot use only 1 line at a time may that be vertical or horizontal, you are stuck with both on at the same time at all time, not such a big deal.

The button to turn on the laser acts as a cover for the laser lens and also works as a lock for fixing the laser inside from bouncing around once not in used but in transport, I like this feature and it will probably safe the laser projector from breaking if it falls. All in all the laser is good and I do understand this is a budget and DIY laser and not a professional tool, where the limitations are acceptable.

The laser beam has an accuracy margin of 0,8 mm/m, that is very good and out do alot of professional lasers with double the price.

Now what lets this laser down and renders it almost worthless is the mount, it is terrible, and I do mean terrible. The mount has a very limited adjustable height of less than 70mm, that means whatever you clamp it to must be at the height of within 70mm for where you need the laser line to be, very limited, the clamp is also limited and I have not found much items with the level of thickness to clamp it to so again very limited.

All of that with the mount can be delt with and not a huge deal but where this mount truly drops the bomb is when you need to rotate the laser in order to extend your laser line for a different horizontal location with the same height, as you rotate you can indirectly change the height. The locking wheel for the vertical angle is the same for the horizontal and therefore you cannot change the height without accidentally changing the position nor can you change position without accidentally changing the height, so whatever you are using the laser for, if moves out of the 5 meter range for the laser you will have to start all over again with setting your "level" point because you cannot be 100% sure the height hasn't changed accidentally while rotating it.

All in all the laser is good but the clamp mount that comes with it is terrible so 2 stars due to badly design mount.

I have not given up on this product yet though, Bosch have other mounts that will fit this laser where you can rotate without adjusting the height.

The mount that can do that is "Bosch WM1" however this is not a clamp mount and can only be fixed using screws to the wall or locked to a metal surface using the build in magnets

I hope my review help some of you who may come across similar problems due to the limitations of the mount
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Sennheiser HD205 Closed Back Headphone
Sennheiser HD205 Closed Back Headphone

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not much wow for me, 2 July 2008
I'm not as impressed as i should have been with these, not a bad product but lack something special, mostly there is no real pounce on the bass, far too much trebble from my view, but nice and loud.

these headphones are VERY tight to start with but with a few stretches and 2 weeks use, it becomes a little bit normal, the good thing it wont fall off your head and that is very important

mostly i am not impress with the bass, that is the real let down (better bass than my old set)

if you want something with more bass open your wallet a little wider
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LaCie, Desktop Drive , Design by F.A Porsche, 500GB, 7200RPM, USB2, Mac and PC, Plug and Play
LaCie, Desktop Drive , Design by F.A Porsche, 500GB, 7200RPM, USB2, Mac and PC, Plug and Play

83 of 86 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Good stuff!, 28 Sep 2007
I was unsure about getting this hard drive reading some of the reviews, but in the end i decided to go for it, and follow up with a full review.

i must say 5 star to amazon too, delivery was fast and was well packaged as usual with amazon.

now for the hard drive, first thing i notice is the size, it is alot smaller than it looks in the images, infact the images just do not show the beauti of the styling on this little hard drive, looks really good.

What concerned me with this hard drive before purchase when reading other people review, was things like "hard drive fell and broke, power cable is dodgy, the fan is noisy"

After i unpacked it and powered up, everything was just perfect the power cable was fine and caused no problems, still haven't noticed the noise of the fan, it's very silent, with the hard drive falling, i haven't experience that part :- ) but the hard drive has very well build rubber feet that sits just right on top of my pc tower.

i have a 500W logitech surround sound system and the subwoofer doesn't even move the hard drive, so if it falls and brake TBH, that would be your fault.

One thing i would mention, that is NOT a down side, is that the provided USB cable is just about long enough to put the hard drive on top of your PC tower and no where else. i'm sure we all have this cable at home being used for something else and we can all make a quick swap and everything is just fine.

To round everything up i would say this little bit of storage is serious bang for the buck. I've never once said "yeah it's okay for the price" like i usualy do with cheaper things, it's just perfect.

I give it 10 out of 10 for style and proformance.

Impact Dual Analog Rumble Pad
Impact Dual Analog Rumble Pad

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1.0 out of 5 stars A really big let down, 23 Aug 2006
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
I give this controller the lowest rating possible because it doesn't deserve anything better, first of all there isn't really anything wrong with the hardwae it self as a simple cheap effecting gaming controller, but where you WILL be let down is on the software side of things, there are no decent drivers for this controller and the drivers from the manufactor website has big issues, after installing the drivers i restarted and system fail to boot, i had to roll back settings to last known good settings that work to boot.

games will detect to controller but when programming the buttons eg. the analogs it all goes wrong, it doesn't detect all axs on the analog so you can't do something as simple as, up for forward and down for brakes/backwards, it will treat both as the same thing and the latest drivers does not solve this problem, i've tried this controller on, Windows Xp Home SP2 and Media Center SP2 and the same problems


Logitech Z680 5.1 THX certified Home Theatre Speakers with 505 watts
Logitech Z680 5.1 THX certified Home Theatre Speakers with 505 watts

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5.0 out of 5 stars Does what it says on the box, 3 May 2006
these speakers are pretty good i wanted something powerful but at a good price and thats what i got. these are some of the best pc speakers ever im using an onboard sound card and there is no buzzin from the speakers at all. great speakers and everyone should own one :-)

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