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Ephraim's House
Ephraim's House
Price: £4.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars Played With Feeling, 9 Dec. 2015
This review is from: Ephraim's House (MP3 Download)
The Playfellow are a five-piece German ensemble whose new album ‘Ephraim’s House’
caught my attention due to its evocative photo of a lonely abode straddling a stark horizon.
The kind of moody image which made me want to know more. I’m glad I took the next step

There are only five tracks on this release, coming in to land at just over half an hour but
within the first couple of minutes of the opening number ‘Fears and Cities’ I was convinced
that this was going to be a very special experience indeed. That one song is alone worth
the price of purchase; building slowly by degrees from its gentle acoustic introduction,
through progressively dense instrumental layers until we find ourselves at the heart of a
wild sonic cyclone. The bone-rattling, raw, almost elemental, sense of power is palpable.
(In some ways it shares kinship with the magic generated by Scottish band My Latest Novel’s
2009 album ‘Deaths & Entrances’ in terms of emotional and (dare I say it) spiritual impact).

Delve further in and you’ll encounter a bunch of musicians who are not beyond enjoying a
bit of a jam too. ‘Hours and Months’ is held together by a right royal riff but isn’t ashamed
to relax and show some tender qualities in its brief jangly mid-section. ‘Late Walk’ is a riot!

Through all this the tales are well-told through singer Toni Niemeir's distinctive vibrato.

I’m very happy to have stumbled over this recording and recommend it to you heartily!

Price: £5.94

4.0 out of 5 stars Sophisticated Electro-Pop, 8 Dec. 2015
This review is from: Tomboy (MP3 Download)
Brooklyn duo Tomboy (Sarah Aument and William Shore) have turned in a tidy
six track debut here. File under perky, sophisticated electro-pop which has
more than a whiff of Bjork’s sonic vision about it (I understand that Ms Aument
thinks Ms Gudmundsdottir is the bees knees!) but has more than enough of its
own character and confidence that this comparison need not trouble us unduly.

Opening number ‘Roll Out’ is a cracker; its bouncy big-boned beats built for
dancing and general revelry. The skittering synth riff of ‘Sunday’, too, paves
the way for yet another exuberant arrangement (Ms Aument favours a few
lines of wordless incantation in both these songs and I’ve always been partial
to a bit of well-intentioned incantation!) to set our fingers and toes a’tapping.
‘Hang Out’ is a pretty composition with a nicely-managed staccato vocal line.

It’s all very clean and fresh and sonically invigorating.

If this is how Tomboy’s story begins I’m looking forward to the next instalment already.

A Taller Us
A Taller Us
Price: £13.88

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3.0 out of 5 stars An Encouraging Debut, 6 Dec. 2015
This review is from: A Taller Us (Audio CD)
Foxtrott is the alt-moniker of French-Canadian singer/songwriter Marie-Helene Delorme.
There are eleven tracks on her debut album 'A Taller Us' which wrings some attractive
and inventive tunes out of her quirky leftfield sensibility. Think intelligent synth-pop.

The arrangements are precise and uncluttered with an affectionate debt to the 80's in
evidence. Her voice is a more than serviceable enough instrument to carry the day.
I don't think it'll step over into the mainstream but it's a perfectly pleasant experience.

'Driven' and 'Shields' with their tropical rhythmic sensibility are the best of the bunch
with the more angular and staccato 'Untake Me' delivering a darker side of her muse.

An encouraging and enjoyable first venture.

Timberland 6" Premium Waterproof, Men's Boots, Wheat, 12.5 UK
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5.0 out of 5 stars Wolfie's New Winter Boots, 6 Dec. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I was surprised, retrospectively, (I had not read any other reviews on this page prior to
buying) at the number of dissatisfied customers who have also purchased these boots.
The pair which I have received leaves me little room to doubt that they are the real thing.
If, however, I experience subsequent problems with the product I'll come back to tell you!

I'm a size 12 but ordered a 12 1/2 to allow for wearing thicker socks. They fit perfectly.
The product seems as robust and well made as I would expect from this manufacturer.

I'm all set for Winter.

Price: £0.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Feel The Heat, 6 Dec. 2015
This review is from: Volcano (MP3 Download)
It would appear that Yoann Lemoine and ANOHNI (formerly Antony Hegarty) with her new single
'4 Degrees' both have heat in mind. 'Volcano' is a big beast of an instrumental, heavy on the brass
and beats in a not dissimilar way to his splendid 2011 single 'Iron' it has a cinematic sense of purpose.
The rattling martial snare drum and snarling synth riffs make for an unnerving listening experience.

Stirring stuff!

4 Degrees
4 Degrees
Price: £0.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dark Reinvention, 6 Dec. 2015
This review is from: 4 Degrees (MP3 Download)
The lead single from forthcoming album ‘Hopelessness’ by ANOHNI (formerly Antony Hegarty),
produced by Oneohtrix Point Never and Hudson Mohawke, is a new departure in more than one
way for this extraordinary singer/songwriter/performer. I have a feeling we’re in for a big treat!

‘4 Degrees’ reflects its creator’s preoccupation with the imminent dangers of climate change.
A dense arrangement featuring brass and percussion, it reminds me just a little of Woodkid’s
(Yoann Lemoine) 2011 release ‘Iron’ with its sense of raw pagan-driven power and purpose.

The passionate vocal and visionary lyrics are designed to make us sweat and tremble!

A stirring reinvention.

Ultraviolet Music
Ultraviolet Music
Price: £13.94

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4.0 out of 5 stars Fuzzy Logic, 4 Dec. 2015
This review is from: Ultraviolet Music (Audio CD)
Deepchord? Aptly named. Key Word : Muffled (and I mean REALLY muffled1)

Imagine being at the epicentre of a rave but packed upright into a large cardboard
box rammed full of tiny polystyrene balls with the additional benefit of having your
ears stuffed with cotton wool and your auditory sensory experience will be getting
somewhere quite close. As I said : muffled. Don’t get me wrong I’ve rather enjoyed it!

Rod Rodell, American producer and techno-meister, delivers over two and a half
hours of music on his new double-disc ‘Ultraviolet Music’. You might think that this
could be a bit of a big ask to attempt to digest it all in one sitting and you’d probably
be right but taken in smaller slices it’s not too hard to assimilate and understand.

I particularly enjoyed ‘Gulf Breeze’ which has a swishy, aqueous feel and a beat a tad
more frisky than some others in the collection; ‘Bogota’ which whips up quite a storm
of static once it gets going and ‘Mass Digital’ which sounds as though it could have
been recorded among the stalactites and stalagmites of a deep subterranean cavern.

If you like a bit of muffle too then this epic collection might be right up your street.
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Price: £7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Real Grower !, 3 Dec. 2015
This review is from: Kneedelus (MP3 Download)
American ensemble Kneebody & Daedelus (electronic musician Alfred Darlington)
make a right royal racket on their intriguing new album ‘Kneedelus’. That they all
have jazz flowing through their veins is evident from the off. Their musical style
moves along a continuum : tightly structured at one end and far more fluid and
spontaneous at the other. Where ever it lands, however, there’s a hefty dose of
energy and rumbustiousness in all they do! There are ten numbers in the set.

Drummer Nate Wood deserves a medal for his efforts behind the kit on opening
number ‘Loops; don’t let the woozy accordion-like first few bars fool you - once
the throttle opens up this thing’s a total beast (Shane Endsley’s muscular trumpet
lines also deserve a special mention). It’s a really impressive piece of teamwork.

The grinding riff at the heart of ‘The Hole’ is a dangerous creature too, lumbering
awkwardly along with intentions which seem positively malevolent to my hairy ears.

‘They Are We’ is a much more restrained affair, the brass weaving an elegant line
above Mr Wood’s moody tom-tom accompaniment and the strangely beautiful
pulsing ebb and flow of ‘Home’ brings more than a touch of sonic poetry to the mix.

The final haunting invention, ‘Not Home’, has an almost hymn-like ambience due to
the inclusion of haunting harmonies provided by a disembodied chorus in the wings.

‘Kneedelus’ is a grower. Intriguing and exciting in equal measure. A real humdinger!

Highly Recommended.

Price: £7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Three Big Howls For Crywolf !, 29 Nov. 2015
This review is from: Cataclasm (MP3 Download)
LA musician/producer Justin Tayler Phillips has a melancholy muse and a voice which
can occasionally make the hair stand up on the back of your neck (in a good way).
His new album 'Cataclasm' contradicts its doom-laden title on a good many of the twelve
tracks in this highly imaginative collection. Frankly, all-in-all, it's a rather uplifting experience.

As is the way these days, if you're going it alone in The Listening World, Mr Phillips knows
his way around the kind of technology which I could only have dreamed of when I was just
a pup back in the UK back in the 60's. Things have certainly come a long way since then!

The album opens with 'Act One :The Queen Of Fiji' (there are three "acts" in the set but I
have as yet to be certain that there is a narrative structure which binds them all together),
a really lovely song with a pastoral flavour which shows off our host's pretty upper register.
'Wake (E-bow)', which follows, has a bit more lead in its pencil; the big beats and dense synth
chords supporting yet another well-wrought melody and some truly gorgeous vocal harmonies.
'Anachronism' is a bit more of a spooky affair unfolding against a keening wall of sound.
'Slow Burn' does, indeed, burn slowly (but brightly) and the deeply affecting 'Epithelial' really
does seem to have gotten under my skin with its wistful (but hopeful?) romantic sentiments.
'Akureyri' is a big-boned, quasi-symphonic sort-of thing with more of those plaintive harmonies
and the dramatic final number 'Epilogue (Ossuary)' brings the project to an epic wordless conclusion.
(Hang on in there for a minute of two after the last bars or you'll miss the delightful musical box extra!)

I have to say I've been totally persuaded by Mr Phillip' musical visions.
Truth-be-told I think I may have fallen just a little bit in love with them!

Highly Recommended.

Price: £8.88

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4.0 out of 5 stars New Boots, 29 Nov. 2015
This review is from: Aquaria (Audio CD)
Jordan Asher's new album 'Aquaria' is an interesting collection of elegantly constructed
electronic compositions in which he seems as much at home with the rap genre as he is
singing a song and the songs are really rather good even if the words are a bit rude sometimes.

Top tracks?

The two opening number 'Brooklyn Games' and 'C.U.R.E' both have big fat powerful beats
and relentless (particularly the latter) energy. 'Oraclies' is a more elegant affair with a bit of
a jazzy flavour and a rather pretty well-sung chorus which put me in mind of some of Rufus
Wainwright's more louche inventions. 'Gallows' puts a well-worn descending chord sequence
to good use; adding a perfectly nice little vocal tune to give it a fresh coat of musical paint.
'Earthquake' employs subdued bubbling quasi-Latin rhythms in a sultry Summer night dream.
The splendid final track 'Still' finds Mr Asher more than a bit in touch with his inner-Radiohead.

An imaginative and engaging listening experience.


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