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Membrane - Ultra Slim Blue Vertical Case for Huawei Ascend Y300 (Y300 Dual U8833) - Flip Phone Cover + 2 Screen Protectors
Membrane - Ultra Slim Blue Vertical Case for Huawei Ascend Y300 (Y300 Dual U8833) - Flip Phone Cover + 2 Screen Protectors
Offered by Membrane Store
Price: 3.85

5.0 out of 5 stars Y300 Case Membrane Blue, 8 Nov 2013
A well designed case. The case increases the phone thickness to approximately 19mm. The phone is securely held to the case by a plastic frame. This frame fits the phone perfectly and and has cutouts around the ports and switches. The rear of the case has perfectly aligned cutouts for the camera and flash. Although the camera lens is not protected by anything, it's recessed by about 3mm. The magnetic clasp works well and is strong enough to hold together, but easy enough to separate. The case comes with two screen protectors and a small cleaning cloth. The screen protectors are glossy though.
Overall very happy with product. Good value for money and a blue case that makes the phone easier to find.

Etymotic MC5 In-Ear Earphones - Black
Etymotic MC5 In-Ear Earphones - Black
Offered by EC CRESCENT *Worldwide Shipping*
Price: 59.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Etymotic hc5 headphones and moulded ear plugs, 29 Mar 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After much research and testing, I decided that noise cancelling head phones were not the option for me. That left headphones with noise isolation for use in various environments.
Unfortunately you cannot do comparative tests with headphones that are designed for in ear use, due to health reasons (although I'm sure a good clean would solve these issues).
Firstly the HC5 headphones as supplied. As mentioned else where, the cable design is such that rubbing noise passes from the cable to the ear phones. Therefore it is essential to run the cable behind the ears. This deadens most of this noise, unless you are wearing a hat.The flexible cable distance from the headphones to the Y join is 333mm. This is enough for me to wrap the cable around my ears and under my chin. A sliding ring can be used to tighten this under the chin, to help prevent the cable from coming out of behind the ears. the remaining cable to the connector is about 880mm, ending in a 90degree gold plated plug.
As for audio quality, my ears are past their best due to hearing damage (which is why I want ambient noise reduction). All comments about lack of bass are correct, especially that you need to push the ear pieces a long way in to the ear. The better the seal in the ear, the better the sound. There are plenty of headphone end options to choose from. I had the large 3 way cone in the right ear and the foam in the left.
Compared to other head phones, there was definitely only a little base. The rest was fine. Once fitted properly, there was definitely more noise ambient noise reduction than any noise cancelling headphones I tried, including the Bose ones. The plugs were a little uncomfortable after an hour or more. this persuaded me to try the moulded ear plugs.
The headphones allow you to visit the ACS web site and get a voucher for ear mouldings. I did this and visited one of the places listed on the web site for the procedure. Unfortunately my left ear had too much wax in it and I had to get it unblocked via the doctors. A slightly unpleasant process. I then got the moulding done; took about 15 minutes. Two days later I got an Email for 80 from ACS. Paid this and was told 4 week delivery. Took 7 weeks.
Initially they don't look much, but the translucent silicone moulding are easy to fit on the head phones. Once you know what orientation to fit them in to your ear, they go in easily, and come out easily as well. Definitely the best noise isolation I've experienced. All frequencies are suppressed dramatically. The only noise that comes through is when you rest your head on something and noise is transmitted through the bone.
The sound quality has also improved, with the whole range being sharper. I still find the base weak though.
I would love to try the mouldings with the more expensive headphones in the range, but unfortunately they are not interchangeable.
When walking the jarring of the feet on the ground can cause noise in the headphones. Something I experienced with all headphones pushed firmly in the ear.
The ACS web site says you have to pay extra for the company to keep you moulding information. The fitter said they do that automatically now, but they only keep them for four years. this is because your ears are continuously growing, and will have changed in four years. Does this mean I will need new mouldings in four years time?

So, If you are looking for the ultimate isolation from outside noise, so that you can use low volumes to protect your hearing, then I would recommend these. If you want a headphone with the best sound quality and plenty of base, look else where. I hope there is enough here to help your purchase decision.

Casio Men's Watch FE101A
Casio Men's Watch FE101A
Offered by Via's Gift House
Price: 58.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Casio Watch FE10-1A, 21 Jun 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Casio Men's Watch FE101A (Watch)
For those who like a simple digital watch, and who like one that is slim, you will like this. The display only has the day of the month on it, not the month; so not confusing over American or British format. Has the day of week for those mornings when you wake up and don't know what day it is. One button push to swap between 12h & 24hr. alarm and stopwatch. It doesn't get 5 stars for two reasons. The display is shiny and when at a 45 degree angle or more you can see some of the other characters faintly. The other is the sleeve that holds the end of the strap in place. It slides easily out of place and leads to the strap sticking up and catching on things. I will experiment with my own solutions, but a simple lip on the sleeve would solve this problem. Its the second of these watches I've owned, as I could not find a better one after extensive searching.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jul 31, 2011 9:04 PM BST

epc 7 inch mini laptop netbook
epc 7 inch mini laptop netbook
Offered by SR3 Distribution Limited
Price: 69.58

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4.0 out of 5 stars CE6 netbook, 21 Jun 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: epc 7 inch mini laptop netbook
I purchased this netbook as a simple cheap tool for creative writing. As mentioned in another review, it is good at this. I have not connected to the internet, so can't comment on that. When you pay this sort of money for this product, you cannot expect the highest quality components. The trackpad is relatively poor, but useable, the keyboard works but lacks feedback, and is quite small as you would expect from such a small device. The screen is OK. It boots in a reasonable 37 seconds. I have two issues with it though. The main one is the battery life. Even with WiFi disabled and the screen at minimum brightness; just using wordpad it lasted for 1.5hours. Half the 3 hours maximum I read somewhere. Takes about 3 hours to fully recharge. There are three USB ports on the unit, but none will work with a memory stick. Mouse or keyboard for two, the third one at the rear is for connecting to a PC. UPDATE, tried a memory stick in the rear port and it works. Maybe its a fault of the instructions which are for CE5, not CE6.In order to back up your data, you can use the SD card slot (although the manual recommends not removing this too often.) The other way is via a PC connection, which I have not tried yet.

Canon PowerShot S95 Digital Camera (High Sensitivity 10 Megapixel, 3.8x Zoom, 3.0 inch LCD Screen)
Canon PowerShot S95 Digital Camera (High Sensitivity 10 Megapixel, 3.8x Zoom, 3.0 inch LCD Screen)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Canon S95 camera review, 5 Mar 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I chose this camera as a fast small high quality compact camera, with the ability to shoot RAW files. Overall an impressive camera, with the extra control ring at the front around the lens very useful. Plenty of modes to keep evryone happy. Screen visible in bright sunlight. Generally very speedy in all tasks. HDR useful when you have a tripod.Low light images better than other cheaper cameras.
Some negatives though; the speed of display in the Stitch assist mode is slow when using JPEG+RAW. The images are generally godd, but purple fringing is very evident. To fix this, I tried a demo version of DXO pro software, and the automatic mode did a great job of fixing the fringing. What surprised me was the sharpening of the image when the distortion was removed. I've yet to experiment with other software, but the images from this camera do need fixing if you want the best from it.

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