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The End of America (Director's Cut) [DVD] [2008] [NTSC]
The End of America (Director's Cut) [DVD] [2008] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Naomi Wolf

5.0 out of 5 stars Scary comparison with how Hitler took over, 24 Feb 2013
You may raise an eyebrow at how objective this is, but as an English subject I'd heard of the Patriot Act etc but hadn't appreciated how it and other Acts are effectively bypassing a lot of their Constitution. The 10 step comparison between how Bush's America was created and how Hitler took over had worrying parallels. The Blackwater private mercenaries working for the US Government on American soil to control political rallies et al ? Err, why didn't I hear about this in the British media ? Makes me wonder...,,

Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?: The Autobiography
Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?: The Autobiography
by Steven Tyler
Edition: Hardcover

4.0 out of 5 stars Don't give up at the start, 7 Feb 2012
If you've picked this up, read the first page, felt lost and put it down again I recommend giving it another go. The first 6 pages are fairly incomprehensible. This recurs now and then throughout the book and the more it happens the more you understand about Tyler's character. The problem is he's trying to explain how much he loves music.....REALLY loves music. My problem is I'm an engineer and I'm never going to understand what he means when he comes out with descriptions like 'when you make music and hit a chord that resonates it forms shapes and colours that reverberate across the universe' yada yada yada. OK, Steven. I'll meet you on the other side of this explanation somewhere in about 5 pages time. When he calms down and actually starts talking about his life (about Page 7) its pretty gripping stuff. I will say though that anyone who writes an autobiography and doesn't give up the story of the losing of his virginity is copping out. The stuff about the conflicts within Aerosmith is fascinating as is the complicated relationship between him and his guitarist Joe Perry. The ostracism of Tyler over getting clean when the rest of the band weren't sounds very similar to what happened to Vince Neil of Motley Crue too. Overall, definitely worth a read, just bear with the conversational style and the fact that he doesn't always make a lot of sense, not to a clean living, sober engineer anyway.

I Don't Mean To Be Rude, But...: The Truth about Fame, Fortune and My Life in Music
I Don't Mean To Be Rude, But...: The Truth about Fame, Fortune and My Life in Music
by Simon Cowell
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.39

4.0 out of 5 stars Interesting, honest, hilarious, but drags at the end, 7 Aug 2011
I'd heard a fair bit about Simon's life before reading this, but there's still loads in here of interest, all told with humour, honesty and no fear of upsetting fellow celebrities. Losing his virginity, various girlfriends, his father's desperate attempts to find him a vocation, his chaotic early attempts to launch his music business career, the first woman he was engaged to - its all there, along with a surprising amount which reveals a very obsessive nature and an absolute refusal to accept being told no. I mean most of us wouldn't have got away with pretty much stalking Pete Waterman and Robson Greene, and would have at least backed off the latter when told to by the Police. He even describes pursuing a girlfriend 'like a madman'. You just can't help rooting for someone with that amount of passion about all aspects of his life though. My edition said 'Fully updated' on it, but ends in 2004 making this somewhat dated. This shows most obviously toward the end when the book stalls in laborious details of all the runners and riders in the first two seasons of American Idol and also the first two seasons of Pop Idol. I can't even remember half the characters from those series now, although I watched it at the time, so his commentary is now like someone talking about friends of theirs you don't know. On the upside, his predictions for which celebrity relationships will last is hilariously wide of the mark and his suggestion that he would have told Ricky Martin to get a girlfriend made me laugh out loud given the recent revelations about the singer's sexuality. The chapter where he describes his feelings on marriage and having children raise an eyebrow too these days. The best bit though is where he sets out his step by step plan for becoming a star and staying there. The moment he says each piece of advice you think 'Of course, that's obvious' and wonder how it is that you've never heard anyone point out these infinitely sensible tactics before. All in all, this is a very easy and enjoyable read. I read it in a week and its staying on my bookshelf. I hope he updates it again at some point.

Simon Cowell -On The Record [DVD]
Simon Cowell -On The Record [DVD]
Dvd ~ Simon Cowell
Price: £1.96

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1.0 out of 5 stars Watch YouTube Footage Instead, 17 July 2011
Bought this DVD second hand for £0.02 on the off chance that there would be anything new on it, but there really isn't. You can do a search on YouTube for these excerpts of Cowell/Cole/Holden press conferences and red carpet 'interview' pieces which are strung together with soundbites from 4 or 5 talking heads who are anonymous to me. Industry insiders ? Its never revealed as such what connection they have to Cowell. The Wonderdog footage is on YouTube too and is old news anyway. The 'Uncensored' tag is irrelevant as there's nothing to censor in stock clips from the news and other programmes. I'm not sure where the 'candid' element comes in either. The 'Unauthorised' tag isn't even worthwhile as this DVD could not be more obsequiously fawning over the all conquering Simon if he'd written and edited it himself. The quality isn't great either as you get that grainy line split effect when one of the talking heads waves their hand back and forth. Don't get me wrong, I love the man himself with a passion that is beyond all sanity, but this is just a cash in. Three nos, guys.

Pump Up The Volume [DVD]
Pump Up The Volume [DVD]
Dvd ~ Christian Slater
Offered by ClassicsMovies
Price: £29.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Don't worry about the Korean, 29 April 2010
This review is from: Pump Up The Volume [DVD] (DVD)
Decent movie as others have explained, but also just to say on the version I bought I had no problem turning off the Korean subtitles in the DVD sub-menus so I could view it normally with the original english soundtrack. Plays on my UK xBox 360 fine.

Non Sequitur 2010 Page a Day Calendar (Day to Day Calendar)
Non Sequitur 2010 Page a Day Calendar (Day to Day Calendar)
by Andrews McMeel Publishing
Edition: Calendar

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5.0 out of 5 stars Witty & Charming, 28 April 2010
I was looking for a replacement for my Dilbert Page A Day desktop calendar and found a great one in this. Its a mix of one shot joke panels and the ongoing story of a single Dad, his two daughters and their horse and a dog (a definite Calvin and Hobbes style set up with the pets). Its offbeat, zany, but also makes observations on the madness of modern life. The bit where America declares war on Canada due to the dog and horse on board a boat getting suspended in US airspace after being caught in a 'Naw westah' wind gives you some idea of the 'one thing leading to another and then some' madcap occurences. However, the political satire branching off from it is very observant. The single Dad working as a TV reporter broadcasting on the incident in the full knowledge its actually his kid's pets on his mate's boat is hilarious too. This is a very clever comic strip and I thoroughly recommend it if you like that kind of humour.

PetSafe SlimCat Feed Ball - Orange
PetSafe SlimCat Feed Ball - Orange
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome for reawakening your cat's inner kitten, 26 April 2010
This has been a godsend for my cat Fred. He had a weight problem and has a tendency to eat whatever food is available. This treat ball makes him work for his food and stops him eating for the sake of it. The size of the holes to release food are adjustable and his reduced calorie, urinary tract kibble fits fine. Its easy to fill by unscrewing the top cap too. This gadget also seems to have made him more playful again by engaging his hunting instinct. Very very occasionally he's batted the ball across the hall and scattered kibble everywhere, but the vast majority of the time he only knocks it around at his feet and stops to eat the moment food drops out. Fred weighed 7.5kg, but is now 6.5kg which is much more the size he should be (he's a large framed cat anyway). My ball is getting a little loose now as I've had it a while, but I wouldn't hesitate buying a replacement. My only problem is finding where he's left the ball when he's emptied it LOL. Thoroughly recommended.
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8gb Micro Sdhc Memory Card For The Nokia 5230 (With Adaptor) By King Of Gadgets
8gb Micro Sdhc Memory Card For The Nokia 5230 (With Adaptor) By King Of Gadgets
Offered by Wholesaleprice-UK
Price: £4.50

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good value, but a 7.5gb card ?, 26 April 2010
This arrived quick and works fine, but my phone reckons its a 7.5gb card, not an 8gb one. I haven't tried filling it up with data yet, so who knows. It still serves my purposes though, is cheaper than many other cards on the market and includes a free adaptor for those cards that are about 2cm x 2cm.
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