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The Savage God: A Study of Suicide
The Savage God: A Study of Suicide
by A. Alvarez
Edition: Paperback
Price: 9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Very well rescearched, 26 Mar 2003
An author who knows his subject from the inside is either a blessing or a curse. In the curst of The Savage God, it brings A. Alvarez closer to the subject and gives him insights into it that would never occur to normal people. His close relationship with Sylvia Plath, mentioned in detail during the opening "chapter" is also fascinating.
Begining each section with a quote from a notable source ("Dying is an art/Like everything else/ I do it exceptionally well/ I do it so it feels like hell/ I do it so it feels real/ I guess you could say I've a call") sets the mood rathar than acts as eye-candy or space filling.
As someone who hasnt read widely around the subject of suicide, it seems that Alvarez has presented the views of many many people in this book. Obviously he cannot mention all the views of eveyone but most groups, religious and historical seem to be at least nodded to. most are examined in some depth. Conclusions on the subject of suicide are frequent. Unfortunately, it is up to the individual reader how convinced they are. To someone who has read alot of essays on suicide, it may seem a little basic, perhaps, but to the rest of us, it is easy to read whilst maintaining a pleasing technical vocablury which allows us to acces the subject in question easilly. The Savage God is an introduction to suicide that allows people to understand the motivation behind it. If that is what you want... buy It. Simple.
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Dusk and Her Embrace
Dusk and Her Embrace
Offered by jim-exselecky
Price: 5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Lighter than normal but still evil, 3 Feb 2002
This review is from: Dusk and Her Embrace (Audio CD)
Definitely the lightest of COFs albums but still having that core heavynenss that makes all the difference. Gian joining the band does make a huge difference (as you will see if you listen to PRINCIPLE, then VEMPIRE, then DUSK) there has been a slight style change and the band are now faster, more evil and better. Two words: go buy.

Half-Life Generation Pack: Half-Life / Counter Strike / Opposing Force
Half-Life Generation Pack: Half-Life / Counter Strike / Opposing Force
Offered by Plug N Play Entertainment
Price: 43.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars John Woo, interative- entertainment for every generation., 10 Aug 2001
I really, really wish I'd never played this title. I hate computer games- I think that they waste large chunks of your valuable spare time, and leave you nothing in return, except for rsi and machine-gun infested dreams. And this game is the most addictive time-waster I've ever played, and I get the feeling that it is extremely bad for me in all sorts of ways, the biggest one being that it makes 1st person gun-toting, blood-soaked, wholesale morally disgusting murder more fun than an unlimited tab at the Voodoo Lounge Bar. But I love it. Perfectly scripted, exquisitely timed- the story runs like a fully interactive X-files episode, but instead of Mulder tentatively edging around corners and Scully insisting that 'there must be a rational explanation for all this', you get to run from some all too real (kinda) aliens. And then bludgeon them. Your first tool of revenge, for the crimes perpetrated against your erstwhile scientific comrades, is a satisfyingly meaty crowbar, disturbingly efficient at smashing windows, face-huggers and alien heads. And that's just the start. 9mm pistol, .44 Magnum, better than Doom pump-action shotgun, 50 round HK MP5 Assault Rifle, laser guided missile launcher (that you get to blow up an fully working Apache Gunship with), grenades, satchel bombs, laser trip mines. The list sounds like the armoury from Matrix, Face/Off and Desperado, except this time you get to use them. A lot. And then you get to the soldiers. Hands up how many people like those dumb-ass, butch, everything-phobic soldier boys? None? Alright! But this isn't christmas in soldier killing town. They advance in groups, crouching behind obstacles to reload. They avoid each others' fire, setting up improvised cross-fire zones with rifles, machine-gun emplacements and grenades. When wounded, they fall back, seeking back up, then loop around you and shoot you in the back. Huh. You hear their radio calls, shouts, and clips falling to the ground when they reload. The only warning of imminent horrible-death-by-grenade you will receive is when you hear the all too familiar metal-on-tarmac sound distinctly too close for bodily comfort. Yes, they will kill you. But you will beat them. And it gets better. Ever wanted to fry a 200 foot high alien with a Saturn 5 rocket engine? Now you can. Ever wanted to burn a lumbering behemoth between two power generators so outrageously that the explosion wakes up the neighbours in the next street? Yup. How about orchestrating a massed pitched battle between aliens and enemy soldiers, and laughing as your enemies obliterate each-other? Guess what, you can. The graphics still impress, and the sound has never been bettered. Turn the lights off, crank your amp up, and jump out of your seat with terror. The claustrophobic settings make sure everything is at visceral close-quarters, and the game does not skimp on the gratuitous visuals, enhancing the realism further from where the AI left off. Later on, in one of the best sections ('Surface Tension'), you get to emerge into the bright sunlight. As you pause to admire the pretty 3d accelerated view, you pause, as the birdsong is mollified by what sounds rather like a full-size military tank rolling to a halt close by. But we've played these games before right? They never actually have working tanks, and if they do, they're always scripted, they can't fight independently against one guy on foot? Can they? Er... (queue the reload key...) However, almost everyone knows how good this game is; therefore this review is more of an attempt at cross-genre pollonation. Everyone deserves the opportunity to play this, but most adults like me never will because of the general perception of gaming. So, this review is for those casual, adult media/art/anything types who own a pc and might buy a game for the different experience it offers. Trust me, it's worth it in this case. But this poses a question- why should we be playing a game that so obviously glamourises guns, revenge and destruction? Surely we should not want to do this, even in a game? I haven't enough space left to even attempt to allay these fears, but what I can say is that, in fiction of all types, we can safely involve ourselves in worlds that are not likely to experience, and that this broadens our horizons. This is not a moral game, but its tongue in cheek sci-fi references remind us that what we are experiencing is post-modernism at its most accessible. Half Life taps our most instinctual response; survival. And when you do, finally, survive through this game, you will want to do it again. Humans lived this way for thousands of years, and we should celebrate our contemporary safety by experiencing work such as Half Life that reminds us where we came from, and what could happen again. Ulimately, Half Life is one of the most fun experiences you will ever have, and that is all you should have to worry about. Five Stars. With a bullet. E-mail with your thoughts if this got through to anyone!

Brothers in Arms
Brothers in Arms

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5.0 out of 5 stars Q: What launched the compact disc? A: This album!, 27 July 2001
This review is from: Brothers in Arms (Vinyl)
Dire Straits' all conquering rock classic 'Brothers in Arms' was the most successful album of 1985 and one of the highest grossing ever made, and with good reason. Everyone knows the awesome yet subtle power of the title track, yet the rest of lead singer, and guitarist, Knopfler's platinum creative vision is equally enthralling. The incorrigibly upbeat 'Walk of Life' only made it on to the record at the last minute, yet has become a favourite of live audiences worldwide (check out the audience's raucous cheers on the 'On The Night' live LP) 'Money for Nothing' too is a worldwide phenomenon, and has the added bonus of a certain Mr Sting singing the backing vocals; Knopfler's awesome guitar solos ripple across the dynamic waves of keyboard and bass, while Pick Withers powers this and every track along with perfectly timed drum snaps and beats. At the other end of the scale, 'The Man's Too Strong' and 'Why Worry' provide a genuinely subtle voice; beautifully played acoustic guitar and Eno/Lanois-esque injections of ambient keyboard lend a real sense of depth to an album that has incredible cross-generational appeal. Those of you who wish to see precisely where Radiohead and Coldplay got their ideas from need look no further, while if you are a fan of the Mac, Floyd or Clapton there is no excuse for you not to have this album. At all. And if you're a fan of the more 'produced' style of 70/80s music- wake up. The buck stops here. Knopfler & co's music will never die as long as, somewhere, a guitar is still being played. And the day that happens, I'll stop listening to music...

Red Dwarf - Better Than Life: Abridged
Red Dwarf - Better Than Life: Abridged
by Grant Naylor
Edition: Audio Cassette

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5.0 out of 5 stars Better than the tv series, 4 Nov 2000
Spanning about six episodes (which I can recognise) of the TV series, this book is simply a must, You can keep the voice of the ORIGINAL talkie toaster in your head as you read it and not the new thing they got for series 4. The jokes are funnier its better structered, just better genrally...

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