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5.0 out of 5 stars Sublime, 3 Feb. 2007
This review is from: B.R.M.C. (Audio CD)
This is a record to become seriously excited about, in a very mellow way. This record has a an aura about it that is not present in many modern band. They do seem to be able to encompass a great varying musical genres into one blend, there are quitre obvious influences from physche, shoegazer, but then through the mix you can hear a spark of bright acoustic guitar, fuzzy overdrive and distortion which hits in great waves of noise. It is truly a sublime album, the trio show off some excellent songwriting on such numbers as, Rifles, which is my personal favourite song, Love Burns and Whatever happened to my rock 'n' roll.

One aspect of thsi album i truly do love is how the guys seem able to layer some quite complex guitar work, with equally gracious bass work relayed over a solid drum beat, they certainly have a lot more talent than most artists of the current moment, and have definately lead me to believe that something good to come of the american music scene.

All in all i cannot stress enough how much you should go out and buy this album it is a truly good listen, and great to relax to after a long day.

Twelve Stops and Home
Twelve Stops and Home
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1.0 out of 5 stars hmmm, 29 Jan. 2007
This review is from: Twelve Stops and Home (Audio CD)
hmm so this is the sorry state our charts are in at the moment, yet another corporate made nancy band to make 12 year old girls cry with "pleasure". Honestly this band disgust me, i can't really see what would make someone seek down to such levels as to listen to this. OK wel on with the review. My first gripe with this band is their lack of originality, they have quite obviously been churned out of the music production plant to sell records and make producers very rich people. There is absolutly no, passion, talent or even song writing ability, i mean how can anybody be taken seriously when they sing "i love it when you call" about twenty times in a row, over the top of what sounds like the pokemon theme tune... Number 2, the singer, oh dear God how he annoys me. I though all this "emo" rubbish could be whiny but oh dear i have been proved wrong.

OK now im going to start being serious, if this sort of album is aimed at little girls, what sort of an example are they setting? for example "oh b b b b b baby, i think im going (i wont disgrace myself by typing out the "c"'s) crazy, nothing feels the same without you", that is going to make little people think its a good thing to be cut up over being dumped. Hmm on a technical aspect, it would be nice to see either of the 2 guitarists use more than 5 chords in any one song, it would also be nice if they didnt use the same strumming, and just plain simplistic picking. I hope they can mature into decent musicians/songwriters, but im not holding out for much


The Black Parade
The Black Parade
Price: £5.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars The Truth, 24 Jan. 2007
This review is from: The Black Parade (Audio CD)
okey Dokey well where do i honestly begin? ok well firstly several things about this album really does pee me off, a lot. Firstly, before i begin my reign of slander over this bull tripe let me pose all you teenage "music" lovers a question, What do you want our generation to be remebered for?

I for one certainly would not like to be remeber, no in fact associated with My Chemical Romance.

Firstly any form of reference to queen is frankly disgusting, Queen were a superbly talented band, who each member not only a master of each's instrument but actually had the ability to use over one chord. It actually insults me to think that Freddy Mercury's name is remebered in such vain, My Chemical Romance epitomises all that is bad in today's commercial society, they got big, so they thought they would try being "epic". Eff off . They now sound more whiney then they did before.

Secondly, there seems to be two members of this band that actually do anything, lead guitarist/ the lead singer, and Mr Gerard Way can't even sing the higher parts live. The lead guitar work is poor and predictable, the piano intro to "Welcome .." which i thought i read on one of these reviews was "awesome" is simple plinking that even i could play, and i seem to have a great aversion to playing piano.

Furthermore the bassist seems completly content with blurting out the same lines in every song he plays, with the usual reverse strumming with a pick that i have come to expect from modern music. The rythem guitarist has a much talent and aggresion (discounting the over used distortion) of a broken harp that was detrsoyed becuase some "emo" person cryed on it...

I have nothing against the drummer since i have no expertise on that subject, but i think hes a pubic hair for being in My Chemical Romance. As for this "scope" bullrubbish, all i see i a whiney little man who needs to grow up.

So i ask you do you want to be remebered as the generation that sold out?, if not i suggest you burn any sort of commercial music, containing your usual power chord strumming, fake emotion singing a vocal destructiveness and maybe pick up some Elliott Smith if you want talent.

I hope i didnt annoy you all, (lie) but i don't want to be remebered in the future as the music tripe we are being branded with, i mean we are already destroyin the world, cant that be enough.

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Nightmare Anatomy
Nightmare Anatomy
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1.0 out of 5 stars Welll....., 24 Aug. 2006
This review is from: Nightmare Anatomy (Audio CD)
Well this certainly is a nightmare.. I have never heard such generic wannabes. Actually to call them generic would be an insult to all the generic bands.... they are the epitome of bull crap i beg of you not to buy this album, to start with they try to be "influenced" by the misfits and this really does them no favours.. I mean instead of paying homage to this great band (who i may point out are horror punk NOT goth punk which does not exist) they steal. They steal the style without retaining any of the atmosphere and aura that the misfits could create. Secondly the quality of recording is terrible this again may be a vain hope to be like their "idols". I am killed by the guitar work it is completly uninventive and boring, but i cannot hold this against them considering most "emo" (yes i do despise this term) is the same.

The lyrics are also completly null may i quote "

(Die romantic, romantic)

This is the nightmare we fall asleep.

(Die romantic, romantic)

This is the nightmare we die complete.

(Die romantic, romantic)

Tonight's the night, and it's all we need now

To die romantic

Oh dear.

I think i have said enough im sorry if i have stepped on any toes but i really could not bare to see this complete rubbish go unnoticed. Well done to everyone that agrees

Bye bye

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