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Alan Moore Neonomicon TPB (Avatar)
Alan Moore Neonomicon TPB (Avatar)
by Alan Moore
Edition: Paperback
Price: £12.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Easily the best lovecraft inspired comic to date., 1 May 2012
Having been a fan of Lovecraft's work for some time, I have often hoped to see a comic or film that properly captures the feel and mind-bending twists that Lovecraft often achieves in his writings. The vast majority of adaptations I have seen in print to date have fallen flat at the basic art level, letalone the adaptation of plot. This led me to purchase Neonomicon on a whim as the artwork seemed the best and most fitting I had seen yet. I hoped for a good story to accompany the art style, and I was not dissapointed.

I had minor misgivings about a few of the name drops and puns in the early stages of the comic, but these proved quite fitting after completing the comic (so dont let the early puns such as "the ulthar cats" band put you off). The plot is not adapted specifically from a Lovecraft novel, so does not have any restraint in how it tells the story. This certainly does it a lot of credit. Without giving away any plot details, it has the same eerie feel and descriptive nature as Lovecraft's writing placed into a modern setting. Old one language is certainly common with significance too, and certain twists in the story have since added a new dimension when I read Lovecraft in more recent times.

As mentioned earlier, the art style is very detailed and fits incredibly well for the feel of the writing. Furthermore, the more abstract parts of the comic are very well drawn. I was particularly pleased to see a Lovecraftian horror given form that actually invokes a proper reaction and feel to the creature portrayed.

The comic is by no means perfect however. There are certain aspects to the story which are brilliant, but these also segue into a development that I personally thought should have been developed or expanded upon. The female lead is a complicated character, and one whom I felt was well written. However, there are certain moments where her reaction to stimuli seem slightly uncharacteristic or unbelievable. These moments are very far and few between however, and do have reason for happening.

Overall, I was very pleased with this comic and would be glad to see a lot more like it on the market. I strongly recommend this to anyone looking for a Lovecraft inspired work that isnt just a badly drawn hash of a pre-existing story.

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1.0 out of 5 stars A warning, 11 Aug. 2011
Don't be fooled by the pleasant appearance of this product. I received it in good time, and was happy when i got it; however, after the initial happiness ended, i noticed a large number of flaws...
Firstly, the violin (while attractive) has poor worksmanship and putting the battery in it causes the body to distort on the back. Secondly, the bridge of the violin is not shaped correctly (this information given to me by the professional music shops i visited in trying to get it to work) and would require a great deal of extra time and cost to make work correctly. This brings me to my third point of workmanship - Even once you might get the bridge fixed, this violin has the uncanny ability to shred strings and snap them. Had it been just me attempting to tune it, i would not blame the violin; However, yet again, taking the product to various shops with professionals yielded the same result. Lastly, the shape of the violin (while stylish) is flawed to the point that if a shoulder rest is needed (and in most cases, it will be) then you have no real way of connecting it. This is actually due to the stylish look of the violin combined with a missing lip upon which to attach the shoulder rest. A majority of electric violins worth their strings will have some form of added attachment, additional shaping, or the ability to attach a shoulder rest when necessary.

The bow in the product is a different matter. I was happy with the length and shaping of the bow, though unable to test it due to the afformentioned problems with the violin itself (This further applies to hearing it's amplified sound so i cannot comment on that either)

The overal result of the product is such that, while it looks lovely, it's unplayable and in that respect a total waste of money and time. I would recommend either buying an accoustic violin and setting it up with an adapter, or looking elsewhere if your heart is set upon an electric violin.

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