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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (Two Disc Set) [DVD] [2003]
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (Two Disc Set) [DVD] [2003]
Dvd ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
Offered by leo of johnson
Price: £9.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Schwarzenegger and Loken command the screen in decent sequel- but was it really needed?, 30 Jun. 2015
After the classic original and the mighty mouth dropping sequel, having a 3rd movie was always going to be risky buisness. The first 2 movies were not only fantastic but also wrapped the story up well. Alas Hollywood beckons and the tills KA CHING! and Part 3 was made anyway.

The story follows John Conner now played by a different actor in Nick Stahl- it would have been preferable had the producers got in Edward Furlong- the emotional connection to Schwarzenegger would have been worth Furlong's cheque.

The deadly terminator this time a female will probably be met upon at first as bah! Yes she is a blonde, yes she is wearing make up and yes she looks stunning- would the machines really care what she looks like? Robert Patrick who played the T1000 in T2 was hardly anything to look at- and that is what made his character more appealing and real. However it must be said that this new Terminator named TX kicks some butt. Played brilliantly by Kristanna Loken. At least Loken gets the role and creates despair along the way- she moves like a robot, so glamour aside thumbs up here.

The movie suffers though from Nick Stahl and his accomplice played by Claire Danes. Both give poor performances, simply unbeliveable- a devastating cast choice. Stahl plunders through the movie grabbing any chance to look his best inbetween action shots. Danes non reaction to her finaces death is critical- and she never claims her role for herself- any other actress could have played it.

Finally onto the big man- Schwarzenegger- and quite frankly if it wasn't for him the film would be forgotten about quickly. He plays the role so convincingly that you forget Schwarzenegger has starred in any other movies. He is the Terminator- and garces the screen everytime he is on it. He never breaks character and gives an awe inspiring performance- it's easy to tell that Schwarzenegger loves this role.

The film moves around as one would expect- with Schwarzenegger protecting both Stahl and Danes from the TX. There is a terrific action sequence during the car chase scene and only dabbles of slight humour thrown into the film. The film goes along nicely. But you can't help thinking something is missing- but what action film wouldn't feel like a come down after T2? The final act tries a little shock value but in truth it's the final twenty minutues or so where momentum is lost- and you get the feeling that the scriptwriters weren't entirely sure how to end this one.

The effects are good but nothing like we have seen- all in all this could have been a huge disaster- it ended up being very decent in the continuation of the story- but deep down we all know this one wasn't needed.

Jurassic World [DVD]
Jurassic World [DVD]
Dvd ~ Chris Pratt
Price: £9.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Watch rich people die, 30 Jun. 2015
This review is from: Jurassic World [DVD] (DVD)
In every way inferior to the original, but we've come here to see the effects and much not else. Jurassic World is fine for kids but it does take its time to get going. Characters we've seen all before for us adults though just dumb this movie down. The sex starved grumpy teenager, the cold hearted bossy aunt, who turns good etc etc. It actually becomes impossible to care for any of the characters because we know there all spoilt rich. Who else could afford to come to this Disneyworld esque amusement park in Costa Rica? No seriously!

When the dinosaurs come you hardly get surprised by them- we saw them looking pretty spectacular in 1993. The story just seems to plod along without much soul. There are though some references to the original movie, a surprise move in these cold hearted Hollywood days. And there is one outstanding sequence involving the kids carer who doesn't seem to get many lines in the movie being battered by a few dinosaurs and then eaten. Now that was fun. Jurassic World is on par to become one of the highest grossing movies of all time which tells you a lot about the dumbed down society we live in (not counting the kids of course). The other reason is quite simply the power of advertising.
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Demolition Man [DVD] [1993]
Demolition Man [DVD] [1993]
Dvd ~ Sylvester Stallone
Price: £2.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Stallone's version of Frozen and back when Snipes paid his tax., 30 Jun. 2015
This review is from: Demolition Man [DVD] [1993] (DVD)
Back in the 90s when Stallone hated Arnold- he even admitted it a few years back, Stallone would do anything to rival his er rival. So he did Demolition Man- a futuristic sci fi movie. But this is no Total Recall or Terminator. The plot as follows- It's 1996 and Stallone one of the best of his team finally captures the bad guy played by Wesley Snipes. But Stallone unknowingly killed quite a few hostages getting to Snipes and so he is condemmed to freeze. For quite a while. So of course has Snipes and several years later, 2032 to be exact they get unfreezed and continue their fight- kind of like the 100 year war but between 2 guys, go figure.

Sandra Bullock plays the maybe love interest future cop- she looks sexy here- but adds little to the movie. Ultimately Demolition Man is saved because it constantly pokes fun at itself- at one point Stallone is angered to know that Arnie was the US President when he was asleep. Most of the film is like this and played for fun which kind of gets it past the line. But bottom line it feels cold and a little cynical. It could have been better and this just comes over as Stallone trying one on Arnie.

Sol Invictus
Sol Invictus
Price: £7.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A welcome return for Faith No More, not a classic but very solid, 27 Jun. 2015
This review is from: Sol Invictus (Audio CD)
Finally a new Faith No More album. It's been 18 years and a breakup and a reunion, but one of the great bands from the 1990s are back and with a bang. Despite King for a day, fool for a lifetime and Album of the Year having some terrific tracks on them, you always felt that there was something missing. Sol Invictus doesn't exactly hark back to the great days of Angel Dust- but it is without doubt a fine record.

Just ten tracks here- so let's go through them. Opening up with title track- this is a super short song, that builds well into a fine chrous, it is a simple song- but it is a truly magnificent way to kickstart the album. Superhero follows and is perhaps their best track in a generation. Killer guitar riff and piano overlays. Sunny Side Up feels very 60s soul but then FNM are there to keep us on our toes and the song swiftly changes into a 1000 mph guitar slide.

Seperation Anxiety, has a great guitar riff and the band love to play this one live. Cone of Shame may take a few listens but feels like classic FNM. Certainly a strange beast and has Angel Dust esque overtones. The next two tracks are perhaps the weakest on the album. Rise of the Fall doesn't really go anywhere but does sound a bit like The Specials at times. Black Friday is another being played lately live. It actually doesn't sound like FNM but that's the whole trick when it comes to this fascinating band.

Motherfudger- miss spelt for obvious reasons is a great song- lo tempo and Patton's familair whales over this track which was the first single from this album. Matador is the albums longest song, and is very good without being spectacular. The album finishes with acoustic laden and sweet old song From the Dead which just grips you as the hyper cyncial and poke fun at em' Patton sings out welcome home my friend- Probably will end up as a fan favourite.

If anyone is looking for a super heavy FNM album you won't find it here- it certainly isn't a mellow record, but FNM have grown up and found a middle ground without selling themselves out completely. Not a bad effort from a band who have been away from the studio longer than some of their fans have been born.

Romance [DVD]
Romance [DVD]
Dvd ~ Catherine Breillat
Price: £15.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Romance may arouse but as a movie goes nowhere, 26 Jun. 2015
This review is from: Romance [DVD] (DVD)
When released this one caused quite a stir- It was one of the first movies showing in English mainstream movies showing sexually explicit footage, including a woman giving a man a blowjob. People actually walked out of the cinema.

The movie's thin plot is about a woman who can't get no satisfaction so to speak, so she puts herself in certain situations to get the ultimate experience. It tried to shock, but most males had been there seen it by the time this movie came out.

The type of film that you can watch with your partner, might even get aroused after- but anyone seeking an actual plot should look elsewhere.

The Call [DVD] [2013]
The Call [DVD] [2013]
Dvd ~ Halle Berry
Price: £2.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Halle Berry stars in so so thriller, 26 Jun. 2015
This review is from: The Call [DVD] [2013] (DVD)
The Call stars Halle Berry as a 911 operator who one day takes a call from a young woman who is being stalked at home- she dies and Berry doesn't know if she can go on with her job. She does and viola takes another call soon after from an abducted young girl who is in the boot of a car- and driving that car is the same killer.

OK pluses for The Call is that it is able to build up involvement, critical in a movie of course and it does have quite a few tense scenes. Berry does a terrific job here as the helpless operator. However the script isn't too bright and after some very tense scenes where you feel this movie will really outdo itself it descends by the climax into a farce. Berry not content with her office job- now goes hunting for a man that hundreds of policemen simply can't track down. The actual climax is like getting a huge slap in the face for wasting your time.

The killer played by Michael Eklund may be the most bungling one in recent memory. He doesn't really know what he wants- and makes heavy weather of it all. There are some predictable turns and if you find yourself laughing hysterically at one characters demise by being stabbed 30 times something must be wrong with the movie. Not a bad film but could have been so much better with the performances on hand.

Seven Psychopaths [DVD]
Seven Psychopaths [DVD]
Dvd ~ Colin Farrell
Price: £3.19

4.0 out of 5 stars A mob boss and his dog, 26 Jun. 2015
This review is from: Seven Psychopaths [DVD] (DVD)
Very good movie but takes until Act 2 to come together. Colin Farrell stars as a wannebe Hollywood script writer who has an idea based on 7 psychopaths. But the people who he thinks are his friends all have a dark history and thus form his story without him knowing. As a backdrop a mob boss is on the hunt for Farrell and his friends as they have kidnapped his dog! Seems silly but the script and the acting make this movie shine.

Woody Harrelson as the mob boss is proving just how great an actor he has become in the last 15 years. He simply craves our attention. Christopher Walken is hypnotic as ever as Sam Rockwell plays the assassin to a tea.

There are moments of supreme drama and comedy- and the movie has been directed well. A very good effort indeed.

The Woman in Black [DVD]
The Woman in Black [DVD]
Dvd ~ Daniel Radcliffe
Price: £3.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Radcliffe delivers in period setting atmospheric horror from Hammer, 26 Jun. 2015
This review is from: The Woman in Black [DVD] (DVD)
Effective and chilling horror starring Daniel Radcliffe as a man who slowly but surely uncovers something rather suspicious in an old house. The movie works because it happily builds up and takes it time to do so to create tension and fear. Some may be put off by a slightly lacklustre beginning. But don't be the rewards are worth it with some genuinely creepy moments.

This movie is part of the Hammer revival- and in doing so can gladly rank as one of the best Hammer movies of the past 40 years. It isn't perfect but it delivers on its promise. The only slight caution is the BBFC slapping this with a 12 certificate. Yes there is no violence and gore- but some kids will be left terrified by the movie.

Lucy [DVD] [2014]
Lucy [DVD] [2014]
Dvd ~ Scarlett Johansson
Price: £5.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars So you want to use more than 10%?, 21 Jun. 2015
This review is from: Lucy [DVD] [2014] (DVD)
Luc Besson returns with this odd movie starring Scarlett Johnannson, called Lucy. Johnanson plays the title character who is out in Asia and gets involved in a drug deal as an innoncent bystander. Before she knows it drugs are being smuggled inside her body and others for destination into Europe. But this is a new kind of drug, unheard of and after getting beaten up some of her bag bursts and she overdoses. However the drug only opens up her mind. Cue Professor Morgan Freeman who studies the human brain and tells us that humans only use 10% of their brain. Back in Asia, Lucy can use 20% of her brain and she keeps gaining more- which means she becomes a superhuman. You can probably work out the rest.

Lucy on a whole is a real 'out there' movie especially as it starts so straight- and some will be put off as it goes into some real over the top territory- and yes you would be right in thinking the movie does jump the shark so to say.

But Johannson seems to really enjoy this role, Freeman is Freeman- perhaps only the French cop towards the end gives a poor example of method acting- check out how calm he is in the car chase. As Lucy goes on it gets even more weirder- however you never lose touch with the film as its all very much spoonfed- which in this case is a negative. All in all it's a fairly entertaining movie, which will reward you if you come into it fresh.

The Purge: Anarchy [DVD]
The Purge: Anarchy [DVD]
Dvd ~ Frank Grillo
Price: £4.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Not perfect but a great movie considering Michael Bay is involved- Better than the original, 21 Jun. 2015
This review is from: The Purge: Anarchy [DVD] (DVD)
Anytime you see the dreaded words of Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes it's usually time to run a million miles or jump for cover. So The Purge:Anarchy the sequel to The Purge is a huge surprise. Most people will know the plot by now, where residents of America are subjected to death and violence as the authorities take a blind eye on all crime for 12 hrs a year.

This sequel is far superior to the original as most of the film takes place on the streets and the tension leading up to the purge is well done. There are definetly hints of John Carpenter's work in here, especially Escape from New York. Indeed the movie is just begging for a Carpenter 80s score.

The charcaters hit off of one another well- and thankfully we are not presented with dumb one dimensional ones shouting out oh my god every other minute. Yes the movie isn't perfect- we don't get to know our characters well enough to care too much. But there is this underlining dread about the movie, like waiting for something to happen that grips your most inner fears, and this movie has that down to a tea. It could have been better and the climax isn't as rewarding as it promises to be, but The Purge: Anarchy is a real surprise.

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