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The Sound Of Madness
The Sound Of Madness
Price: £7.17

5.0 out of 5 stars Madness. Definition: Not buying this record, 30 Dec. 2009
This review is from: The Sound Of Madness (Audio CD)
Shinedown are a band on the rise. They're Sound of Madness tour involved the best concert I have ever attended and this album is absolutely immense. From song one to song eleven, you will be taken on a ride of heart-felt lyrical genius, thundering guitar lines and powerful drumming.

My personal favourite song is Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide, simply because it is the easiest to jump up and down to, head-bang a little to and have a lot of fun with. Other legendary records include the title track, Sound of Madness, Second Chance, Devour and Breaking Inside. Every song has it's own strengths and very few songs have any weaknesses at all.

10/10 for the album, buy this CD or live to regret not doing so while they are still relatively unknown.

Wwe: Raw Greatest Hits..
Wwe: Raw Greatest Hits..

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2.0 out of 5 stars Not really a 'track' cd, 27 Jan. 2008
This is hardly a track cd as these are just entrance theme songs which repeat themselves most of the time.

Some are good songs, but most are just 30-second tunes that are reeated six or seven times.

Batista Unleashed (WWE)
Batista Unleashed (WWE)
by Dave Batista
Edition: Hardcover

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4.0 out of 5 stars A Nice Read, 27 Jan. 2008
I don't like Batista and was surprised that he made 300 pages plus. Still I gave this book a try and it shone. He had such a sad life and this is a compelling read. I suggest you give it a try.

The only other I have read is Adam Copeland on Edge (my fav) and it wa published back when he had a neck injury in 2003. It was nice to read something that is slightly more up-to-date.

It alsos teaches you about working wrestling matches and how to actually appreciate a match and each WWE show has become more watchable since.

Adam Copeland on Edge (WWE)
Adam Copeland on Edge (WWE)
by Adam Copeland
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant man - brilliant read., 4 Dec. 2007
Being a big fan of Edge, I was eager to read this book, and when I did, it didn't disappoint!

Edge takes you through his days on the independant scene in 'winter death tours' across Canada, right up to when he breaks his neck taking a vertical suplex from Kurt Angle in 2004.

The only problem is that this was written during his injury lay-off so does not include his world title reigns. Still, this is a very personal account of his life, his harsh beginning and his fantastic success.

And I can tell you this. Now I know Edge. Fantastic book, go buy now!

WWE Wrestlemania XXII (3 Disc Box Set) [DVD]
WWE Wrestlemania XXII (3 Disc Box Set) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Wwe
Offered by muchmedia_wwe
Price: £19.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Typical WrestleMania!, 20 Nov. 2006
This was a good WrestleMania and had some fantastic matches and two disappointments but the extras are just amazing.

Big Show & Kane vs Chris Masters & Carlito

Great opener with Masters and Carlito screwing it up for each other. Kane gets masterlocked but Big Show and Kane reign supreme though and, in the end, win.


Carlito and Chris Masters then start arguing, possibly starting up a feud between the two

Backstage Interview: Todd Gisham with Mean Gene Okerlund. Get interrupted by Randy ORton and then Orton gets interrupted by injured Batista and Batista puts SmackDown 'on notice'.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match - Matt Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin vs Finlay vs Rob Van Dam vs Lashley vs Ric Flair

Brilliant match with a superplex of top of ladder on Ric Flair, a legdrop from Matt Hardy off of a ladder and a fight between three guys on top of two ladders and a Five-Star Frogsplash off a ladder aswell. Brill match. Van Dam gets the briefcase though


Backstage Interview - Shawn Michaels. Josh Mathews interviews Shawn Michaels and Michaels says he is going to make it ugly with Mr McMahon.

JBL vs Chris Benoit(c) - United States Championship.

Great physical matchup with alot of submissions and alot of reversals. In the end JBL cheats to win as per normal.


Backstage - Booker T bumps into the freaks (Snitsky, Goldust, Ted DiBiase, Fabolous Moolah and Paul Birchill)

Edge vs Mick Foley - HARDCORE MATCH

Trash Cans. Map tacks. Chairs. Cookie Trays. Flaming Tables. Barbed Wire wrapped baseball bats. And of course, Mr Socko!!!!! 10000000000000/10 wot a match blod. blood. blood. i loved it. not fr the faint hearted. this is what makes it a 15 rating. best hadcore match ever at WrestleMania.


Booker T and Sharmell vs The Boogeyman

rubbish match. this is disappointment no1 (1 out of 2). only gd thing is the worms other wise it was a 3 minute waste of space. only funny bit is where booker and sharmell get scared out of their skin when bookers fireworks go off. skip it please.


Trish Stratus(c) vs Mickie JAmes - Women's Championship

Good match for a women's match but still not great. the crowd chants for the psycho mickie and she wins.


Undertaker vs MArk HEnry - Casket Match

The Undertaker, master of the casket and of WrestleMania. Good running dive over top rope by take and amazing last ride and tombstone piledriver by the taker. quite predictable but still good match. Mark Henry R.I.P. lol. taker is my favourite wrestler so i didn't complain but it was quite short. 14-0 now. Absolutely unbelievable.


Mr McMahon vs HBK

fantastic match. tables, ladders, chairs and a bin!!! wer used and spirit squad interfered. shane o'mac get cuffed and gets beaten the crap out of lol with his own cane lol. brilliant match and one of hbk's finest.


Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle(c) vs Randy Orton - World HEavywieght Championship

Way too long entrance for Rey. Quite prdictable and a bit short. rey and randy both tapped out but ref didn't see either and Orton finlly get an RKO done without it being reversed for once. Angleslam he reversed. Fast paced action. Rey wins for Eddie though.


Torrie Wilson vs Candice Michelle - Playboy Pillow Fight.

My two favourite divas in a pillow fight (omg!) sadly it sucked. no pillows used and just a stinkfac from torrie won it. disappointment two of the evening. still if you want sexy women here is your chance lol.

SEXYNESS: 10000000000/10 ACTUAL MATCH: 0/10

Triple H vs John Cena(c) - WWE Championship

Great entrances. Once in a lifetime atmosphere!!! Amazing atmosphere. Crowd rooted for HHH. I rooted for HHH. Wrong Man won. But intriguing DX crotch chop and 'You Can't See Me'. Ref got knocked out (a double low blow - ref and cena). HHH tried to use the sledgehammer and kickeed out of F-U. Cena locked the STFU twice and finally succeeded.


Great PPV and worth watching any day o the week.


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