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Manfrotto Magic Arm without Accesories
Manfrotto Magic Arm without Accesories
Price: £74.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Couldn't do without, 26 May 2015
Top piece of kit!

I've combined this with the use of the Manfrotto Autopole, Manfrotto Super Clamp & Manfrotto Camera/Umbrella Bracket to get the angle I need for my camcorder; the magic arm is definitely a crucial piece of my set-up which allows me to get that top-down view I've been after for so long.

With the lever set to unlock, it's easy to adjust the angle you would like. Just be very careful because as soon as that level is unlocked, everything will flop down depending on your set-up, so do support your camera (or remove it) before doing so. Alternatively, a Manfrotto Variable Friction Arm would be best for that slow release.

Once you've got the arm set in the correct position, pull the lever clockwise to lock all joints completely in place.

My camcorder weighs roughly 790g which this magic arm has no issue in keeping held up.

I loved this product so much, I now have a second one on its way to hold up one of my photography lights.

Manfrotto Camera/Umbrella Bracket
Manfrotto Camera/Umbrella Bracket
Price: £9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Superb bracket, 26 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Absolutely solid camera bracket, does exactly what I need it to.

Combined with the Manfrotto Magic Arm, Manfrotto Super Clamp without Stud & an Manfrotto Autopole, I'm able to get a top-down view with my camcorder.

I have the bracket holding my 790g camcorder in a vertical position, and it seems completely rock solid.

Highly recommend.

CamKix Premium 3in1 Tripod Base and Compact Hand Stabilizer Grip - Compatible with All GoPro Hero Models , Compact Cameras and Smartphones - Strong and Stable Ball Socket Mount and Secure Locking System with Non Skid Feet - Includes a GoPro Mount, Cell Phone Holder and Thumbscrew - CamKix Premium Quality Action Accessories (3in1 Tripod and Hand Grip) (3in1 Tripod and Hand Grip)
CamKix Premium 3in1 Tripod Base and Compact Hand Stabilizer Grip - Compatible with All GoPro Hero Models , Compact Cameras and Smartphones - Strong and Stable Ball Socket Mount and Secure Locking System with Non Skid Feet - Includes a GoPro Mount, Cell Phone Holder and Thumbscrew - CamKix Premium Quality Action Accessories (3in1 Tripod and Hand Grip) (3in1 Tripod and Hand Grip)
Offered by ECO-FUSED UK
Price: £13.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Great mini tripod, 16 May 2015
The '3in1 Premium Tripod' is a fantastic mini tripod to have, be it to go towards your arsenal of photography equipment, or for general use. The great thing about this is it can either be used as a tripod or grip.

Inside the box you will find::
∙ Mini Tripod.
∙ Phone Clamp (This has a very nice grip, my smartphone (Sony Z3 Compact) hasn't fallen off yet).
∙ GoPro Adapter.

On the box it recommends an Extendable Selfie Stick (one that has a 1/4" thread on the bottom) for extra reach. I have an identical one to that and can say it does work, however I would only recommend something lightweight, such as an action camera when using it this way; plus keep it very straight, otherwise it will topple over.

Once you have your device mounted by using either the 1/4" thread or an adapter to mount your smartphone or GoPro, you can adjust the angle of which they're pointing at. This is done by using the slider on the side which does require a bit of force to move it, however this tension is needed for it to spring back and sturdily lock itself into place.

Being used as a tripod alone, I pushed this tripod to its boundaries by attaching my Sony A6000 Camera (weighs 285g), with a Sony 18-105mm Lens (weighs 427g) that makes it fairly front heavy, yet the tripod still held the camera straight and didn't topple over.

The only negative thing I could say about this product, is that leading along the edge near the bottom of its legs are pretty sharp. I don't think it would cut anyone, however it can feel uncomfortable to the touch if you don't hold it correctly.

Overall it's a very decent product that I can see getting a lot of use out of, so would highly recommend.
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Psyc Prisim Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with LED Lights for Smartphones
Psyc Prisim Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with LED Lights for Smartphones
Price: £27.23

4.0 out of 5 stars Funky & Cool LED Bluetooth Speaker, 12 May 2015
♦ Brief ♦

If you're looking for an eye catcher and guarantee conversation starter whilst delivering decent audio quality for its price, then this speaker is definitely one to consider.

The cone shape actually really suits this speaker and to top it off, it has a total of 72 LED lights built-in and four different light shows to choose from.

Its main advertised features are as follows:
∙ Long battery life (6hrs w/LED & 12hrs without).
∙ Portable size.
∙ Built-In microphone.
∙ Built-In LEDs which give a "Dynamic Light Show" that follows your music beats.

♦ Box Contents ♦

∙ Prism Speaker.
∙ Micro USB Cable.
∙ Aux Cable.

Was surprised to see no instruction manual was included.

To charge the speaker, you will need to connect it to a powered USB port via the micro USB cable. It's advisable to charge up the speaker before use.

♦ Set-Up & Controls ♦

The speakers power button is located on the bottom, hold it down to turn the speaker on.

Once on, the speaker will automatically go into its Bluetooth pairing mode.

- Bluetooth Pairing:

Activate your devices Bluetooth and search for available devices: The Prism should be visible as "PSYC_PRISM"; click and connect.

- Connecting to non-Bluetooth devices (Aux cable):

When you insert an aux cable to the speakers aux port, it will go into "aux mode", which will override the Bluetooth function.

Anything with an 'AUX out' or headphone port can be connected (CD player or Mp3 player etc...).

- Weird humming noise:

Mainly noticeable in Aux mode, however can be noticed when playing music via Bluetooth when on a quieter volume level, there is an incredibly annoying humming sound coming from the speaker. To drown that annoying unwanted sound out, you'll need to amp up the overall volume from the connected device.

Alternatively... Turn the LED lights off which stops the humming altogether, but then what would the point be of buying this speaker and not use its lights?

- Controlling the speaker:

The very top part of the speaker is both a volume control wheel and button to stop/start music etc...

It seems responsive and I also liked the fact that as you adjust the volume, more LEDs are lit up as you increase the volume.

♦ Light Feature ♦

The speakers LED lights are definitely the main attraction; they're bright and very colourful, who wouldn't want to have something like this?

There are 4 different light modes to choose from; you can toggle through these by pressing the light mode button located on the bottom (looks like an icon of the sun).

∙ 'Equaliser Colour Shuffle' (Default): The LEDs are supposed to respond to the beat of your music when on this mode. To get the best results, I found you had to have the volume set at quite a high level on both speaker and connected device, otherwise the LEDs come across non-responsive and not so exciting.
∙ 'Neon Flush': Transitions through colours by panning up and down.
∙ 'Revolution': Transitions through colours from left to right & vice versa.
∙ 'Eclipse': Transitions through colours horizontally.

If you'd rather conserve the battery, you can manually turn the lights off by holding the LED mode button down. Having the lights off will increase the battery life to 12 hours on a fully charge, instead of 6 hours with them on.

♦ Sound Quality ♦

I was pleasantly surprised with the audio quality, it was able to achieve a decent loud volume with very little distortion. The audio seemed pretty clear and not flat or tinny at all. Bass was also reasonable.

Also due to the design, it doesn't really matter which way you point it, the sound seems to be distributed evenly within a 360° radius.

- Microphone:

Tested indoors, I managed to have a decent conversation with a friend through this speaker who didn't have any problems hearing me.

♦ Final Thoughts ♦

The Prism by Psyc is a quirky speaker which will be popular amongst a lot of people.

Available at a decent price, this speaker delivers decent sound quality; with the addition of the fact it has a good looking design and lights up with vibrant colours, this is a must have.

✔ Pros:
✓ Cool design.
✓ LED are colourful and vibrant.
✓ Decent sound quality.
✓ 360° sound output.
✓ Reasonable price.

✖ Cons:
✘ Really annoying humming sound when its LEDs are active.
✘ LED lights are not so responsive when volume not near or at its loudest.
✘ No instruction manual: Sure it didn't take me long to figure out how to work it, however there may be some others who would struggle without it.

► Note: I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.

Puig 6361H Touring Windscreen, Smoke, Medium
Puig 6361H Touring Windscreen, Smoke, Medium
Price: £83.47

4.0 out of 5 stars Top-Notch Screen for the NC750S!, 8 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
If you have a Honda NC700S/NC750S and are fed up of being battered by the wind, then this is a great replacement for the small stock screen.

There's one improvement that could be made: The packaging. The screen comes in a plastic bag with not a lot of padding, which would explain the small scruff on the side of it.

Only the screen and an instruction manual is included (no spare bolts or rubber washers), so be careful when removing them from your original screen. The installation process took barely 5 minutes.

Results: The screen looks awesome; it really does suit the NC750S and a bigger bonus, I was able to attach my Riderscan on, which is a real life saver. Oh, and of course it helps reduce the force of the wind that's hitting you.

Superb and would highly recommend!
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Sony HT-CT381 Soundbar Speaker with Wireless Subwoofer - Silver
Sony HT-CT381 Soundbar Speaker with Wireless Subwoofer - Silver
Price: £299.00

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A very versatile speaker unit, 6 May 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
♦ Brief ♦

The 'HT-CT381' is a 2.1 speaker system that's more than just a "External TV Speaker". It has multiple HDMI IN ports which makes the speaker act as a HDMI hub, on top of that it has multiple audio connections available such as Bluetooth which makes this a very versatile speaker set.

The whole unit feels solid and looks very smart with a much slimmer design compared to the previous models Sony have done. Though depending on your rooms colour scheme, you may want to go for the black version instead.

The soundbar itself can be wall mounted if need be or placed in front of your TV. Just bare in mind that the soundbar is almost 36-inches long, so do measure your space to ensure it will fit before purchasing it (if you decide you want to go for one of course).

♦ Box Contents ♦

∙ Soundbar.
∙ Subwoofer.
∙ Remote Control.
∙ AAA Batteries.
∙ Optical Cable.
∙ Wall Mounting Kit (Bracket & Screws)
∙ Subwoofer Pads.

No HDMI cable is included, so if you're planning on using the multiple device feature, you will need to buy one depending whether you have one spare or not.

♦ Main Set-Up ♦

I honestly can't express how easy this unit was to set-up. All I had to do was place the soundbar in front of the TV and find a place on the floor for the subwoofer. Due to the subwoofer being wireless, it meant I didn't have to faff around with extra wires connecting the both together. Furthermore, once both units are on, they automatically connect to each other.

The soundbar has LED's in the centre which light up text, so you know when it's on and what mode/setting it currently has selected.

There are several ways to connect to your TV, but to do so you will need either an optical output on your TV, or a HDMI input that's ARC compatible and a High-Speed HDMI Cable to connect the two ARC ports. 'ARC' stands for 'Audio Return Channel', this means the TV will be able to send the audio back to the soundbar.

To connect your TV to the soundbar, follow one of the steps below (I did so via optical cable):

- Optical Cable Set-Up:
1) Using the supplied optical cable (or your own), connect the optical cable from your TV's 'OPTICAL OUT' to the soundbars 'DIGITAL IN'.
2) With the soundbar turned on, make sure the soundbar has 'TV' selected, if it isn't, press the 'INPUT' located on the remote.
3) Depending on your TV, you may have to manually go through the settings to output the audio to external speakers.

- HDMI Cable Set-Up:
1) Using a High-Speed HDMI Cable (not supplied), connect the HDMI cable from your TV's 'HDMI IN' marked with 'ARC', to the soundbars only 'HDMI OUT'.
2) With the soundbar turned on, make sure the soundbar has 'TV' selected.
3) Depending on your TV, you may have to manually go through the settings to output the audio to external speakers.

♦ Multiple Device Set-Up with Soundbar ♦

One of the great features about this soundbar, is that it can also act as a HDMI hub, which is a welcomed bonus for those who have TV's with little to no HDMI inputs.

When using this feature, you will need an HDMI cable to link the soundbars 'HDMI OUT' port to the TV's 'HDMI IN' port. If your TV doesn't have an 'ARC' compatible HDMI port, you will need to use both, optical cable & HDMI cable, otherwise you won't be getting an sound from the soundbar.

There are three HDMI inputs available on the soundbar; choose which devices you want where, i.e. Sky HD in HDMI 1 and a PS4 console in HDMI 2.

To choose the correct channel, press the 'INPUT' button located on the soundbars remote until you have the desired input.

♦ Other Audio Options ♦

- Bluetooth:
If your smart device has 'NFC' (Near Field Communication), then the easiest way to connect is by tapping your smart device onto the soundbards NFC hotspot (whilst your devices NFC is enabled of course).

Alternatively, press the 'PAIRING' button located on the rear of the speaker or remote, then search for Bluetooth devices on the device you want paired and click on 'HT-CT381'.

For Bluetooth playback, you will need to have the input 'BT' selected.

- Auxiliary Cable:
If you have a non-Bluetooth device such as a CD player, then you connect this to the soundbar via the 'ANALOG IN' port via AUX/Stereo cable.

Switch over to the 'ANALOG' input, just bare in mind you may need to adjust the volume on your connected device as well as the soundbar.

♦ Remote Control ♦

The remote control included is small, slim and lightweight.

It has all the standard commands you would expect such as 'On/Off', volume control & 'Input'; you can also control the subwoofer intensity, navigate through the menu/settings, audio pre-sets and more.

♦ Sound Quality ♦

I have listened to audio outputted from this soundbar from multiple sources: optical(PS3/Blu-Ray), Bluetooth(smartphone) & analog(Walkman) and have been impressed throughout them all.

Audio is definitely high quality in my opinion; it has a clean/clear sound, not tinny whatsoever and could achieve a higher level of volume without distortion.

I really enjoyed watching a movie with this soundbar. With an optical connection I didn't notice any lag between the soundbar and my TV which was good to see.

The bass covers a decent range and can easily be adjusted with the included remote. Although the bass was good, I would have liked to achieve a little bit more, but that's more of a personal opinion. I think more than most will be fine with the bass output.

♦ Final Thoughts ♦

I've been extremely impressed with the quality this has to offer overall. Not only can it deliver great sound quality, it also has a tonne of features which makes it very versatile.

Definitely a product I would highly recommend.

✔ Pros:
✓ Simple set-up.
✓ Very good sound.
✓ Multiple audio inputs available.
✓ Wireless subwoofer is very handy to have.

✖ Cons:
✘ A slightly higher achievable bass output would have been much welcomed.
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Philips HR1867/21 Viva Collection Quick Clean Juicer, 2 Litre, 700 Watt - Brushed Aluminium
Philips HR1867/21 Viva Collection Quick Clean Juicer, 2 Litre, 700 Watt - Brushed Aluminium
Price: £90.07

5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A very good juicer, but is there really an "improvement" from its previous model?, 1 May 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Length:: 6:33 Mins

► I have included a video review. Please note that depending on which device you're review this on, it may not be visible.

- Here's a breakdown of the video review:
∙ 00:15 - HR1863 & HR1867 Comparison.
∙ 02:31 - Juicing.
∙ 03:40 - Results.
∙ 03:57 - Rinsing.
∙ 04:32 - Cleaning.
∙ 05:20 - Re-putting parts together.
∙ 06:00 - Final Opinion.


If you're looking for a great juicer that's not only simple to use, but easy to clean and looks good, well then, the 'HR1867' is a great juicer to have. That said, there is an identical juicer available from Philips: The 'HR1863', which is around £60 cheaper (at the time of doing this review) than this version.

I was confused to whether this newer version would actually be best for consumers, so I had asked Philips on what the actual difference is between the two. The response I got was basically saying that they would recommend the latest model because, and I quote: "the design was refined as to ameliorate the juicing experience for our customers"; as for the actual differences, they stated that they couldn't say as they are confidential due to the details being technical. Hmm.

Well I can tell you the difference based on my own personal experience. The difference? The pusher/feeder is now hollow with several holes at the bottom all lined up. This allows you to quickly rinse out the juicer whilst the motor is running as it lets out a nice flow of water on to the sieve. I wouldn't recommend tipping water down the feeding tube on the old model... It will make a lot of mess (I know from experience). The rinse feature is ideal for those who like juicing multiple different juices and don't want the remnants to be mixed with the next, or before cleaning.

Other than that, both juicer models equally do a fantastic job at juicing and they're both super easy to clean, making either one an ideal choice.

If at the time of purchase there is a big difference in price still, then weigh up whether having the latest model and the extra rinse feature is worth the extra, if you feel it isn't, then go for the older model (HR1863), whichever one you choose, I'm sure you'll be happy with the juicing results.
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Remote Shutter Release Cord RM-VPR1 For SONY Alpha a7r/a7/a6000/a3000/SLT-a58/NEX-3NL/DSC-RX100M3/DSC-RX100M2/DSC-RX100III/DSC-RX100II/HX50/HX60/HX300/HX400 Cameras
Remote Shutter Release Cord RM-VPR1 For SONY Alpha a7r/a7/a6000/a3000/SLT-a58/NEX-3NL/DSC-RX100M3/DSC-RX100M2/DSC-RX100III/DSC-RX100II/HX50/HX60/HX300/HX400 Cameras
Offered by A-21 World
Price: £6.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Just what I needed, 30 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The construction may not seem completely solid, but for the price I didn't expect it to be.

This product connects to your camera via its micro USB port (I used it with my Sony A6000); from here you can half press the button for focusing, then press it down fully to take the photo.

If you're on BULB mode, when you fully press the shutter button down, you can then slide it up to lock it into place.

My Sony camera relies on having its record button pressed to start recording, even in video mode, so unfortunately this will not work in that regard, it's just for taking photos.

So, if you want a wired remote to allow you to take photos, then this is perfect.

For the price, I couldn't ask for more.

Weetabix Banana Biscuits 24 (Pack of 5)
Weetabix Banana Biscuits 24 (Pack of 5)
Price: £13.45

1.0 out of 5 stars Better off pouring banana milkshake over normal Weetabix, 29 April 2015
Was looking forward to this, however to me, it just didn't taste right...

I'd rather make some Nesquik banana milkshake and pour it over normal Weetabix, than to have this again.

Bose ® Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker System - Black
Bose ® Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker System - Black
Price: £296.05

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Much exceeded my expectations, 27 April 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
♦ Brief ♦

Bose are renowned for premium quality audio products which of course come with a premium price tag. Whenever audio has been the subject of conversation, my friend will always recommend Bose and I can see why.

With a £300 price tag I had obviously expected more than decent quality from the 'Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker System', however I really wasn't prepared for what they were really about to deliver.

To cut to the chase this speaker set is truly fantastic, one that would really compliment your PC or TV set-up.

♦ Box Contents ♦

∙ Main Speakers (Left & Right).
∙ Subwoofer.
∙ Control Pad.
∙ Auxiliary Cable.
∙ Power Cable.

The two speakers look great, really stylish indeed! Not to forget that these for my set-up, were the perfect size to fit on both sides of my TV.

As for the subwoofer, all the ones I've had in the past all looked the same; this one actually has some style to it, so at least if it were to be in view, it would still look good.

♦ Set-Up & In-Use ♦

This speaker system can be set-up to anything that has a headphone output port; most computers and TV's will have one.

The following steps are how I set-up this altogether:

1) Place the subwoofer in a decent place based on your surroundings (I put mine on the floor to the side of my TV, behind a mini cabinet).
2) Place the two speakers besides the TV & connect them to the subwoofer (red connector is the right speaker, the white is the left). The cables are nice and long that I still had more reach after setting it up, and my TV is a 42".
3) Connect the control pad to the subwoofer and place it somewhere easily accessible.
4) Link the subwoofer and the PC, TV or other device via the included AUX cable.
5) Finally insert the power cable and hook it up to the mains.
6) Tap the control panel to turn the speaker system on.

The control pad is a small but very useful device to have. It allows you to power the speaker system up with just a tap; adjust the volume by rotating the outer rubberised wheel and has two ports available also:

. Headphone Port:

If it's late at night and you'd rather not disturb anyone, or maybe you just want a bit of audio privacy; then the headphone port will be good to use.

When a pair of headphones are plugged in, the audio will mute from the speakers and will be outputted to your headphones instead.

Quality will depend on your headphones, though I thought it could have been better if the volume could acheive a louder level.

. Pass-through Port:

Using an AUX cable, you can hook up devices such as an iPod to the speaker system, so you can enjoy your music etc... with BIG sound.

The volume is controlled via your device and the volume wheel; I normally turn the control pad to max and adjust from my connected device thereafter.

Note that when using this port to not use the speakers for anything else (ie; have your computer or TV outputting audio), otherwise you'll notice cross-output.

. Volume/Bass Control:

As stated above from the pass-through feature, the volume is controlled by the control pad and the connected device; I always keep the control pad on max volume, then will adjust it further through my TV.

Adjusting the bass level unfortunately can only be done via the bass knob on the subwoofer. It would be great if the control panel could have it's own bass level for quick and easy bass adjustment.

♦ Sound Quality ♦

Wow, wow, WOW! I thought my previous speakers were decent enough, however this speaker set by Bose really sets the bar a lot higher.

The main device I use with the TV which are hooked up to these speakers is my PS4: I use this to listen to music via Spotify, movies via Netflix, and of course gaming.

I can't express how clean the audio sounds; it's so clear I can hear all the instruments and vocals etc... So yes, really is great for listening to music!

The bass sounds amazing too, so anyone a fan of music with a lot of bass, or action movies and games are in for a real treat as explosions will blow your socks off. Scary movies are a great genre to try with these speakers too.

I'm a big fan of bass and I've not needed to adjust the level which was by default at the halfway mark.

That said, when it gets late at night, depending on your circumstances, you may want to turn the bass down because it may wake other people up.

♦ Final Thoughts ♦

Bose products come with a premium price tag attached, they really do deliver premium quality!

The 'Companion 50 Multimedia Speaker System' will not disappoint, I can assure you that.

If I had heard these myself before being offered them through the Vine program for review, I would have saved up for longer and bought these, because I honestly can't see myself replacing these any time soon.

✔ Pros:
✓ For the size, deliver BIG & top quality sound.
✓ Super stylish.
✓ Can deliver really good bass.
✓ Control panel is simple to use and is responsive when operating.

✖ Cons:
✘ Bass control on the control pad would have been desirable.

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