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Tefal X-Large Actifry Express Health Fryer, 1.5 kg, White
Tefal X-Large Actifry Express Health Fryer, 1.5 kg, White
Price: £179.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Splendid addition for your kitchen, 23 Mar. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Length:: 6:47 Mins

♦ Introduction ♦

The extra large Actifry Express conveniently fries food without the need of much oil. Oil levels vary depending on what type of food you're frying, these levels range from no oil to 1 spoon worth.

Although the Actifry takes up a fair amount of space, for what it is, it's still fairly compact, especially when compared to an oven (obviously).

- Main Features:
∙ Healthier frying.
∙ X-Large food compartment.
∙ Consistent stirring evenly cooks food.
∙ Easy to clean: Has removable dishwasher safe parts.

The Actifry would be a much welcomed kitchen appliance to anyone who doesn't have an oven. That's not to say if you do have an oven that you shouldn't get this.

♦ Box Contents ♦

∙ Actifry.
∙ Measuring Spoon (for oil).
∙ Recipe Book.
∙ Instruction Manual.

♦ Set-Up & Using ♦

Quite simple really:

1) Prepare the food you're about to cook.
2) Open the Actifry lid.
3) insert your food.
4) Make sure the Actifry is powered up and turned on, then select the amount of time needed.
- It cooks at a consistent temperature of 170°c, so may need adjusting depending on what you're cooking.
5) Press the power button and away it goes.

If the lid is opened during the cooking process, it will stop cooking. You can remain cooking once the lid is closed by pressing the power button again.

As it's cooking, the stirrer rotates around the bowl which gradually flips the food, this means you don't need to stir or shake the food halfway through cooking.

Once the timer has stopped, the Actifry will stop cooking. It does a series of bleeps, but I didn't find it loud enough to notice when in the other room.

Pressing the button above the handle will open the lid. You can then flip out the handle which locks into place for ease removal of the pan. If there's one negative to mention about the handle is that it didn't feel so robust, however hasn't broken on me so far.

♦ Results ♦

I cooked some potato wedges (two potato's worth, half a spoon of oil and 25min cooking time) and my lord were they nice.

All the wedges seemed to be evening cooked on all sides, had a nice subtle crisp skin and were simply delicious! Tasted healthy and had no greasy residue.

Bare in mind that more food contents in the fryer may require more cooking time for best results.

One of my siblings cooked some chicken whilst I was at work, unfortunately they didn't save me any, but apparently they were cooked very well too.

I really can't wait to test this product even further by experimenting with other foods.

♦ Cleaning ♦

All the parts which are most likely to become dirty during the cooking process come out very easily. The pan is removed using the handle, the stirrer has a button on it which allows it to detach itself from the pan, then you have the lid which can be lifted off when both of its side buttons are held down. These parts are apparently dishwasher safe.

I don't own a dishwasher however most parts seemed easy enough to clean, mainly the pan which has a non-stick surface. The stirrer required a bit more elbow grease.

A wipe down around the Actifry's surface and to reassemble all of the parts took no time at all; then the Actifry was ready for its next use.

♦ Final Thoughts ♦

Tefal's Actifry has been a fantastic addition to my kitchen. I love how simple it is to use and the results have been great!

I also own Philips HD9220/20 Airfryer which is also a great product and is about half the cost of the Actifry: It has an adjustable thermostat which I really like, but has a basket rather than a pan. It also has a lesser capacity for food, though there is a larger version available (HD9240/90) which has a digital display, however I haven't used that version, so couldn't comment on results.

In my honest opinion; if I could choose to have either the Tefal X-Large Actifry Express or Philips HD9220/20 Airfryer, I'd choose the actifry.

✔ Pros:
✓ Simple to use.
✓ Delicious results.
✓ Easy to clean.
✓ Convenient product to have.

✖ Cons:
✘ Handle could have been better made.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor with Flexball Technology Plus 3 Blades
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor with Flexball Technology Plus 3 Blades
Price: £14.49

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Love the flexball, 19 Mar. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I recently upgraded my Gillette Fusion Proglide Manual Razor to the Gillette Fusion Manual Razor with Flexball Technology and couldn't have been happier, so when I was offered the more "premium" power version, I thought I'd give it a shot.

The difference in feel when holding the Manual Flexball & Power Flexball is instantly noticeable: The power is much thicker and slightly longer (due to the need to house a AAA battery). I think people with larger hands may prefer the power.

The flexball really is a fantastic feature to have. When using the razor, it seems to glide across my skin with ease and the curvatures don't seem to get in the way.

As for the "power" feature, I guess that's really down to preference as I personally didn't feel like it did much more than the manual version. That said, my friend disagrees with me as he seems to swear by the power version.

The only reason to why I would choose the power version over the manual, is due to the thicker size fitting in my hand better.

Philips GC3811/80 Azur Performer Steam Iron with 160 g Steam Boost and Steam Glide Plus Soleplate, 2400 Watt, Multi-Colour
Philips GC3811/80 Azur Performer Steam Iron with 160 g Steam Boost and Steam Glide Plus Soleplate, 2400 Watt, Multi-Colour
Price: £44.00

3.0 out of 5 stars Decent iron but far from perfect, 14 Mar. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Whilst this iron does the job intended very well, it's far from perfect.

First impressions were good, I loved the black & yellow colour scheme, it's comfortable to hold and is fairly lightweight.

The big water door is a great feature to have as it allowed me to fill it up directly under the tap, so no mini jug needed, FANTASTIC! Oh, but then I ran into the first issue... The transparent plastic is far too dark that I found it incredibly hard to see where the water was to the max line.

I didn't have an issue regarding the mains cord length. I've always used an extension lead which I have located close to the ironing board and had plenty of length to maneuver around; I also really liked the cord fixture to the iron as it has a ball joint.

With the iron powered on, max setting selected and stood upright, it took barely a minute before I could start using it (light is on when heating and turns off when ready for use). Though it took a further 20 seconds before the steam was to a usable level.

This iron really does glide over your clothes which I was really happy about, it did a great job and getting all those creases out.

Whilst ironing I came across another issue with this iron which some others may or may not experience the same thing; the spray button is awkwardly placed. When in my grasp, I found it rather hard to reach over with my thumb to press down on it properly.

Going back to the first issue of not being able to easily see the water level, this makes it quite hard to know when it needs topping up.

Overall this iron does have some great features, my favourites being able to fill up directly from the tap and the super smooth ironing, however the issues mentioned were to me a big hassle.

TaoTronics® Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Wireless & Mobile, 10 Hour Battery Life, 33 ft Range, Built-in Microphone, USB & Aux Input, NFC Compatible)
TaoTronics® Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Wireless & Mobile, 10 Hour Battery Life, 33 ft Range, Built-in Microphone, USB & Aux Input, NFC Compatible)
Offered by Sunvalleytek-UK
Price: £100.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Very clear audio... But where's the bass!?, 13 Mar. 2015
♦ Introduction ♦

The 'TT-SK02' is a fairly small and compact Bluetooth speaker. Overall I was happy with the looks; it has a nice sleek design with a slightly rubbery exterior and some rubber pads on the bottom for extra grip.

- Main Features:
∙ Compact size, great for travelling.
∙ Bluetooth w/ NFC.
∙ Hands-free phone calls.
∙ 10 Hours battery life.

♦ Box Contents ♦

∙ 'TT-SK02' Bluetooth Speaker.
∙ Rechargeable Battery.
∙ Micro USB Cable.
∙ AUX Cable.
∙ Instruction Manual.

Having a removable battery is a great move, this means if there's a battery failure, you can just replace the battery rather than the whole unit.

Charging the speaker will require linking it to a powered source using the micro USB cable.

The instruction manual is clear and easy to read/understand.

♦ Set-Up ♦

First of all you'll need to insert the battery. You can gain access to the battery compartment by sliding off the cover, this is located to the left on the back. Once it's inserted it's always advisable to give the unit a decent charge before use.

To turn on, there is a power switch on the back. Just above that should be a pin-hole with a blue fast flashing light, this means it's in its pairing mode. You can pair by either touching an the speakers NFC hotspot with another devices active NFC hotspot, this will automatically pair the both. Otherwise you can activate your devices Bluetooth and search for other Bluetooth devices: Find and connect to 'TaoTronics TT-SK02', SIMPLE!

I had no issues connecting to my smartphone, however it couldn't connect to my NWZ-A15 Walkman, maybe because it's primarily for Hi-Res audio...

Alternatively you can use an AUX cable to connect the two together via wire.

When connected via Bluetooth, control certain things on the speaker if you wish:

∙ '+' Button: Tap to increase volume. Hold to skip to next track.
∙ '-' Button: Tap to decrease volume. Hold to go back to the previous track.
∙ Middle Button: Tap button to pause/play. Tap button to answer an incoming call or end it. Hold to refuse incoming call.

Using the speaker I found to be simple.

♦ Sound Quality ♦

When I first played some music I was actually pretty blown away by how crisp the sound was; it was incredibly clear even when the volume was at its max, I didn't notice any distortion at all.

It was when I started to flick through different genres I began to notice the speaker lacking in something, BASS!

The majority of songs sounded really good as they only required very subtle bass, which this speaker can delivery. However, songs which require that bit more just sounded rather flat. Even more bass heavy tracks such as Dub-Step... NO CHANCE AT ALL.

♦ Final Thoughts ♦

The 'TT-SK02' by TaoTronics is a decent speaker when it comes to volume and clarity. I also think the design is simple, but very smart. Though it does lack in bass, so if that's something you're looking for in a portable speaker then do stay clear.

At the time of writing this review the asking price is £50, which I personally think is a bit over priced. After using it for a decent amount of time, I honestly think if I weren't too bothered about the lack of bass, I'd be happy to pay between £20-£25 for this speaker, any higher would be pushing it for me.

✔ Pros:
✓ Easy to use.
✓ Compact size.
✓ Simple, sleek design.
✓ 10 Hours battery life.
✓ Sound quality is very clear.
✓ Rechargeable battery is removable.

✖ Cons:
✘ Not a lot of bass...
✘ Price could be lower.

► Note: I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.

Oral-B Pro CrossAction 600 Power Electric Toothbrush - Pink, 6 Units Per Case
Oral-B Pro CrossAction 600 Power Electric Toothbrush - Pink, 6 Units Per Case
Price: £28.08

5.0 out of 5 stars Cleans teeth well, just as it's made to do, 12 Mar. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
♦ Introduction ♦

Braun's 'Oral-B PRO 600 CrossAction' is one of their lower end electric toothbrushes (not lowest though). Unlike higher models which offer multiple brush modes, Bluetooth connectivity and tech extras, this one is more simplified offering just one mode: "Daily Clean".

Basic features means a much lower cost which many will appreciate, after all electric toothbrushes are much more costly compared to manual ones.

The whole unit looks pretty good in my opinion, was really comfortable to hold, has nice grip and delivers an incredibly good clean.

♦ Box Contents & Recommended Extras ♦

- Box Contents:
∙ Main Unit (Brush Handle).
∙ Cross Action Brush Head x1.
∙ Charge Base w/Fixed Shaver Plug.
∙ Warranty Slip.
∙ Instruction Manual.

- Recommended Extras:
Replacement Heads - Pack of 4.
Shaving Adaptor: If you don't have one already or access to a shaver socket.

♦ Ease of Use & Results ♦

First of all you should put the main unit on for a decent charge (as standard for first time use for rechargeable devices). It states it can take up to 22 hours to be fully charged, so for first time charging, I'd say just stick it on for a whole day.

Once fully charged, give the brush head a good ol' rinse and place onto the main unit until it has clicked in properly. Put a bit of toothpaste on and for goodness sake, place the brush on your teeth before pressing the on button, unless you like getting toothpaste everywhere of course.

The manual states a full charge will last you for 7 days. Sounds pretty good, but what it actually means is it lasts 2x two minute brushing sessions for 7 days, which really means 28 minutes. If you're a family who are using this brush with multiple heads, you'll find yourself charging this more than someone using it for single person use.

It's advised to brush for 2 minutes (30 seconds for each quarter of your teeth). Sure it's tedious but you WILL notice the difference, especially with the cross action head combined with the electric power.

Results are great, try it for yourself and I guarantee you'll notice a positive difference too.

♦ Final Thoughts ♦

Electric toothbrushes are off putting due to the price difference, however they really do make a difference, especially this one.

Would recommend.

Motorcycle Bike Moped Scooter Mirror Camera Mount
Motorcycle Bike Moped Scooter Mirror Camera Mount
Offered by Buybits Addons
Price: £34.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Great package!, 10 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I was very pleased with this package as a whole. The contents were as follows:
Ultimate Addons - Motorcycle Mirror Mount Attachment: Comes with two different length screws.
RAM Mount - DOUBLE SOCKET ARM FOR 1" Ball: Allows connection to other 1" ball mount.
RAM Mount - 1" Ball to 1/4" Thread: Suitable for lightweight cameras and action cams with 1/4" thread.

At the time of writing this review, to buy all these separately would actually be more expensive, so it really is a top buy.

With this package, you'll be able to securely mount devices with a 1/4" thread such as an action camera to your moped/motorcycle's mirror stem. If you're a GoPro user, there is a similar package available to choose from; the only difference is instead of the 1/4" thread, it comes with a GoPro mount: Motorcycle Mirror Camera Mount for GoPro.

Mounting the mirror attachment was very simple. All you have to do is remove the screws to separate both parts using the included Allen wrench, place the mirror's stem between them and re-insert the screws. Included are a pair short and long length screws. I had to use the longer ones.

Once the mirror mount has been attached it's all plain sailing from there. Connecting the double socket mount to the mirror mount and 1" Ball 1/4" adapter requires it to be loosened via the wing-nut, this will widen the gap where the balls go into. When everything has been inserted, tighten the double socket to the point where the attachments won't drop off but is able to be adjusted. When you're happy with the angle of everything, tighten it further until it's secure.

Results were fantastic! I can now have my action camera pointed towards me or directly in front, which was exactly what I was looking for. As long as you make sure everything is tightened, you have nothing to worry about.

Would definitely recommend!

Spontex Microfibre Cleaning Cloths (Pack of 8, Total 32 Cloths)
Spontex Microfibre Cleaning Cloths (Pack of 8, Total 32 Cloths)
Price: £18.59

5.0 out of 5 stars Suitable for a variety of purposes, 3 Mar. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Can never have enough microfibre cloths, they're simply fantastic.

These ones from Spontex seem to be of good quality like any other brand of microfibre cloth I've purchased in the past.

The good thing about this package is that you get a total of 32 microfibre cloths for what I would say is a reasonable price. The package includes four packs of 8; each pack contains 2 yellow, 2 green, 2 blue & 2 pink(doesn't look red to me). The cloths measure in at 30cm x 30cm.

These cloths are suitable for a variety of purposes due to the fact they don't scratch surfaces: I use them for cleaning my phone screen, camera lens, TV screen & motorbike fairings. Having four different colours means I can distinguish which cloths I use for what.

After using these on a couple of units, I'm very pleased with them.

If you want to re-use these, then you must not use fabric softener, laundry detergent or put them in very hot temperatures (ie. hot water or tumble dryers). Either soak them in a bowl of cold or warm water whilst agitating it periodically, or place them in a washing machine by themselves using just water. Apparently when washing these, you can do so up to 60°C.

Overall would recommend.

Gillette Fusion Manual Razor with Flexball Technology
Gillette Fusion Manual Razor with Flexball Technology
Offered by Activecare Online
Price: £10.85

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Haven't regretted upgrading, 27 Feb. 2015
I've been using the Gillette Fusion Proglide Manual Razor for quite some time now which so far, has been the best razor I've used.

Recently I had seen this new version advertised absolutely everywhere, you just couldn't miss it (well definitely in my area that is, plus a lot of ads on TV).

As I've already had a very positive experience with the old version, I thought I'd give it a try. Well, I'm really glad I had! Considering it uses the exact same shaver heads as the previous model, the flexball actually makes quite a big difference, in a positive way that is.

My main use for the razor is shaving my head: Whilst the previous version seemed good enough, this one took it so a whole new level! The fusion w/flexball effortlessly glided right across my head and did a great job whilst it was at it. This extra feature really isn't a gimmick.

Very comfortable shave with top results.

Overall, would definitely recommend.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 13, 2015 12:46 AM GMT

Time2 WiFi Home Lighting Kit with Smart Wifi Bulbs Multi-Coloured Dimmable Home Starter Kit (2 X Bayonet Fit B22 WiFi 9 Watt LED Bulbs, 1 Bridge)
Time2 WiFi Home Lighting Kit with Smart Wifi Bulbs Multi-Coloured Dimmable Home Starter Kit (2 X Bayonet Fit B22 WiFi 9 Watt LED Bulbs, 1 Bridge)
Offered by Time2 Direct
Price: £119.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A great bulb let down by its app..., 24 Feb. 2015
Length:: 1:11 Mins

#Note: I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.
The product I received was the Home Smart Lighting System Starter Kit.

♦ Introduction ♦

A "smart" colour changing LED lighting system which can be adjusted remotely with the use of a smartphone.

The product claims to consume 9W of power and outputs 800lm, which is pretty bright. It fits in the 'A+' energy rating and supposedly has a life span of over 7 years.

To get things started you will need a starter kit to get things going, it's available for two different light sockets: E27 Starter Kit | B22 Starter Kit.

♦ Box Contents ♦

I really like the presentation of the packaging; they've kept it simple and clean looking and the box is of a decent size.

∙ Smart LED Light x2: The bulbs are much bigger than the standard bulb, but feel very solidly built.
∙ Wi-Fi Bridge: Fairly small and smart looking device.
∙ Ethernet Cable: Very short in length.
∙ USB power cable.*
∙ Instruction Manual.

*I was a little baffled to see that the "power cable" which has a USB connector on one side and a barrel connector on the other, DOESN'T have either a fixed plug or a USB AC adapter. Whilst most people will probably have one already, they won't want to keep unplugging it whenever they want to charge up their phone.

♦ Setting Up ♦

In all honesty, this gave me a bit of headache as the instruction manual included wasn't clear enough, so even though I was following the instructions EXACTLY as it was stating, I just couldn't get the darn things to work. Then I noticed a sticker inside the box (top flap) stating there is a more detailed user guide on their website.

The guide on the website should have been the one included in the box because it worked on the first read through.

Anyway, here is how you set the unit up:

1) Download/Install the 'Kit4home' app (available on Google Playstore/Apple App store.

2) Connect the Wi-Fi bridge to a power source with the included power cable.

3) Connect the Wi-Fi bridge to your router with the included Ethernet cable. Ensure your smartphone is connected to the same router as the Wi-Fi bridge.

4) Open the Kit4home app and click on the [+] icon. This will prompt a device scanning feature.

5) Scan the QR code located on the bottom of the Wi-Fi bridge (make sure there is a decent amount of light otherwise your camera make not pick it up).

6) Confirm the device name (can be anything), leave the Mac code alone and click on "Add".

7) Click on the device name you created.

8) Screw in the lightbulb but DO NOT turn it on yet.

9) Press the bulb icon with a '+' by it and choose a group to add it to.

10) Press the group you selected the bulb to be on and make sure the power button on the app isn't lit-up; if it is, click it to turn it off.

11) Turn on the light switch and as soon as the bulb lights up, press the power button on the app.

12) If the pairing is successful, the bulb will flash green three times.

From here you can change the bulbs brightness, white colour (warm white to daylight white) and colour. You can also set when the light to turn on and off via alarm or timer, select night or snooze mode.

♦ Results ♦

The bulb itself can achieve a very nice bright light on all white levels when at its max brightness setting. It's nice to have the option to choose between a nice warm glow which 3000k produces, to the more daylight white at 6000k.

There are many colours to choose from. The brightness does drop quite a bit when a colour is selected, but it's still at a reasonable level. The bulb also responded quite quickly to the commands being sent from my smartphone.

The bulb doesn't seem to remember which colour was last selected when turning it off/on by the switch, it will go to its default white setting. This may be an issue to some.

Do bare in mind that whilst the front part of the bulb remains quite cool after constant use, the housing can get fairly hot, so give it some time to cool down before taking out.

I had mixed results when linking multiple bulbs. Linking both bulbs to the same group gave me no issues whatsoever during my time of use. However, linking each bulb to their own group caused issues: at times the communication got confused and changed the wrong bulb and it even got to a point where both groups changed just the one bulb.

After quite some use, I came to the conclusion the app needs a bit of sprucing up and some bugs ironed out, such as:

1) When you create a new group and go to add a bulb to a group, it only shows "Group 1" up to 4, not any new ones that have been created. The same happens to when you modify a groups name.

2) You can't see which group your bulbs are in.

3) Needs a clearer bulb pairing system.

♦ Final Thoughts ♦

I really like the bulb, it feels of good quality and can produce a decent variety of colours to choose from. Unfortunately I'm not a big fan of the app that is required to use it.

The app NEEDS sorting out as it's central to the bulb, it's holding the product back from its true potential. If they can sort that out, then the product as a whole would be perfect.

If you're not bothered about customising the bulbs into their own separate groups, then you should be pleased with the results. If it's going to be an issue, then I couldn't recommend.

✔ Pros:
✓ Good quality build.
✓ Nice bright white light.
✓ Variety of colours to choose.
✓ Bulb responds quickly to colour changes.

✖ Cons:
✘ App needs sprucing up.
✘ Communication issues with bulbs in different groups needs looking at.

Sena SNOWTALK-01 Bluetooth Headset and Intercom
Sena SNOWTALK-01 Bluetooth Headset and Intercom
Price: £76.98

4.0 out of 5 stars Easy to use, but some room for improvement, 23 Feb. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
♦ Introduction ♦

The Snowtalk by Sena is just as the name suggests: It's a Bluetooth communication device designed around snow sport activities such as skiing and snowboarding, so you can talk to your friends whilst doing the thing you love; this is not only great for general conversation purposes, but also relaying advice, or warning each other of things ahead.

But its uses don't end there. You can also connect to your smartphone to retrieve calls or listen to music.

- Main Features:
∙ Intercom range up to 700m.
∙ Up to four-way intercom.
∙ 6 hours talk time (not including other Bluetooth connectivity uses).
∙ Connect to smartphone (answer calls & listen to music).
∙ Music sharing.
∙ "Advanced Noise Control".
∙ Firmware upgradable.

♦ Box Contents ♦

The box is smartly presented and everything inside is well organised. The contents you will find are as follows:

∙ 1x Snowtalk Headset: The speakers are made out of light plastic, though cables are braided for extra durability.

∙ Ear Warmer Headset Casing: Quite tricky to get the speakers in, but once they are, they stay in place snugly. These are used to store/use the speakers when not in use with a ski helmet. Apparently they're supposed to go around your neck despite them being called "ear warmers"; I guess it does make sense considering they don't fit my head size at all. On a good note, they are comfy and allow good volume of sound out.

∙ L-Shaped Micro USB Cable (For charging & updating headset).

∙ 4x Quick Start Guides (English, French, German, Italian & Spanish).

You will need access to a powered USB port to charge the device, this could be from a laptop/PC or USB wall adapter.

The Snowtalk system will require your ski helmet to have ear pockets, otherwise there won't be anything to hold them into place.

Having just one set of this product will allow you to answer/reject calls and listen to music. If you want to use the intercom feature, you will need to have access to more than one. The Snowtalk feature can link three others to it allowing for a four-way intercom.

♦ First Use & Set-Up ♦

It's always best to charge up devices before use. Once it has been fully charged, hold down the Left & right button down for one second, this will turn the unit on.

- Pairing with mobile phone:

1) Ensure your smartphones Bluetooth function is enabled.
2) Hold the 'R' button down for five seconds; a voice prompt will tell you when it's in pairing mode.
3) On your smartphone, scan for devices and click to connect to "Sena Snowtalk".
4) You should now be paired.

- Pairing with other Snowtalk headset:

1) Ensure both headsets are on.
2) Hold the 'L' button on both headsets for five seconds; voice prompts will tell you when they're in pairing mode.
3) Tap 'L' button on one of the headsets and wait for pairing to complete.
4) If the two don't automatically connect after pairing, tap one of the 'L' buttons and they should connect.
#) NOTE: When turning the headsets back on, follow step 4 to start intercom.

I had no issues when pairing the Snowtalk with either smartphone (Xperia Z3 Compact) or other headset.

♦ Ease of Use ♦

Navigating around the headset can seem daunting at first as it relies on using just two buttons: 'Left' & 'Right'. The hardest part is remembering the commands as some requires tapping the buttons, some holding for one or two seconds.

Here are some commands that I found myself using most:

∙ On/Off: Hold 'L' & 'R' for 1 second.
∙ Intercom Connect/Disconnect: Tap 'L'.
∙ Volume Up: Tap 'R'.
∙ Volume Down: Double Tap 'R'.
∙ Play/Pause Music: Hold 'L' for 1 second (Some smartphones may require the music application to be already open).
∙ Answer Phone Call: Tap 'R'.
∙ End Phone Call: Hold 'R' for 1 second.
∙ Reject Phone Call: Hold 'R' for 1 second.
∙ Share music with other intercom: Hold 'L' for 2 seconds (When intercom & Bluetooth is connected and music is activated.

♦ Overall Quality ♦

∙ Music Sound Quality: I honestly can't fault the quality when it comes to playing music. For what it is, the quality is very good. Even with the music volume at its loudest I couldn't notice much distortion, however I couldn't test it that long on such volume as it was way too loud for me.

∙ Intercom Sound Quality: Speech from one to another was understandable but could be a bit clearer in my opinion. That said, there is an external microphone port which may give you better results.

∙ Phone Call Quality: I called two different friends, both of which I could hear fine, however they said whilst I was clear enough to understand, they could tell I wasn't using my phone directly and there is room for slight improvement. As a comparison, whenever I use Sena's other product, the 20S (motorcycle intercom), they can never tell that I'm riding my motorcycle whilst talking to them.

∙ Bluetooth Range:

Unfortunately I won't be near any slopes for quite some time, but did do a quick test going to the other end of my street (open area) where they both stayed connected, which seems promising.

However the real test will be when we're on the actual slopes where more elements are in play, such as: The speed both users are travelling at or objects in the way that may cause interference.

♦ Final Thoughts ♦

If you're looking for an intercom which has a much further reach than 700m, then you may want to look elsewhere.

For what this headset is and to how I've tested it so far, it does a decent job. Though would like to test it even further when I can.

The best thing about using Bluetooth intercoms is that you won't get anyone interfering with your conversations; all you need to do is make sure you're within the Bluetooth range to stay in contact.

✔ Pros:
✓ Simple set-up & easy to use.
✓ External mic.
✓ Has multiple uses.
✓ Good quality speakers.
✓ 6 hours talk time is reasonable.

✖ Cons:
✘ Voice clarity has room for improvement.

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