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A. Carrington "Lumpx" (South of Heaven)

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Christ Illusion (CD + DVD)
Christ Illusion (CD + DVD)
Offered by SmokeCDs
Price: £14.90

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4.0 out of 5 stars Dave is back but how much difference does that fact make?, 5 Sept. 2009
Some say, the best Slayer album since Seasons but I dare to disagree and say 'Divine Intervention' was and is a better album than Christ Illusion. It is a good album though and certaintly a huge stepup from 'God Hates Us All' but songs like 'Eyes of the Insane' and 'Catatonic' let the album down.

The album starts with a semi-blistering, 'War Ensemble/Angel of Death' type Slayer song...'Flesh Storm'. It's a good song, although, maybe not as good as 'Disciple'. But be assured...the rest of the album pretty much betters the 'GHUA' tracks. Track one to three is pretty much awesome Slayer sustained then by track four the tempo drops significantly and on comes 'Eyes of the Insane'. Not an awful song, just a boring one.

The quality soon arises again with 'Jihad'. A song spoken through the mind of the 9/11 terrorist attacker.
The song is a mixture of modern slayer with old school slayer. Upon the release of the album it was said by the band that this was one of their faster songs but on listening to the song itself, its actually not. Toms vocals are what may fool the listeners into thinking its a fast song when really the riff is pretty slow and heavy. So sorry, not the 'Necrophobic' or 'Dittohead' i was hoping for.

The albums low point for me is the song 'Catatonic', along with a few songs from GHUA, this is my least favourite Slayer song ever. Its god awful, sooo boring. I believe they could've written a better song to sit in its place be it a thrash song, which this is not, or a drone song...either way, they could've done better for me!

On the upside though, like where the album drops with 'Eyes of the Insane' and quickly picked up with ' Jihad', after what I'd consider to be one of the worse Slayer songs, the album picks up with one of the best Slayer songs since 1994. Black Seranade is another one of Toms seria killer epics and I must say, I do prefer it to 'Dead Skin Mask' but maybe not as good as '213'. On the special edition of the album you can hear how the song was 'meant to sound'. The original cut is slightly different but keep your ears peeled.

Then comes, 'Cult'. This was the first song we were allowed to hear from the Christ Illusion sessions and I was delighted. Fast, furious....Slayer. In a way, its the albums, 'Dittohead'...but not quite as fast..or classic. The album continues to grow towards the end, the last 3 songs, or 4 if you count the special edition track, 'The Final Six' are awesome.

Supremist is the last song on the original edition and it is one of the most original Slayer songs since I don't know. Probably, 'Seasons in the Abyss'. Not that is sounds like it, it doesn NOT! Just that, its Slayer, not plaugerising themselves yet staying true to their name. Like Kerry King, its one of my favourites from the album. The track is very refreshing.

The bonus track, 'The Final Six' was actually meant to be on the album and was going to be the title track once upon a time but Tom had problems with his gallbladder and couldn't record vocal for the song in time for its release, which is a shame because it would've been a great title track and is actually for me, the best song from the 'Christ Illusion' sessions. It begins with undistorted guitars, mournful and eerie like, 'Spill the Blood' from 'South of Heaven' and '213' from 'Divine Intervention' and much like those songs, it soon transforms into a thrash metal song. The last riff on the song is better than most of the album in my opinion and should be a taster of what the next album will bring....pure Thrash.

So all in all, this is a pretty tastey Slayer album but not the best since Seasons regardless of the legendary drummers return and really...not that much better, if better at all than 'DIM'. It IS a Thrash Metal no doubt, but a modern thrash album at that. The only Slayer album I can say this is truly better than, is 'God Hates Us All' as I said above, but most...MOST, slayer albums rule so adding this to your collection is a must.

Now....Bring on 'World Painted Blood' 'cause after hearing 'Psychopathy Red' it already sounds more old skool and thus a better Slayer album!

Burn Burn (+DVD) (+Bonus)
Burn Burn (+DVD) (+Bonus)
Price: £25.90

4.0 out of 5 stars 'Naveed but more mature' Raine said, but what do the fans think?, 5 Sept. 2009
First things first, the man that commercialised metallica and created the 'worse' two OLP albums has gone! With this news, I was pretty sure the album would be a good one.

Somewhat a 'comeback' album from the Canadian Rockers, this is their best album since, 'Spiritual Machines'...but, I wouldn't say its Our Lady Peace through and through...and this due to the vocals. Raine is an awesome singer but he used to sing differently. How so? Well if you're an OLP fan, you'll know he used to sing with high pitched vocals occassionally to emphasise words and parts of the song that was just vintage OLP. From Naveed straight through to 'Spiritual Machines', thats the classic OLP sound. The only time he's done this again though, is in a small part on the song 'Wipe that smile off your face' which is my favourite song from the last album, 'Healthy in paranoid times'. Other than that small moment, he avoids doing this and it does prove that doing so gave a kind of dimension that made classic material.

Onto the music itself, the band described the new material as 'Naveed, but more mature' and 'a proper rock record again' so it had alot to live up to. So upon listening, is it so? Well...I guess so. I know what they mean as such as it is very rocky and with a few guitar solos and rocky headbangers, it is 'a proper rock record again' but it doesn't sound like 'Naveed'.

Sadly, the 'wierdness' of an OLP album has seemed to dissapear with age, which to me, isn't a good thing. 'Monkey Brains' is a kind of return to that oddness we all love about the old OLP albums but there isn't too much of those.

The ballad, 'Signs of Life' though is one of the best OLP ballads, beautiful and some what mournful. Just what I like in a ballad. So all in all, it is a really cool album and certainly the best album since, their best albums...but still not quite old school our lady peace and not as good as anything from 'Naveed' album one through to 'Spiritual Machines' album four. There is a modern tint to the album that make sure of that.

I'd say, more of an old school Raine vocal style and the album would actually have been alot better just for that extra dimension it gave the old school material.

Good stuff though all in all, OLP should be a bigger and more popular band that gets better recognition in the UK....

The Long Road [Digipak - Bonus Track]
The Long Road [Digipak - Bonus Track]
Price: £14.75

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4.0 out of 5 stars The last worthy Nickelback album thus far..., 25 April 2009
I got this when it came out & little did I know this would be the last Nickelback album I enjoy. For Nickelback critics the band have always been a generic pop rock band, at the time of this release, I could not agree. After all, they begun as a genuine grunge band with 'hesher' & 'curb'. They then followed that up with the grungey but less of, 'the state'. So far, so good. Then 'Silver side up' came, also a good album but at this point, it's easily the most commercial Nickelback album & not as good as "Curb" if you're a true grunger. With this release they may have lost some fans but they sure as hell gained more with the new commercial edge. The follow up to that was of course the album featured here, "The Long Road". This album is a great follow up, it doesnt milk the radio-ballads and still has hard hitting rock songs. The grungey side may have been diluted from the pure grunge of Curb to the long road, but it was still there. Something we cannot say about Nickelback albums today.

Now, Nickelback are grunge-less, they milk the success of their radio-ballads and theyve totally forgotten who they once were much in the same vain as metallica & megadeth did in the late 90s. They went from grunge, to post grunge to pop & hard rock. But back to The Long Road (post grunge), it is most certainly the most "Silver Side Up" sounding Nickelback album other than the album itself yet it does well in not "ripping off" its predecessor (altho many have critised "Someday" for mimicking "How you remind me"). The opening track is one of the hardest, heaviest nickelback songs, altho not as gritty and edgy as say, "Little Friend" its still got a grungey feel to it.

All in all, its a very good album and for me, the last mature nickelback album, up to here, nickelback werent 'pop rock', they are now....but this was then.

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