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Humax PVR9200TB 160Gb HDD Recorder - Black
Humax PVR9200TB 160Gb HDD Recorder - Black

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great piece of kit, 15 Aug 2007
My old video player packed in last week so I invested in the Humax. Whoa baby does it work like magic!

* Can record two separate channels. But ALSO you can watch a THIRD channel if the third channel is being broadcast on similar frequencies to the two you are already recording.
* Allows you to skip through the adverts - you can press a single button and it skips either 15 or 30 seconds ahead. Very handy for skipping adverts without fast forwarding it and realising you've actually missed the end of the ad break.
* Picture-in-picture option. So you can be watching one programme, then change over to another channel while the adverts are on but change back the moment the adverts are over. Cunningly, the PIP function also allows you to move the picture-in-picture box to any of the four corners of the screen so you don't obscure the action of the main programme you're watching.
* One touch recording. Literally idiot proof. You just bring up the EPG to select the programme you want to watch then press a big OK button and it's recorded. Hey presto.
* Option to record a whole series of a programme. So if you want to catch every episode of something that's on the same time every week, you only have to set it once - making it fairly idiot proof and you an just get on with your social life without wondering whether you've remembered to set the video for something.
* Probably loads of other positive features I've forgotten about - but it's a great piece of kit.

* The remote control is bug ugly and feels a bit cheap. Also, the button for playing back the programmes you've watched is hidden under a sliding plastic panel, which I found slightly annoying as the playback button is one of the ones I use most.
* The fan makes a tiny amount of noise. Not a problem for us as we have it in the lounge. But I can imagine that if you're a light sleeper and plan on having it in the bedroom, you might want to turn it off overnight (which is dead easy as there's a proper off button at the back - so no need to switch it off at the mains).
* The EPG is a bit rubbish. Not as sophisticated as the one that came with my old Sony Freeview player. My old Sony player allowed me to reorder the programmes - for example I could put E4 and E4+1 at the top of my list as I watch them loads. But this Humax only presents all of the channels in one order - but again that's a fairly minor concern.

Overall: I'm very satisfied. I'm recording all sorts of stuff now on the off-chance that I might want to watch it - no need to fuss with tapes and running out of time because the tape isn't long enough etc. Go on, get one, you know you want to!
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The Rules of Networking
The Rules of Networking
by Rob Yeung
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 7.81

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good basic guide to networking, 31 July 2007
If networking is a new and terrifying book, then this will be a great little guide for you. If you already spend quite a lot of your time networking, then you may pick up a few tips (e.g. I now scribble notes on people I've met on the backs of their business cards and diligently write up notes on people when I get home or back to the office).

Essential Managers: Interviewing Skills
Essential Managers: Interviewing Skills
by Tim Hindle
Edition: Paperback

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1.0 out of 5 stars Waste of time, 31 July 2007
This book was obviously written by someone who doesn't actually interview candidates for a living. I was looking for a book that would help me to explain to line managers how to interview candidates in a rigorous and fair (i.e. non-discriminatory) fashion. This book has lots of pretty pictures but the content is very poor. The advice is frankly patronising, for example "Get plenty of rest so that you can be alert during an interview" and "Offer refreshments to candidatesin order to help put them at ease".

From New Recruit to High Flyer: No-Nonsense Advice on How to Fast Track your Career
From New Recruit to High Flyer: No-Nonsense Advice on How to Fast Track your Career
by Hugh Karseras
Edition: Paperback

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3.0 out of 5 stars A few ideas but the book does go on a bit, 6 Feb 2007
I was hoping for some real insight into what it takes to get ahead in FS. But the book instead covers lots of stuff that has been covered elsewhere - plus I found some of the content actually just a little patronising!

The book has a great title but I'm afraid I felt just a bit disappointed when I started reading it.

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