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Soul Sisters: The Five Divine Qualities of a Woman's Soul - A Workbook for Women
Soul Sisters: The Five Divine Qualities of a Woman's Soul - A Workbook for Women
by Pythia Peay
Edition: Paperback
Price: £14.41

5.0 out of 5 stars A real gem, 27 Jun 2014
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This book has the strapline 'An inspirational workbook for women' and I think this describes it very well. It's built around the five qualities of courage, faith, beauty, love and magic and illustrates each with a combination of personal examples, historical figures and inspirational quotes inserted in the margin (and more besides). I found much that was new to me within the text and it fired me up to explore these new areas with like-minded others. The format felt fresh and not factory-produced, as so many of this kind of book can be. It felt like it came from the heart and from experience. it stirred my own curiosity and enthusiasm so I'm very glad I read it.

Quantum Tarot : Version 2.0 : Tarot Deck: 78 Full Colour Tarot Cards and Instructions
Quantum Tarot : Version 2.0 : Tarot Deck: 78 Full Colour Tarot Cards and Instructions
by Chris Butler
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £19.98

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3.0 out of 5 stars Don't be fooled by the term 'hardback'!, 3 Jan 2013
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Beware of buying what is laughingly described as the hardback version of this tarot. It's in fact identical to, but more expensive than, the one described as paperback. And whilst the cards themselves are beautiful, some of them were scuffed and had the look of being handled even though the box was sealed when it arrived. I took this up with Amazon at the time and could have returned them. I decided to keep the pack I'd been sent, but have since wondered if I made the right decision.

Signs of Time: An Introduction to Mesoamerican Astrology
Signs of Time: An Introduction to Mesoamerican Astrology
by Bruce Scofield
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant Introduction to Mesoamerican Astrology, 7 May 2000
I found both this book & its companion volume "Day Signs" excellent. The author has spent many years researching & reconstructing Mesoamerican astrology. Very few pre-Columbian texts survived the coming of the Conquistadors, so in the main the ancient delineations of the Day Signs were recorded by those who were intent on eradicating the culture. Thus they were portrayed as very negative, superstitious - or both. And yet, Bruce Scofield demonstrates that the pre-Columbian Mesoamericans had a highly sophisticated astrology that is every bit as valid as the one used in the West.
In addition to extensive research into Mesoamerican "calendrics" & mythology, Bruce Scofield, who is a professional astrologer of many years standing, has tested his theories scientifically. For example, he took a sample of 138 entrepreneurs & found that a higher than average number were in one or two of the more dominant Day Signs, whereas very few were in the "quieter" signs. This method is very similar to the one used in the 1960s by Michel Gauquelin, who successfully demonstrated that certain planets were associated with particular professions (e.g. Mars rising in the charts of successful sportsmen).
Also very thought-provoking is the fact that major plane crashes often occur around the time of the heliacal rising of Venus, a planet that was of great importance to the Mesoamericans. Apparently many of the crashes turn out to be due to pilot error - acting rashly etc. When you discover that the ancient Mesoamericans believed that Venus at its heliacal rising was a very dangerous animal indeed, even going to the extent of stopping up their chimneys to prevent its rays getting in, you begin to wonder if there's more here than meets the eye...
In addition to the Day Signs themselves & the Venus cycle, Bruce Scofield deals with other fascinating & little-known aspects of the subject such as the Lords of the Night cycle & the Burner Days.
There are very few books available on Mesoamerican astrology. Of the ones that I've read, Bruce Scofield's are by far the most comprehensive. They are thoroughly researched, no-nonsense & jargon-free (though I do find the names of the gods & goddesses impossible - but that's hardly his fault!)
I hope that these books will encourage more people to explore Mesoamerican astrology, either in its own right or as a useful adjunct to the more familiar Western system.

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