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Vernon God Little
Vernon God Little
by D. B. C. Pierre
Edition: Paperback

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1.0 out of 5 stars Vernon God (Awful) Little, 16 Feb 2005
This review is from: Vernon God Little (Paperback)
The main thing to note is that Vernon God Little should really be approached with caution - it will only satisfy some readers (me not being one of them).
Im affraid I am going to have to make a comparison with Catcher in the Rye (sorry!). The main character/narrator of both books are of a similar age, with quite similar problems - they both have a dark, humorous narrative style. The only difference is that Vernon God Little isn't actually funny, the book made me laugh out loud - maybe..... once. On the cover there was quote saying "each page made me cry with laughter". Put it this way - I wouldn't want to go to a comedy club with the guy that said that.
It has a sort of slogan running throughout in Spanish ("ME VES Y SUFRES" - "You see me and suffer") - quite frankley it is totally irrelevent to anything in the book, apart from the book its self. Another thing is that the plot gradually loses a sense of reality as you get further towards the end - which is a shame as it is promissing to start with. The book is set in Texas and tries to make points about real life America. The only problem is western societies in the book and western societies in real life are very different, so Pierre doesnt even give a true representation.
Its not all bad though, Pierre manages to capture the deep south accent in a very convincing way. Aswell as other sounds in speach which are impossible to write down (e.g. "tsch" - you will understand when you read the book). There are several really well written passages in the book - so word lovers should read it just for that. But as a general rule of thumb, only read it if you don't mind off the wall plots.
(For anyone thats interested DBC Pierre stands for 'Dirty But Clean Pierre' - a nick-name the author apparently picked up whilst in prison)

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5.0 out of 5 stars highly original, 1 Feb 2004
This review is from: Gorillaz (Audio CD)
Well what can I say, in my eyes Gorillaz have come up with something a bit special. I first bought this album a few years ago. I listened to 'clint eastwood' a few times and then shoved it on the shelf. Only yesterday did I actually give it a proper listening to. To my surprise it was an amzing album. It is one of the weirdest, most experimental and original albums I think I have ever opened my ears to. I was absulutely blown away by the tracks such as '5/4' and 'double base'. It was such a radical change to the usual tones and rhythm I am acustomed to. The compilation of sounds, beats, rhymes and rhythms gives it an ultimatly unique style of listening. Its genre is so bloody hard to define, some hip-hop (ranging from jazz hip-hop such as 'rock the house' to zombie hip-hop like 'clint eastwood'), some rock, some easily listening, but above all just some totally diferent styles.
However I would say that it takes some getting used too. Perhaps some tracks are a bit too experimental, 'starshine' and 'M1 A1' spring to mind. But no matter what your music preference this is an essential album. Gorillaz have definitely given a whole revolutionary and experimental view of music.

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