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1.0 out of 5 stars Unnecessarily requires Internet connection., 27 May 2014
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This review is from: Civiballs (App)
This is much like Spirit Catcher in many ways, but Spirit Catcher does this so much better. For some reason Civiballs also occassionally refuses to start, claiming lack of network connection. It's a standalone game so it *should* be able to function indefinitely without being connected to the Internet, but no, just when you have five minutes to spare, bam! you can't play. This might be acceptable for devices with built-in 3G connections but for a tablet with wi-fi only you can't guarantee there will be a suitable connection available. Even if you're playing this on a device with a 3G SIM, there's no guarantee you have signal coverage, or that you you're not roaming, so have turned off data. This could be a useful time-waster when you're travelling, but just when the captain says you can use electronic devices you'll be stymied by this app... Taking a base 3 stars as average, minus 1 for not being as good as Spirit Catcher, minus another 1 for the failures to start without an Internet connection.

Move it!
Move it!
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1.0 out of 5 stars May suit some but has unrealistic requirement to be Internet connected, 18 Dec 2013
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This review is from: Move it! (App)
The premise is simple; move the block to the target area. You do this by sliding other blocks out of the way. As you progress through harder puzzles the moves you have to make become more complex. With a bit of thought, and trial and error, you should be able to solve every puzzle. The challenge is in trying to work out the solution in the Target number of moves. This will probably be sufficient for some people to while away a few (or lots of) spare minutes. I rapidly got bored with this and will be uninstalling it.

Where this app falls down is that to get it to run it was necessary to connect the tablet to the Internet. There is no call for this, and if you don't have an Internet connection handy you won't be able to play the game. Whether this an actual requirement of the game, or some bizarre requirement of Amazon I don't know, but it's just not acceptable; once you've purchased an App, and if it has no valid purpose for accessing the Interent (like a browser, or email App, for example), there is no reason for an App to have to access the Internet before it runs. The app would have scored 2 stars for its mediocre playability, but it drops to 1 star for the Internet access requirement.

D-LINK Powerline 500M AV Starter Kit
D-LINK Powerline 500M AV Starter Kit

4.0 out of 5 stars Does what it is designed to do, well., 15 Dec 2013
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This is a review of the D-LINK Powerline 500M AV Starter Kit, purchased via Amazon EU S.a.r.L. late in 2012.

Packaging was as expected of Amazon.

Set up was simply a case of following the supplied instructions; plug them in, press the buttons. Go. All done. I've used the same pair in two different home networks, with different IP ranges without any trouble.

Some reviewers have spoken about the transfer rates. As with any network technology the quoted maximum is really only for continuous data in one direction. This does not take into consideration various factors such as interference from other electrical/electronic devices connected to the same power circuit. Typically network efficiency is somewhere between 60% and 80% of the maximum, so realistically you should, in ideal circumstances get between 300Mbps and 400Mbps.

To put things into perspective, the majority of people who want devices like these will be using them to extend their home broadband, rather than for high-speed business critical use. At the time of writing, in the UK the typical maximum advertised broadband connection speed is 120Mbps. Again, that's the theoretical maximum in best conditions, so you'll realistically be getting closer to 72Mbps to 96 Mbps. Now consider that the average household in the UK doesn't get close to those speeds, and you should be more than confident that the D-Link Kit will be up to the job.

I found the devices work well in a simple home network. One D-Link is connected directly to the broadband router, the second to a spare router (with wireless capability), which feeds to a NAS drive, printer and computer, all three connected by cable to the router. The D-Links have made accessing both the NAS drive and printer over the wireless network simple. As the router is standard 10/100 Ethernet the best transfer rate is likely to be 60-80 Mbps, so once again, the D-LINKs are more than up to the job.

To be fair, any power line network extender set with similar performance capability should be equally able to cope with the typical requirements for home use, but this D-Link set certainly made setting up and using them easy.

A word of caution if you're considering extending your network's wireless signal, you will require a second wireless transmitter for this set. As in my setup, a spare broadband router can be used. Just make sure you turn off the DHCP aspect to let your master router (i.e. the one connected to your phone socket) handle the IP addressing. If you don't have a spare broadband router with wireless capability you may wan to consider a different power line set, where the second device has a wireless transmitter built in.

As a final note, power line network extenders transmit your network data over the electrical cabling in your house. There can sometimes be issues passing the data through consumer units (the 'fuse box'). This may be a consideration where you're thinking of using them to extend your network to an building external to the house where a second consumer unit is likely to be installed. You may, or may not find the performance downgraded in such circumstances. There is a word of caution here though; once your data is on the power network it can theoretically be picked up by others, such as your neighbours. To keep your data private, ensure you use the security built-in to the devices.

Chess Pro 3D
Chess Pro 3D
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1.0 out of 5 stars Not worth the effort downloadin, 13 Oct 2013
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This review is from: Chess Pro 3D (App)
Asus Transformer Prime (TF201)

Installed okay, but you only get to view the menu system. Once you try to actually play (Practice or Tournament) and then select a difficulty level the screen goes blank and that's it, nothing else.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Premium Cover - Black
Samsung Galaxy S4 Premium Cover - Black
Price: 19.26

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5.0 out of 5 stars Good quality, fits well, works harmoniously with the S4, 11 Aug 2013
Received as gift, so I can't say for sure who supplied this. I say this because at the time of writing Amazon have suspended supply of this product pending investigation of a report from a customer saying the product was not as described.

The manufacturing quality is good and the cover fits the Samsung Galaxy S4 perfectly.

There's something built into the front cover which the S4 detects; when you close the cover the display adjusts to show through the window in the cover. A few seconds later the display switches off to save power. This is a good thing because when the 'window' display is active the brightness is way up. The reason for this is no doubt because with the cover closed the sensor cannot detect the light level to set the display brightness automatically. If you were in a bright daylight situation and a lower brightness level was set you may not be able to clearly see the display. Okay, this is as much about the functionality of the S4, but it shows the S4 and cover are working in harmony.

If you receive a call with this cover on and closed, the caller ID and the answer/reject options are displayed within the window, just swipe the relocated controls as normal, no need to open the cover. Notifications are also displayed briefly in the window, so this is much better than an entirely solid cover.

The hinge is very flexible so you can fold the cover neatly behind the phone. It also means you can use the volume control through the hinge, although not with the cover fully closed, it needs to be open sufficiently for the normal mode to be active.

There have been some reviews which say the window was scratched or otherwise poor. On mine this was because there were two film covers to the window, one inside, one outside. The film covers were almost clear and there were no printed indicators, or tabs to remove them. Only by looking very closely was it possible to determine the films were present, other than what looked like a poor finish to the window. So, if the window of your cover appears scratched or not quite as clear, check for film covers. Carefully use a finger nail to drag inwards from the window edge until you raise an part of the film sufficient to remove it. Don't use anything harder or sharper because you could damage the window.

Docs To Go Premium Key
Docs To Go Premium Key
Price: 6.00

3.0 out of 5 stars Seems to work, 14 July 2013
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This review is from: Docs To Go Premium Key (App)
Having read the other reviews which say this doesn't work in the UK I was slightly sceptical, but still tried it. As I didn't already have the free Documents To Go main app I first installed that, from the Amazon App Store, whch went smoothly. I then installed this Full Version Key without any error messages or anything saying I was in the wrong region. (I'm in the UK.) I've had a quick play, and have been able to create both an Exel and Word document. The interface in Documents to Go is not as good as the one presented by Cloud On, but that requires an Internet connection, which is not always available. I've not tried importing/opening other files yet, but as this product is actually the Key rather than the editing app we're strarting to drift off of the main topic. Worthwhile checking this out whilst it's free.

Fraction Calculator Plus
Fraction Calculator Plus
Price: 0.62

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3.0 out of 5 stars It calculates fractions., 20 May 2013
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This review is from: Fraction Calculator Plus (App)
If all you want to do is add, subtract, divide and multiply fractions this will do it. Answers are displayed as both metric and imperial values. It will display the lowest common fraction for an entered or calulated value. Display-wise, this looks very similar to CalculatorPlus, using the same colour scheme and being simple and clean. Negative points: There is no history of values or calculations. There is also no memory function and the display is forced into portrait view.

Word to Word (Mega) - A fun and addictive free word association game
Word to Word (Mega) - A fun and addictive free word association game
Price: 1.20

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1.0 out of 5 stars Something is wrong, 17 Jan 2013
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As at 0728 on 17 Jan 2013, this isn't downloading. Have tried to download on both my Asus Transformer Prime TF201 and my Samsung Galaxy S2. On both devices I am told "There was an error while downloding Word to Word - A fun ... <snip>. ... Please try again."

Quisr PRO | 1-4 player quiz game
Quisr PRO | 1-4 player quiz game
Price: 2.38

1.0 out of 5 stars Won't start on ASUS Transformer Prime., 8 Nov 2012
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On starting the app the splash screen is displayed then the app stops abbruptly. Can't rate above 1 star if the app won't work!

No Title Available

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3.0 out of 5 stars Adequate but be careful of seller information, 13 Sep 2012
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The Product:

The item (6' Micro HDMI to HDMI cable) I received was not quite the same as that in any of the pictures displayed at the time I am writing this review. I must however note that this is really only a cosmetic issue. That said, it does mean that it is technically 'not as described', which could be seen as a reasonable excuse for returning it, if you were so inclined.

This cost me 3.30 (no postage charge). There were some other options available at the time of purchase which were even cheaper, but I chose to spend slightly more because I have found some cheap items to be of less value (i.e. flimsy and ultimately needing replacement). Currently all of the similar items I can see on Amazon are priced higher. Do look around for what you consider the best deal for you.

The cable, however, does feel sturdy, and does work with my Asus Transformer Prime (TF201), my monitor and my amplifier/hi-fi routing system, so I can confirm that it will pass both video and audio signals (although I could only test with basic stereo and not with both video and audio at the same time. Given that it just meets my basic expectations I have awarded it three stars, which equate to "adequate/ok", although given that it doesn't match the picture it was a close-run thing!

Please note, I have NOT decreased the product rating because of the rest of my buying experience, detailed below:

The Seller/Buying Experience

When I purchased the product it was from the Amazon market place seller, Fireitems on the 28 August. I chose standard delivery, expecting delivery in 3-5 working days during the checkout process (regular Amazon customers will be familiar with this). The product still had not arrived by the 5 Sep so I contacted Fireitems to find out what the likely delivery time was, I also noted from the seller's dispatch policy that products would be dispatched "within 2-3 business days". The reply clarified that the expected delivery date would be from the 6-26 Sep, which I must admit did, on reflection, agree with the information in the original order confirmation email. The item finally arrived today, 13 Sep, so well within the officially estimated date. It also turns out the the product was sent from the US. That the seller lists USPS as one of their delivery methods should have perhaps hinted at this, but their contact number, it turns out, is in China, so who could have guessed that?

The issues I have are with clarity, they may be due to how the seller has programmed their marketplace, or they may be due to Amazon, I don't know. It was not made sufficiently clear when I placed the order that the product would 1) take up to four weeks to deliver (28 Aug to 26 Sep), nor was it made clear that the product was being dispatched from outside the EU, in this case the US. If I needed the product to arrive by a specific date this could have been a disaster. The other concern is that being dispatched from outside the EU means that had the value of the order had been higher I could have been stung for VAT/Import Duty and the Royal Mail's administrative charge, which would have wiped out any initial price saving.

So, what did I learn? Well, firstly, pay more attention to who is selling an item, especially if it isn't Amazon or one of it's affiliates. Secondly, be wary of promised dispatch, and perhaps more importantly, delivery dates, they can be misleading - if the arrival date is important make sure to check the confirmation email, which may differ from the dates you see at the check out screen. Finally, be especially wary of where products are being shipped from (if you're even told); you could end up paying penalty charges in the form of Import Duty/Taxes and administrative fees (potentially payable on anything valued over 15, check the HMRC Website for the details[...]

I realise that this product is now being listed on Amazon under several different suppliers, and that you may not actually be purchasing from Fireitems, who it would appear do still sell similar items (listed below) but which were not being linked to the ASIN of my purchase for some reason. At the time of writing the product pictures for this item and the two below were identical. Consequently I have listed this part of my review/feedback separately. For the same reason I avoided including this part of my purchase experience in my evaluation of the product, as well as not knowing who is to blame, the seller or Amazon, for the apparent discrepancies in providing the information up front. To be complete, I have provided separate seller feedback, although there is insufficient space in that text box to accurately portray what I wanted to say. Additionally, I don't think people read seller feedback as much as they do product reviews (until something goes wrong), and I believe that it is important to highlight these issues, so that others can learn from my experience.

BestDealUK Micro HDMI to HDMI Male Cable -6ft / 2M for Blackberry Playbook Tablet, Acer Iconia A510 ,A500,A100; Asus Transformer Prime TF201,TF300; Lenovo K1 Ideapad;Motorola XOOM 2 ;Viewsonic ViewPad 7e; Vizio 8-inch Tablet

Neewer 6ft Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable For HTC EVO 4G / MOTOROLA Droid X etc.
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