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Lead: Stage Dive series 3
Lead: Stage Dive series 3
Price: £3.59

5.0 out of 5 stars in my inbox lands Lead and it's like rainbows and ponies everywhere, 29 July 2014
So there I was, all tired from the book signing in Edinburgh, and then ping, in my inbox lands my arc of
Lead and it's like rainbows and ponies everywhere. I can't begin to tell you the level of anticipation I had
over getting this book. I adored the first two books in the series and couldn't wait to get under the skin of
Jimmy. I had my own theories on his tortured soul and wanted to see if I was right. So I threw everything
out of the way (including the hubby and kids, they'd be ok) and dived in.

From the first page I was hooked. Lena is so ballsy and spunky which I love. I love my heroines to have
something about them and she has it in spades. The opening scene where she gets fired by the
`corporate monster' and then hired to babysit Jimmy is pure class. Plus it has my Mal in it (yes i'm claiming
ownership of him, I adore the crazy that is Mal), what more could you ask for:

"I really think you could be the one, Lena," said the drummer, pulling me from my thoughts.
I blinked. "That so?"
"It is. I mean, look at you, you're so cute and cuddly. But what I especially love is how you're giving me that
go- you know the word that should be here -yourself look from behind your foxy glasses."
"You like that, do you?" My smile was all teeth.
"Oh, yeah. Big time. But you're not for me."
"Sadly, not." He shook his head.
"Yeah, I know. You're really missing out." He sighed, slipping his hair back behind his ears. Then he
looked over his shoulder. "Gentlemen, that problem we were talking about earlier. I believe I may have
found a solution."

See, ballsy and funny female and my adorable flirty Mal, what's not to love? Of course, taking the job
is dangerous to Lena as from the instant their eyes met, she felt the attraction to Jimmy:

`What Mal couldn't do to me, this one did with ease. Everything paused, apart from my pulse, beating loud
behind my ears. The man was beautiful in much the same way as the stars. I could only look upon him with
longing, he was so far out of my reach. Still, moments like these are meant to be momentous. Fate shifting
beneath your feet should feel big. But instead of mood lighting and dramatic music, I got a cranky cold
blue stare from a guy in a razor sharp suit.'

And there he is, my (again word rhymes with luck) you world Jimmy. From Lena's eyes you see his self destructive tendencies, but you also see his soul. You see the addict, fighting the draw of his addictions and you see a small boy
inside that is desperate for someone to cling to. And that person would be Lena. From the first awkward hug to the desperate grasp of her hand, Jimmy starts to lean on Lena and she becomes his friend, and you find out later how rare that is. And it's something he really needs, especially when you find out the level of crazy he's been dealing with inside his family. Lena is there for him to lean on and she's also there to stand up for him.

They do great banter between them, but they also have an easy friendship that builds, as they spend more
and more time together. If only she could stop staring at him............

`The problem with the push up lay within the way it pretty much mimicked the act of sex. (Lay. Heh). All
the sweating, straining and up and down of the pelvic region. It was disgusting, shouldn't be allowed. Also,
I really needed to get laid or find someone willing to hold hands with me at the very least.'

Lena finds it impossible to separate her feelings and decides to leave. Cue a very funny and
embarrassing scene where she admit to Jimmy that she has feelings for him. Jimmy decides that they
can get her past it and sets her up on dates, to which Jimmy's own reactions are hilarious to watch.

Lena's feelings are never in doubt in the book, it's Jimmy's that need dragging out and he's kind of like a
little kid, completely unaware of what he does that shows he cares.

But before Jimmy can love someone else, he really needs to love himself. And there come the layers of
Jimmy, about his doubt and lack of self worth stemming from the past, about his subsequent abuse
problems, and his issues with his brother and where they all started. All of the bits of Jimmy are slowly
uncovered by Lena and then she works to build him up and make him realise the actual man he is.

"Don't hate me, Lena," he whispered. "You want to be mad at me when I do dumb things, that's fine. But
don't ever hate me. I couldn't take that, not from you."
I put my hand to his cheek, undone by the rawness of his voice, his apparent vulnerability. "Hey, I could
never hate you."

Jimmy's emotional journey is so real and raw, you want to coax him gently to the next revelation and get
him to his happily ever after.

This is another masterful piece of writing from Kylie Scott. Each book within the series has been different,
has given us another side and angle. This one was just a beauty of emotion. Bravo Kylie, I can't wait for
Ben's book.

The Law of Attraction (Lawyers in Love Book 1)
The Law of Attraction (Lawyers in Love Book 1)
Price: £2.42

5.0 out of 5 stars Really Funny Book!, 29 July 2014
When my friend told me to read this book, I didn't have any clue what I was reading, just that i'd been told it was good. I often find that's the best way to go into a book, without any preconceptions.

What can I say, I loved this book. The female lead character Gabrielle who is a defense attorney was just so amusing, she just basically said whatever was in her head. Braden,the public prosecutor and often opposing council was also amusing and alpha enough that the quick relationship didn't bother me. I normally get a bit frustrated with instalove but when you've been working around the same person for 6 months, then you do know a lot about the person you're with, before really getting to know them.

Probably one of the greatest compliments I can give the writer, is that this book made me think back to when I first got together with my hubby and were at the saying I love you stage, it took me right back there. So it's obviously quite authentic for me. But then again i'm married to a funny guy.

If you are looking for a fun and jaunty read, then go and buy this book. All of the books in this series are on special offer at the moment, so i've just been and bought the rest of the series, because I enjoyed this that much!

Broken Souls (Broken Hearts Book 2)
Broken Souls (Broken Hearts Book 2)
Price: £1.99

5.0 out of 5 stars 4.5 Sweet Ash Stars, 16 July 2014
4.5 Sweet Ash Stars *****

This is Beth Ashworths second novel, and follows on from her debut Broken Truth, in that it has some of the same characters running through it, but it can be read entirely as a standalone book.

I was impressed with Beth’s first book and her writing style, but I didn’t warm to the main characters. That was not the case with this one at all.

From the moment you meet Ashley, you just want to wrap her up and give her a big hug. Ashley has a large birthmark on her face and her self confidence has been battered because of this and past events meaning that she is a virtual hermit. If it wasn’t for her friend and flatmate Gabby, she would only work and then come back to the flat.

Gabby takes no nonsense and helps to bring the fun to the party, dragging Ash out of herself. Gabby also has a rather attractive older brother called Marco who lives in Milan (we met him first in book 1) who she is really close to. As well as talking to his sister on a weekly chat session online, he always catches up with Ash.

When an accident means that Marco comes to London to meet Ashley, the attraction that she previously felt for him is ramped up. However, the timing is awful. Not only are they dealing with the fallout from the event that brought Marco over (notice i’m being vague, don’t want to spoil it), Ashley also has a kind of boyfriend who’s trying to solidify their relationship and push for more.

This book was full of twists and turns and I loved it. But what I loved most was Marco. I enjoyed his character in book 1, but listening to him whisper terms of endearment in Italian in this book, pushed me over the edge.

Now my plea to you the readers, from me as a blogger. It’s really difficult for new Indie authors as there are so many of them. So when we review a book and say look, this is great, please head over and purchase a copy and give an indie author a chance. I promise both you and the author will win as part of that deal.

Well done Beth on a cracking second book.

Broken Truth (Broken Hearts Book 1)
Broken Truth (Broken Hearts Book 1)
Price: £1.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Well written debut, 16 July 2014
3.5 stars

This is a well written debut novel. The reason I don't rate it higher, I didn't think there was much
storyline running through the book and I didn't care at all for the female character.

She seemed so shallow that I was struggling to see why Callum would be so in love with her. A perfect
example of this, is when she finds out what Callum has given up, yet she then goes out drinking with
her friends, instead of going straight to him. I found her melodramatic and whiny.

A lot of the storyline was pretty obvious although there was a great twist towards the end that I didn't see coming.

Sigh, I wish I had been able to get more invested in the book, but the characters just didn't do it for me.

Sorry x

Mister Black: A Billionaire SEAL Story, Part 1 (In the Shadows)
Mister Black: A Billionaire SEAL Story, Part 1 (In the Shadows)
Price: £0.77

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5.0 out of 5 stars An absolute gem of a Novella - A Must Read!!!, 15 July 2014
So short but oh so good - it’s like one of those little chocolate pot puddings you get in a restaurant - you order one for yourself and then after you’ve devoured it, you are looking for the next one, because you WANT MORE!!!!!

Patrice, you better give me more Mister Black soon, just saying.

Anyway to the book, or novella as is the case. Mister Black is the first in a 3 part novella series. It’s a little over an hours reading, so perfect when you’ve only got time for bitesize. It may only be little but it sure packs a punch!

Talia or Red meets Mr Black eight years previously when she is running from events in her life. Although their meeting is only short, it’s full of meaning. Talia’s running away. Asked if she has family to run back to, Black tell her this:

“No matter what you’ve done, family forgives. It’s like the tide every morning and evening, sunrise and sunset, and a rainbow after the rain stops and the sun shines.”

“Rainbows don’t always come out.”

“The brilliant colours are always there. You just have to know where to look.”

The book picks up again 8 years later, and they meet at a masked ball. Talia’s dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and he’s dressed as Robin Hood, neither aware who the other one is.

“Robin, hmmm.” I take in his size. “You’re more like an eagle, swooping in and stealing the prey away from the wolf.”
“If we’re going for metaphorical names, Miss Scarlett,” he chuckles, sliding his thumb over mine., “I have more in common with a raven than the eagle.”
“Why can’t you be an eagle?” I ask relieved that Gavin seems to have given up on watching me. He’s talking to some people by the bar now.
“Ravens are black as sin, stealing through the night.”

Taking to the dancefloor, their hoods and masks still in place, Talia teases him about being older because she can’t see his face:

“Well, they do say that with age comes wisdom,” I goad, really wanting that hood gone now.
His lips twitch. “Mastery in anything comes with doing, not age, Miss Scarlett.”
My blood whooshes through my veins, making me tingle all over. His ability to switch from direct bluntness to innuendo is so freaking hot.

Realising who he is when she sees his eyes, she wants to shadow herself from her past and not reveal who she is:

I lick my lips and offer him a choice. “You can either have my name or me.”
With his back to the window, his face is in the shadows. Mine flashes in and out with the lightning, but I feel his fingers flexing on my hip and hear his sharp intake of breath. He wasn’t expecting that.
Heart pounding, I make it perfectly clear what i’m offering. “My name or my body. You choose.”

This novella is freaking hot and I just loved Sebastian (but I have a thing for that name!) or Mr Black, whichever you want to call him. This novella has got just the right amount of sizzling chemistry and mystery to it. Talia is a great female lead. She's quite ballsy and unafraid to go after what she wants. And this book is seriously sexy - score one for Sebastian on the book boyfriend chart.

I seriously cannot wait for part two of this series. You all need to rush now and download this - it’s only 99c/77p so go do it!

A Twist of Fate (The Lexi Series Book 1)
A Twist of Fate (The Lexi Series Book 1)
Price: £0.77

4.0 out of 5 stars Great start to the series - must dig out the rest!, 22 Jun 2014
Wow this book was a surprise to me. I'd added it because the author is coming to a signing event but I had no idea what the book was about, so was very pleasantly surprised.

Lexi is in PR and one eventful night changes her life and puts her in the path of Alex, Rock Guitarist in her favourite band Power Station.

Now I love me some Rock Band books and also when the lead female actually has a backbone so after
reading some of the simmering, simpering idiots around, I was very happy to read Lexi.

I read a review that slagged off that her potty mouth and propensity to say whatever she is thinking wouldn't actually make her a great PR person in real life. Well, to that I would say it's a book. It's a work of fiction. When I pick a book up, I check my reality in at the door.

What this is, is chicklit fiction with a hint of sass and sauce. It won't blow your mind, but will leave you with a big ass smile on your face. Well it did me anyway.

Lexi (The Lexi Series Book 5)
Lexi (The Lexi Series Book 5)
Price: £0.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Prequel!, 22 Jun 2014
A small confession here, i’ve only actually read a Twist of Fate so far from this series before reading Lexi. That’s not a reflection on the writing at all, as I really enjoyed it, just one of those, too many books, too little time.

Anyway, knowing that this is a prequel to the series, and a novella, I couldn’t resist diving into this book, to see what Lexi’s life was like before.

The book opens as the man she’s been living with for a couple of years leaves her broken. I thought we
might be getting a bit of broken Lexi, but we nicely fast forward to Lexi a year later, picked back up and putting her pieces back together.

We join her on the latest leg of her moving around and exploring, where she’s currently in Rome, working and living with her friend Stefania, and it’s great to see sassy Lexi shining through. Here’s the moment where she’s working and being flirted with in the restaurant:

“Thomas and Shaun had no issue laughing at Josh’s expense; Josh himself appeared amused by my quick
comeback. I could do this all day, quip-pro-quo was my speciality, especially when dealing with bulges.”

Enter Riccardo, a friend of the people above and demi god. Lexi and him have such great chemistry, and I loved his character so much (Tina told me he’s in books 2 and 3 so they are getting bumped up my tbr list), that I want him to have his own book! If you agree with me, let Tina know as i’m sure if enough of us ask, we might get what we want. His humour and fun is a great blend with Lexi’s. If I didn’t love Alex so much, I would want him for her, but hey, I just want him. Here’s a little bit of him after Lexi tries to sneak out after their first night together in a hotel, leaving some money towards the cost of the room:

“I have to say i’m a little surprised. I would have thought the kind of person who has sex and then disappears would be taking money out of my wallet not trying to put it in.” He unfolded his arms. allowed one to rub the base of his chin. His eyes gleamed with mischief.

This book is full of humour and also many situations that I know so well. I was really amused by this next passage, as i’d had a similar experience in Greece (not Italy like the book) and it brought the memory back and made me smile:

“Of course not. It is silly for you to take a taxi when my car is right here. Just make sure you keep up with the flow of traffic. You know the rules are just show, drivers take no notice of them.” Stefania towelled off her hair as I took one final look in the mirror.
“Yes i’m aware of the insanity of this city’s drivers. I’ll do my best not to piss anyone off by doing something as stupid as following the road rules.” I smirked as I left the bathroom.

I love Tina’s writing and i’ll definitely get to books 2 and 3 once I get a break in my reviews. She’s someone who I might never have discovered if I hadn’t signed on to attend the mass book signing in Edinburgh and i’m so glad I did.

Because what I found as well as a talented author, was an author who truly appreciates her
fans and the journey she’s gone on. Lexi is her gift to her fans, this novella is free to everyone (although only available on Itunes at present), when she could have released it to make money from it.

Tina Gephart - I <3 you - now give me Riccardo pretty please - Maz x

Thirteen Weddings
Thirteen Weddings
by Paige Toon
Edition: Paperback
Price: £3.50

5.0 out of 5 stars Paige does it again! Another fabulous read!, 4 Jun 2014
This review is from: Thirteen Weddings (Paperback)
You know those must go to authors, who you read everything they’ve ever written, yup, Paige is on my list.

When I got my copy, I whooped around the living room, then settled myself in to ignore the children/husband/housework for 24 hours (although the hubby would tell you it’s more like 24 months for the housework!), whilst I entered Bronte’s world.

A couple of years ago Bronte had a very hot, very passionate, mind blowing one night stand with Alex whilst over in the UK for a wedding, which she never got over. Now working in the UK, she arrives at work one day, and discovers Alex has been hired by the same company. She discovers that Alex is now engaged to the girl he was on a break from during their time together so there is no hope of picking back up again..

Bronte has always had a love of photography and falls into helping out a friend with wedding photography, in order to run from the feelings that being close to Alex stir up in her.
Whilst photographing Karmen & Luca’s wedding, she meets Lachie, a fellow australian and wedding singer. Lachie is a lot younger than her and a terrible flirt, but they fall into an easy friendship and get gradually closer..

As Bronte works her way through the weddings heading towards Alex’s, feelings start to come to a head.

Who will get the girl, and which girl will that be? Which feelings will be acted on and which will be ignored?

The book has as usual a great set of secondary characters, although I could have quite gladly pushed Polly into the nearest river, the rest of them were a delight.

It was also great to catch up with old favourites again, and our special treat this time is more than one set of our beloved old friends - sweet joy.

I loved this book, I don’t want to give anything away but I was so so happy with who Bronte ended up with.
However, sorry to Alex and Lachie, but Leo is still my man!

The Longest Holiday
The Longest Holiday
by Paige Toon
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Can I be her please?, 2 Jun 2014
This review is from: The Longest Holiday (Paperback)
Loved this book - finished it and the characters were stilll itching under my skin making me want to reread bits a couple of days later! Mainly one rather dreamy male character *sigh*

This is Paige's best book she has written to date - I absolutely adored it.

Read in June 2013.

Wind Chime Café (A Wind Chime Novel)
Wind Chime Café (A Wind Chime Novel)
Price: £2.44

4.0 out of 5 stars Really Good Sweet Romance, 27 May 2014
Book Review - Wind Chime Cafe by Sophie Moss

Wind Chime Cafe was my first introduction to Author Sophie Moss, but what a lovely introduction it was, and also a great day to actually be reading about a serving officer, on Memorial Day..

Sophie paints a very vivid picture with her writing, her descriptions of Heron Island, (the sleepy little town that Annie moves herself and her daughter to after a tragedy leaves her daughter with PTSD) that I could quite vividly imagine myself walking around the town, into her cafe and staring up at all the delicate little wind chimes.

Will is just back home on leave to oversee the sale of his Grandparents Inn before he heads back off overseas. He ends up staying longer than he thinks after meeting Annie and finding out about the intended use by the proposed owners of the Inn. Blocking the sale and attempting to find new owners, he finds more than he bargained for. After his last mission went horribly wrong, he’s suffering horrible flashbacks of his own and comes to find some peace in being back at Heron Island, and through his relationship with Annie & her daughter. Of course, life isn’t all straight forward, there are a series of bumps in the road. Can they get through these and will this be a short fling or something more?

This story has just the right blend of sweet and sass to keep it on the right side of sickly sweet. Annie has a side of spunk to her, as shown by a particular scene, when she finds the workman, who is meant to be at her house giving her an estimate, actually propping the local bar up and plays him right in front of his friends.

If I had one criticism, it would be that I would have liked some links to PTSD charities at the end of the story. I also felt that although this was touched on, it kind of got forgotten about a little as the story progressed, and I would have liked to have seen some assistance come to Will in fighting his battles.

But it’s a very small criticism in a lovely little story, which i’d recommend people go and buy and enjoy.
I’ll certainly be looking for the next story in the series.

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