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Fool For The City / Nightshift
Fool For The City / Nightshift
Price: 7.46

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5.0 out of 5 stars you'd be a fool not too., 29 Mar 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Foghat formed when three members of Savoy Brown, Dave Peverett, Roger Earl and Tony Stevens left at the end of 1970.With the addition of guitarist Rod Price Foghat was born. Theirs was a move away from the more serious traditionalist approach to the Blues and a step towards a more rocked up boogiefied good time feel, a style that proved massively popular in America where their albums consistantly charted. Edsel are giving you the opportunity to aquire the 13 albums they recorded for Bearsville at a give away price. The mastering is top drawer,having had earlier cd reissues of some of these albums this is by far the best i have heard seemingly adding a whole new dimension to the music. The booklets are also top notch. Edsel deserve a round of applause for their reissues on every level.
Fool For The City was their first Platinum seller and contains what has become their signiture song Slow Ride, spurred on by the success Nightshift is possibly even better but at these prices all 13 of these albums are worth investigating.
If you enjoy exploring Rocks magnificent past and collecting music its reissues like this that put a big smile on your face.
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Good Time Warrior + Sneak Me In (Two on One)
Good Time Warrior + Sneak Me In (Two on One)
Offered by Freakout62
Price: 14.60

5.0 out of 5 stars Have yourself a good time., 20 Mar 2012
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These two albums have been difficult to get hold of on cd for many a year and can polarise opinion due to the fact that as far as Lucifers friend are concerned there is a strong commercial feel to the music and of course they feature Mike Starrs, replaceing John Lawton who left to join Uriah Heep. The only other album that i have featuring Starrs is Collosseum twos Strange New Flesh.
Starrs is a great vocalist and has a very similar style to John Lawton.
The albums from 79 and 80 are presented in a nice little digipac that reproduces the original album sleeves and contains all the relevant recording information but no actual booklet but more importantly the sound is taken from the original masters and sounds great being a lot better than my old vinyl copies. If you are a person of a certain age and enjoy catchy hard rock tunes, then you will love this.
Imagine Fallen Angel era Uriah Heep blended with a rocked up ABBA and with a hint of Michael Schenker style melodicism thrown in.

Point Blank & Second Season
Point Blank & Second Season
Price: 10.05

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5.0 out of 5 stars Lowdown Dirty And Mean., 15 Mar 2012
A welcome reissue of Point Blanks first two albums. If you are a fan of Southern styled Rawk you really do need to hear these albums. From Texas and discovered by Bill Ham,the first album here from 1976 is a serious slab of heavy duty twin guitared rock reminiscent of early ZZ Top but with anger management issues. A year later Second Season finds them a little less angry and stretching out a bit more.
Later albums would get more commercial but these first two are essential listening for anybody who might have even a passing interest in this kind of music and at a bargain price.

The Fire Sermon
The Fire Sermon

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5.0 out of 5 stars Cometh the hour., 6 Mar 2012
This review is from: The Fire Sermon (Audio CD)
Heres another album i picked up years ago, released in 1991 on Epic the Violet Hour straddle various musical genres, a bit Prog,a little Hard Rock, a touch of Goth, occaissional Celtic folkiness and brief glimpses of Sgt Pepperish melodiscism and it all works a treat. Sam Brown throws in some great backing vocals as well. The album is bookended by tracks that have a different producer but this does not detract too much from the overall feel. A one off but an album that deserves a wider audience instead of languishing in undeserved obscurity.
Imagine a technicolor slightly harder rocking version of All About Eve.

Offered by playanywhere
Price: 2.10

5.0 out of 5 stars buried treasure, 5 Mar 2012
This review is from: Adventure (Audio CD)
I bought this not long after it came out, late 1998 and am not suprised that you can pick it up for next to nothing as the group lasted little more than a year after its release. It falls somwhere between 'alt' and heavy/hard rock, main focal point being singer and guitarist Jennifer Turner. The production is very good being fairly organic and as you would expect from a three piece there is space for all the instuments to breath. I love the string arrangements on Hawaii and Faith both adding depth and demonstrating an intelligence at work on this album , Love Song has got timeless classic written all over it, in fact i wouldn't be suprised if this album turned up in Mojo as a buried treasure at some point.
If you want a comparison then think Blues rocker Philip Sayce making an album with Blondie.

Price: 7.39

5.0 out of 5 stars The End Of The Begining, 20 Feb 2012
This review is from: Floating (Audio CD)
I first came across Eloy in 1982 with the British release on the Heavy Metal Worldwide label of Planets and it's great Rodney Mathews cover.After that it was a hasty trawl through their back catalogue and this gem from 1974.Eloys sound changed dramatically after this their third album. From The Power And The Passion 75 through to 79s Silent Cries And Mighty Echos all their records took on a heavy conceptual theme with a more measured approach and lots more keyboard instrumentation. There was a brief interlude in the conceptual side of things with 1980s Colours then it was back in with Planets and Time To Turn. Here the sound is much more stripped back with the Hammond organ being the main featured keyboard of choice and it makes for an exiting listen. Imagine the dynamic instrumental interplay of Deep Purple, the spaceiness of Hawkwind and the Psychodelic atmospherics of Early Pink Floyd and you get somewhere close. The production is great but it sounds out of time for 1974 and sounds more like 69-70 especially with some of the great grooves the band members keep teeing one another up for. You can pick most of Eloys 70s and 80s albums up pretty cheap these days and in my opinion they are all worth a listen, my own personal favourite being Silent Cries And Mighty Echos but 1985s Metromania does suffer from to much 80s technology.

Too Many Crooks
Too Many Crooks
Price: 12.47

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5.0 out of 5 stars No Way Out Of Here., 5 Jan 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Too Many Crooks (Audio CD)
This was the third album from Unicorn and the second to be produced by Dave Gilmour on the Harvest label in 1976. Both the label and the name of the band conjour up images of Prog Rock but Unicorn have that classic mid seventies West Coast vibe running throughout their music taking in Country and Beatlesque melodies.
Their biggest mistake would seem to have been not capitalising on the popularity of this music in America at this time.[You would have had more success finding a real Unicorn in Blighty than making it with this kind of music in 76] If they had done they might have been a lot better known. Its also ironic that these reissues are being put out by an American label.
Dave Gilmour was a big fan of this band and as well as producing would occasionally sit in with them at gigs. He included one of the songs from this album on his first solo record, 'No Way Out Of Here' becoming 'Theres No Way Out Of Here' and over the years it has become one of Gilmours best known tracks providing its writer Ken Baker with a steady income for years to come.
Interestingly bands like the Jayhawks and artists like Joe Pernice sound very similar to the music Unicorn were making back in the seventies,great melodic tunes that deserve a second chance.

Price: 12.49

5.0 out of 5 stars if it takes all night., 30 Dec 2011
This review is from: Dakota (Audio CD)
The other review Amazon have posted on the uk website is for a completely different album. This Dakota Specialise in Melodic hard rock / AOR. I picked this up a couple of years ago on the Renaissance label,it briefly went up in price and has now reappeared on a side label of Renaissance, The sound quality is excellent, originally coming out in 1980 the closest comparison i can come up with is the classic sound of Bostons first two albums with a hint of Styx's more AOR moments.

The Captain And Me & What Were Once Vices
The Captain And Me & What Were Once Vices
Price: 8.67

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5.0 out of 5 stars A couple of habits they should have stuck with., 22 Dec 2011
Im sure there are people that love all the Doobies output but you can split them into two distinct eras, the Tom Johnston era and the Michael McDonald era.
Johnston quit after the fifth album Stampede up to which point they had essentially been an extremely classey Rock band with the hard edged guitars of Johnston and the more folk influenced guitar stylings of Pat Simmons creating a style of music that should have appealed to any discerning rocker. Unfortunately after Johnston quit they seemed to have become a vehicle for the faux white boy soul stylings of McDonald during which time they became more widely known and it's this era that a lot of people remember them for, okay McDonald is a good singer but it's not what i want the Doobies for, gone were the guitars, in came the cheesy keyboard sound, losing the rock audience and confusing people who might have just heard What a fool believes or Minute by minute when i try telling them that the Doobies were a great rock band.
If you enjoy eclectic guitar inspired music i would recommend the first five Doobies albums and as usual Edsel have done a great job with these reissues even if they have printed the wrong era Warners labels in the booklets and at the moment Amazon are giving them away for just a fiver.The wheels came off in 1982 but seven years later they were back with Tom Johnston, rediscovering their 'rock mojo' and making two good albums 'Cycles' in 89 and 'Brotherhood' in 91 both just reissued by BGO as a great value twofer.
There is also a cd available that contains 46 minutes of pre - first album songs only one of which 'Bluejay' appears on the 'Long Train Running box set' [as a rare track] and that version is different to the one on this cd. Mine is on the Life time label and is called excitment it doesn't contain any information and carries a wrong era picture but it is also well worth a listen.
Edsel appear to be useing the rare tracks from the Long Train Running box set on these reissues.

The Classic Albums Collection 1974-1983
The Classic Albums Collection 1974-1983
Price: 39.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars How my Soul Has Been Crying Out For You., 1 Dec 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
If you are a fan of Kansas then you probably own all the material on these discs already but what makes it an essential purchase is the fact that Monolith, Audio Visions, Vinyl Confessions and Drastic Measures have all been remastered especially for this box set bringing them into line with the first five studio albums and the 30th anniversary edition of the brilliant live Two For The Show which as i am sure you figured out for yourselves by the number of discs is also included in this set. Although as with the original album classics there are no inner sleeves, the gatefolds for Two For The Show and Monolith have been replicated. The booklet contains all the relevant information for each album and includes some photos that have not been used on the previous cd reissues.
Apart from Commercial Radio staples Carry On Wayward Son and Dust In The Wind Kansas are still relatively unknown in this country, mainly due to the fact that they have rarely toured over here but their music is pretty much unique, mixing hard rock with progressive elements and with Robby Steinhardts violin giving a rootsy feel to proceedings they really don't sound like anybody else.
To my knowledge this is the first time the last four albums in this set have been remastered and they sound great, giving them a sonic clarity that makes it feel like you are listening to them for the first time all over again. Ok i know Rock Candy have just reissued Vinyl Confessions and Drastic Measures but they are charging a tenner a piece for these two albums, i picked this box set up for 22 pounds. In terms of value for money it really is a no brainer.
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