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Dragon Ball Z: Level 1.2 [Blu-ray] [US Import]
Dragon Ball Z: Level 1.2 [Blu-ray] [US Import]
Dvd ~ Artist Not Provided

4.0 out of 5 stars Farewell, Level Blu-rays., 26 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This was easily the best remastering that Dragon Ball Z has ever gotten but FUNimation decided to cancel due to the costs, time and supposedly the sales were not sufficient to keep releasing this.

It's quite a shame because if the entire series had been released with this picture quality we would never need another remasterisation due to having hit perfection for how the show was intended to look at its best, with all the grain, detail and uncropped fullscreen aspect ratio.

Level 1.2 covered the episodes 018-034 which were from the Saiyan arc (although it is missing 035-039 these unreleased ones are available on Xbox Video (via Xbox & PC) and PlayStation Network for purchase but do note it's exclusive for US residents only).

Nevertheless, this is worth owning for the Dragon Ball hardcore collectors because regardless this was never finished it's still nice to see what Dragon Ball Z could have looked like as a whole.

Takayoshi Tanimoto - Dragon Ball Z Kai Majin Boo Hen (TV Anime) Intro Theme: Kuu-Zen-Zetsu-Go (CD+DVD) [Japan LTD CD] COZC-941
Takayoshi Tanimoto - Dragon Ball Z Kai Majin Boo Hen (TV Anime) Intro Theme: Kuu-Zen-Zetsu-Go (CD+DVD) [Japan LTD CD] COZC-941
Offered by musicjapan
Price: 12.74

4.0 out of 5 stars Here's what you're getting from this Kai 'Like Nothing Before or After!" limited edition single., 26 July 2014
"Like Nothing Before or After!" is the Japanese OP2 of Dragon Ball Kai of the Majin Boo arc which seems to be exclusive solely to the Japanese cut whereas the International version is using a different one which goes by the title of "Fight It Out!" (you can listen to it on YouTube, if you'd like to).

Between "Like Nothing Before or After!" and "Fight It Out" the best of the two is definitely "Like Nothing Before or After!" because it's bumped up as heck, with that Dragon Ball-ness you would expect and with a touch of modernised music to it ("Fight It Out!" feels something made in the 90's.. maybe they made that on purpose).

Now, what does this include? Check below.

1x Standard jewel case
1x Front and rear cover
1x CD (with eight tracks)
1x DVD (with Heroes' footage & music)
1x Card (from Heroes)
1x Paper slip

The track list:

~Main Tracks~
01. Like Nothing Before or After! (Full Size)
02. You Too, Must Have Flown in Your Dreams Before
03. Like Nothing Before or After! (Original Karaoke)
04. You Too, Must Have Flown in Your Dreams Before (Original Karaoke)

~Bonus Tracks~
05. Like Nothing Before or After! (TV Size)
06. Dragon Ball Heroes: Main Theme
07. Dragon Ball Heroes: Galaxy Mission - Main Theme
08. Dragon Ball Heroes: Evil Dragon Mission - Main Theme

And as for the DVD? It's all Heroes' content nothing to do with Kai (sadly).

01. Dragon Ball Heroes Vol. 1 - Opening Animation
02. Dragon Ball Heroes "Galaxy Mission" Vol. 1 - Opening Animation
03. Dragon Ball Heroes "Evil Dragon Mission" Vol. 1 - Opening Animation
04. Dragon Ball Heroes - Game Theme Song
05. Dragon Ball Heroes "Galaxy Mission" - Game Theme Song
06. Dragon Ball Heroes "Evil Dragon Mission" - Game Theme Song

Lastly, on your right you'll see Image Gallery where I uploaded photos of the product for those who're interested in purchasing it.

The Purge [Blu-ray] [2013] [Region Free]
The Purge [Blu-ray] [2013] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Lena Headey
Price: 7.50

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3.0 out of 5 stars Zoey Sandin is the saving grace of this awful film., 21 July 2014
I'm not gonna say that I didn't like it but overall I just found it to be too average, bland and uninteresting although there was one thing which made this "film" entertaining enough to keep watching till the end and that was.. Zoey, the daughter of the Sandins because let me say that is one heck of a hot daughter they have and her in that school uniform it just made everything even better, I know that she's supposedly underaged like 15/16 though honestly if it weren't for her this "film" would be getting absolutely atrocious scores.

I do have to admit that it had potential but the people involved just didn't know what the hell to do with it and what turned up was none other than another home invasion film for the billionth time, as if there weren't enough already.

One last thing, I disliked how they wanted to murder the man simply due to the fact he was homeless rather than.. If he were a criminal then he'd deserve to be punished, but it wasn't the case. Not only that but Mary (the wife) stabbed him to slow him down but in the end they ended up protecting, so it was all in vain really. None of this would've really happened if their son hadn't opened the door (heck, he shouldn't even know the code).

Rayman Legends (Nintendo Wii U)
Rayman Legends (Nintendo Wii U)
Price: 16.47

3.0 out of 5 stars The technicalities of this game impede from being a spectacular game., 21 July 2014
I as a gamer have to say that Rayman Legends will go down as one of the most gorgeous artistic games ever created, the gameplay is also flawless (you can do exactly what the character allows too -- and even go a bit Smash-fied sometimes) plus the music at times is pretty damn nice (especially Eye of the Tiger and other memorable tracks).

Now, now, as much as I hate to be pessimistic this game has an unbelivable amount of flaws which for the first-timers this could be not 'a' deal breaker BUT the deal breaker, let's break this down now.

1) Murphy Stages:
The main game has a good chunk of stages which revolve around using the GamePad which means forcing the player to use Murphy with the stylus pen and this completely breaks the fun out of it, whereas on the 360/PS3 they can control them with the controller which to me is an advantage they have.

2) The So-Called "8bit" Stages:
On the "Living Dead Party" world they've included stages with filters to make it hard, which sometimes it can be fun but seeing how the filters they used on it just made it obnoxious and absolutely annoying because you literally become incapable of seeing what the helll you're doing or should be attacking.

These "8bits" are barely visible, heck, it'd be more accurate to say "2bits" to "no bits". If anyone here doubts me, please, just try out "Mariachi Madness 8bit Edition" and tell me you knew exactly what you were doing all the way through (especially on 1:20 and such), I honestly made it through but out of pure luck due to being unable to figure out what those pixelated things were.

3) Punching the Same Guy to the Outer Space:
Admittedly it was fun the first and second time but then doing it almost constantly it became quite repetitive, tedious and therefore lack of creativity was visble and just not fun at all.

4) Character Roster:
It doesn't really have a lot of good ones, the majority are just clones of the same (Rayman, Globox, Teensy, Barbara) but you know what's the good thing about this lackluster roster? It's that on the Wii U edition Rayman has Mario's costume and Globox has Luigi's which is pretty sweet for us Nintendo gamers.

5) Time Trials:
These trials can be a lot of fun but merging them with worlds which have already been completed is displeasing because then they show up as incomplete and force the player to play them in order to get that 100% ratio that he/she would like to have.

But I digress, the game is still a lot of fun putting these cons aside because once you've played them once you don't have to ever deal with them again (unless you want to).

Spirit of Speed
Spirit of Speed

3.0 out of 5 stars Barely passable, maybe due to the fact LJN's involved., 19 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Spirit of Speed (Video Game)
If there's a reason to pick this game up it's not due to the classical racing themed this game has to offer but the mere fact that it's the very last LJN game released.

I bought just because of that (LJN) and many years ago I remember playing this on PC which if I recall correctly, it was a lot better than now experiencing on the Dreamcast but overall still a mediocre game. The framerate on the Dreamcast version is absolutely terrible, one cannot ignore how choppy the framerate is in this game and it definitely affects the game itself too.

The gameplay is all right, it's what you'd expect from a racing game but the cons are if you bump into a wall you'll need to very carefully steer away and not drift due to the game forces drifting itself on, plus when there's other vehicles on your sides they'll somewhat merge into you rather than, you know -- All maintaining their spaces as cars usually do let it be in real life or games.

As for music, it's such a forgettable subject because during the game all you hear are the car engine noises and the wheels.

If there's one thing that's almost as bad as the framerate are the loading times, it takes quite a good chunk of 30 secs or more, and while you may say that's not much when compared to others it's just inexcusable regardless that it's a Dreamcast title.

Bottom line: Only get this game if you want to own the last LJN released game (more specifically published under their title).

Sennheiser HD201 Closed Dynamic Stereo headphones
Sennheiser HD201 Closed Dynamic Stereo headphones
Price: 14.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Was well worth it!, 17 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The audio quality you hear through these headphones really depends whether you're listening to a lossless FLAC music file, MP3 320kbps or the likes of it.

I've done the comparison of listening to an audio CD (or a lossless FLAC rip of it -- it's the same) with these phones and it was spectacular but then tried out an MP3 with its maximum bitrate and the quality just wasn't up to par with it.

I certainly would recommend to also have SRS Audio Sandbox installed to make the audio quality sound even better (an ideal equaliser to your ears), I have had SRS for years now and honestly I just can't go back to the raw quality that the computer produces because it's just nowhere near as good as SRS provides.

Tech romancer - Dreamcast - PAL
Tech romancer - Dreamcast - PAL

3.0 out of 5 stars A good ol' 2D mech brawling game!, 17 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I recently purchased Tech Romancer for my Dreamcast hoping that I'd get the most fun out of this game rather than others I've tried out (Zone of the Enders, War of the Monsters, Gundam Breaker, Armoured Core, Real Steel, Pacific Rim) and while Tech Romancer doesn't surpass ZotE or WotM it's definitely a great fun fighting mech game to try out if you've got a Dreamcast.

The game is in 2D and seems to have been an arcade direct port so in this aspect it's in its raw aspect with everything included, and once you battle all 12 opponents you'll see new characters which look pretty cool and resemble the likes of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam and other mech anime series you'd recognise from Japanese animation.

As for the controls it's pretty simplistic, the Y's for the melee attacks (I wish it was more expanded like X for punches & Y for kicks), Y/B for defence and A for jumping, you can make combos out of these buttons by pressing them in order as shown in the manual and ideally the D-PAD is the way to control the characters than the Analogue Stick (given it's a lot more accurate for where you want to go either backwards, forwards or just standing).

Overall, I give this game a 3/5 (7/10 - Good) don't get me wrong I really like it but the game could have been much better and fluid like the Marvel Vs. Capcom series (this is a Capcom game after all).

Before I post this, I've got to say that the manual is pretty thick but this was the case for most Dreamcast games now that I think about it.

Dragon Ball Z: Level 1.1 [Blu-ray] [US Import]
Dragon Ball Z: Level 1.1 [Blu-ray] [US Import]
Dvd ~ Artist Not Provided

4.0 out of 5 stars Certainly not perfect, but it's quite close to it!, 6 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Aside from the imperfections that this release has, I'd say it's ranks up as the number one best Dragon Ball Z release to be seen in HD while the others are either cropped/filtered (no need to name them).

Here are the pros of this astounding HD Z edition:
+ It's the original 4x3 Aspect Ratio which is how it's intended to be seen!
+ Picture quality looks amazing in 1080p.
+ Grain has been kept allowing all the detail to remain intact.
+ FUNimation remastered this properly so while they cut out bits which were damaged (on the sides), all for the viewers best experience.
+ The Japanese audio track in this release sounds very good and not muffled but in comparison to the Broadcast Audio it's no match.

Now for the cons:
- Lacks the Japanese credits.
- Neither does it have the NEPs.
- Due to the ageing of FUNimation's 16mm film stock in one of the episodes the colouring of Gohan swaps from natural-pink to purple.
- The subtitles in white with black shadows tend to blend in with the background which makes it somewhat hard to see them at times.
- In 2012 FUNimation officially announced to have this superb release cancelled sadly.

It's really a shame that this absolutely awesome release was canned as it was definitely worth paying the price for it, more so as you'd be getting quality over quantity which is something that FUNimation tends to overdo (the casual customers tend to prefer it too though).

I will also be leaving links for screenshots directly off the Blu-ray as well as what I meant by Gohan's colour swap.
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Dragon Ball Season 5 (Episodes 123-153) (Region 2) [DVD]
Dragon Ball Season 5 (Episodes 123-153) (Region 2) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Daisuke Nishio and Minoru Okazaki
Price: 25.25

4.0 out of 5 stars End of 22nd Tenkaichi Tournament, Piccolo Daimao is defeated and the Chichi arc., 10 Jun 2014
This covers the last episodes of Dragon Ball, of which include the Tenkaichi Tournament episodes of Son Vs. Piccolo Daimao and then after Tenkaichi Tournament's over, we get treated with a mini arc of Chichi in which she travels with Son to find the Basho Fan (to put up the fire from Gyumao's castle) but in the end turns out the answer was laying somewhere else unexpectedly.

The series ends with Son and Chichi married, thus far it concludes Dragon Ball but that's not all, Toei made sure to let the viewers know that the sequel would take place in five years' time (Dragon Ball Z).

So, in terms of picture quality it looks great and features all Japanese episode title cards but the subtitles really could've been better (this is one of the things the Blue Bricks have better over the Saga Sets as they were subtitled by Steven Simmons).

Enjoy the last part of Dragon Ball. This is all I've gotta say! ^_^

Sonic Lost World (Nintendo Wii U)
Sonic Lost World (Nintendo Wii U)
Price: 24.99

4.0 out of 5 stars This game will test your patience and skill!, 5 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Having re-bought (Normal Edition not DSE) this game I've decided to acquire the Red Rings which as it turns out are truly very challenging, because if you're not skilled enough nor have the patience to see the number of lives decreasing then don't bother collecting them as they're nothing more than a chore, but still, quite entertaining as the 'main' game was pretty easy by itself.

Just for example, in Silent Forest - Zone 3 for the 5th Red Ring I died a number of 50 more times due to acquiring this specific Red Ring was all about precision and timing, so while a lot of times I was extremely close I messed up and then Sonic would fall off the wall which was depressingly annoying but thankfully at last I got it, and rest assured I will not be trying to get it again! Damn no!

The game itself does a crappy job of telling how the gameplay works so overall, it's better that the player him/herself learns it, sure there'll be a ton of trial and error though it's the best way really.

And lastly, there's two DLC packs available for the game which are free and fantastic, first one's Yoshi's Island (Sonic in a Mario game, more or less) and the second's Zelda. Both include their respective original songs composed for the stages, although they loop as long as you take to finish the stages.

P.S.: On the Gallery Section I've added my photos of the regular Sonic Lost World edition, because this isn't very popular whereas the DSE is and just to prove it's actually real (I thought the game didn't exist with this cover physically).

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