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Dear Leader: North Korea's senior propagandist exposes shocking truths behind the regime
Dear Leader: North Korea's senior propagandist exposes shocking truths behind the regime
by Jang Jin-Sung
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £16.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Masterpiece, 9 Aug. 2014
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I've read a lot of similar eyewitness books on North Korea, but this is by far the most shocking and sensational for the level of access the author clearly had to the regime's most guarded secrets, as well as his growing disillusionment and fall from favour, and the details of his escape. The writing style is beautifully poetic and engaging, as he tells his own story of escape interspersed with shocking memories from the rest of his life in the North. His accounts are vivid and heartbreaking, and had me close to tears several times, and he tells his story with a level of detail shorter books cannot.

The book was exactly what I was looking for - It is perfectly accessible to those new to reading about life in North Korea, but full of accounts that will still come as a shock to even the most seasoned reader of similar material. I cannot recommend this book enough.

Oak Finish Light Wood Ready Made Picture Frame, A4 Certificate Size, 21 x 29.7cm
Oak Finish Light Wood Ready Made Picture Frame, A4 Certificate Size, 21 x 29.7cm
Offered by My Frame
Price: £6.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Nice looking frame, 13 Dec. 2013
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I'm surprised by the negative comments on here about this frame; it doesn't claim to be solid wood, nor does it say you can stand it up on a desk; it's designed for wall hanging.

It may be MDF but it's actually a really nice looking frame; the wood effect is good quality and it feels well put together. I put my degree certificate in it, and I'm ordering another one now ready for when I get my masters so they match. Perfectly good frame for the money.

LED Sidelight Bulb White Pair Quad LED 501 Ultra Bright
LED Sidelight Bulb White Pair Quad LED 501 Ultra Bright
Offered by Speeding
Price: £9.49

1.0 out of 5 stars Appallingly short life, 18 Oct. 2013
Bought a car fitted with these, one of which had failed; replaced both which worked fine for a while (though they have an incredibly narrow beam angle and as such are only really visible from straight on, and are pitifully dim compared to filament lamps). Within a matter of a few weeks one had partially failed, and the other followed soon after. Because they have four cells each, typically one cell fails early on and the remaining LEDs then domino within days. Perhaps worst is that they typically flicker and flash when they fail instead of failing altogether, which looks awful and could be distracting. Avoid this product.

Water Sports - Balance Board Compatible (Wii)
Water Sports - Balance Board Compatible (Wii)
Offered by Value Games Warehouse
Price: £19.81

1.0 out of 5 stars Glitchy, Terrible gameplay, amateurish graphics., 29 Sept. 2013
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
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Don't be fooled by the box art that makes this product look like a fully integrated game for the console; it most certainly is not. The first warning sign was after booting up the game when I discovered the game does not use the Mii character system, meaning entering names for players manually on a very glitchy setup screen.

Then on to the games; they are literally unplayable. No amount of balance can get the characters to do what you want them to. There is a way around this however; just step off the balance board and let the game play itself. The game dynamics do this just fine; your character makes their way along the course automatically as if on rails. Playing the game is just interfering with what it wants to do regardless.

The graphics are comically poor, from the water splashes to the cartoon dolphins that skim out of the water, and of course all the loading and title screens which look like something straight out of MS Paint.

All in all, if the game had been 50p it would have been well worth the money for a quick laugh; there's undoubtedly some entertainment value to it. But for a £5 boxed game, it's a massive disappointment. Don't waste your money.

D-Link ShareCenter 2 Bay Cloud Network Storage Enclosure
D-Link ShareCenter 2 Bay Cloud Network Storage Enclosure
Price: £39.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Don't be put off, works a treat if you're careful!, 11 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Read the reviews on here with trepidation, but took the plunge anyway as I wasn't convinced any other enclosure would work better and this one was significantly cheaper.

I took note of the advice on here and followed the installation setup on the enclosed CD extremely carefully, double checking settings provided by my ISP and taking screenshots of every setting I entered on the device in case I had to check back later. I set up the email options and the MyDlink settings as I went along, and at the end, fully expecting nothing to be working and to have a long day ahead of me trying to get things in order... I found it was absolutely fine.

No dramas, no complex issues; the NAS was mapped to my PC exactly as it was supposed to be, with both drives inside working happily. I loaded up a few things onto it and it all seemed fine.

I then logged into the configuration screens via my web browser, using the IP address I made a note of while setting it up. Again, no problems whatsoever. The screens are well laid-out and look smart.

Finally, I attempted to log in remotely via MyDlink; something I expected to be so complicated that I hardly even intended to use the function, knowing it would probably not work. To my amazement, first time I logged in, my drive appeared instantly, with all of its contents displayed perfectly.

I also disagree with people who say it feels cheaply made and flimsy; the case in my view is solid, with nice shiny black plastic all over and smart, clear LEDs and buttons. The top cover is a bit pathetic I will accept, and fiddly to take off and put on, but how often do you intend to open up the enclosure once it's running? Mine's tucked away out of sight in any case. Another complaint was with the documentation; while the quick start guide it comes with is short and simple, if you want a full manual, it's available to download and runs to countless hundreds of pages, detailing everything you could ever want to know completely clearly.

All in all, if you do follow the advice of other reviews on here and work through the setup carefully, and above all MAKE A NOTE of everything you enter in the setup process, this works an absolute dream; far more straightforward than I ever would have dreamed from ANY enclosure and at a fraction of the price. You won't regret this!

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