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12V Wet & Dry Vacuum - Camping / Tent Cleaner
12V Wet & Dry Vacuum - Camping / Tent Cleaner
Offered by Bargain.Hut
Price: 9.10

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Not a bad little Vacuum Cleaner., 30 Mar 2014
The first thing I would like to point out is that this little thing is not a HOOVER as many people keep saying on these reviews.
Hoover is a brand name and this is a car Vacuum Cleaner and not a HOOVER.

Anyway what do you expect for the price?? you will not get a vacuum cleaner as good as a Dyson for this money but what you do get is something that will pick up dust and small objects.
The suction on this will never be like a proper HOOVER vacuum cleaner but for the price it is really good so I cannot grumble.
Don't expect it to last long for this price too but it will only be used for the car or boat so should be ok for a couple of years.

OK I am just going to do some Hoovering with my Dyson lol. Or I might go do some Dysoning or Elecrtoluxing.

Aerocool Shark 12cm Quad LED Fan - Green
Aerocool Shark 12cm Quad LED Fan - Green
Offered by ADMI Limited UK
Price: 8.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful airflow, 19 Mar 2014
I purchased mine from eBay for 7.49 and with free postage too but well worth it even at this higher price.
Very well made and super packaging too. I really like the idea of having multiple cables for connectivity. It comes with rubber mounts too as well as screws should you need them.
The cables are for 4pin Molex or 3pin fan connector.
It moves a lot of air from my computer and I don't think I will bother with a front fan as the rear fan (where I fitted mine) expels the air from the front anyway, so with the CPU fan and the rear fan is plentiful.
Lovely colour green and looks like the dogs dangly bits. I was silly to turn this on before I fitted it because I needed to know the airflow direction. As I was fitting it I occidentally touched the fan blades and being so powerful it nearly took the end of my finger off so please don't do what I did and connect it first before you fit it, it was a stupid idea anyway.

To be honest with you I have never seen such a well made fan but time will tell how long it will last. I will get back and change my review should anything happen for the worse.
Looking at it now through my perspex window on my midi tower looks really nice and shows off my hard work after I built this.
I would buy another most definitely and should anyone come on here and say they are noisy,,, trust me they are only slightly noisy on full power and any fan will make a noise of the air gushing out. You should listen to your car radiator fan when that turns on and listen.
I have a Media Dashboard on my computer and I use this for fan control and is a voltage regulator (proportional) so at low speed you can hardly hear it and high speed yes but not too noisy.
My CPU fan is noisier and that is regulated too.
All in all I would recommend this fan to anyone but it is cheaper on eBay.

I gave it 5 stars because it is worth 5 stars and sure is a wonderful fan for the price.

AVP Avp Commander X8 Mid Tower Inverted Atx Black Case Usb 3.0
AVP Avp Commander X8 Mid Tower Inverted Atx Black Case Usb 3.0

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolute bargain, 18 Mar 2014
This case is a bargain for the price.
I purchased mine from eBay for 24.82 and it came next day.
OK it's not a top of range case but is very sturdy and well built.
I do like the idea of the PSU situated at the bottom of the case and draws the air up from the bottom and blows out the back, well it does mine anyway because I have a Trust 570 Watt PSU with 2 fans. Also does have a dust filter at bottom of case where the PSU fits so will in fact prolong the PSU and fans (make sure you keep the filter clean). The PSU will fit either way up because of the multiple holes for the screws.

I see the first review here did say something about the removal of the back plates to fit your cards and yes! this is common to remove them and is not necessary to put any plates back as you have your cards there anyway.
There is plenty of room too to route your cables and makes the inside of the case look really roomy especially looking through the side perspex window.
One little tip is to make sure you do not fit your CD/DVD rom drive directly opposite your graphics card. I have a Nvidia 9600GT and will fit with the CD/DVD rom drive there but only just fits so best to situate the CD/DVD rom drive in the bottom bay and of course this all depends on where your PCI graphic card slot is as they all differ anyway on different mobo's.

The case looks really nice and has 2 front red LED's (left and right) for the HDD and do work in unison. Looks good and the power light is blue, would have been nice if the HDD LED's were blue too but cannot grumble for this price.
I will maybe tomorrow receive my back fan which will be green and will look really good from the side perspex window.

It was a bit weird fitting the mother board upside down but really works well and this means you have to fit your graphic/sound cards upside down too but no problems with that.
My mother board does not support USB3 so I purchased a USB3 pci express card with a 20 pin USB socket, after fitting this I now have a front USB3 port. Very nice and very quick now.
I didn't like to see a blue USB3 port on the front without doing something about it. So all is good and working very well.

I also fitted a fan power adjuster with a combined card reader and LED temperature window in blue.
Fan speeds will be adjusted with the little controls on my bought unit.
The case has stubby legs and with the PSU being on the bottom makes it really sturdy and not top heavy.

I cannot think of anything wrong to say about this case. For the price I paid and even for the price here on Amazon it is a darn good case. Looks like the dogs dangly things and in my opinion I would buy one and get one while they are still at this price.

There is room on the front to install a 120mm fan but there are also screw holes to fit smaller fans on the front too.
I have not fitted a fan on the front as the CPU cooler and the rear fan is ample. Really nice cool case and there is also a vent with a dust filter on top too.
There are plenty of gaps and crevices to hide the cables you do not use.
Just take note:: Although it looks like the case has room for 3 full size bays it only has 2 because the bottom one looks like it might be for a small 2.5 bay but is hidden inside.
Obviously no room for a floppy drive as these are obsolete now anyway.

The case would look nice with a front LED fan but on at the rear will light up the inside anyway and I cannot wait to get my green fan :-)

Overall it is a really good looking case and is well worth the 5 stars I have given it.

500ml Dehumidifier Desiccant / Silica Tub for Damp, Moisture & Mold
500ml Dehumidifier Desiccant / Silica Tub for Damp, Moisture & Mold
Offered by Ninjas Castle
Price: 1.65

5.0 out of 5 stars Works Brilliant, 18 Mar 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have never tried one of these before and OH BOY!! it really works.
I used it in my bedroom as I live in an old house and does get very damp, especially the windows (not double glazed).
It is a 3' X 4' window so not too big but I am amazed at how well this thing can absorb the moisture.
After 3 days of use it is noticeably heavier because of the water it has absorbed. The sunshine (if we ever get any) will help to dry it up in the daytime.
The top half of the container is full of the absorbent beads and the bottom half is where the water drips into through a filter.
The instructions said the white beads will eventually turn to a jelly which will then come to the end of it's life.
I will come back and let you all know how long this has lasted but remember my house is a damp house but yours could last a lot longer anyway.
I received this in 24 hours of ordering so no problems with the seller.

It is lovely to get up in the morning and see there is only very little mist on the window glass. Normally the water is running down the glass.
If you have a bigger window than mine then maybe you will need more than 1 but at this price it is well worth it.
When you take off the lid for it's first use, be sure to not take the absorbent white membrane off with it as this needs to stay on.
I presume it has to stay on for safety as not to have the white absorbent beads showing.

I will definitely buy some more from this seller because at 1.65 and free delivery you just cannot go wrong.
So if you have a damp room or a damp shed or a damp anything, this will be ideal to keep the moisture at bay.
I do not think it will be much good in a very wet room such as the bathroom but certainly good enough for a damp bedroom.

i-Blason Google The New Nexus 7 2 FHD (2nd Generation) Slim Folio Auto Wake / Sleep Shell Stand case Cover with Elastic Hand Strap, Stylus Loop & Bonus Stylus (3 Year Warranty) (Purple)
i-Blason Google The New Nexus 7 2 FHD (2nd Generation) Slim Folio Auto Wake / Sleep Shell Stand case Cover with Elastic Hand Strap, Stylus Loop & Bonus Stylus (3 Year Warranty) (Purple)

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, 6 Mar 2014
Brilliant if you can get hold of one.
Perfect fit and very well made too.
I would recommend you get one as soon as they come back into stock (if they ever).

Trimable Bamboo Rollup Blinds - Easy Fit - Natural - 120cm
Trimable Bamboo Rollup Blinds - Easy Fit - Natural - 120cm

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars What more could I ask for?, 28 Feb 2014
I don't know how some people can complain about anything regarding this bamboo blind.
It is cheaper on eBay by a couple of 's but what do you expect for a few measly pounds?
The fitting is really easy and just hangs on 2 hooks or 3 if you have the wider version.
Nothing wrong with the way it works and the cord mechanism does not slip at all as one review says.
I see another review saying the stitching is not straight but "oh lord" all you have to do it push the slats straight to get the stitching straight.
As for the brass coated mechanism, it looks fine and no problems whatsoever.
All in all for the price it is ideal and even if it lasts 12 months it has to be worth it.

Looks really good when hung and does not stop too much light and that is what I expect with a blind.
I see someone bought it as a blackout blind lol, I wish some people would read the listing before buying and then not having to come here to complain for their own mistakes.
This blind took me literally 5 minutes to hang and it really looks good in any room. I can see perfectly well outside but people cannot see in, so it really is just like having net curtains but looks better than them old fashioned nets.
I like it very much and I will buy more in the near future for other rooms.

Microplane The Original Colossal Foot File Pedicure Rasp Pink
Microplane The Original Colossal Foot File Pedicure Rasp Pink
Offered by Kaydee Cosmetics & Nails
Price: 12.95

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding, 20 Feb 2014
This tool is outstanding and many times better than the pedegg things.
You are best to use it with dry feet and you do not need much pressure too.
I have used a pedegg thingy for a long time now but this is just amazing.
Go for it because these are becoming more popular now in the UK.

Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit
Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit
Offered by Luzern
Price: 24.29

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars This is just a joke at this price lol, 19 Feb 2014
This review is from: Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit
I really cannot believe people have bought this product and I will never understand how so many believe they can actually whiten teeth???
My god!! these are just cheap Chinese bits of garbage again and it is about time to boycott the Chines imports.
How stupid you must all look sitting there with this thing in your mouth waiting for your teeth to whiten. Really does make me laugh.
No I did not buy one and no I will not buy one but I just want anyone here whop thinks about buying one to STOP.
How can you ever think these will work??? it is a rip off and they are now selling for 1.99 on eBay and you can get 2 for a pound in the pound shops.
Give this a miss and don't be so gullible you buyers.

12LED USB desk lamp
12LED USB desk lamp
Offered by Electromart-UK
Price: 5.67

1.0 out of 5 stars NO STARS IF I COULD, 19 Feb 2014
This review is from: 12LED USB desk lamp (Electronics)
Absolute Chinese Junk.
You will be risking your life if you leave this plugged in unattended.
These are just more junk from China and should never even reach our country.
Surely something has got to be done about cheap Chinese imports????
These are a dangerous hazard and should no way be used or even enter our country.
Where are health and safety when you need them???

Jazooli Nail Care 12 Piece Cutter Cuticle Clipper Manicure Pedicure Kit Case Gift Set
Jazooli Nail Care 12 Piece Cutter Cuticle Clipper Manicure Pedicure Kit Case Gift Set
Offered by Jazooli
Price: 4.49

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very well made, 17 Feb 2014
Purchased from eBay for 4.99 and free postage but is very good and very well made.
I use it myself and I am middle aged with tough nails but this can handle the toughest of nails.
Lovely case too and for the price on eBay I am going to purchase another for spare.

Great product and well worth the 5 stars I have given.

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